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I liked that shoot with Laney, and particularly liked that you had Trisha Uptown as the female assistant. I suppose that you only shot the one girl girl photoset and one girl girl action video with them?

It's very cool that you are posting some of these bits where a girl is trying to pee but cannot quite do it. Some of these shots of Laney are really great. I'm impressed that she is trying so hard to pee for us. Could you put up the BTS too?

There are still plenty of members who are pretty hard core against tattoos, but I'm one of those who are very glad that you relaxed. It would be a shame to have passed up Laney. But since you almost didn't shoot her, you must have turned down some real hotties that had a few more tats than Laney. Can you remember any models that you now regret not shooting because you thought at the time that they had too many?

And while I'm thinking of it, what ever convinced you to shoot Faye Runaway? You shot her a decade ago, so her tats would have been way outside of your comfort zone back then, right? I looked at what you wrote on her bio and you tried to downplay her tats. You also said that "Faye has that indescribable look that screams fuck me." Now she certainly does have that. So did she just look hot enough in some sample pics that you took the plunge? Maybe Faye helped start breaking your resistance to tats. If so, that is just one more thing to thank her for. Pretty much have to love Faye.

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Wonderful. Yeah, that is what it looked like was going on. It's great that Hannah is in good spirits about it --can totally imagine that some girls might freak. But of course she should relax since she is in Jen's expert hands.

You said on the blog that Hannah got into porn for the new experiences and had many firsts at her ALS shoot. She certainly did. Now she can tell her friends that she had a golf ball get stuck in her pussy--she's got the pictures too. That's quite the experience.

This will all be on the BTS video, right? If Jen was shooting the video, I sure hope she handed the camera off to somebody else. This is the kind of ALS adventure you wouldn't want to miss.

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Hannah Hays is a cutie! A cutie with a long lipped full ALS style pussy. Great to have her up on the site!

Hannah's crop top and tights are a good look for a sporty set. Cool that she soaked down the top for a wet tee shirt look, and I like that she took her tights off first. You got a couple of shots as she was peeling her tights down, but you missed a lot of opportunities here. It would have been really hot if Hannah had posed a bit with the tights on her thighs with her pussy out.

But she took them right off. Well, her wet crop top and no pants look is pretty damn hot too. Very nice having her pee dressed like that. And Ortoton is right about good she looks playing golf without her bottoms.

As per my discussion with Alex on the blog, I really love the profile shots of Hannah that show how much her pussy mound sticks out in front of her. So #108 where she is looking down at herself is one of my favorites.

Some excellent lip pulling in this scene. You often have the girls pull their lips out and down. That's good. But I'd also like to have more shots where they pulled out and up to show their pussy hole. So a full body shot like #117 is really good, but you ought to have a few like that where she pulls her lips up higher. One of my favorite lip pulling shots is the overhead one #120. And it's cool that you go from there to some shots that show Hannah's view. The model's perspective is always hot, but you don't include it much. That's also an excellent way to do some crew shots--I love looking over the girl's shoulder and seeing a bunch of people who can look right up her pussy. ALS is very much about exposure, and that shows who she is exposing herself to.

More good lip pulling from a mystery assistant when Hannah is standing.

I'm always impressed that you keep finding all these beautiful girls with small tits and big pussies--that's one of the very best things about Scan. So the best sequence of this scene might be the shots from #146 to #158 where Hannah is sitting with her legs up and open wide. She has a spectacular butterfly. Her pussy stays open as she starts to play with her cute nipples. Excellent sequence.

From there she moves to one of the best parts of a golf scene--stuffing golf balls up her pussy. This is great. So from the photos it is not clear. Is Hannah just taking advantage of an opportunity to get fingered in the middle of the set, or did she lose one of the golf balls up her pussy and this is a fishing expedition to go find it? Either way, Hannah is laughing like crazy. There's going to be a good BTS from this.

You did a long sequence with the golf clubs insertion. (Two clubs, very nice!) Instead of doing these all sitting, you should have added a second pose. There were not very many bend over spreading shots at the start of the scene, so doing a bend over insertion with the clubs would have been a good pose.

And did she gape at all after they were pulled out? There aren't any post shots of Hannah relaxing and showing off her well worked pussy.

And a final comment on the light. Some of your best scenes are shot out in the sun, but the high contrast can produce dark shadows that are too much for your fill flash to deal with. This set has a lot good shots that could have been great if Hannah's eyes or pussy hadn't been a bit lost in the dark. I think the best solution would be use some bounce light. Maybe you don't have the crew to have somebody stand there with a board the whole scene, but I think part of the problem here is just that the grass doesn't reflect much. If you had spread two or three large white blankets on the ground about where you standing, that would have bounced a lot more light up which would have been excellent to illuminate Hannah's pussy and would also have helped light up her face.

Thanks for shooting Hannah. She's got a hot Scan look, and I'm also looking forward to hearing her southern accent and seeing how she interacted with you guys on set.

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I've enjoyed the "string only" ALS bikinis that don't cover the girls tits or pussy. So it's cool to try that idea with lingerie too.

I'll make the same comment about the lingerie as I made about the bikini: what makes the look sexy is that it gives you the outline of a bra or panties but the panel is missing. So it says this is where my clothes would normally cover my tits and pussy, but I don't want to hide them from you.

With that in mind, I think having two strings of beads (one on each side of her pussy) is hotter than a single strand that goes down the middle. Two strings would be like taking the idea of crotchless panties to its logical limit. And I do love crotchless panties.

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You are looking for "Masturbation Movie". This is a "Photoshoot Movie" and a "BTS" or "behind-the-scenes". They are clearly labeled. Alaina has two masturbation videos and two photoshoots up so far as well as one girl girl action and one girl girl photoshoot.

The BTS videos are like documentaries of the still photography session while the Masturbation Movies are videos of the girl in action without any still photography going on.

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Lilly Ford's "Knot tying BTS"! High expectations on this one, and it delivers. You talked this scene up on the blog, but you didn't exaggerate, it really is that good. Thanks for getting it up quick, and thanks for doing a 40 minute version. It would be a shame to have edited Lilly down.

I wrote a long comment on the photoset, so I won't say much more here. What stood out most on this excellent BTS is how dedicated Lilly was to getting her pussy lips tied in a knot--she worked that! So she was totally justified in exulting in her achievement. And the other really standout part was the peeing sequences. The doggie one was amazing.

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Oh yes, Katy and Kiara. These samples are wonderful. It is disappointing that these girls are no longer modeling. I suppose it is not likely to happen, but we can dream that they will want to be part of your 2018 trip. If they don't, well, you won't find quite their like again, but I do hope you can find some new girls who are also as distinctive--and hot--as these two are.

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Knock that off. All the models on ALS--as well all women and girls everywhere--should be treated with respect and not violence. Take a cue from how the ALS crew behaves and how well they treat all the models, and don't post that crap here.

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Ok, I got curious and went back to see what Alex had said about the shoot on the 13 June blog post. He shot two girl girl photosets and two girl girl action videos as well as two photosets and two masturbation videos of each girl.

This set is one of Harley's photosets, so both her photosets are out. What we still have to look forward to are the second girl girl photoset (double dildo on a couch) and both of Kristen's photosets (fisting in a chair and peeing in the tub). And also the second girl girl action video, the second Harley masturbation video, and both of Kristen's masturbation videos. And certainly not least, five more BTS that are sure to be wonderful.

So, yeah, I answer your question by saying we don't have to worry about it since there is lots more naked Kristen still to come.

This is obviously a perfect time to lobby Alex again to do everything he can to get either or both of these girls back in for another shoot. That would be amazing.

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No wait: "a good quarter of them?" Well, yes. But then also another good quarter. So try this math again: 16 girls in 32 sets (including two sets of girl girl for four hotties). So that's half the girls in the remastered scenes. That's what I'm impressed about.

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Cherie! A beautiful beautiful girl.

Scan has been consistently putting up a remastered scene every two weeks. So I just looked back over the 32 sets that have been done in the last 14 months, and a good quarter of them are of my favorite girls from Scan's earlier days. So I think that shows both that Alex has always been picking lots of the kind of girl I really like, and also great judgment in choosing which of the many old scenes to remaster. I'm impressed.

For some of these scenes, there used to be a few free promo pics circulating. "Sandy and Trish in St. Martin" is one of my all time favorite sets and it had promos. The recent remaster, "Entertaining Kylie", also had promos, and so did this scene from Cherie. These samples were better than everything else floating around, so it was obviously a good idea to sign up with Scan and get the "full" sets. Now with the remasters these sets get even better and bigger. Wonderful.

So thanks for once again choosing to remaster an excellent set from such an attractive girl.

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Everything from Kristen and Harley has been amazing, and this set is too. I like that both girls have similar sexy outfits with beat-up short shorts. I certainly like to see Kristen get naked, but since we are still going to get more scenes from her later (we will, won't we?), I think it is great that she stayed dressed. That vibe of a naked model and clothed assistant is hot, and Kristen looks great dressed like that.

We get wonderful looks from each girl. I like #9 and #10. In the first, Kristen is down rubbing Harley knee, but she looks at the camera and she has a scheme. In the next, she's got Harley's tubetop pulled down so that she can play with her nice titties. Then we get some shots of her working those wonderful nipples. A few frames later you get another great shot: Harley is looking straight up at the ceiling as if she is entranced while Kristen is sliding her hand down her pants. Kristen's eyes are closed, and perhaps you just caught a blink, but Kristen's expression is like she is so focused on how Harley's pussy feels that she shut everything else out. These two girls have no problems showing passion for each other. There is electricity between them.

But Kristen wants to see her pussy too--don't we all? So she next pulls Harley's shorts down to her knees. That is such a hot look with both Harley's top and shorts pulled down. I love these bits where a girl gets fully exposed with out taking any of her clothes off. And Kristen being fully dressed makes it just that much better. Would have loved for that to be a longer sequence.

A bit surprised that you didn't have shots of them kissing. Could have done that while Kristen was sitting up on the table behind Harley. Those are great shots anyway. I like this really candid expression from Harley (#62)--she's been enjoying sitting there naked getting fondled by Kristen. And then a bit later Harley switches to an ass up, head down doggie pose. Harley has another wonderful look in #96--she's about to get fingered, and she is really happy about it.

#134 and #135 with both girls up on the table are great shots for the clothed girl/naked girl theme.

I agree with Dogatonic about the Dreamcatcher and spreaders--very good. I always like overhead shots. And often I'm drawn to the one where both girls look at the camera, like #186 is very good. But this time my favorites are #191 and #192 where they are looking at each other. Sizzle.

I like those closeups looking straight up her pussy when they pulled the spreaders out.

In #211, Harley gives Kristen a charming puppy dog look.

In #215, Harley has flipped back over to the head down doggie pose. I was hoping that she was going to do the spreaders again like that. Would have been really hot. She does do the spreaders again, but she's flipped back. Good, but the doggie would have been better. And you shoot the same closeup perspective again when the spreaders come out. I wish the second time you had shot from overhead and let the video camera have the up her pussy view.

One little kiss in the final frame of the scene.

Dogatonic is right. These two are stunners. Loved the set.

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Yeah, I looked up MDMA and ketamine. Wasn't those. Also looked up LSD which is getting closer but the tryptamine structure in LSD isn't obvious because of extra rings, so I didn't get it. If I had looked up psilocybin, I would have got there. Just hanging out in that good ol' serotonin family...

I would like to know a girl with DMT molecule tattooed on her leg. Interesting indeed.

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Ah, if she didn't bring her nose ring, then it wasn't your call about shooting it. I was kind of hoping to see a set with it.

DMT. That wasn't one of my guesses. Interesting.

And thanks for the update, Eric.

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It's up. very good.

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Ok, one more thing. We still have the Kristen and Harley scene coming that you mentioned on the 10th? Sure hope so, wouldn't want to miss out on those two hotties.

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One of those good news/bad news weeks then. Yeah, it seems like 2016 was string of stellar shoots both here and in Europe, and 2017 has been full of disappointments like a poor turnout in Europe and too many cancellations in the US. At least Hime didn't flake on you, so we can hope that she recoups quickly and still wants to do the shoot. Best wishes to her.

Damn, did you move fast on Haley Reed. Congratulations on getting her in so quick. Glad to hear that you ended up loving her. Once I started looking at what she had online, I thought it was obvious that she was totally a Scan girl. Very pleased that it worked out that way.

So you wimped out on doing a photoset with Haley wearing her nose ring, then. Oh well. (Maybe a masturbation video instead?)

All these scenes should be very good. I like that Haley wears a lot of tall socks and stockings. Impressive pee. I see that you have a new pussy gaping gizmo to go along with the Dreamcatcher--you should tell us about that sometime. Hard to pick a scene, but I think I'm most interested in seeing a batch of samples from #9334. Haley looks very sexy in that lace top.

Two final thoughts: Give us a good, no hands, no toys, open legs, shot of her pussy in the next samples. And I supposed you asked her what that chemical formula on her leg is about?

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Lilly Ford is so cute in her peach panties and bra. That is a nice extended tease she did while wearing them. And I like the long sequence of her taking off her panties, particularly those really hot shots where she has them pulled down to her knees. The last panties shot, #111, with the panties hooked in her toe, is a good one too.

It's really cool that Lilly is flexible enough that she can spread her legs really wide and also that her long pussy lips will stay pressed wide in a huge butterfly. You get hot no hands shots like #118 and #124.

This is a great Rocket sequence starting with that first photo, #187. Lilly looks so sexy, and very much ready to go. Good that she was able to put the Rocket in by herself. I like the shots where she holds the frame with just her toes, #215, and then with her hands up, #216.

You did an excellent job with the full body shots that show her cervix. The cover shot is a very good one, and I also like #235 where Lilly is sticking her tongue out to lick her lip. It would have been good if you had told her to do things like smirk, stick out her tongue, or pout, to open up her expressions.

Love the crew shots. When you have a girl who is as enthusiastic about exposing her body as Lilly is, you gotta have crew shots. I wish there were more. For a second pose with the Rocket, you could have had Lilly do doggie, and then you could have got more crew shots with that pose.

You did have a second pose, and that was standing. These are pretty good, and there is even one shot with the video camera in it. However, Lilly is covering the Rocket with her hand in that one. Too bad you didn't do a sequence of those that included some where she was showing herself.

Another great set from Lilly. Looking forward to whatever pussy playing adventure she's going to share with us next.

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I commented on the video BTS page that this scene flips the usual roles of the still and video cameras. That made for a great video. But I also love how these photos became the real BTS. With the video up for the central action, and the photos in back, the video camera shows up in lots of the shots. I always like sequences where the video crew is in the photos, but usually that is only during a speculum or Rocket bit. In this scene, the video camera is in lots of the shots through out the scene. Kacey is clearly playing to the video. It's really hot.

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This is a great combo of photoset and BTS that is very different from the usual shoot. I'd describe this one as actually a masturbation video where Kacey is talking to the camera and she starts with a long tease. Kacey is very much running her own show since Alex gives almost no instruction and instead is quietly shooting pictures in the background. So the still photos and video have flipped roles: the video is the main camera and the photos are the behind the scene documentation.

Kacey Jordan is really good at giving this kind of show. She has a pile of clothes where she puts on various outfits to model and then takes them back off. She does such a wonderful job posing that Alex only makes a few suggestions. After showing off her body both with and without clothes, Kacey pulls out a Hitachi and another smaller vibrator to finish the scene masturbating. I like when the girl has a second toy to put in her pussy while she is using the Hitachi. Kacey is good.

I thought this worked very well and would like to see you try it again. Of course, you need a model who is good at working through poses on her own and can set a good tempo for the shoot. And she has to be really comfortable talking to the camera to keep up the chat. So taking yesterday's girls as an example, I think Gia might be good at this and Alaina might not.

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And I forgot to say:

Thanks also for doing a nice long version of this scene. Letting the BTS videos be long is much better than editing them down short. I hope this is the new standard.

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Were you looking at some derivative expurgated version of this scene? If so, I would recommend that you try the original ALS Scan take. It is pretty damn hot.

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You failed to actually look at these photos. If you had, you would have discovered that the long shots are, in fact, excellent.

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Good luck!

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Yay! It's Alaina and Gia's "Double Trouble" BTS. I asked about this a couple of months ago, and here it is. Thanks!

These girls go totally bonkers! You can tell from the photos that they had a lot of fun in this scene, but I had no idea they were this crazy. Alaina and Gia have such different personalities from each other, but they are so great together. Quite a pleasure to watch two such hot girls having such a great time.

Everything with these two girls together has been really good.

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The last part of this scene is so amazing that I think it deserves a separate comment. All through the scene Aurora has been expressive and having fun. But when she turns to the marker pens, she just lights up. Radiant. I'm looking forward to her interview and wouldn't be at all surprised if she says her favorite toy of the day was the markers.

What can you even say about her looks when she picks up the pens (#275) and dumps them on the bed (#276)? I mean other than wow? I say wow. But is she in a hurry? No not at all. With the pens on the bed before her, Aurora decides to kick back and build the anticipation. I love #279 with Aurora--still in her knee socks--laying back on the bed with her legs up and knees out. She's got her hands over her head and a big happy grin knowing that she's putting on a very hot show. So she toys with her hair a bit while we soak all this in. Then, in #284, with her butterfly pussy lubed up, she's ready to go.

Aurora can't stop smiling and laughing as she fills her pussy with the markers. She pulls her feet up with legs akimbo. This is one of my favorite poses and you don't do it nearly enough. Especially love the overhead shot #300, and also #305 where she is biting her lip in glee.

Even in the very final shot after she has pulled out the pens, Aurora is showing us her pussy and she is just glowing.

Thank you, Aurora, you are so beautiful, so sexy, and that was an amazing performance.

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So impressed with Aurora! She's back in a sexy schoolgirl outfit with a short plaid skirt and suspenders. Wish you had included a few shots of her standing to better appreciate that getup, but at least there are some shots on her knees like your cover.

This is a panty stuffing set, so Aurora is wearing panties. In a break from your usual practice, they are not at all sheer. Modest even. But right from the start her poses aren't modest--they are what Alex likes to call "un-ladylike". A favorite is #10 where Aurora has her legs open nice and wide and she has the friendliest, most beautiful smile.

That's quite the fun and trippy drawing she made.

This is a longer set and quite worth it. I'm glad this scene gives some well deserved attention to Aurora's titties, they really are wonderful. Love that first shot where she has pulled open her blouse, #61. And the crisscross suspenders, particularly #62. You come back for some more titty focused shots in #122-129 where Aurora gives a lot of playful (like #124) looks. Very sexy.

The skirt and suspenders are so hot that I kind of wish that she had taken the panties off first. On the other hand, I love how she looks in her knee socks, panties, and open blouse. Wouldn't want to miss that. Especially wouldn't want to miss it because of how she takes her panties off. That's the totally hot way to take off panties, and I'm glad that you got so many shots of them pulled down on her thighs and of her looking through them. She gives so many different looks too. Favorite are #155, #156, #158, #160, and #163.

