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This would have been a 10 for me but I didn't like her flesh color panties at all. They seemed dirty to me. I'm sure they weren't, but that's the impression igot.

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I'd say the important thing with panties is that they are sheer and become really see-through when wet. But I see your point, so maybe white or pastel colors are better.

Another thing I like is cute ones with bows or lace. But of course I have to add the comment I always make: the very best panties are crotchless. A nice long lipped ALS pussy framed in crotchless panties is just hot hot hot.

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I knew back from the blog samples that this was going to be a great set, and it really is. Kenzie is very cute with her hair in braids. And I really like her sweater with its quite long sleeves, high neck and that it is barely a crop top. Kenzie works that sweater to great effect so it's cool that she wore it for the whole set.

Usually I'd want a set like this to be no panties, but this one is good as a change of pace particularly since Kenzie does a good tease and takes advantage of her flexibility. It's also good as a change of pace to have panties that aren't stuffed.

Kenzie is so good at flashing poses and she's got the looks to make them work. So she gives us coy and playful expressions to go with smaller peeks leading up to #56 where with a laughing smile she holds her skirt up high to show off the big wet spot on her panties.

Not long after taking off her skirt, she's up on the sink hosing her panties down so we can get that great see-through view of her pussy. And right away she pushes her sweater up off her tits and leaves it. I think it is very hot that for most of the rest of the set the sweater stays up by resting on her nipples. I keep asking you for more scenes where the girl has pushed her shirt up (or pulled her bikini open) and then leaves her tits out. This scene is exactly what I have in mind. Kenkie has such great tits and wonderful nipples--it's so sexy to have them exposed like this.

With soaked panties and tits out, Kenzie then adds a flexible pose to the mix. So #96 is a favorite with a good look, as is #100 when she has put her legs back down but still has them wide open. That's a good finger in her mouth look too.

I think my favorite sequence is when she is taking her panties off especially the shots at the start where pulls the front down to show her pussy (and then the closeup) #112-113. Best of all are the shots where she has pulled her panties down to just below her knees. Absolutely love #124 where she holds her sweater up high to flash her tits.

But there is plenty more good stuff after that. I knew from the blog samples that her butt-upward splits over the counter was going to be very hot which it is. I wish she had peed from that pose. Not just any girl could do that.

The pose that she did pee from is almost as good since she is close to being in the splits, and also, since she is facing us we get to see her great looks and her wonderful tits peeking out from under the sweater. Great pee. Keep going for new peeing poses.

I'm convinced that all of Kenzie's BTS videos are going to fantastic. Certainly looking forward to this one as much as "Sporty Fun". Hope they both come out soon!

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WOW !!!!!!!!!

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Very nice bottomless set, and interesting use if kitchen utensils. Kenzie in the kitchen, in pigtails and that white sweater is super cute. And very sexy. :)

Like other great ALSscan photo sets of recently, and really something of an ALSscan trademark from way back, this set has that wonderful quality of continued excitement and new sexy details in each following shot. That takes some skill, makes all the difference in viewing experience, and you are really nailing it! :)

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