Once her panties are off, Aurora does some great ass-up poses in just her socks and open blouse. Can't beat #170 where she has her head down below the edge of the bed. Then she goes back to drawing with her tits down on the bed and her ass way up high. Just love that first profile shot, #173. And from the foot of the bed, #177. It's worth contemplating how that would look with a mirror up at the headboard.

In the panty stuffing, I love her little "where did go? here it is!" sequence of #218-220. So delightful.

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Thanks, Dt

I'm glad to hear that others are enthusiastic about Lilly too. I keep prodding Alex to try and book second shoots with some of the hottest and most popular girls and to do it right away lest they move on and aren't interested in modeling anymore.

Now I would consider Lilly Ford to be exactly the sort of girl to get back soon. Unfortunately, by how the voting has gone so far, she just misses being on the first page of top models. I think this fails to fully appreciate her many charms, and well, overall hotness. But that's how it is for now--only 37 votes so far, so maybe she will move up as more people weigh in.

Might be a good time to mention that Charity Crawford is ranked #2 (with more than 100 votes) and Alex Grey is #4 (with well over 200). Would love to see a second shoot with either of those girls.

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Wow, only one Scan model from the Czech trip. And last year there were nine, and they were really hot. Lets hope this bad luck is a one off and 2018 will rebound to something like the 2016 glories.

I like Anie. I'm always hoping for more dark haired girls, so that's good. Thanks for including a good open leg, no hands, shot so we get a clear view of her pussy. Anie doesn't seem to have particularly long lips, but perhaps they are long enough for a bit of a butterfly. Her pussy looks good stretched out by the Dreamcatcher, and she's a got a big thigh gap which I like.

I wish she had gone lower key on the lipstick. Other than for a dress up glamour scene, I prefer a more natural look with minimal makeup. But at least the pinks, blues, and purples in this scene all work well together.

The line up for next week looks fantastic. I've been wondering when we would get more Kristen with Harley, and I was just looking at Gia and was wondering if there was more of her with Alaina. So very good that we will get both those. Lilly too! Can't wait.

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Freya in the sun with corn on the cob--this is good.

I really like her purple outfit, and it's no surprise that Freya is wearing some crazy high heels. A couple of great bend-over upskirt shots, particularly the second (#10). And lots of great shots where she is sitting in the chair with her skirt hiked up just relaxing or eating her grapes. I just love how Freya enjoys showing off her pussy. She has fun playing with those great lips too. #43 is a wonderful lip pulling shot.

Stuffing grapes was an interesting idea, but I don't know, perhaps they are too small or something. Maybe sometime try stuffing cherry or plum tomatoes. That might be good.

The eggplant was certainly good. Use that again. And you got a great shot of Freya in doggie with the cucumber hanging out of her mouth, I wish you also had a shot to go with it of the cucumber sticking out of her pussy no hands. Or even better might have been the cucumber in her mouth and the eggplant in her pussy. Freya is so playful, that would have been really fun.

Corn on the cob is one of the best veggies. I think I like Freya's standing sequence best. But I also like at the end when she has finished stuffing, she goes: Done with this! And tosses the cob away.

Freya has another great peeing sequence in this scene. She's impressive.

It was great that Freya stuffed several different veggies. Often you give a girl a basket with many choices but she only stuffs one or two. Checking them all out is pretty cool. You ought to consider this as an idea for a talk to the camera masturbation video. The girl can have a nice pile of veggies of different sizes and shapes, try them each out, and tell us how each one feels. Then she can finish the scene with her favorite one.

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Good to have Amy Pink up on the site. But a bit sad that she is the last new girl from that most remarkable trip. So Amy has changed her name? I hope it was not because she doesn't want to be reminded of getting sunburnt shooting outdoors with you guys.

I like Amy's looks--she seems playful and she has a really nice smile. Those are good shots where she puts her hand in her shorts to play with her pussy, particularly looking up with eyes closed (#36) and then with a smirk for the camera (#38).

I've encouraged you to have the girls face the camera while they take off their shorts or pants and to pose some pussy flashing shots along the way. It seems the girls mostly want to turn around and face away. Amy starts out facing the camera, but then she turns around too. At least she does a slow playful tease, so it is pretty good. And once she has her shorts off, she immediately does rear spreading shots which are really good.

Even better than those rear shots are three (#80, 81, 82) spreading gapes she does sitting back on the chair. She has a different wonderful expression in each, and she gets a bit of a gape just by spreading her pussy lip wide. The no hands shot (#83) is very good too.

Dreamcatcher and glass dildo is an excellent combination. I usually like overhead shots, and indeed, #101 is very good. After the Dreamcatcher, Amy does several more poses with the glass dildo. I really like her standing especially since you shot from in front of her but down at knee height. That's a great perspective.

The spreaders aren't in this scene, not sure why they are listed on the tags.

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Ah, thanks Alex for reminding me of Nadia Taylor and giving me a reason to go contemplate her pussy again. Nadia was another of my early favorites when I first signed up for Scan, and I particularly like her girl girl scenes with Paris Parker.

Before looking at her again, I would have described Nadia's pussy as long lips with a good butterfly. But after going through her sets, I have to revise that up to fantastic butterfly that stays really wide open. She's got an impressive pussy.

I don't know that I ever considered that Nadia has a high slit, but you are right, she really does. Hers probably is higher than Hannah's. Where Hannah has her beat, I think, is in having a bigger pussy mound. In that shot above (#9302), Hannah's pussy is sticking out in front of her.

But this needn't be a competition between them. Both girls have amazing pussies. It was really cool to go back and see Nadia again, and I'm eagerly looking forward to Hannah.

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Oh, there is video alright. We just need to talk Alex into having a nice long edit and releasing it soon.

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The photoset was good but a bit short, so I'm glad we get to see it on the BTS too. And it was particularly good to have video of Niky sitting on the bench naked doing her weights.

Sarah started out on the camera and I was hoping she was going to walk around behind Lola to give a view of Lola's pussy and ass. Sarah has made a point of getting that shot on some of the other BTS she's filmed. But this time it sounds like John finished filming the scene. Anyway, we never did get that shot. Too bad. If you've got a hot and naked assistant, it would be worth getting a few shots of her.

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The photoset was a good one, and so is this BTS. Thanks for putting it up.

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Wow! This will be a classic. Lilly is talking to the camera with no holds barred. She's a hot girl with an amazing pussy. The best use for the purple spreaders is masturbation videos since the girls can easily put them in and open themselves up. That clit toy is also very good for masturbation scenes. So we get the combination of the very sexy Lilly Ford telling us what she wants to do to herself with the spreaders that open her pussy up and a vibrator that stimulates her nipples, pussy, and clit. Yup, A classic. Thanks, Lilly.

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Is the "T2C" tag for "Talk to Camera"?

I've long wanted such a tag, and if this it what it is for, then it is a great idea. Is there any chance that it can be added to some of the older videos where the girl talks to the camera?

Oh, and talking to the camera is one of my favorite sort of masturbation video. Keep encouraging it.

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Good, it's a photoset plus BTS day. I like all the exercise sets, and weightlifting out in the sun is nice. The set is on the shorter side, but still has some good sequences of each of Niky's poses.

You chose a good shot for the cover photo. I like Niky sitting backwards on the bench, and I'm glad there are shots both in profile and from the rear. But the best sequence might be from #74 to #83 where Niky is lifting weights naked with her legs wide open.

Some good shots when Lola comes in to play with Niky's lips. The lip pulling sequence could have been longer, and it would have been nice if Lola moved around a bit so that we could get some views of her pussy too. She is naked after all. Lola has a nice long tongue that is really good for pussy licking. Those are hot shots where she is licking the top of Niky's clit hood. Since Niky has a wonderful clit, I wished that Lola had pulled the hood back and tongued her clit directly.

The speculum was pretty good but too short. It would have been hot if Niky had turned around again and stuck her butt off the edge of the bench with the speculum still in.

  • 3

Ah good. Thanks for getting Hannah scheduled so quick. She really is beautiful and is very much the kind of girl I like to see on Scan. She sounds very nice, and it is always good to hear that the models enjoyed their day shooting and got to try new things.

In the samples you put up right after the shoot, I was really taken by a profile shot that showed how far forward her pussy is. You've got another shot like that today with the bonus that she is in the sun. Hannah must be about the most pussy forward girl you've shot. I bet she looks stunning doing a bridge. And love her long lips, of course. Great for pulling and they open into a lovely butterfly.

I like the golf scenes, and the best ones have the girl sticking golf balls up her pussy. So very cool that Hannah does this. That would be one of her many firsts, I suppose.

  • 3

This is my idea of a great girl girl set. I like what the girls are doing the whole way through starting with those open leg poses in their bikinis, particularly #3. Vinna's suit is really sheer.

There's lots of good pussy licking including 69. Favorites are Dee pulling Vinna's lips (#86) and the closeup of Vinna putting Dee's whole clit in her mouth while spreading her pussy hole open (#91). Good full body shot of that pose in #96.

Excellent scissoring too. These girls have great pussies for it with Dee's long lips and Vinna's clit sticking way out. I really like #103 with the girls looking at each other and Vinna sucking Dee's fingers. Their pussies are almost--but not quite--touching. Very hot. And then the closeup #106 where Vinna is pushing her big exposed clit against Dee's pussy and both girls' lips are opening up.

And after that, there is also excellent double dildo. You got a great shot of each girl when they did doggie. Vinna, #191. Dee, #194.

The end is a spectacular finish. These girls both have lips that are great for pulling, so it's great that they take turns on each other. And they are in my favorite lip pulling pose--I just love when a hot naked assistant pulls pussy lips while she has her own legs wide open to show off her pussy too. And we get both girls doing it. Again, favorites of each: #197 for Vinna, and #210 for Dee.

"Clits and Tits" is a great title for a set, but other than some really sexy shots where Dee has her bikini top pulled to the center, they don't do much with their tits. But that's ok--the girls are so in to playing with their pussies that the set is all about clits.

(The next time you have two girls who both have long nipples, do a sequence where they take turns rubbing their nipples on each others clits and call that set "Clits and Tits" too.)

  • 3

Glad to hear that you are going to try to book Haley and hope it all works out well. Let us know either way.

I love the interviews but don't usually watch the Angels ones. Not being into the Angels look, I don't subscribe to the site, and therefore won't be seeing any of their other scenes. But your intro for Moka make her sound interesting and I was wondering about her flashing her tits. That outfit she is wearing reminds me of the fun bear costume that Janice Griffith had. Janice wore hers during the interview too.

Moka does say very nice things about you guys as do lots of the models. They can't all just be flattering you. I think Moka is right that you have high standards and treat the models really well, so I would expect that you have a very good reputation among the girls and their agents.

  • 2

I loved this photoset and have been waiting for the BTS. It's as good as I was hoping, and I'm very impressed with how Jen directed this one. This video made it clear that Charity is quite sensitive to sunlight. Jen had her take the sunglasses off for just a few shots and then put them back on when the light bothered her too much. So we got some good no glasses shots, and hopefully Charity stayed pretty comfortable during the shoot. I am glad you try to keep the girls happy.

And the rest of things that Jen had Charity do were great choices too like pop her tits out of the top of her shirt and pull her short down just enough to show off her pussy. Or having her keep those cute blue Chucks on while she hula hooped naked. And finer details too like how the light was shining on Charity's body. All this led to great photos of hot poses. Well done, Jen.

Most of what I have to say about the scene I already said on the photoset page, so I won't repeat it all. But a couple of things about the video:

One of the best things about this scene is that Charity does the hula hoop a second time once she is naked. The photos are great, but I really wanted to see her doing that on video. She can keep the hoop going without any trouble so she looked relaxed and unbelievably sexy.

And there was a nice little personality moment when Charity got a bit worked up about how she hates the highlight that her hairdresser put in. Her accent really came out then.

A reminder from the photoset page: Are you shooting some good fall scenes with corn on the cob? I do hope you use that multicolored calico corn. It should look particularly good in sunlight.

  • 4

Lilly is really hot.

  • 4

Well getting a Charity Crawford photoset and then BTS on back to back days is not quite the same as getting them both on the same day, but it is still a very fine thing. Always good to get more from Charity.

I'm glad you used a white car--I think the lighting worked out so much better than in the scene from a few months ago of Ally and Freya on a black car. It's pretty bright. (Wouldn't it be nice to shoot up near the arctic circle when the sun was just above the horizon for hours?) In those first few shots without sunglasses, Charity is squinting a bit, so this time it made sense to let her wear the glasses. I like that they are not so dark and we get a sense that she is actually there behind them even if we cannot really see her eyes. All in all, a reasonable solution.

Nothing but praise for the bikini, though. This is an excellent mesh bikini, and at the beginning of the set her pussy has already made a big wet spot on it. That a hot start, and I would have liked some spread bend over shots of that spot before she turned on the water. But once she does get soaked, there are great see through shots of her tits and pussy. Very nice.

I'm curious about what Charity has to say about having that nozzle squirting water up her pussy. This will be an interesting BTS too.

My favorite sequence is when she is on the car hood with her hands over her head and her legs spread and she has her top down off her tits and bottoms pulled to the side off her pussy. The best two shots are #151 where Charity is looking towards the camera with a big smile, and #153 where she is looking straight up with eyes closed. Very sexy pose.

And I also really like the rear fisting pose with one of her legs up on the car.

Great set.

  • 2

Indeed. That commenter has been nothing but gripes. Seems to winding down now, so maybe we will soon be left in peace to enjoy this wonderful site and all the great pussy toys.

  • 3

Bringing Kristen Scott back for another girl girl would always be an excellent idea. Bringing Harley Jameson back for girl girl would be too.

  • 2

Just looked up Gina Valentina. Yeah, she's a hottie. I'm on board.

  • 0

I was hoping that you would get a second shoot with Shrima this year. But at least it's good that we are getting more scenes from last year. I really like seeing Shrima in a girl girl, and this one is good.

My usual comment would be that I like double dildo better than the strap on. And it is true that I do like double dildo better. But I will say that this fire orange strap on is moving in the right direction--it is a much better looking toy than your other strap on. It does, however, still have two of the other issues I don't like. First it hides Lola's pussy, and second, it can't be giving Lola much stimulation. But it is cool that you are expanding your strap on collection. Keep looking, maybe you'll find one that is as good as a double dildo.

I also would have liked more pussy licking. But I guess it was their photoset that had more pussy licking and this scene is more focused on the strap on. That's ok, I guess, but my preference is to have these beautiful Scan girls licking pussy as much as possible.

  • 0

Lola and Shrima's girl girl action video reminded me that I didn't say anything about this set. And it's such an excellent set too.

I really hope the selfies turn out. I love those up skirt shots they take at the start, and then it is really hot that later they take turns shooting legs wide open pussy shots.

Very good pussy licking in this one. With 69 too. The brilliant bit was using a cucumber as a double dildo. That's really hot. It's a long sequence with so many great shots, this scene is going to be one of my long term favorites for sure.

  • 4

Alex, you have to shoot Haley Reed! She's stunningly hot! Beautiful and thin, she's got very nice, fairly small, tits with wonderful nipples, and big long pussy lips. An ideal Scan body! And of course we love girls who are great gapers and fisters.

I think maybe you are starting to worry to much. Haley being tall is no problem. We talked you into releasing Lena Anderson on Scan, and she's been a hit. Haley is thinner than Lena. And I looked up pictures of her tats. She doesn't have that many, and I think they are pretty cool. They are certainly well done.

The girls today are just different from the ones you remember from before, just as they were in turn different from the ones before them. So go with the flow, invite the hot Haley to a shoot, and even do a few sets with her nose ring. And while she's here, ask her what that chemical symbol on her leg is. It wasn't any of the things I guessed.

  • 4

Great samples from Hannah. Cool, so her schoolgirl set is with both a glass dildo and the hanging weights. Hot outfit. And thanks for the no hands, open legs, open pussy shot. Hannah has nice long lips. The lighting looks just about like you could get a sunlight shot of her cervix if she gapes wide enough.

Looking forward to Hannah's release.

  • 5

Lilly Ford is here! I've been waiting for her release, and wow, what a girl. Immensely happy and exuberant, she just radiates fun. I hope you give a us a nice long BTS for this scene, and I hope it comes out soon. I bet her masturbation videos will be great too. Did she do a good talk-to-the-camera one?

She's such a hottie with nice small titties and wonderful nipples. And then there's her pussy! She's got a pussy that makes a statement, and she seems to really enjoy that fact. What an ideal Scan girl.

Love her outfit. Funny that I just mentioned on Emma Brown's set that it's great that you don't shoot panties much anymore, and here's another panty set. But it's great since it is just a little thong that strains to keep that big pussy contained--those long lips are gonna bust free! The best part of her outfit are the pink thigh high socks. Lilly has a pussy comparable to Jayden Taylors', and Jayden also did a super hot scene with thigh high socks. Tall socks and big pussy lips, you can't beat that combination. Glad Lilly kept the socks on the whole way through (like Jayden did too).

Can't point out all my favorite shots, but here are some of the best of the best where Lilly has both a hot pose and a great expression. I love how she could grind her pussy into the floor doing the splits and that you shot her both with and without her shirt. In #74, she is just so excited to be sharing this, and in #90, she seems to take giddy delight in her exposure.

So much good lip pulling in this scene. My favorite might be this overhead shot where she looks up at the camera, #105. And I don't know which I like better, the closeups of her lips tied in a knot or #131 that shows how righteously pleased she in with this impressive feat.

I always like sequences where the girls stick their butt off the edge of a chair, and I love shots of dangling pussy lips, so #134,....HOT! And Lilly knows we enjoy it. Glad she enjoys sharing.

Wouldn't have thought a potato masher would be a very good toy, but Lilly really gets her clit to pop up.

Very impressed with Lilly's peeing. The doggie pose was great, and the best shots were when it seemed like she was done and took her hand away but then started peeing some more with her lips open in a beautiful butterfly. Wow. We knew from the blog posts that she did two poses, but didn't know that she did a nice long pee, and then as soon as she stuck the zucchini in her pussy, she wanted to stop and do a second really long pee. Lilly might be able to beat Freya in a pussy to pussy pee competition.

So this was an excellent set. And welcome to ALS Scan, Lilly, you are wonderful.

  • 2

Hmm, I guess she does look a bit like Alice March. Alice has much nicer nipples, though.

  • 4

Ah, Emma Brown in a panty set. This one is very good. On a BTS, Aurora asked Alex if she should put on some panties. He said no, "I hate panties." I mostly agree--it's cool that ALS now shoots almost all sets pantyless with the exceptions often being something very sexy like crotchless.

But a good panty set can be a hot contrast to the usual stuff, this one with Emma sure is. I like how her panties are the center of attention during the tease with good spread legs shots like #26 and #29. Always hot when the girl's pussy is making big wet spots on her panties. There are some sexy see-through shots once the panties are soaked down, but I wish Emma had done more poses with them wet, like put her legs back up or roll over into doggie. That would have been a great way to extend the panty theme and make it an even more revealing tease.

You do get some great butterfly pussy shots with her legs back up. And more good shots with her legs up during the Dreamcatcher. The best thing about this scene, though, is that Kiara shows up and turns it into a girl girl. They do really hot scissoring. I particularly like the part after they finish pussy grinding when both girls lie back on the couch starting at #203. There are lots of great photos here like #207 where each girl has her toes on the other girl's nipples. And I also like that they go from that to a pose where both girls have their legs straight up in the air. Those butt to butt shots are wonderful. The best might be those last two where they put the bottoms of their feet together.

And then there is a very cool finish where Emma and Kiara do personality shots together. These might be your best ever personality shots since it is something Kiara loves to do and she is high wattage when she turns it on. Excellent tongue on tongue shot right at the end, #238. Then Kiara keeps hamming it up, #239.

Great set Emma and Kiara. Should be a fun BTS too.

  • 4

That's too bad that the shoot fell through a second time. I don't have any models to recommend, but I support Alabro1's idea to consider some darker Latina girls. And look at the Asian girls too. Would like to see more of them on the site as well.

Overall, though, you've been on a great streak of finding girls with that winning Scan combination: beautiful, small tits, and long pussy lips. So keep that up for sure.

  • 3

All of Niky's releases so far have been in nice outdoor locations. This bridge is another spot where you've shot some good scenes. Niky adds another one.

I like that she has one toy to put in her pussy and another one to use on her clit. She has a great clit, so it is really cool that she has a clit toy that obviously gives her lots of stimulation without hiding anything. Also appreciate that she rolled over into a doggie pose for part of the time.

  • 2

Yeah, I love that hands up above the head pose. These are excellent full body shots with her cervix perfectly exposed. I like #200 and #201 best since Aurora is looking at the camera with her big winning smile.

  • 4

Wonderful. That sounds like a great shooting day. Love the story about Kenzie doing a headstand with the Dreamcatcher. On Wednesday, it occurred to me to suggest you have her do a lot of naked handstands, naked cartwheels, naked jumprope, and other such naked exercises. But by then it was too late. Very cool that Kenzie was thinking along such lines herself. The athletic and flexible girls are my favorites--they have great, well honed, bodies and can do impressive hot poses. And I like their confidence and comfort with their bodies too.

Kenzie is very pretty and she does look expressive and like she is having a blast with the shoot. Fantastic nipples too. These are great samples. My favorite is the shot of her on the kitchen counter peeing. Glad to see that you keep adding new peeing poses--this one is hot. I really like Kenzie's long hair, and these braids are her best look--sexy cute for sure. Like that long sleeve sweater pushed up off her tits too. A fairly heavy piece of clothing that is not hiding anything is a hot look.

Hope Kenzie is on the fast track. For another round of samples, how about more from the glass dildo in the sun set? I hope she did some naked cartwheels in this scene--the light looks perfect for it.

  • 2

Good! Another photoset and BTS on the same day. Sara looks great. What pussy lips.

  • 3

Ariel has a great look for a schoolgirl set and I really like her pair of braids.

On the recent samples from Lilly Ford, I mentioned how much I like the shots where a girl hangs her ass off the edge of a chair. Ariel does a great progression form rear spreading shots to bend over upskirt shots to sticking her ass off the chair. #70 and then #80, looking straight away, are both good.

Hot sequence where Ariel has taken her skirt off and her shirt is still wet. But I wish she had opened her top up and pulled it down off her tits sooner. It's a great look but you didn't get very many shots.

The best of the scene is at the end when Ariel stuffs the markers, and then after let them fall out, she flips over into piledriver with the pens still on the floor. Those are good gaping shots--wish there were a few more. Particularly like #295 where Ariel has changed her smile.

  • 3

Good anal scene from Coco. I like that you set her up with this nice day bed in an attractive little outdoor spot.

  • 0

I've been waiting for this BTS since Aurora's "String Along" photoset is so amazingly hot. She's really stunning and her string dress is just wonderful. The only disappointment at all in this BTS is that Aurora is rather quiet--I was hoping she would talk more since has such a lovely voice.

  • 0

No, the BTS videos are out for her first two photosets, but Alex Grey has five other photosets up without the BTS. I would certainly love to see more of her photoshoot videos, either this one, or any of them really. I bet they all will be good.

  • 5

You've shot a lot of good sets by this little lake, it's a nice spot. Niky is off to a good start with this scene. I like her yellow bikini and that she did a long sequence with it pulled off her tits. Then keeping the top that way and taking off the bottoms is a hot look.

Niky has a great clit, so I'm glad she gives us such good views of it. #72 is a great shot where she sticks her tongue out a bit and is still wearing the top. More good clit shots with the Dreamcatcher, of course. Like #116.

I like Niky's pose in #103 with the lake beyond her.

My favorite shots are all those at the end where Niky is in a doggie pose and has the vibrator hanging out of her pussy. No hands shots are always good, and these are really hot. It's a great sequence. In #173, she has a laughing smile. Then #182 is the best of them with more of a laugh and the lake behind her. That one would have been even better if the spray bottle was over on her bikini instead of behind her tit.

  • 2

Amy is another great looking girl. That really was a great trip with so many good models. She is starting to get a bit sunburnt too. Do you encourage them to use sunscreen?

  • 2

Ok, Alex, what you really need to have on your tombstone is "Don't hide the pussy!". That is what you say all the time and have been for years. Sounds like you were shooting another of the BBTS videos here. Looking forward to seeing it.

Dee was posing well. She certainly wasn't hiding her pussy.

  • 2

Ivy is certainly gaping. Freya is maybe tripping. And then there is the whole project of figuring out how they are going to get Freya's foot into Ivy's pussy. Great BTS.

  • 2

Finally getting to the videos. This is, as expected, a very good BTS. Aria is a sweet girl and she looks very sexy and exposed in this low angle sun. Love the light. It does bother Aria in a few places when she is trying to look at the camera so she shades her eyes, but she doesn't end up squinting. Glad there were no sunglasses. This is outdoor shooting at it's finest.

  • 1

Good, the comments are back.

  • 0

What happened to the "recent comments" that are usually in the left hand column here on the blog page? Will they be back?

  • 3

Wow! Of course you were going to go overtime on this scene. The hard part would wrapping it up at all and not just going on and on with "oh, just one more pose..."

Pretty girl with small tits, and this time, a huge pussy! Can't hardly wait.

Excellent scene too. Love Lilly's thigh high socks which even match her lipstick. She can do a good splits: #9234 with her pussy lips spreading out on the floor! This girl is going to be fun.

Thanks for starting out with a lip pulling scene. And other great stuff here too. I've always liked those shots where a girl is hanging her ass off the edge of a chair. In #9237, Lilly's doing that and spreading her pussy too. Very hot. You came back to the pose with the cucumber as well. And I've been asking for more different pee poses including doggie. So Lilly pees doggie, and then she rolls over and gives us a second pee pose too. That's wonderful! I hope it is a sign that she is comfortable peeing on camera and did lots of pee.

If you spent an hour and half shooting this set, then I hope you release a nice long BTS of it too. From what you said before, Lilly sounds delightful, and it would be great to get the full experience of Lilly's first ALS scene.

  • 3

Kylie is all the hotter for having tiny tits. Beautiful, thin, tiny tits, and a big pussy--she is perfect Scan girl!

  • 3

Kylie Richards! Thanks for remastering this one. Back when I first signed up for ALS, I had seen samples from this scene and was very impressed. Scan was on to the perfect formula, and this set was an excellent example:

First, there's Kylie. She's very beautiful. I love her tiny tits with such wonderful nipples. But nothing tiny about her pussy! She has long full lips that dangle down, well exposed in her wide thigh gap.

Second, there is her outfit. She has a fun schoolgirl getup with platform Maryjanes and braids to play with. I'm glad that you are mostly shooting no panties sets these days, but this scene is a hot one with panties since Kylie plays with them so sexy.

Third, there is the pussy play and toys. Kylie doesn't just have long pussy lips that are tempting to pull, she get them pulled! In this case by a mysterious assistant. And ALS has a wide range of wonderful toys including pretty ones like this glass dildo.

Oh, and of course all the girls are shaved. That's been a fine part of this excellent formula.

This whole set is very good, but these are my favorite bits: when Kylie pulls her top up to flash her tits, she does a big open mouth "oh!" (#38); after playing with her panties, she pulls them down just off her pussy and stands with legs wide, #133 and #134 with her finger to her mouth and her pussy lips hanging just above the panties are so hot; the last two overhead shots in landscape (#303 and #304) where she is playing with the glass dildo are so good with very sexy looks from Kylie.

Thanks again for redoing this wonderful set.

  • 0

Sadly the video would be in 480. I'm very glad to see Cherie's photos remastered because they come out well and the sets get expanded with lots of previously unreleased shots. I wish old videos could be brought up to current standards, but alas, they are stuck with the low resolution of the time.

ALS has a sizable backlog of 1080 or better BTS videos that haven't been released yet, so I'd much rather see these come out instead of old 480s. I love that the photosets for cute hot girls like Cherie are getting remastered, but I'd skip the old videos.

  • 2

Wow! Wow! (and yeah, why not) Wow again!

Since I haven't yet had a chance to watch the videos, I've just seen that first photoset of Harley with Kristen. That was certainly one of the absolute best sets ever on ALS. And I was sure to love it since Kristen is in serious contention to be my all time favorite ALS girl. But now with this first solo set from Harley, it's clear Harley is nobody's sidekick--she's totally amazing.

Before saying anything about this set, I want to get this idea out there: For your second special girl girl shoot, get Harley and Charity Crawford. After we all rave about how fantastically hot that is (it will be, of course), you can follow it up by completing the brilliant trilogy and having Kristen and Charity do a special girl girl shoot too.

Back to Harley's wonderful set....

Of all the various things I've suggested you shoot, I probably haven't ever asked for a glamour shoot. It's not that I don't like them, it's that "glamour" too often ends up meaning "lots of make-up". Scan girls don't need lots of make-up--Harley most certainly does not. But this set has the best approach to glamour: you start the scene showing Harley applying make-up with her mirror, but the make-up is low key and doesn't at all hide her natural beauty. And then we get the other great thing about a good glamour scene: Harley's snazzy black outfit. That's very hot.

I deliberately didn't look at the tags for this set. And that's a nice short skirt, ...well...hmm.... So there is an amazing sequence that starts with #14 when Harley turns to her left. Is there such a thing as a pokerface smirk? I think so now. Harley's looking at the camera, but she's not saying. And she puts her foot up on the couch, still looking at us but still mum. And more shots, she's still looking, but she's getting smirky-er. Finally you come around for an upskirt. No panties! But of course. And Harley breaks out laughing. Ok, that was wonderful, when do we get the BTS?

In the comments for one of Kristen's sets, I said that once you start talking about her pussy, you might never stop. I'm afraid that's true for Harley too. So at only the end of page two, Harley sits down on the couch with her skirt pulled up and she spreads her legs wide. #38 and #39 are certainly hot pics. But then in #40 she has opened her pussy into a beautiful butterfly. The most perfect, yummy, butterfly pussy you can imagine. Long symmetric lips darkening on their edges....

The rest of the set continues on as wonderfully and amazing as it starts. But I'm going to quit right here in contemplation of Harley's unbelievably beautiful pussy.

  • 2

I certainly wouldn't object to expanding the shoots to two days so that there were extra scenes. Then there would be enough time to do speculum, Rocket, spreaders, and also the other good stuff like the Dreamcatcher, Sharpies, big glass dildo, fisting, girl girl, masturbation and other action videos.... Sounds like a bit too much to fit all in one day though.

  • 0

What else do you know about Luna's personality? Would she be fun to shoot and give us good masturbation and BTS videos? If you think so, then I'd say, yes, by all means. I certainly like the idea that she is up for big crazy toys--maybe she'd want to try for the record on stuffing Sharpies?

Just from looking at her selfies, I'd lean towards shooting her since she is pretty and has a hot body. I like some of her tats, others, not so much. I'm sure the anti-tat crowd is against her. So if you do shoot her, maybe you will have to pair up her releases with bonus remasters of some of the tat free girls from back when (like how about more from that hot cutie, Cherie?).

  • 5

You have been shooting really hot American girls, so I hope this great trend continues. Are you trying to get second shoots with any of them? And what I'd totally love would be if you could keep doing special girl girl projects like the shoot with Kristen and Harley. So if you start with a girl like Kristen--really hot, did a great ALS shoot, and is into girls--then you just need to find a girl to pair her up with. You did a great job finding Harley and they had a hell of good shoot.

  • 3

2016 was an amazing Euro trip, so I didn't expect it was likely you would do as well this year. But wow, only 9 Scan girls. That's too bad. There were several girls I was hoping you would get that aren't here, and we already knew there would be no Kiara either.

I'm betting that you made the right call, though. When I look at the casting from past years, there have been only a few girls I would have shot that you skipped, and even fewer that you shot that I would not. So I think you have high standards and tastes that are remarkably similar to mine. I glad you didn't have the attitude of "damn, I paid for a trip to Europe, better pad out the shoot to meet the quota". Much better you decided to shoot the hot girls and just come home.

Good to see that you did second shoots with Alexis and Zazie since I really like both of them. Cherry was worth a third one too, particularly if she wasn't bumping anybody else off the list.

  • 5

Everything from Aurora has been great. She gives us another hot set with lots of her amazing looks. Really good tease with the pants, particularly when she sits down and pushes them down to her ankles. After she shaves, there are a lot more great shots while she still has her top on. My favorites are with it pushed up off her tits: #90 a big smile with her wine, #92 an amazing stare at the camera, and #95 a very sexy look while spreading her pussy lips.

It's a very good bottle sequence in part because Aurora has so many different expressions and also because she pulls her luscious pussy lips back to give some good views of her clit. But the spreaders might be even better. The spreaders are not my favorite pussy opening toy because the speculum and Rocket open a girl up wider. The cool thing about the spreaders, though, is that the girl can use them on herself, and Aurora has a wonderful time putting them in and opening her pussy for us.

What a treasure! To have such a beautiful girl with such an amazing body who has this much fun playing with the ALS toys. Aurora is a happy hottie. And we are very lucky.

  • 3

Freya takes the sybian outdoors. This is going to be good.

So Freya is the first to do this right? It's a great idea.

  • 0

It's a good rant. But I don't share you aversion to tattoos. I'm glad Alex loosened up because otherwise he was going to be turning down most of the hottest girls which would have been a terrible shame. For myself, I like some tats and not others depending on how well they seem to work on the girl's body. So the example I've mentioned before is Faye Runaway. She started out with the star above each tit and the bow and ribbon down the back of each leg. I thought this was very cool and she looked good that way. She was really hot from behind like in a doggie pose, or especially the rear spread legs shots in her "Wrist Deep" set (#115 is the best). Or with her legs up behind her head (#161 of the same set). But she later added a lot more tats including the seemingly random ones all up and down her arm. I don't like these newer ones and I think they messed up her very interesting and distinctive look.

Something I think you are probably wrong about is that I doubt girls these days get tats to be edgy or different. I actually worry that some get them in order to fit in. It's one thing to really want the tat, but it's so unfortunate to get it just because you want to look the way that you think you are supposed to look. Kind of like fake tits. I hate fake tits and could rewrite your rant and make it against implants. But beside not liking the look, I hate that many girls are under pressure to risk surgery so they can be big and fake too. So I think it is totally wonderful that ALS Scan proudly flies the flag for small tit porn and shows that these girls are absolutely sizzling hotties.

  • 2

Very cool. I've been wanting to see more of Ivy's BTS. The photoset was great, so I've been looking forward to seeing this video of Ivy with the large size Rocket. And with Freya too.

Going to have some great videos to watch when I get back to dependable broadband...

  • 6

Well said.

  • 2

A great girl girl set. Putting Lola with Katy is certainly going blonde on blonde. It works, they look good together. They are wearing nice outfits, and I like their sandals and flip flops--hanging out on a warm summer day. The best thing, of course, is the dresses are short and neither girl has panties.

This is not a set with a long tease and slow reveal--both girls spread their legs right away. Since she seems to really enjoy being exposed, it's no surprise that Katy spreads the widest. Shots #7-9 are just wonderfully hot. Indescribably hot, really. But having two beautiful girls showing off their pussies like this is more than twice as hot as only one. (It reminds me of the spectacular scene with Faye and Isabella, "Flashing Baltimore", where they did lots of amazing upskirts like this.) #9 with both girls looking at the camera is the best.

With that love of exposing herself, it's also no surprise that Katy quickly hops up on the table into a doggie pose. Perhaps she just wants to kiss Lola and share her lolipop, but it looks like she wants to stick her ass high in the air in case Lola wants to play with her pussy. Lola does.

I'm always asking for more pussy licking in the girl girl sets, and here is a set that has lots. It would be even better with some 69, but even with out, it has lots of great shots. The best sequence is the long one of Lola licking Katy in the doggie pose while Katy licks the lolipop. When Lola stops licking, we get two wonderful shots, #35 and #36: in the first one, Lola looks at Katy and licks her finger, in the second one both girls look at the camera with that "you know what's coming next look". And yes, we get a great sequence of Lola fingering Katy's pussy. I love #43 when Lola looks at the camera again.

But Lola's not done licking pussy yet! She flips Katy over, spreads her legs, and licks her from the front. These are really good too. But with Lola's dress pulled up on her hips, you ought to have gotten a few good shots of her pussy somewhere along here. After licking her for a bit, Lola switches to putting the lolipop in Katy's pussy. Here's another case where mixing the action together would be really sexy. Lola ought to go back and forth between licking Katy's pussy and putting the lolipop in it. If the candy is making a sweet gooey mess with her pussy juices, isn't that perfect for lapping up?

Anyway, I really like that the girls have done all this without either dress coming off. But they strip off now so that Katy can lick Lola. This is more excellent pussy licking with a few hot closeups too. I wish Lola had flopped back onto the table at some point.

Then the girls do a really hot scissor session. I love scissoring. I'm glad you shot the closeups from Lola's side so that we get such a good view as Katy rubs her long pussy lips up and down Lola's pussy. Plenty of full body shots too where the girls have great expressions.

While Lola is off to get the toys, Katy tosses the cards in the air and gives us wonderful looks from high exposure poses. Did you do Katy's interview with her naked and legs spread? I think she would have enjoyed doing it that way. (And masturbating after, of course.)

Lola shows up with the strap-on which is not my favorite girl girl toy--I like the double dildo a lot better. But then Lola takes the strap-on off. She also brought a glass dildo which is one of my favorite toys. So Katy gets to fuck Lola with the glass dildo. She then kisses her at the same time and licks her clit too. So that is a fantastic way to end this wonderful set.

  • 3

I love the Dreamcatcher. It's an excellent way to stretch out pussy lips and let the girls really show off their pink. It also goes so well with a second toy stuffed in the pussy like Franziska does here with her candle.

ALS is the place to find really hot girls with their pussies opened wide in all sorts of wonderful ways. Dreamcatcher forever!

  • 2

Oh, it was Kat. I was thinking Leah Luv had the Rocket in a hanging wicker chair. I looked Leah's set up, and she was in the hanging chair, but it was pussy spreaders not anything anal. Turns out it was the Kat set I was thinking of. She's in a different round chair.

  • 3

Ok, Yukikon's first set confirms what we were saying on the blog--she's too skinny. I certainly like thin girls best, but I'm thinking fit, athletically thin girls, not undernourished thin ones. If she was at a healthy looking weight, Yukikon would be really hot with all her playful looks. She's certainly engaged and expressive.

She's got a great pussy that gapes. Big thigh gap, too--but is that from too skinny of thighs?

I like how you shot the speculum with lots of crew shots and then lots of shots from overhead. And the shots after she pulls it out (#155-159) are very hot closeups with that huge gape and then so much creamy ooze. Good to follow that with the whole body shots #160-163.

Sargon is right about the peeing scene, it's hot. If you can get the light and camera angles just right, peeing on the toilet is great. It's tricky to do, but I think you got really good shots this time. Yukikon's wide thigh gap helps give a good view. And since she had a long, slow, trickling pee, you could keep going back and forth between closeups and full body. Yukikon had some wonderful looks.

So even though there are certainly some hot shots in this set, I think you ought to stick to your commitment not to shoot anyone so underweight. Tell the girls we love thin, but only when it is healthy.

  • 8

Very enthused about Hannah--she's sexy-cute, has a hot body with beautiful tits, and wow, what a pussy! I'm taken with that first shot of her standing on the kitchen counter with her pussy protruding, and she doesn't even seem to be trying to stick it out. We get some other hints that she has long, full, pussy lips, but none of these shots show their full glory. I hope your next set of samples has a shot of Hannah with her legs wide open and nothing touching her pussy.

Did she get sunburnt in the outdoor sets? Ouch, but charming too.

Love the colors of the bikini she had in the Rocket set. (Oh, I also like that you have been shooting lots of doggie poses with the toys of late.) That's a very sexy take on the school girl look: black sandals and white knee highs. Does she get that top wet? I so hope so.... Those are very hot short shorts. Very ALS style short shorts.

So my vote is for more samples really soon. Lots of good choices, but how about one of the outdoor sets? I don't know what the toys are, but I think I'd most like to see more of her schoolgirl. And lets get that open shot of her pussy, too. I bet it will be glorious.

  • 3

I wouldn't want every girl to have piercings, but I'm glad that some of them do. Other than that, I totally agree with your comment.

Ally does have an amazing clit. Too bad there wasn't more focus on exposing and playing with it. I really appreciate how much enthusiasm Freya has for girls. She keeps producing these scenes where both girls have a great time. Very hot!

  • 3

Some excellent cocksucking from Anastasia in this good boy girl. I particularly liked the closeup sequence #146-151. Usually I'd complain about the sunglasses, but Anastasia's aren't all so dark. We get hints of her eyes--sort of like a tease.

  • 2

Ah yes, Freya continues her productive career as a masseuse who gives extra special attention to her client's pussy, and Ally is the lucky and lovely girl who receives these ministrations.

Lot's of good stuff in this set starting with those interesting panties that Ally is wearing. Some sequences that I like are, first, #35-41 where Freya has just pulled off Ally's panties and opened Ally's legs up just the way she wants them when Ally decides to pull down Freya's dress. So Freya is promptly naked too. And second, #154-161. I like all of their kissing, but this bit of tongue play is really great. And third, I like Freya's peeing at the end. One of Freya's many charms is that she seems to always be ready to give a wonderful pee show. What a contrast to the girls who struggle to pee on camera!

I think the lighting worked out well. The natural light is low and provides a soft background and the girls have enough flash on them that we see good detail without them losing their natural coloration.

One thing that I think would improve a scene like this is mixing the parts together. Instead of just having Freya gape Ally, then fist her, and finally pump her, have Freya move back and forth. Spread and gape her a bit, start fisting, go back to gaping. Pump her pussy and then gape it some more with a bit of extra fisting too. For that matter, gaping could go back and forth between gaping and fingering. Fingering could transition to fisting and back. I think this kind of mixing would be really sexy. Plus we would get a lot more pussy gaping which would be a great thing.

This point could be made more general too. Instead of having a mental checklist "did that, move on", go back to things. So if the girl does jump rope or cartwheels with clothes on, have her do it again naked. Have her do a pose, and then have her do the same pose later with the speculum in. Anyway, something to consider.

Quite a good scene.

  • 3

My intuition is that, for the Baltimore shoots, the first posting is often about three or four months after the shoot. It would be easy to check the time between the blog samples on the Friday after a shoot with the date of the first release, but I've not tried that.

Since there were so many excellent scenes from Europe this time, I wonder if maybe this year the US girls have come out a bit slower to make room to get the European ones out faster. Then again, we've had a lot of fantastic American girls too. I'm sure Alex is constantly getting told to release everybody first.

  • 5

Hannah is a cutie. Looks like she has long pussy lips too. Hope that butt plug is a sign she likes anal. Good luck!

  • 0

Well, I'm a fan of the boy girl, so I'm not going to complain about them.

But I'm also a big fan of the photoshoot videos, and ALS has a huge number that will never be released at the present pace. For instance, Ivy Aura was first released at the end of 2016, and we have seven photosets from her but only one BTS so far.

I've been encouraging Alex to get more of the BTS out. And he has picked it up a little bit by doing some same day releases of photosets and BTS like the recent Lady Dee one. But there are still lots more to go.

So one thing that could be done would be to release a solo or girl girl BTS on the same day as any boy girl release. Now I guess if you didn't like either boy girl or BTS, this wouldn't be much of a solution. But don't most people like at least one of the two?

  • 2

Well, I still wish Dee hadn't changed her lips, but maybe I'm getting used to her new look. Anyway, she gives us a sexy take on the schoolgirl-without-panties. She has some playful shots like #4, and a good ass and pussy rear upskirt like #5. Her long pussy lips are really beautiful once she opens them up into a butterfly--#57 is hot.

The best sequence with her clothes is #81-84 where Dee is holding her skirt up high with both hands and she's bending her knees forward so that she can get her pussy aimed up high at the camera. Very hot. Love that she makes the extra effort to really expose herself. Her new fat lips do give her a good smirk, like #83.

Dee has very pullable pussy lips, so I'm glad she pulls them. Very nice.

You only have two pictures during the "crew shots" part of the Rocket scene. But it's cool that there is an extra person there just hanging out. A big part of what makes the speculum and Rocket scenes so hot is that the girl is opened up for all to see, so having extra people there to look up her pussy is great. You ought to do that some more.

At the end, Dee has a great look in #196 where she is licking her juices off the Rocket. Good set.

  • 2

I like these sets that you've shot by this lake and other somewhat public places. Sure wish you would shoot some more naked-in-public city scenes like the fantastic one with Krisztina you recently remastered.

Niky Love wasn't high on my list of this year's girls but only because there were so many amazing girls this time. I think that Niky looks good. I like her dark hair and small tits. So you have put her on the release list, then? This Dreamcatcher should be a good one to start with. After that, did she do a speculum scene? I love those. I've been talking up the athletic scenes of late, so if she did anything like that, I'd want to see it too.

  • 2

Yes, this BTS will certainly be one to watch for all us fans of the hula hoop (and fans of Charity). Since Charity's "Sundress" BTS was fantastic, I hope both this BTS and her "Free Climber" are on the list to come out soon.

And I'm all for more Dreamcatcher and corn on the cob sets. With ALS back from Europe and set up to shoot models at home again, maybe there could be a fall themed set using that multicolored "Indian" or calico corn. The model could insert some of those long necked gourds that show up in the fall as well. Perhaps outdoors on a sunny day with a pile of leaves...

  • 2

I've been looking forward to this set from Charity. Other than wearing those big dark glasses too much, everything about this scene is really really good.

To start with she has a great outfit: cutoff shorts, croptop, and especially her bright blue Chucks. Very glad that she keeps the shoes on for more than half the set. And that she takes the shorts off first--she's so hot in just the croptop and hightops.

Stug is right about needing to get this video out. So good you got a lot of shots of Charity doing the hula hoop naked. The hula hoop is one of the best athletic things you have the girls do, and, wow, is Charity hot. The BTS is going to be great.

But before she can hula hoop naked, she has to take off her clothes. Charity gives a very sexy tease starting with oh so slowly pulling the front of her shorts down to give a glimpse of only the top of her pussy. Then she pulls her tits out of her top which is another of my favorites. #54 where she is just barely sticking her tongue out is great. And she pulls her shorts down farther so we get a really hot shot with her pussy lips barely in the sun and her nipples barely out (#59). With the shorts off, she looks so hot in just her top and shoes--would have liked more of these.

After her naked hula hooping, she trades in the big hoop for the small one. That was a great idea. We get a few without sunglasses here too. Charity's pussy lips are long and stretchy, and the new Dreamcatcher pulls them wide to expose lots of pink. Charity seems to enjoy being on such display. Dreamcatcher and veggie is always great, but none are better than corn on the cob. The overhead shot #190 is very hot, but too bad her glasses are back on.

After the Dreamcatcher, Charity gives us three poses with a cucumber. I like them all, particularly the doggie. She pushes the cucumber in way deep and gives us lots of great no hands looks. To finish the set, Charity spreads her legs to show us her dripping butterfly pussy. A wonderful finish to another hot Charity scene.

I do hope you can get her back for more sporty naked adventures.

  • 2

Ana is back. It's a hot set in a cozy little outdoor spot.

One of the reasons I'm a fan is that I love Ana's tits and nipples. And I also love her expressions. So I think it is really hot the way she pulled up her top and let it hang down between her tits. But first she gives us a great look in #31 as she is just about to show us. Then we get a sexy sequence #35-38 where she puts her hand down her shorts to play with her pussy. And I've always liked the full frame landscape closeups of the girls' tits. This time we get the amazing shot #39 where Ana's titties are so nicely framed by her top. And #40 too with the same pose backed out to show Ana's lovely smile too.

Another type of shot I've always liked is when the girl stands straight with her pants or panties pulled either just below her pussy or down to her knees. Ana doesn't give us such a shot. But she is laughing as she pulls her shorts down. And then she gives a fantastic shot with her shorts down to her ankles, arms akimbo, and pussy forward (#58). That's great. So is the rest of the sequence #59-66 before she gets rid of the shorts.

Ana doesn't actually climb the tree, but she does climb the ladder and then step way over wide to a branch to really expose herself (#86). What a wonderful view looking up at her like that.

She keeps the exposure thing going by sitting up high on the ladder to put the banana in her pussy. Lots of great looks.

This is such a good spreader sequence because of all of Ana's great expressions. Some favorites: eager for Whitney to come in (#135), licking the spreaders (#136), both girls licking (#139), several great blissful looks (#143, #153, especially #157), and a blissful look for Whitney too (#165). #167 is a great shot of both girls look over at the camera.

Whitney very obligingly has her legs wide open to show us her pussy, but you barely get a shot of it. #170 is hardly a tease. If a pretty, naked, girl spreads her legs wide open, don't you think you owe her a few good shots of her pussy? That should be part of the ALS style.

Ana has lots of fun with her personality shots. They are really good.

  • 2

Thanks! A few months back you asked if we were interested in seeing any more of Aria's photoshoot videos. I said that I was, and in particular, I thought that this "Let the Sun In" scene would be a good one.

As soon as I get back to where there is dependable broadband, I'll have a lot of great videos to watch....

  • 0

Cool! Another Behind the Scenes video. And we get more of Kiara hanging out on the set naked while she is just goofing around. Back before you hired her, if you had asked, I probably would have told you to look for an assistant with smaller tits. But I'm so glad you did hire her since she won me over instantly. She's one of the very best assistants you've ever had, and you've had some great ones.

I'm certainly impressed with how good this footage is from your phone. It's really cool that you can run around between rooms like this just checking out what everybody is doing without having to stop and fiddle with the camera. Keep shooting these, I think they are great.

Since the "BTS" tag pulls up all the photoshoot videos and interviews and what not, I do think it would be worth having a special tag for these just like interviews get both "BTS" and "Interview". "BBTS" would be a fine tag. So if you added that to this video, the Kiara and Candee one, and future ones, I think it would be worthwhile, and I would certainly appreciate it.

So Emma likes to dance. Getting more dance videos would be great. I like that format you've used some where the girl starts dancing, strips, and then dances naked for a bit before she masturbates. Then after she's done, she dances naked some more at the end.

I do hope you quiz all the models before the shoot about things like dancing, twerking, cartwheels and so forth. You ought to find out what they can do so you don't miss out on too many opportunities.

  • 0

Charity is absolutely charming. Too bad this interview is so short, I could listen to her for hours.

Thanks, Jen, for asking her about masturbating and her toys. I loved that bit. A beautiful girl who loves to play with herself--perfect for ALS.

Have you talked with her about doing another shoot? She seemed to love working with you guys. And since she loves fucking girls, she would be wonderful for another special girl-girl shoot like you did with Kristen and Harley.

  • 7

Wow! Are these girls hot! This must be the best set you've shot. Just speechless with so much good stuff....

  • 0

A hot short blue dress that Coco is wearing. Don't care for her shoes which seem kind of cluttered or something. But Coco does a nice long tease in the dress with lots of good upskirt poses. I really like the anal fingering sequence. It's also cool that the string straps are stretchy enough that she can pull the dress down off her tits. The shots where she has the dress pulled down off her tits and lifted up off her pussy are sexy. #104 is really good--a wild look with her thick unruly hair half across her face.

Good dreamcatcher too. I really like the ones where Lola is fingering her pussy and then later putting the glass dildo in her. They both seem to be enjoying themselves like in #219 where they look over at the camera. I wish Lola had licked Coco's pussy with the Dreamcatcher on.

After the Dreamcatcher is off, Coco flips over to piledriver for some more of the dildo. These are the best shots of the whole scene. There are some shadows across part of the couch for dramatic lighting, and now we get Lola going in for some pussy licking. And Coco has some great looks. My favorite shot is #274--Coco is in a really hot pose with both legs up and her hands up above her head. Both girls have wonderful expressions too. It's an excellent shot.

  • 4

Wonderful! Thanks so much for putting them up. Yes, I'm glad you keep shooting even when you are not getting what you originally intended.

This is a great pose for Charity even if she doesn't pee. When a girl has really long pussy lips, I love when you get a lot of good shots that show her lips dangling. These shots show Charity's lips hanging there in full glory.

This also would be a really hot pose for actually peeing. So I hope you keep trying to see if the girls can do it. As I've said before, I'd like to see several different pee poses in the scenes. Keep trying!

  • 0

Alex put some more pictures from this scene up on the September 12, 2017 blog. They are of Charity's first attempt to pee. She doesn't pee, but they are good shots from the rear with her foot up on the planter and show her pussy lips dangling.

  • 0

Alex put the pictures from Charity's first attempt to pee on the September 12. 2017 blog.

  • 3

I like these videos where the girls start out doing something sporty or fun. Although this time Dee and Vinna don't seem all so familiar with frisbee and don't play for very long.

I really liked the bit where they were comparing their very different sized clits. As is often the case, I wish they had done more pussy licking. But it's a good video.

  • 2

Emma is a great looking girl, and I really like her long lipped pussy that will open up into such a beautiful butterfly. But once again we have big dark sunglasses. Emma just gives us one little peek over the top.

Some of the good things about the set:

The white and black mesh bikini. I like the sequence #84-93 where Emma has her top off and is on her back with her feet in the water. And she does a nice doggie pose in the pool with her pussy just above the water, #125-128.

We get lots of good poses with no hands views of her pussy including several of that beautiful butterfly. She puts some fingers in, but doesn't do much by way of gaping. The no hands shots are the better.

The best of the set, though, are the Rocket shots. You got a lot of great full body shots with an excellent balance of light on her skin and light on her cervix. And I agree with Ortoton about the standing shots with the Rocket.

But bummed about the sunglasses. We even have Kiara come in with even bigger glasses though hers are not near as dark. I like scenes shot around the pool, but this one would have been better over in the grass near the trees if that means that Emma could have skipped the glasses. Particularly for the girls sensitive to the brightness, you should try to do these pool scenes only with low sun.

  • 0

A model could do two different poses with the spreaders. She could put them in normally while sitting like Jasmine does here. After taking them back out, she could switch to a doggie pose and an assistant could put them back in. They could be reversed from normal. The same could be done if she was on her side with one leg straight up in the air.

I'd like to see more speculum and spreader sequences in a doggie pose. Wouldn't want them all reversed, but a few of them would be cool.

  • 3

Crotchless panties! Always good to see more crotchless panties here on ALS. Empera looks great.

  • 6

Yay! and Wow! It's hard to believe these are outtakes. (Maybe there will be so much open mouth and tongue kissing in the set that the kisses shown here just don't make the cut? That would be hot.)

Both girls are really sexy in their lingerie which is a perfect choice for a girl girl set on a bed. Harley is just killer cute wearing that pair of braids. And I like how expressive she is. Both girls are good at getting fisted and seem to really enjoy it too.

I'm predicting that my only serious disappointment about the whole Kristen and Harley shoot will be that you didn't book them for two or three days (or more).

Very much looking forward to this and all their scenes.

  • 3

Good. I'm glad you found it helpful. Years ago, I would sometimes email Alex some pictures that I particularly liked from a set and talk about why. These long comments I post now evolved out of that. So part of what I hope to do is give Alex and Jen some idea of what I think worked well or not so well and to encourage them to try some things that I think might be hot.

But I've also discovered that it is nice to have these notes about what I thought if I come back to look at a set or video later. I've hoped that other people find this useful too. Pleased to hear that you do.

  • 3

I just love these videos where you have the Euro girls come in to be interviewed and then they masturbate. One of the best parts is always to see how they respond when you ask them to play with themselves.

Silvia likes to go out and about in a short skirt and no panties. She's certainly an ALS kind of girl. Turns out she loves to masturbate and she loves to be watched. She's a hottie and definitely an ALS girl.

  • 2

Very cool. Thanks, Eric. This is very much appreciated. Coco's peeing session is really hot, so this already really good BTS got even better. I was a bit surprised that Coco was shy about peeing since she seemed so open with her body, and once she got going she really let loose. This kind of opportunity to see something of the girl's personality that you don't see in the photos is one of the great things about the BTS videos.

I'll add here a comment that I made on the first version of this video. Coco pulls her bikini top to the middle between her tits. Jen says that is really hot and they need to do it again. I like that Coco left her top that way, and I agree with Jen that it is hot and you should shoot that some more.

  • 3

I really like how this one starts out. Jasmine is in a sexy outfit with no panties, so right off we see her looking at her pussy jewelry in the mirror. That's hot.

Since you named the set "Self Adoration", I wish you had kept going with the theme of having her looking at herself in the mirror. Particularly, she should have gone back to the mirror to look inside her pussy when she had the spreaders in. Since the mirror is up off the floor a bit, she might have had to hold her hips up high to see. Or she could have tried to look in doggie style. Either (or both) of those would have very hot.

This set does have a good spreader sequence, though. I particularly like when she adds the hairbrush to the spreaders.

Those are good shots where she sticks her tongue through the pussy jewelry. Also glad that you included the full frame landscape shot of her tits at the end--Jasmine has nice tits and nipples. And then those last two shots after it are sweet.

  • 2

Yes, great veggie set. I really like that pose she has her leg up high while doing the banana.

  • 3

Kimmy has a great personality which makes this BTS delightful. Well, actually, all her BTS videos have been really good. It's great that you find girls like her.

I do wonder, though, why you so often end up shooting things like twerking, jump roping, and cartwheels with the girls fully clothed. You guys are all about pussy and exposure, so get the girls naked before they do these things.

Kimmy certainly looks good twerking, but she'd look so much better doing that naked. With the jump rope, she did a long session clothed, and then later, a shorter one after she had unsnapped the crotch of her bodysuit. That was pretty good, but I wish she had done a short one clothed and a long one after she had taken off the suit.

And I'm still lobbying to get more naked cartwheels and headstands. I'm hoping you are asking the girls if they can do these, and, if they can, are shooting them naked.

  • 3

I went back to see what I said about Yukikon's casting set. I said that she was too skinny. Her arms are very thin, and in profile, she looks undernourished. I certainly like thinner girls with small tits, but I also want them to be healthy. If she went back up to a more normal weight, she would look fantastic. There is no reason she should keep herself this skinny.

The pressures on the girls in porn and modeling in general must be horrible. I very much support ALS's policy of not shooting models who have breast implants. Being underweight is reversible in a way that surgery isn't, but, yeah, ALS shouldn't support doing anything that isn't healthy. I want the girls to be fairly thin, but most of all, healthy and fit. So don't keep going for skinnier and skinnier.

I think you made the right call. Yukikon is attractive, so I'm glad that we get to see a bit of her. But if models know that they can be too skinny to get a full shoot, then maybe that will help them decide to stay at a more healthy weight.

  • 2

The new Freya and Ivy set shot on this same spot reminded me of this truly excellent set from Alaina and Gia. The girls are so hot together and clearly are having a lot of fun. So is there any chance that we can get the BTS for this one soon?

  • 4

I wanted to make a separate comment about Ivy's stellar peeing sequence at the end. Ivy is slow to get started, but she gapes her pussy and gives a great view while she is getting ready, so no problem waiting. And when she does go, she goes, and goes, and goes.... (Perhaps she got some pointers from Freya?) Ivy pees for a nice long time, so you get plenty of closeups and plenty of full body shots. And she has a lot of good looks too.

I like that you had her sitting on the steps. Something I've mentioned before that I do hope you try is to have a girl lie on her back at the top of the stairs and have her aim her pee up a bit to see how far it can go. You've included some new hot poses for peeing lately, and this would be another good one.

And finally a note on the flash. Ivy looks best in the first six shots (#298-303) where there is plenty of natural light on her skin. But, yeah, there is a bit too much shadow on her pussy for a pee sequence. But could you have bumped the flash up just a wee bit? Where you actually ended up is pretty hot. So her pussy is well lit for peeing, but all the highlights on her skin are from the flash and the natural light is entirely lost. It a great sequence as is, I was just a bit surprised by the big jump in tone.

  • 3

Freya and Ivy are so hot together! You've had some great shoots on these chairs and counter. In particular, there was the excellent girl girl with the long pussy lip beauties Alaina and Gia. Now we get Freya and Ivy with their amazing and even bigger pussies. Love this set and the great poses you get from the girls on these chairs.

I like the long tease and undressing sequence in this set. (Since it is a big set, we can have a long tease without losing out later.) At the start the girls are just hanging out wearing some simple but sexy outfits. Soon, they are kissing--very hot kissing. Then Freya slowly starts undressing Ivy, but keeps coming back to kiss her some more. That's one of the reason I like these two girls together so much.

Freya gets Ivy completely naked before losing any of her own clothes. I like when the girls do it that way. Since neither girl is wearing panties, there would have been some good chances for upskirt shots. We don't get any of Ivy, but get a few of Freya when Ivy is removing her shoes.

This is a girl girl with lots of pussy licking. And not just licking, they pull each others lips with their mouths too. Long lips. Love it! And they 69 as well. It's all just lots of wonderful pussy eating.

No surprise that the Queen of Gapes could take two zucchini. Freya had a third there. Did Ivy try to get all three?

When the girls are scissoring, you get some shots where they have great expressions (and do more kissing!), but you don't get any overhead shots. Maybe they should have been down on the chairs instead of up on the counter. The only disappointment I have in this set is that we don't get pussy shots of them scissoring--they both have amazing long lipped pussies, so it's a big loss.

There are some good pussy-on-pussy shots when Ivy straddles Freya. And more kissing. Really love how much kissing the girls do all through the set. Lots of good shots in the double dildo sequence too. It's a great sequence and really hot. I'm glad this set is a double dildo--my favorite girl girl toy.

When they finish, the girls give us some happy and relaxed shots sitting on the counter with their legs open to show us their pussies. They both look great, and so sexy together. I wish you had had them turn over too, so we could get some side-by-side rear shots like Alaina and Gia did.

Just like Alaina and Gia, Freya and Ivy have a wonderful chemistry together. I hope you put the BTS video on the list for releasing soon since it is bound to be a very good one. And for that matter, can you get Alaina's and Gia's "Double Trouble" BTS on the list too?

  • 3

Well, I wish Lady Dee hadn't changed her lips, but I hope she is happy with her new look. Anyway, she still has a great pussy.

I like that she could stuff three vibrators. You got some good no hands shots too. I think the best ones are when she has her hands up over her head. And the sequence where she pushes them out is good too.

  • 4

Good, I'm glad the shoot with Aria went well. She looks great, and I like these samples. Good trick on getting her able to pee. Thanks for including some samples that give us a good look at her pussy. I also like that she has real nice nipples on small tits--very sexy.

Would certainly like to see some more samples of Aria whenever you can get them posted. I really like that shot where she is just wearing boots and leaning against a tree (9154). Not sure what the toy in that set might be, but Aria looks hot posing like that.

  • 2

Wow, what a hot set. Shrima had fun with the spreaders in the hot tub, so now she wants to use them in a masturbation video. I've asked for more masturbation videos with either the spreaders or speculum, so it's great to get another one, and even better since Shrima is so hot.

Shrima has dark pussy lips that look very good against the brighter pink inside her pussy. The clit vibrator was a good choice as a second toy since it is compact. I also like that Shrima turned around and put the spreaders back in to do a second pose doggie style.

You guys are shooting some great sets.

  • 0

Oops, the great glimpse of her pussy shot is #7, not #17.

  • 2

Very pleased to see another Eveline set--she's one of my favorites from last year's very very good Euro trips, and this is a great scene. My only complaints are there are a few things I wish there were more of since everything that is here is great.

Very sexy outfit with the super short shorts and a top that is tantalizing close to being see-through but in fact only gives hints. Eveline is one of the most expressive models, and she has lots of wonderful and playful looks during her tease like #15. Or her knowing smile when she gives a slight glimpse of her pussy up past those hardly-there shorts, #17.

I like that she plays with her nipples a bit. She has wonderful nipples on her tiny tits--very sexy. Then she leaves her top pushed for a while too. What I wish this set had were some shots of Eveline pushing the front of her shorts down to show us her pussy. She teases this a bit, and puts her hand in to rub her clit, but doesn't end up showing us her pussy. Instead she turns around to pull off her shorts.

Eveline sat with her legs open and really spread her pussy lips out wide. She did this this twice, #73-77, and then again, #172-174. Those are really hot since they are big spreads and Eveline looks so pleased--she's excited to give us such a good view of her pussy.

The piledriver sequence with Lola licking her pussy and then putting the vibrator in her ass is very good. But you really should of had a lot more shots of Lola gaping her pussy. And Lola should have used two fingers from each hand. Piledriver pussy gaping is an ALS classic, but we kinda missed out this time.

I agree with HFrank about the Rocket sequence--I love those full body shots where you can clearly see the girl's cervix. Well done. And I also agree that having a naked Lola in a lot of the shots is definite plus.

The lip pulling sequence is great. I like both poses, but particularly the second one with Eveline standing in the chair with Lola under her. That way we get to see both girls' pussies. And once again Eveline has a lot of fantastic looks. She seems to just love having us watch while Lola plays with her lips.

Thanks for another wonderful set with Eveline and Lola!

  • 5

Oh, very good. I was hoping that you would get a BTS out from Charity really soon because I was wondering if she was having as much fun in these shoots as it looks like in the pictures. I think she is. Early in this video, Charity is jumping up and down, and she expresses real disappointment that her dress is not flying up--she really wants to show her pussy. Now that is the perfect attitude for an ALS Scan girl. She's got an amazing pussy too, so I'm glad that she enjoys showing it off.

Charity thinks the big glass dildo is really pretty. I agree, but it isn't even your prettiest. It would have been fun if you had brought out your whole collection of glass dildos and let Charity try each one and pass judgment on which looked best and which felt best. I bet she would have enjoyed that. I know I would have.

The standing peeing sequence in the photoset is really hot, and I'm glad we get to see it on video. What wasn't in the photos is that she first tried to pee with a rear pose and her foot up on that planter pot. That would be an amazing pose for a pee sequence, so I very glad that you tried it. Keep asking the girls if they can do it, some will be able to for sure. It's very cool that you are trying to get different peeing sequences. One I'm still hoping you can shoot is a tits down, ass up doggie pose.

I hope the rest of Charity's sets and videos are on the calendar somewhere. She is so hot, hope to see a lot more of her soon.

  • 2

Oh, and if she loves big toys, perhaps she might want to try putting Sharpies in her pussy? Perhaps she could match or beat the record.

  • 3

Good luck with the shoot. Eager to see her previews.

  • 3

If you go to Krisztina's model page, and look in the "show biography", you can read the note that Alex wrote about this shoot.

This was a wonderful choice to remaster. First of all because Krisztina is a hottie, and second because of how good the locations are. These are great places to shoot. Everything looks very pedestrian friendly, and with all the sidewalk cafes and parks, there are lots of people all around. So Krisztina is not just out where somebody might see her, she is naked right in the middle of the crowds.

I like that she does a lot of open leg poses. That is really hot, and she is obviously quite comfortable with her body. She's got a nice pussy too--would have liked more scenes with her.

  • 0

This is a very good girl girl.

While Kiara is right that Emma doesn't actually need her thigh high stockings, Emma is very sexy wearing them, so I wish that Kiara had left them on. Otherwise, I liked this one a lot.

In response to Santa's comment, Emma is passionate, but she is a bit reserved. Kiara is not reserved.

  • 4

Oh, that's right, Goldie did. And I even wrote a positive comment on her set too. Charity is a bit higher in her tree and you've posted more shots than you did of Goldie.

Yeah, I suppose most models would have no interest at all in climbing a tree. But when you are at a location with a suitable tree where you won't freak out the neighbors and whatnot, you ought to see if the model is game. This is such a good fit with the ALS style--it would be great if you could do a few more.

  • 4

Wow, what an amazing set! When I saw on the blog that Charity was in this week's releases, I thought, oh yeah, maybe that will be her tree climbing scene. And it is! It's as good as I was hoping it would be too. Some of my favorite scenes are when the girls are being athletic, sporty, or just getting out for some fun. So climbing a tree is a wonderful idea. I'm surprised that you haven't done this before since it gives a girl all kind of opportunities to show her body off. Charity takes full advantage.

Charity looks hot and fit in her sexy little top and bright yellow, snug fitting, capri pants. It's a great outfit for tree climbing. The best thing about her top is that it stays put when she pulls it down off her tits. I really love that look, and Charity stays that way for most of the shoot. But hanging out up in a tree with her titties out is not enough exposure for Charity, so she pulls her pants down too. Now she's showing her body off! She shows us her really fine ass and then turns around so we can see her wonderful, very ALS style, pussy. She's so hot up in the tree looking like that.

A lot of us like when you include a closeup landscape shot of the model's tits. So it is very cool that you put in #47 with Charity's nipples sticking out above her top. I really like that shot. The only thing that would have been better is if Charity had been playing with her nipples to get them to extend.

Then we are on to another really hot sequence where Charity pulls her pants up tight and her pussy promptly makes a big wet spot. She's having a blast opening her legs up to give us good views--the BTS for this scene is going to be so good, I hope it is released soon.

After modeling her wet spot, Charity turns around and slowly pulls her pants all the way down to her ankles. You get some shots of her looking back between her thighs, but I wish she had also done some spreading shots in that pose. The pants are stretchy enough that she has her feet pretty wide. Spreads would have been hot.

When her pants are off, she sits down and starts fingering her pussy. It's clear why her pants had such a big spot, her pussy is not dripping, it is full on oozing. Soon she has a big puddle on the bench.

This is a new double dildo? A fat one! (I hope we see two girls using it soon.) Charity hams it up a bit with the posing shots, and then she gives us a very sexy no hands pose where she is holding it in her pussy with her feet with legs akimbo. #156-#171 is really good, particularly that first shot from overhead.

From the big fat dildo, Charity moves on to the pussy pump. I really like that first shot where she is bending over putting on the pump, #203. Then we get all kinds of great looks from her as she shows us how her pussy is fully sucked up into the cup. Love #226 where she has her legs up high and wide open, putting herself on full display.

Some girls don't seem to get much effect from the pump, but Charity does. Her already full pussy got very plump and darker. It looks so good, I wish you had done a longer sequence of post pump shots. Or maybe you could have done the pump before the dildo.

We don't actually get very many shots while Charity is peeing, but the sequence is very good since she looks so sexy on that garden path and has wonderful looks. Her pussy is still slightly pumped too and looks great. I like that first one where she is squatting, #245. The best one while peeing is #253 because she sticks out her tongue and bites it. Then she laughs.

So this has instantly become one of my favorite sets. Charity is a hottie, and this whole scene is chock full of the kind of sequences I really like. Do hope that the BTS will be out soon since Charity seemed to have a really fun time doing all these great things.

  • 4

Zazie is hot! This is a great set and a really good Dreamcatcher scene particularly since it has veggies--Dreamcatcher with veggies is a great combo. Really like the sequence where Kiara is putting the cucumber in Zazie's pussy while she's wearing the Catcher.

  • 2

Very good. Yeah, I was one of those asking for the selfies, so I'm glad to see them. The girls look hot.

Getting the model's perspective is something I like a lot and it is usually really hot. So I wish it was something that you included in most sets. One thing that would be really good is to get the girls to take more POV pics like Mia did here while Kiara was undressing her. The girls could also take POV shots while an assistant was putting on the Dreamcatcher or putting in a speculum or the spreaders. And when you yourself are shooting crew shots with the speculum or Rocket, you should always try to get behind the girl if you can to shoot some of her view of the crew. But however you do it, more of the girl's POV would be a great addition.

The other shots here that are really good are those last ones where the girls are rubbing their nipples together and then tongue kissing.

I thought you might post that selfie Kiara shot down her throat. That would have been fun.

Looking forward to the BTS and hope it comes out a lot quicker. I'm expecting it to be truly excellent. Mia is one of the hottest girls you have shot lately, and Kiara is just wonderful to have on set and she seems to really get into girls. And as I mentioned a couple of months ago on the Zazie/Kiara girl girl photoset, you haven't released very many girl girl BTS where the action is all focused on pussy licking, scissoring and a double dildo. (Thanks for getting that Zazie/Kiara BTS out, it's great.) This Mia/Kiara photoset has all that hot action too, so hope to see it out soon.

  • 2

Aurora is really hot on the Sybian. She talks to us too.

  • 2

A good set from Ariel. I really like this location with the funky table and the stairs that create so many opportunities for hot poses and good angles. One of Kristina Bell's best photosets was shot here. One of Dolly Little's best too. Great spot.

I like that Ariel pulled her top down off her tits and left it that way for a quite a bit and then later pushed it all up off her tits. Both versions of "titties out" are hot. Nice to see her give us both.

The other really good bit with the tease is when Ariel is taking off her skorts and pauses with them down around her ankles. We get some great shots with glimpses of her pussy.

Ariel has lots of different poses in this set and we get to see that she has a very nice pussy. My favorite sequence is with the candles where she is laying on the table with her feet pulled way up and you are shooting down on her from up on the stairs--#166-173. #168 is an excellent shot and a very good expression for her.

A bottle used the "regular" way is a good toy. But for the girls with stretchy enough pussies, I agree with Bong that the inverted bottle is even hotter.

  • 0

Good to see Mia and Kiara in another video. Everything about this one is good except those sunglasses. Are these the biggest and blackest glasses ever seen on ALS? I don't remember any worse.

  • 2

What a good set, and Shrima is so hot! Her braids are really cute. The see-through mesh bikini is really sexy, and this is a great setting with the hot tub out in this big open space.

One of many things I like about Shrima is that her pussy lips are darker. So some of my favorite pics in this set are her rear spreading shots where we get such a good view of the bright pink up in her pussy that is surround by those wonderful dark lips.

But the best thing about this set is Shrima using the spreaders in the hot tub. She's the first girl who has done this, right? Love how the water flows in and out of her pussy. That will be great on the BTS too. Looks like she had fun playing with her pussy like that.

  • 4

Wow, that all sounds fantastic. Back when you first said that you were working on getting Kristen Scott back in for a girl girl shoot, I knew it would be good just for having Kristen. But I was also hoping that you would be able to hook her up with a girl where there was some real chemistry between them. So hearing that Harley loves pussy and considers Kristen to be her perfect sexual partner, wow, the sparks should fly. And Harley is so hot too. This is all just perfect.

This set looks good. I wouldn't want it to become a main focus, but I do like that you shoot an occasional "glamour" scene. Harley is really hot in that short black skirt. No panties--there is going to be a great tease in this one.

And thanks for including #9116 in these samples. I always appreciate getting a good look at a new girl's pussy when she has her legs wide and nothing touching it. That's a beautiful butterfly--I love her pussy. Also love when you shoot shots like #9125 where we see her whole body and can also see all the way up her pussy to her cervix. It's worth getting the angles and lighting right to get those shots. Very hot.

Kristen and Harley might well turn out to be the very best of what's been a year of incredible girls. I hope their release is coming up soon.

  • 0

Very good first video from Emma. Not sure that hanging out in a golf cart is all so sporty, but Emma's outfit is nice and sporty. I like it. The best thing about the golf cart is the shot you did in the mirror which was cool.

Love Emma's long pussy lips.

  • 2

I agree. This is an amazing set from one of the hottest new girls on the site. Doesn't make any sense that it would get a lot of low ratings.

  • 3

Also, have you noticed that you have released only one of Ivy's photoshoot movies? Would love to get the BTS for her "Fill the Void" and "Jubilant" sets.

Did Ivy and Freya do a girl girl action video?

  • 4

Good to hear that Ivy didn't get implants after all. Maybe the hormones will have provided a big enough change for her that she will drop the idea of surgery entirely.

So have you seen good recent photos of her? How much bigger did her tits get? Does she still look like a Scan girl? If she does, you ought to try to get her back.

  • 7

Wow, love this BTS. I hadn't paid very much attention to Katy Rose in the casting, but once her first photoset--the set to this BTS--came out, it was HOT. What a girl.

I commented on the photoset page that Katy really pushes her poses for maximum exposure. So here on the BTS, we can watch her doing it. And what is incredibly hot is that Katy choses to do all this by herself--she just wants to really show herself off. Jen gives her almost no instruction. Instead, Jen and Sarah are mostly saying things like "Damn" "Unbelievable" "This girl is fucking hot!" And they are right, Katy is fucking hot.

For a change, the swimsuit is a one piece instead of the usual ALS bikini. But it is very sheer and see-through even before Katy wets it down. Katy gives lots of wide leg stretches that draw the fabric tight against her pussy--very sexy.

After she takes the suit off, Katy keep picking poses that display her ass and pussy as much as possible. She's got a real ALS mindset!

So some of the ideas that Jen and Sarah talk about:

They consider having Katy stand and pee. Wonderful idea, this would have great if Katy was up to it. They also consider having her pee through the suit. I don't like this one. It is a very sexy sheer suit, but I want to see her unobstructed pussy when she pees.

Sarah shoots up Katy's pussy while Katy is doing the piledriver position and Jen complains about the light. They consider just ditching the crew shots, but decide instead to have Sarah turn off the light and keep filming. Thank you! One of the hottest photos of the set is of Sarah leaning over the upside-down Katy to get that good view into her pussy. I'm so glad you didn't skip that!

Overall I think that Sarah did a great job filming this one. I do wish that she had zoomed out more often to give a full body view of Katy since Katy had such sexy poses. But Jen did shoot lots of full body photos, so I guess the photoset and BTS kind of compliment each other in that way.

So, more like this one, please! You guys are at your best!

  • 2

Nice, Katy Rose exercising. This is a short set. The photos here are good, but it is like the set is missing another third that would have made it a great scene.

On the BTS page, I mentioned a few things that would have made this set really hot, like having Katy jump rope naked. I also wish you had made more of Katy undressing. I like her sports bra, so it would have been good to get some poses of her in the bra with no pants. And she pulled the bra down off her tits too. Would have loved to have had her leave it like that for a bit instead of taking it off right away.

But once she has her clothes off, you did get some good poses of her on the bench, particularly the doggie pose where she is, as Jen says, "hooking" her pussy. The profile shots are good too.

The best sequence is with the Dreamcatcher. #93 is great--Katy has her hands over her head on the bench and her feet tucked up. Glad that she wore her red Chucks again. The shots of Lola putting the rope handles in her pussy are also really good. (The red handles match her shoes.) I like the ones where Katy is in that same hands over her head pose with feet up. #117--both girls look at the camera where Katy has an interesting expression and Lola is laughing.

Katy does a naked backbend at the end. #151 is a great view of her titties. Imagine if we also got such a good view of her pussy too.

And none of the shots of Katy's naked cartwheels? Did those not turn out? Shame to miss out on that. I love naked cartwheels.

  • 2

Really enjoying getting some of these BTSes on the same day as the photosets so I can watch the video before looking at the pictures.

I like the exercise themes, and this one is good because Katy works out and so was comfortable and knew what she was doing. Very cool that she could drop from a standing back bend into a bridge. We haven't had many girls up for doing that. I like Katy's confidence with her body.

I have to say that this one is another where you lost out on an excellent opportunity. If you had had Katy do her "I'm too hot and want to take off these clothes" move at the end of the weights, then she could have jumped rope naked. She is good with the jump rope, so having her do it naked would have been spectacular.

Actually, I would have just had her remove her shorts. I like her sports bra, and before she removed it, she pulled it down off her tits which was great. So she could have taken off her shorts and left the bra alone, or even better, she could have pulled the bra down too. That would have been very hot to have her jump rope like that.

So her first backbend was fully clothed. It was a great idea to have do another at the end when she was naked, but, wow, how can you have a naked girl do a backbend and not get a shot of her pussy? Serious slip-up on that one. After the one you shot, Katy needed to turn around and do it again to show her pussy too.

My last comment is a big thanks to Sarah for insisting that the shoot had to have Katy doing naked cartwheels. Sarah has this one figured out: it is a wonderful thing when naked Scan girls do cartwheels. Thanks Sarah.

  • 3

Great sybian video from Charity. And it is a talk-to-the-camera one too! She's good at it, but like a lot of the girls, she quits saying much once she gets going. I suppose that the sybian can be very distracting.... But anyway, keep encouraging the girls to keep talking. It's very hot to hear what they think about being watched.

I particularly liked the part where you were filming from above her--very cool to see her perspective on the ride.

  • 2

Yeah, a Dolly Little video titled "Pussy Play" sounds very hot. And it turned out pretty good too. The main thing that could have made it better was if it was fingers only. Her "Slippery Shiny" was no toys, so I can see that you might not have wanted to do two. Still, that was a fisting video, which is different from the playing she does here.

So I would have liked to see her skip the vibrator entirely and just spend her whole time pulling those longs lips and gaping her pussy wide. And then fingering her clit when she wanted to cum. That would have been the very best, but the video as is is still good. Very nice to see more of Dolly and get to watch her play with her pussy as much as she does.

  • 2

Well, I like Dee's natural lips better than her new "enhanced" ones. It's rather sad that these girls come under so much pressure to change their looks through surgery. I wish they would just focus on trying to stay thin and fit and keep their natural features as they are. That would be more healthy too. But all the same, I'm glad that you shot Dee again, she still looks good. Oh, and thanks for asking the models to keep the make-up low key--I think the more natural look is much hotter.

Everybody around here seems to like Lola (me too), but I can't be alone in being the only fan of Vinna Reed, so I bet there are others who also look forward to Dee's and Vinna's girl-girl. I like the speculum better than the Rocket, but I agree that it is a good plan to vary the toys for a second shoot. So sounds good.

And even if she messed a bit with the lips on her face, she still has her fantastic pussy lips! Glad she left those alone.

  • 3

And her next video to get posted is a talk-to-the-camera one. Thanks guys!

  • 2

Thanks for trying to make the tags as useful as possible. I'll try to send you a few notes soon on some of the things I've noticed about the tags.

  • 2

Yeah, the video from newer phones is pretty impressive now. Was this a full "idiot mode" recording, i.e., the phone made auto adjustments on all the video and audio settings? I like how you were able to run around from room to room and show what everybody was doing (particularly Kiara).

I do like this kind of video, and would love to have you shoot and post a lot more. As I noted above, it is different from your classic photoshoot BTS. So I would like it to be easy to do a search for either the traditional BTS, or for this style, and not just have them all mixed together. A new tag for this style might be enough.

  • 3

Posted this on the video's page when I meant to post it here on the blog:

Shot on a phone cam? Wow, that came out better than I would expect from a phone.

I liked this video, so I hope you do post more of them. A few thoughts, though. This is certainly different from the usual type of photoshoot BTS, so maybe it should have it own label. Maybe something like BBTS for behind behind the scenes? Anyway, I'm glad that you are putting them on the "ALS/productions" page, that will make them easier to find later.

I would second the request to cut less footage out of the regular BTS videos. I think they would be better if they were longer, and I'd like to see more of the shoot not less.

Naked crew? That's funny. No, I wouldn't want the whole crew naked. But I do like that some of the models, and particularly female assistants, like to hang out on the set naked. This is part of that naked-pretty-girl-in-the-middle-of-a-bunch-of-clothed-people vibe. That's really hot. So Blue liked to do that, and now Freya does too. So if you want to shoot some extra BBTS video of these naked girls just hanging out, I'd love to see it.

And for what you shot on this video: at first it seemed that Kiara was going to be unexpectedly quiet and just take direction. Kiara? She would do that? But then you gave her the strap-on. Now, I'm not sure I actually believe her when she said that this was the first time she used at strap-on. Really? Maybe not. Probably not. Anyway, I imagine that she might have got together later that evening at the bar with some friends: "So what did you do today, Kiara?" "Oh, I chased some scared-y cat guy around the set with my monster rubber dick. And I fucked a hot chick too. It was a good day" Kiara never has to buy the drinks at the bar.

  • 4

Shot on a phone cam? Wow, that came out better than I would expect from a phone.

I liked this video, so I hope you do post more of them. A few thoughts, though. This is certainly different from the usual type of photoshoot BTS, so maybe it should have it own label. Maybe something like BBTS for behind behind the scenes? Anyway, I'm glad that you are putting them on the "ALS/productions" page, that will make them easier to find later.

I would second the request to cut less footage out of the regular BTS videos. I think they would be better if they were longer, and I'd like to see more of the shoot not less.

Naked crew? That's funny. No, I wouldn't want the whole crew naked. But I do like that some of the models, and particularly female assistants, like to hang out on the set naked. This is part of that naked-pretty-girl-in-the-middle-of-a-bunch-of-clothed-people vibe. That's really hot. So Blue liked to do that, and now Freya does too. So if you want to shoot some extra BBTS video of these naked girls just hanging out, I'd love to see it.

And for what you shot on this video: at first it seemed that Kiara was going to be unexpectedly quiet and just take direction. Kiara? She would do that? But then you gave her the strap-on. Now, I'm not sure I actually believe her when she said that this was the first time she used at strap-on. Really? Maybe not. Probably not. Anyway, I imagine that she might have got together later that evening at the bar with some friends: "So what did you do today, Kiara?" "Oh, I chased some scared-y cat guy around the set with my monster rubber dick. And I fucked a hot chick too. It was a good day" Kiara never has to buy the drinks at the bar.

  • 0

This is a good set that could have been a great one with a lighter color car. Or maybe very low angle sun. The black car on the black driveway is a very dark background and the girl's skin is very bright in the full sun, so the contrast between them is a bit too much. And then the opposite problem is that the dark bottle doesn't show up very well at all.

I like Ally's top and how her nipples (and nipple jewelry) show through when wet. Don't care for the shorts as much and they don't get very transparent, so it is great that she took the shorts off first.

Putting the hose in her pussy is a good sequence. And we also get some very nice rear shots with Ally's long pussy lips in the sun. The rear gaping ones would be real good too if they didn't have such dark shadows.

Nice to see Freya hamming it up--she's always fun. The whole bottle sequence would be excellent if not for the lighting issues. Particularly good is the part where Ally is in doggie up on the car hood and Freya is putting the bottle in her. Great posing and composition in those shots.

  • 4

Yay! Wish granted! I was wanting to see this BTS, and here it is. Thanks guys. This is good.

I like the BTS videos generally, and the girl-girl ones are particularly good, but not so many have been posted. So here we get a girl girl BTS with two beautiful girls. Zazie is being mostly quietly hot, and Kiara is never quiet. Instead we get another wonderful installment of life-from-Kiara's perspective. I think she must always say exactly what she is thinking. Love it.

The photoset was very good, and we get all that on video: the girls lick each others pussy, they 69, they scissors, and they use a big double dildo. Really great stuff, and all the better for having Kiara and Zazie in it. Excellent girl girl BTS.

  • 4

Yeah, indeed. Well the BTS video for this shoot is sure to be good. And I hope Charity did a talk-to-the-camera masturbation video too. She seemed to have fun showing her pussy, so it would be really hot if she did a video where she talked to us about all the good views she's giving and pulled on her lips and gaped her pussy a lot.

  • 6

So glad that Charity is up on the site--she's got an ideal ALS Scan look. And this is such a good set too. Her casual sundress is perfect for this "country porch" setting and I like that she keeps it on for so long. So "Sundress" is a good name for this scene, but you could also call it "Pussy!" since Charity certainly provides.

This is a very pussy focused scene which is perfect since Charity's pussy is just amazing. Right from the very start Charity is giving us little peek-a-boo glimpses, but she quickly relents and opens her legs enough for a nice direct upskirt view.

My favorite early shot is when Charity has pulled her dress up high in #17. Wow. You need to shoot that more often. Of course, Charity has the perfect body to make this a really hot pose: she's got a wide thigh gap and her pussy is forward with just wonderful full lips. Can't get enough of those pussy lips...

Soon she turns around and spreads her ass cheeks for even more glorious views of her big pussy and those long lips. The closeup #34, and then the whole body shot #35 are wonderful. And #36 shows how much her lips dangle...

With lips like that, it would be wonderful if she played with them. And she does! She hikes her legs up high and puts them behind her arms. With a mischievous smile, #77, she's getting ready...and then...#78...lip pulling! With a great laugh too. And what amazing lips. Wow again. I love #81 from up over her shoulder that gives us her perspective on her stretchy lips.

Next she gets ready to gape, #84, and then spreads her lips out and opens her pussy, #91. Her fisting is impressive, but I think I like those lip pulling and gaping shots best. I hope we get even more of that in her future releases.

With all this captivating pussy play, we've managed to get more than half way though the set and still haven't seen her tits. Well Charity makes up for that when she takes off her dress. I agree with HFrank that #140-149 are a great sequence. I particularly like #143 which is a landscape closeup where she has her arms high which lifts her tits upward too. So very nice.

And HFank is right about the doggie poses in the chair too. But I'd start at the first one, #162 that shows us a no hands view of her dangling lips. And #169 is the best spreading shot.

Then, nice fat glass dildo, oh yeah. Holding it with only her feet, #201-205. And, ready, yes! No hands or feet! #206-212 is a spectacular sequence. #210 is my favorite--that will be an ALS classic.

The peeing sequence at the end is worth raving about too. Charity stands straight up with feet a bit apart and just pees without touching her pussy. Wow again. Or wow wow. Or something. That is just so hot. And then she doubles over in laughter--she gave us an amazing show and had a lot of fun doing it. Thanks Charity. Oh, and wow.

  • 3

Wonderful set. I've mentioned before that the naked model/clothed assistant dynamic is good at emphasizing that the model is naked and exposed. It works really well here and makes Natasha look even hotter.

The color scheme is great with the black table and Chad's black clothes set against that strong red wall. If the models are going to wear high heels, I like more interesting styles like these boots that Natasha wears. She also has a nice dress, but the best part is no panties.

So right off we get some good upskirt pussy shots, #7 is the best with Chad trying to get a peek over her shoulder. There are some great shot where they look at each other like #19 where Chad is also playing with her pussy.

Natasha dress is flexible enough that Chad can pull it off her titties, #34-37 are really good.

When it's time for the baby oil, I love that pose where Natasha has the bottoms of her feet together and her knees out wide. So it starts good, #89. And just gets better when she puts her hands up over her head too, #91 on.

Once she is all oiled up, there is a great gaping sequence. It's really hot to have a naked and shiny Natasha getting opened by this guy in black clothes. My favorite is #183 where Chad has her pussy stretched wide enough that we can see in and Natasha has a laughing smile for the camera. I think these gaping shots are the best part of the set.

The Rocket shots are good, but could have been a bit better. I really like those scenes when we get good shots of the video crew filming up the girl's pussy. This time the crew is kind of chopped off at the edge of the frame. And I would have like a second pose with the Rocket. A really good one would have been to have Natasha stand up and lean over on the table for some rear shots. This scene didn't have any standing shots and not all that many rear shots.

  • 4

Yeah, I'm a bit bummed that Kiara won't be back this year. She's been great and I hope she is doing well. I was particularly looking forward to all her delightful commentary in the BTS videos. Perhaps you could try to get the remaining videos she is in released sooner rather than later. The garage sale girl girl with Emma sounds very promising. I bet the pictures will be excellent and it is cool that the BTS will out soon after. Looking forward to both.

And Emma is beautiful. She's got a wonderful big lipped pussy too as we can see in that last shot. I appreciate when you include a good legs open and no hands shot in the samples that show what sort of pussy the girl has. You've been doing a great job finding pretty girls with big pussies and small tits.

I do like Emma's lacy panties. That's going to be a hot sequence where she is in doggie with the panties pulled down to her knees and she is fingering her ass and spreading her pussy.

  • 3

Well, I do like the boy girl scenes, so the guy doesn't bother me. But I think Dog's request is a reasonable one. You often have a female assistant leave the scene for a few minutes, so you could have done that here. What might have been best would be some solo shots of Natasha right before toy time, and then also a few of her with the Rocket (perhaps in a new pose like doggie).

  • 3

Everything that Eveline has done has been so hot, and this is another great masturbation video. This time she is using a clit vibrator. This would have been a good occasion for two toys, but Eveline only uses the one. She gives us lots of hot poses, and there are good closeups.

  • 4

Coco has a great personality that is maybe a tad bit fiery. Hot CoCo for sure.

This is an excellent BTS all the way through. The only disappointment is that Coco's photoset finishes with a really hot peeing scene that is not included in this video. (Can that be released too?)

And cheers for Jen for having Coco pull her bikini top to the middle and having her leave it that way through the shoot. Coco looks so hot that way. Thanks, Jen.

  • 3

This is the video to Promestia's "Sleeping Beauty" set. The photos are very good, and this video is too except that it is just a bit dark and flat. Maybe it was shot with the natural light from the window.

Promesita does some wonderful very exposed poses, and she seems kind of bemused by it all. I like her.

  • 0

Oh, good reminder of Promesita. I've always liked her, but haven't looked at these in a long time. And yes, she does great positions with the Rocket. First starting in doggie and moving on to a flexible leg behind her head.

  • 3

Good short video of Uma trying to pee. Some pics are on the 1 Aug 2017 blog. They are good, maybe even better than this video.

  • 3

Also, thanks for trying to get a second shoot with Uma. There are several girls that I wish you had done second shoots with. Anytime you shoot (at home) a really hot girl who has great chemistry with the crew, you ought to think about getting her back really soon for another shoot. So many of these girls stop modeling or, like Uma, get to where they no longer want to deal with the long flights and all. By now you have a pretty good sense of who will be a big hit with the members so you don't have to wait until you've released most of her material a year later to decide who would be worth bringing back.

So for instance, just looking at some recent girls on the first two "Top Models" pages:

Alex Grey, Aurora Zvezda, Lena Anderson, Kristen Scott, Ivy Aura, Lily Rader, and Kymberly Brix

Wasn't it clear on the day you shot these girls that it would be worth bringing them back for another shoot? (Oh, and thanks again that you did get Kristen. That's so cool.)

  • 3

Of course it would have been even better if Uma had been able to pee here. Still, these are good pictures. Uma looks great with her legs wide open showing her pussy, and I like the red bathrobe covering up her tits. But the cool thing about these pics is all the great expressions she has as she concentrates on trying to pee. Thanks for putting these up.

By the way, Uma does pee just a bit into the tub near the end of the "Frisky Minx" scene.

I'm a big fan of BTS videos, so I'd love to get the rest of Uma's photoshoot videos and her interview too. For the next release, I'd pick "Call Girl" where she starts out in a short tight fitting and slightly sheer purple dress and no panties. Really good tease in that one. Then she uses a bottle and candles for toys.

  • 0

Katy Rose in a nice park wearing nothing but her bright red Chuck Taylors.

This girl really knows how to enjoy her body. And she shares.

  • 2

Yeah, that Nadia and Paris scene is the only one I can think of. It's so good.

ALS ought to make it a priority to get some more double speculum scenes shot and posted. They would be great photosets and great BTS videos too.

  • 2

This is a long enough scene that it almost like a double feature. The girls don't break out their toys until the second half, so here's a comment on part two.

Veggies are particularly good for girls out on a picnic. The girls share some great looks while Lola puts the cucumber in Coco. And there one great maximum tongue kiss: #192. Love that shot. When Coco goes to toy Lola's pussy, she takes advantage of her turn to put Lola in a doggie pose. She sticks a banana in her pussy and then really goes to town licking Lola's ass. It's great to get so many ass licking shots in one scene. Coco must be really into it. I like this girl a lot.

You have the peeing sequence in the middle which is cool. It looks like you tried to have both girls pee at once. That would have been so hot! So keep trying even if it doesn't always work out. As it is, the girls look great side by side. The second shot is particularly hot with Coco trying hard while Lola is just having fun spreading her pussy for the camera.

Since you didn't get side by side peeing, you moved on to another great idea: Coco got behind Lola and reached around her to "help" her pee. This worked great and was really hot. If you can't get side by side, do this again.

This scene keeps going! After the veggies, the girls break out the double dildo. My favorite girl girl toy! Once again the whole sequence is so good I can't pick out shots. The best part is when the girls are in doggie, particularly when Coco is pulling on Lola's braid. Love those last two shots where both girls look over at the camera, too.

After all that, the girls still aren't done with each other. They want to grind their pussies together too. So they finish up with a really good scissors session. Coco gets her clit to really pop out. That's got to feel good to rub on Lola's pussy.

Then my favorite pic at the end: #389. Look at those happy well fucked girls. Coco and Lola!

  • 2

Wow, this is an excellent girl girl scene! And it is extra long, so not only do we get lots of hot poses, there are enough shots that we get plenty of great looks from the girls too. I really like Coco and Lola together.

The only thing that detracts from the start is that it is a shame the girls don't spend more time kissing right off. But otherwise it starts very well, and I really like that Lola takes all of Coco's clothes off before removing any of her own and that she goes about it in such a hot way: she puts Coco in a doggie pose and pulls her shorts down just off her ass. We get a wonderful look from Coco when she does that--#47. Lola leaves the shorts like that while she plays with Coco's ass, licks her butt, and gapes her pussy. What a sequence!

Once Coco is fully naked, the girls finally get serious about kissing. And Lola fondles Coco's pussy while they do it. This is clothed girl/naked girl at it's best. Coco is so sexy exposed like that.

After Lola's clothes are off too, there is a lot of great pussy licking. Not 69, alas, but lots of great shots without it. Coco licks first, and those shots are very good. However the truly spectacular shots are Coco standing over a spread leg Lola. The whole sequence is so hot, I can't pick out a favorite. You chose a good one for your cover shot.

I really appreciate these scenes that have a lot of pussy licking. And I like the shots that show the licking girl's pussy as well. Lola has really got herself on display as she eats Coco out. Wonderful!

  • 0

This is a good Dreamcatcher set. But my favorites this time are the shots where Nicole has her legs straight and open really wide with nothing touching her pussy. So the sequence #68-70. And even better #228-230. Particularly #230--what a luscious view of her open pussy. The best of all might be when she has moved down to the pool, #251,252. Really like #252, besides the fine view of her long pussy lips, Nicole is looking at the camera with a smirky smile.

  • 3

Yeah, I like these naked hitchhiking sequences that ALS does at this intersection, but I like the naked scenes on busy city streets even better. Haven't had any of those in a long time. Were they too risky? Or use up too much of a shooting day?

  • 2

Rockets not speculums. But we get two! Some pussy licking, 69, and scissors too.

One of the best ever BTS. Melanie and Franziska side by side each doing a Rocket. My favorite moment is when the Rocket is explained to Melanie and she suddenly realizes that it is going to expose the inside of her pussy. Really wish you had shot a lot more of Melanie.

  • 0

Watching a full clothed Aria do cartwheels is certainly nice. Watching a naked Aria would have been even nicer.

  • 2

Ariel breaks her vibrator so maybe that's why she ends this one kind of short. It's looks like she was already feeling pretty good when that happened. Beautiful girl.

  • 2

I'm glad you run two sites so that all the girls on Scan have smaller tits. But I do like to hear about the Angels sometimes and see what outfits they are in. So from what you said about Bella last time and the samples you've showed, she certainly seems to be quite the ALS type girl. She's got a nice big plump pussy too.

This is another hot bikini. I like that you are doing more with the "strings only" style. Pairing the string bottoms with a "regular" (although nice thin mesh) top is a good call. The "tits out" shot is good.

This shower is big and has a long bench which I'm sure makes it nice to shoot in. Too bad it is so splotchy.

  • 3

That's a long standing contested debate around here.

My favorite is that big rectangular framed metal speculum. It is very open on the sides and the frame is wider and so farther from the girl's pussy. This lets in more light and gives a better view so we can really see up inside her.

It is also more substantial--it looks like a serious pussy opening device. I also like the iridescent sheen that it has.

  • 4

We get Suzy Rainbow. We get Gina Gerson. We get Gina naked. We get Gina licking Suzy's asshole. We get great light. And we get the BTS on the same day as the photos. This is all very very good.

  • 2

Jen says: "Let's go. Hello titties!"

Yeah, Suzy has spectacular titties--huge nipples on not too large tits. But Suzy has much more than great nipples. She's overall a very appealing girl. I like her a lot.

This is a great BTS. Suzy is great. Gina is great. There is excellent low angle sun.

And at the end we get a wonderful bonus: a naked Suzy doing cartwheels!

I keep pushing you guys to have the Scan girls do more athletic stuff: climb trees, play ball, do cheerleader routines, workout in the gym or do yoga. But I think the very best fit for the ALS style is to have the girls do cartwheels and headstands. Cartwheels are perfect for outdoor sets; headstands are great for indoor sets (particularly if the girl needs to lean against something to help her balance).

So lets get these Scan girls upside down with their pussies in the air and their legs wide open! Suzy is totally hot when she is like that.

  • 0

This is a good one from Vivien. She does a "quick dip" indeed to leave herself all the more time to masturbate. I like the black and purple of her bikini. And she take the bottoms off and pulls the cups of the top to the middle instead of the outside. That's a really sexy look. You should shoot that more often.

And it's really hot that she has two toys so that she can stuff one up her pussy and use the other on her clit.

  • 2

I like this BTS. Uma is really nice and she gives us a lot of good poses. And her pussy really has a grip on the rocket!

  • 0

Nope. Had to download it a second time. Now it is ok.

  • 0

I downloaded it about an hour ago with Internet Explorer. It interrupted part way through, but I was able to resume it. I haven't yet watched it to see if it is complete, but it probably is. The download speed was normal for both parts.

  • 4

Thanks for these new samples of Charity. This is the set that I wanted to see more of, and it has a lot of great things. So it is a hula hoop scene. I really like seeing naked Scan girls do the hula hoop, and Charity is still wearing her cute blue Chucks as well. Inserting corn on the cob through the new Dreamcatcher, a nice fat cucumber in her pussy in a doggie pose, yup, good stuff. However, it does look like she wears those glasses for a lot of the set.

Can't wait for her release. She's hot!

With your Europe shoots coming up, I want to suggest again that you ought to try and get some side by side shots of two girls both using speculums or both using Dreamcatchers. If you do Dreamcatchers, they could both do veggies too. Or pee. Two girls peeing through Dreamcatchers at the same time would be great.

  • 3

A wonderful thing about Katy is that she goes for maximum exposure. She seems to love the piledrive pose, and when she is in doggie, she spreads her legs really wide. Her effort pays off by giving us excellent views of her pussy and ass.

Nice spot on this little cobblestone bridge too.

  • 3

Pretty sure this is just a mindless gripe-bot. But it is also possible that somebody isn't taking their meds...

  • 2

Oh, the ranting gripe-bot is back and it still cannot tell the difference between a video and a set of still photos. Humans would have noticed that these are still photos. It is kind of obvious.

Just when I thought we were getting back to peace and quiet around here...

  • 2

Katy is one of those girls that I didn't think really stood out in her casting shots, but now that we have a real photoset, it's, yeah, she's hot. Glad you shot her.

One thing I really like about her is that she has a lovely pussy. And another thing I like is how well she poses. She does a fantastic job showing that pussy off. One favorite is #105, an excellent spreading shot with tits down, ass up, and legs really wide.

The best sequences are with the speculum. First the piledriver pose. I just love that shot, #138, of Sarah getting the video view up her pussy. And then the doggie pose. Katy really arches her back to get the speculum in her pussy up in the open to show it off. I think #181 is the best.

The peeing sequence isn't very long, but Katy seems to have a lot of fun doing it. And afterwards she gives us a lot of great looks while she holds that pose on tiptoes with her legs really wide open.

  • 3

Kristen Scott: gorgeous, spectacular pussy, and wonderful expressions. Always a delight to get another update from Kristen. And while Kristen looks as hot as ever, this shower is looking a bit rundown which detracts from the scene a bit.

My favorites here are, first, that full frame shot of her tits in landscape, #140. (Do you not do that shot as often as you used to?) Kristen has perfectly delicious tits. Second, I really like where she rides the suction dildo facing away from us so that we can watch her finger her ass. But my favorite of these is after she is done playing with her butt when she looks at the camera over her shoulder with a wonderful smile, #206.

And finally, there are lots of good peeing shots. I think my favorite is that first one where she looks up, #230.

  • 3

Yes, indeed. It will be a great one.

  • 2

Well, this was a photoshoot. The Hitachi is a good toy for a masturbation video where you are watching the girl get off, but it doesn't make for such an interesting toy in still photos where it basically just covers her pussy and hides it from view.

Now, I'd love to see more masturbation videos where the girl puts on a Dreamcatcher. That would be a good time to use a Hitachi. Maybe Dreamcatcher, Hitachi, and a glass dildo, all at the same time? Bet that would be hot.

  • 2

Wow, so very many rules. And some are even those extra special very loud ALL CAP rules. I, for one, am glad that xSexConnosieur will never be invited onto the set of an ALS shoot.

  • 4

Ok, so I watched "Furry Fans" again. It's really good. I'm not sure how she does it, but Aria is one of those girls who manage to look really open and exposed. Cool to get to see some of the selfies that she took.

I'd love to see more of Aria's BTS, she's got a great personality for them. You've only released one so far, so there are a lot to chose from. The two I'd most like to see are "Let the Sun In" which is outdoors with really nice low angle sun and Aria does some great spreading and uses the weights and then a glass dildo. Her pussy looks really good in the sun. The other set is "Booster". It's on a bed and Aria does several hot poses, then the Rocket and finally fingers her ass. She seems to be having a great time in both sets, so I bet they are good BTS.

So get a photoshoot video on the schedule, and then how about her interview after that?

  • 3

Good boy girl with Vinna Reed.

  • 2

This is the second photoset where Vivien is wearing a super sexy outfit, and like that other one (the "Desire" set), you don't do nearly as much with the tease as I wish you had. So it is a good set as is, but a better tease would have had some excellent shots that might have been the best ones in the whole set.

First off, very hot outfit. Crop top, mini skirt, and no panties--that's what the sexiest French maids should wear, and Vivien is adorable. But what's the point in having her wear such a short skirt without panties if you don't shoot a bunch of upskirt shots? You ought to have had Vivien put her foot up on that shelf while she was dusting the painting and then shot from knee height to get good views of her pussy. And the other pose you should have shot is to have had her down in doggie dusting under that big wicker urn in the corner. You know the pose: tits to the ground and legs wide because that's what it takes to really get under there, right?

The skirt is really sexy, but I'm glad she took it off first because the top is even sexier. Those are great shots where she is sitting on the couch with her legs open. Particularly good is #49 where her pussy lips are open a bit and she has a more natural smile. (Vivien has a great smile when she tones it down.) Another really hot look is when she has opened her top and pulled it back from her tits--love #54 with another nice small smile. Would have been great if she had kept the top that way through that next gaping sequence and only took it off when she flipped over into piledriver.

The candles with the Dreamcatcher is a great sequence. And I like that final sequence where she uses three candles. Especially good are the shots where she has her feet pulled up and is resting one of the candles no hands on her heel.

  • 0

Back to having the problem of not having the individual pictures load at all. The thumbnail pages load, the pictures off of the Director's Blog load, but not the pictures from the regular sets.

Haven't had speed problems. Did a video download earlier and it was normal speed. And all pages are opening fast. It's just that the pictures don't open at all.

Also, the site is sometimes redirecting to MetArt. This has happened as I was first logging in, but also has happened just clicking on a thumnail.

  • 2

Beautiful girls with big pussies--ALS hit this winning combo way back in early days. Thanks for remastering this set of Nella in wet panties.

  • 3

Since the photoset was so hot, this BTS was certain to be a good one. And wow, is it ever.

We already knew that Aurora was an amazing beauty, so now we get to hear her sexy accent and see how wonderfully charming and laid back she is.

Thank you very much for shooting this unbelievably sexy girl. Wow.

  • 3

Alex, this is one of those good news/bad news updates. You give us a big 25 shots update, but Emma is wearing large, dark, glasses in all but one shot where she peeks over the top. So Emma certainly has a hot body, but I wish we got to see her eyes too.

I'm very glad you made the effort to shoot Emma. I ranked her third between Katy Rios and Zazie Skymm. Gotta be pretty damn hot to be up with those two. I've been waiting to hear more about Emma. Does she have a release date yet? If you are going to put up more samples when you announce her release, can you do samples from a lip pulling set?

  • 5

Not sure but I might prefer Coco over Lola. But the really nice thing is not having to choose: here we get both!

  • 5

Wow, so hot! I've been really looking forward to this set, and it's as amazing as I was hoping it would be. That string dress is the sexiest ever! Of all the hot outfits that Scan girls have worn, this has got to be the very best. And the blue is a perfect contrast to Aurora's ginger hair. Very pleased that she keep the dress on for so long, and particularly, that she wore it through the peeing sequence.

Aurora has wonderful tits with very nice nipples, and you can see how much she enjoys showing them off through the strings. It just gets better and better when she sits down to show off her pussy too. She seems delighted to play for the camera. What a girl!

This set made me realize that the reason I sometimes don't like the weights is that you do them instead of having the girl pull her pussy with her fingers. But this time, Aurora does both, and both sequences are great. My favorite with her fingers is #67 where she is looking at the camera with big liquid eyes. Wow. (I always like the overhead shots too, so I wish there were more like #70)

The one leg up on the vanity pose is really hot. That's one of the best ways to show off a long lipped pussy and Aurora's is wonderful. She has lots of great looks while putting the hairbrush in. Wish there were some no hands shots in that pose too. But I do love the no hands shots she did while standing. Her nipples are really popping through that dress, and then the brush pops out of her pussy.

Many of my favorite pee scenes are of the girls peeing in a sink. Aurora's is the best. She looks so hot up there in front of the mirror with her nipples out and those long pussy lips. And she is having so much fun! Just love #192.

Then a great sequence with the weights. Excellent to have her start with them on her nipples. #221 shows how excited she is to hang them off her tits. And #228: she totally rocks that look. When she moves the weights to her pussy, my favorite shots are when she bends over in front of the mirror and swings them around a bit. Her lips stretch out long! (Too bad the mirror has that bad spot.)

The glass are my favorite dildos, but I think they work better with the Dreamcatcher than with the weights.

Really love those shots at the end where Aurora is showing her dripping butterfly pussy. Amazing scene the whole way through: stunning beauty in a sizzling dress, and she just so enjoys herself the whole time.

  • 2

Yes, Alex Grey is no doubt one of my favorites.

Her peeing sequence in that bathroom set is really long. The other thing that is so good about it is that she is standing up. You should have more girls do that. I don't know if you have more masturbation videos still to release, but her next BTS ought to be that bathroom scene.

Congratulations to Lexi too.

  • 0

Love that wobble machine, and I'm a big fan of Adria Rae, so it was cool to see her ride it.

What would have been even better is if she had stayed on it longer. I was hoping that she would do what Kristina Bell did and put the machine on low and sit on to play with her toy. Instead, she never got back on it. Ah, well. Still a hot video from Adria.

  • 0

First try, back to problems:

"The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website's address."

Second try, it downloaded fine at normal speed.

  • 0

Wonderful interview. Natalie seems really cool and down to earth. Nice of her to do the interview without makeup. I like her natural look and she is certainly beautiful enough to not need assistance. And nice of her to do the interview topless. Just can't resist zooming in on her wonderful titties over and over, can you?

You asked for new ideas for interview questions, and this interview suggests something. We find out after her shoot is over that Natalie loves to dance and is really good. So instead of only doing an interview at the end, you should ask some questions going in about if the model dances, plays musical instruments, can do cheerleading or gymnastics, and so on. Then you should shoot such scenes. And in the interview afterwards, ask her about how she got into that.

I would have loved to see Natalie do a dance/masturbation video.

And for any models who can play a bit of guitar, you should have them do a Rocker Girl photoset where they actually play. That way we can see on the BTS how good they are.

  • 2

I posted this part over on Natalie Heart's interview video, but it seemed worth cross posting here to since this is where you asked for interview ideas:

You asked for new ideas for interview questions, and this interview suggests something. We find out after her shoot is over that Natalie loves to dance and is really good. So instead of only doing an interview at the end, you should ask some questions going in about if the model dances, plays musical instruments, can do cheerleading or gymnastics, and so on. Then you should shoot such scenes. And in the interview afterwards, ask her about how she got into that.

I would have loved to see Natalie do a dance/masturbation video.

And for any models who can play a bit of guitar, you should have them do a Rocker Girl photoset where they actually play. That way we can see on the BTS how good they are.

  • 2

This is one of the very best BTS. First off, it stars the beautiful and fun loving Natalie Heart. And second, while the whole scene is great, the high point is Natalie gets her pants pulled off while she is doing a headstand. And then she gets her top pulled up (down?) off her tits. Next she spreads her legs wide--a very gymnastic way to expose herself. She's such a delightful hottie.

  • 0

We certainly do. More scenes where the girls get their pants pulled off, and more scenes where they do naked handstands and spread their legs.

  • 0

Alice Conrad seems to have somehow fallen through the cracks if this is only her first masturbation video to come out. It's a good one. I like how she uses just her fingers for a good bit before she breaks out her toy.

  • 5

Freya always seems to have a blast during the shoots. Add her small tits and big pussy--she's an ALS treasure.

I really like her plaid button shirt. That shirt helps make the sequence with the bottle really hot. A particularly great shot is #99 where she has her knees apart and feet in with the bottle no hands in her pussy because she is grabbing both her tits. Such a happy girl.

You did a good job with the sunglasses this time. They are really big, but not at all dark. And you had her put them up on her head for some shots in the middle. It is clearly so bright that it is bothering her, so the only reasonable thing to do is let her put them back on again. Although my other suggestion would be to ask the models how sensitive they are to light. It might have been better to shoot Freya in the shade until the sun got lower.

You can count on Freya to have a wet drippy pussy too. Great set.

  • 3

Oh yeah, a new scene from Natalie Heart. Natalie is like the girl-next-door if only the girl-next-door is totally hot, uninhibited, and really enjoys being watched.

So I looked at her interview again and Natalie said that this scene is her favorite along with the Rocket scene where she gets her pants pulled off while doing a headstand. Both are great scenes.

My favorite sequence here starts at #206 and runs through her backbend. That's a wonderful pose where she has her feet tucked back, knees open, and is arching her back. I particularly like when she starts looking at the camera from #211-214.

And her backbend! Natalie has an amazing pussy mound that just looks fantastic during her backbend. Wow.

Great set from this fun loving hottie.

  • 0

This is a pretty good one. Coco is certainly hot. The setup could have been better in that this is not really an interview vid, nor is it really a dance vid either.

Alex has done a lot of hot videos in the hotels in Europe where he started out interviewing a model and then let her masturbate. The interviews were full interviews (unless the model spoke very little English.) So to do that outdoors would have been cool except this isn't actually an interview.

Likewise, I like the videos where the girl starts out dancing to music and then moves on to masturbating. But there is no music here and Coco hardly dances.

Anyway, looking forward to more Coco.

  • 3

Lena and Freya are just wonderful together.

  • 1

I didn't have any problem this time. It downloaded at usual 10MB/sec speed.

  • 0

Ok, thanks Eric for looking into this. And if you would, put up another reply when you think you have it resolved.

  • 2

Coco has a, sometimes intense, sultry look. I like it. She's a bit darker too, which is something else I like. Glad to see her on the site.

Good colors on her bikini. It's great that she keeps the top on until just before the final peeing sequence. And usually the girls pull the bikini cups to the outside which is great since it then frames their exposed tits. But I also like that Coco pulled them to the center. It's a hot look: the colors of the bikini and her darker skin together with her larger tits work together for a sexy effect. I'm glad she left it that way.

#82 is a really hot look and shows her sexual intensity. And she certainly has big beautiful pussy lips. I love the stare she has for the camera and the view of her pussy in #92.

And she takes off her top at the end to be fully naked to pee. It's a good sequence and Coco looks hot and has lots of pee. She gets it aimed up in the air too. #224 might be my favorite.

  • 2

And a note unrelated to Charity:

There have been a lot more problems with the website lately. Particularly, there are frequent problems with pictures loading very slow or not loading at all. (Pages with thumbnails mostly load quick, but not the individual pictures.) Also, the video downloads are sometimes way slower than average. Is this on your end or MetArt's end, and do they know about it?

  • 3

Oh yes, Charity climbing a tree with her tits and ass out. That's a perfect way to shoot a beautiful and athletic Scan model. And there is something extra sexy about an exposed girl up in a tree. Thanks for more samples from this one, it was the Charity scene I most wanted to see more from. Charity is hot and the whole scene looks great.

Pic #8961 is really good. Charity has her top down off her tits and her legs open to show us a really big wet spot from her pussy. I like how there have been more sets where the model keeps her top on but with her tits out. Such a sexy look.

The calendar must be filling up, but I hope there is still some space for getting Charity released soon. If you put up some more samples when you announce her release, I'd vote for more from her Dreamcatcher and corn-on-the-cob scene.

  • 2

With the right girl, these talk-to-the-camera videos can be really hot. Not all the girls can do it, but Aubrey sure can. She's got a perfect personality for it.

Likewise, if the girl is really into playing with herself, then these fingers only scenes can be so very good. And Aubrey is having a great time playing with her wonderful pussy. What a hot scene from this hot hottie!

  • 0

Good. A BTS from Zazie. It's not the one I was hoping would be up first, but I'm glad to have it. Get a bit of sense of what she's like, and I sure like looking at her.

Ha! Jen was surprised by the panties, too. That was certainly a break with ALS expectations: you just don't see Scan girls wearing short shorts with panties underneath. Add to that the wet spots on the shorts, and it sure seemed that her pussy was soaking them directly. It all worked out fine since Zazie in her panties is plenty sexy.

Going to miss having Kiara as assistant with her running commentary on the shoot as well as her random and often funny pronouncements on life-as-Kiara-sees-it. Kiara has been great.

I really like Zazie and Kiara together. So now I'm hoping that Zazie's _second_ BTS will be from their "Girl Meet Girl" shoot. And they did a girl girl action video too, right? That should be really hot.

  • 4

This is an excellent bikini with the wide black bands and the strong but warm contrast between the black and the peach. Allison is so pretty too.

I really like where Nella is slowly pulling her fist out of Allison's pussy. From #193 to the end, Allison has a whole string of great expressions. Very good.

  • 3

Yay! Crotchless panties. I like this short pink dress--Anastasia is looking good. And, of course, the crotchless panties. Always looking for you to shoot more crotchless panties.

While you got some good shots of the panties, I think you also missed a good opportunity. But first, it was the right call to have her take the dress off first so that you get some shots of her just in the panties. You ought to have done one more pose, though. A legs wide no hands pose. So for instance, Anastasia's pose in #79 would have been a real sexy one to do with the panties still on with a good view of her pussy through the gap.

Or an even better: I love how Anastasia has her leg way up on the bar in #141 where Antonia has just walked in with the Catcher. That's a great shot of big exposure. So what would have been really cool would be for Anastasia to have done that pose while wearing her panties and then come back to the exact same pose, this time naked, for Antonia and the Dreamcatcher.

I like her "tits down, ass up" pose and the fingering and gaping she does. The mirror shots are pretty good, but you just barely missed what would have been a fantastic shot: in #114, Anastasia is spreading with both hands. It's a hot pic as is, but if she had leaned back just a bit more, we would have seen her face and nipple in profile in the mirror. The mirror shots you did do all have her leaning forward so we don't see her pussy anymore. You didn't follow your own advice: "Don't hide the pussy."

Yellow banana, purple Dreamcatcher--that's a good combo. And her leg up high on the bar is a good pose for the Catcher. Would have been cool to have doggie as a second pose with the cucumber. But good stuff in this set, and lots of great looks from Anastasia.

  • 2

Shower can sometimes be hit or miss. This time is a hit. Aurora is hot. And I really like that she works the scrub brush in and out of her pussy. The wow bit is that she can hold that brush up no hands with just her pussy muscles. Wow

  • 3

Happy 4th

Looking forward to those Charity samples.

  • 2

I've noticed that there are not many BTS videos of scenes like this. There are some girl girl of the assistant fisting the main model, but few that are focused on full on girl girl action with pussy licking, scissoring, and a double dildo. I'd sure like more.

All the BTS with Kiara as assistant have been great, Zazie is stunning, and this scene has fantastic girl girl action. So is there any chance this could be Zazie's first BTS? I bet it is really good.

  • 3

Wonderful scene! Zazie and Kiara in a girl girl. And not only do we get these two hotties, but it is a scene full of pussy licking, and scissoring, and the double dildo. Excellent choices! Those are my favorite girl girl actions.

So much pussy licking in this one, I'm really impressed. And it is nice progression of sequences too. First, Kiara takes Zazie's clothes off and licks her pussy while Zazie is standing. I like that Kiara keeps her own lingerie on (nice panties but rather plain bra). Then Zazie undresses Kiara. But before the pussy licking resumes, we get shots of the two girls side-by-side facing the camera on their knees with their legs open. Zazie has great pussy lips--particularly once they are warmed up! I like the last shot, #102.

And back to pussy licking with the girls laying down on that great big comfy couch. We get great views of Zazie's pussy while she licks Kiara's. That's well shot. Then the best part of a pussy licking scene--69! And a long sequence too. You got a nice shot of both girl's faces where we can still see what Zazie is doing (#123). I love when a girl looks up at the camera from a 69 with a mischievous "see what we are doing" look. Both girls give us one. Zazie, #117-118. Kiara, #125. (And then Kiara wraps her arms around her so sexy.) And in the final bit of the 69, Kiara pulls Zazie's pussy open for even better access. Very hot.

Wasn't planning on mentioning the kissing, but they do some great kissing with lots of tongue while Kiara has her feet pulled up so her pussy is on full display.

But the scene's still not over. They move on to some good scissoring and then the double dildo. That's a great pose where they are propping each others feet up. This is a nice long sequence, and I like that they roll over and also pose doggie. (What would have been really hot is to have the girls roll over one at a time so that you could get shots of one girl on her back and the other doggie. I wish you shot that pose more often, it's really good.)

And more tongue kissing at the end! What a great scene!

  • 2

Yes! Kristen Scott playing with herself in front of a mirror--very hot.

  • 4

Ah, I had been looking forward to Kiara Lord again. Sorry to hear that she changed her mind. If you had asked who else I wanted as an assistant, I would have said "Gina Gerson". So it is very good news to hear that Gina will be the replacement. And she's looking great.

It would be fantastic if you could book Shrima Malati again this year. She's become my favorite from last year. I think she looks hot and cute with the bangs--it's a great look for her. And a new look is all the more reason to shoot her again.

  • 3

This girl is wonderful.

  • 3

So you had a really hot masturbation video with Tamara Jade on a trampoline. And now here's a really hot masturbation video with Shrima Malati on a trampoline. Two of my favorites.

Would like to see some of my other favorites on trampolines too. And my advice is don't do short shorts. Instead do a short lightweight dress with no panties like Shrima's. It's very hot.

  • 4

Well the best girl girl scenes have lot of pussy licking. But even without it, Lady Dee and Lola are looking good here.

  • 2

Always enjoy watching Lily.

  • 2

It's a sign of an excellent trip last year if you are only now getting around to releasing a good looking girl like Katy Rose.

Love that doggie pose with the speculum.

  • 5

Yes, Uma Jolie as a rocker girl. And with fun knee high socks too. It's always great to see a naked hottie with a guitar, but you should have had her work her poses more while she was playing it. Some butt shots and having her put a foot up on the fireplace to get better pussy shots would have been really good.

That's a nice big glass dildo. Fun shot where has it before her eyes and is looking through it. Being a big fan of the glass dildos, I wish this was a longer sequence. Like it would have been great to have some no hands shots (even if she had the rest the end of the dildo on one of those pillows). And it would have been good to have a second pose, like standing or doggie.

Love those shots at the end where Uma has her legs open wide and is holding the dildo up over her head in victory.

  • 2

Yeah, would love to see some more samples of Charity and have a release date announced.

  • 2

This is a great set. While I certainly like solo girl sets, I like girl girl sets even better. So for me, more female assistants is much better than fewer.

Freya is one of my favorite American assistants. She has a fantastic pussy (and small tits), she loves girls, she will stop in the middle of a set for a big gushing pee, and she has a sometimes crazy personality that is a lot of fun. That's an excellent list of traits for an ALS Scan assistant. I hope we can keep getting Freya back for more shoots.

I've also really enjoyed the chemistry between Lena and Freya, so I'm glad to have them together in many sets. It looks like Freya is taking over Austin's project of sticking the jackhammer into as many pussies as she can. That's a great project--go Freya!

So I hope Lena and Freya did at least one girl girl action video. It would be cool if Freya used the jackhammer in that as well.

  • 2

"She likes IPA beer and calls herself lazy; her favorite way to pass the time is to get high and masturbate."

That's not lazy, lazy would be if she was wasting her time...

  • 3

Yes indeed. Opening up pussies is a big big ALS thing, and the Dreamcatcher is a great toy to do it. I really like this new style Catcher that does such a good job pulling her lips wide. And like DMurley, I'd also like to see more of those clamps that get taped to the girl's thighs. Those are a really hot variation on the Dreamcatcher idea.

Also agree that it is odd to complain about the Catcher in this scene when there are hundreds of sizzling pictures of Aurora where she is not wearing it.

  • 3

Wow, Aurora Zvezda! So good to have her on the site.

The leg warmers and silk robe are a very sexy outfit. Really like that you took so many pictures before she took off the robe, and I also like that she kept the leg warmers on the whole time.

The whole set is excellent, but I did want to mention some exceptionally great bits. Love the shots of Aurora up on the library ladder with her foot up on the shelf. (#21 particularly.) That would be a hot pose for any of your models, but is spectacular with Aurora's long pussy lips hanging there.

The sequence where she is sitting with her knees up and legs open came out really well--what a fine mixture of the textures of her clothes and the beauty of her body.

Aurora did some great spreading. I particularly like the doggie shots. Her laughing smile in #130 shows that she seemed to have lots of fun doing it.

Another great pose is when she is lying back on the couch with her legs wide open and her hands over her head. #161--happy exposed girl.

I think the mirror was a big success! My favorite shot is #184--Aurora is smiling at the camera, we see how her pussy lips really hang down, and we also see her pussy and ass in the mirror. Wonderful!

The mirror is great for that big suction dildo too. I hope that mirrors become a regular thing.

Fantastic set from the amazing Aurora!

  • 0

Some of Alex Grey's mannerisms reminded me a bit of Kacey Chase.

  • 4

Good to see that CoCo has a release date. Looks like a great set.

  • 2

Kristen is one of the best models you've ever had on ALS, so it's no surprise that she does one of best interviews too. What an amazing girl! I liked her impromptu demonstrations of her hula dancing and singing. She has a great voice.

This was a good time to put up her interview since she was just back for her second shoot. I don't suppose that you had her dance during her solo masturbation? That would be very hot.

Great idea to have Kristen interview Harley. I've been hoping that you would do more of that. Could you put their interview up pretty soon after you start releasing their sets? Kristen and Harley are sounding better and better. I hope they do move in together.

  • 3

Yes, it does seem like many of the great models leave porn fairly quickly. Maybe we are really lucky to get Kristen back a year and a half after her first ALS shoot. The solution would be to get some of the really hot and highly popular girls back quickly before they move on.

  • 5

Sounds like that was a fantastic shoot! Kristen I knew was going to look fantastic, and I think that Harley does too. So many thanks for doing this shoot, I'm already eager for their release!

Couldn't ever complain about solo shoots with girls this hot, and you got a lot of girl girl, so this was a great project. And I'm particularly pleased that the girls got on so well. And yes, a pair of big butterfly pussies is just perfect for ALS.

That shot of the girls on the couch: side-by-side with legs wide to show off their amazing pussies while they lick the double dildo with big happy! That shot is more than just a cover shot, that should be made into a big poster and hung on the wall!

So can you put up more samples from that double dildo scene real soon?

  • 2

Photoshoot movies are clearly marked as BTS. So if you don't like them, they are easy to avoid.

I think they are great. Others around here seem to like them too. So it looks like Alex has already found the perfect solution both for those of us who like them and those who don't.

  • 2

I commented on how much I like this thin, nearly skin-colored bikini over on Empera's set. Ally looks really hot in it too. I'm glad you shot sets of Ally both with and without her jewelry. It's a great look to see it through the wet bikini.

  • 4

Oh, and Robbie, I agree on the fisting, but we wouldn't want to leave out some nice long sessions of pussy licking, would we? It would be a shame to not have some wet tongues diving deep. With an amazing pussy like Kristen's, that would be down right neglect!

  • 4

Well, porn has certainly seen a lot of changes over the years. I'm not sure that means that it's harder to get a good girl-girl than before, but perhaps you are right. No rolling back that history, though.

What I've suggested to Alex to boost the chance of really good girl girl chemistry is to bring back girls you've already shot before to do a special second shoot focused on girl-girl. This way the girls will be familiar with ALS and ALS will be familiar with them. So instead of getting girls who are happy enough to work with girls, you pick ones who really enjoy sex with girls. And this way we also get second shoots with some of our favorite models where the content will be different from their first shoots that had a lot of solo and perhaps boy girl.

Kristen fits this idea. But Harley is new to ALS. So this shoot isn't quite what I suggested. But I'm looking forward to the samples to see if Alex took up the main idea of a special, all day, all girl girl, shoot. That's what I think is the important part.

I know some members are less interested or don't even like girl girl, but enough of us are enthusiastic about it that I think it would be worth Alex's effort to try something like this a few times a year.

  • 4

A very good boy girl set. And Sara is hot as always.

I always like the athletic themes, so the tennis is good and Sara's tennis outfit is great. I like the blue and pink combo and especially that her pink shoes match the pink short shorts. These sets where a fully clothed assistant fully undresses the model are always sexy. And this one is hot because Max does a good job of showcasing Sara's exposure. After her takes off her top, he stands behind her and fondles her tits and then puts his hand down her shorts to play with her pussy.

And then my favorite part of the sequence: he turns her around and pulls her shorts down on to her thighs and leaves them there. He spreads her cheeks so we can see her ass and her wonderful dangling pussy lips. Beautiful! He fingers her pussy like that too.

Keeping the exposure theme going, Sara sits and spreads her legs wide so that Max can insert the banana in her pussy. I really like that Max stays dressed all through this part too. The only thing missing is that he ought to have pulled on her long pussy lips a bit.

It is only now after all this attention from Max that Sara returns the favor and takes his clothes off so she can suck his cock.

There was one other missed opportunity. At the end when Sara goes to suck him off, she puts her near leg up. The first shot (#199) is excellent with a good view of Sara's long pussy hanging open. After that, there are only hints of her pussy. It would have been good to get lower and take some shots from pussy height since Sara was so kind to hold her legs open like that.

All in all a very fine set with great use of clothing to emphasize exposure. And I do like that she keep her bright pink shoes on. A naked girl wearing tennis shoes can be very sexy--particularly if she is a beauty like Sara.

  • 4

Congratulations on getting two shoots in this week. Angels members should be very pleased with Kali.

But the news that I'm psyched to hear is that Kristen is back! Fantastic! You announced way back that you were trying to set something up but that it was still all tentative. Since there hadn't been any follow up, I figured it was one of those brilliant ideas that gets sunk for what ever unfortunate reason. But you got the shoot. That is outstanding news.

And you are calling it a girl-girl shoot. Like a whole day of girl girl action? I sure hope so. A decade ago you did an amazing set of photoshoots and action videos with Klaudia and Blue. Those are so good, I've always wanted you do something like that again. (And again.)

Had a quick look at some of Harley's pictures. Long pussy lips! That's exactly the sort of girl I'd like to see you hook Kristen up with. Can't wait to see what you got from these long lipped beauties.

  • 5

Zazie looks great! ALS had an amazing year in Europe.

You guys pull a great surprise in this scene. Zazie starts out in some nice pink short shorts. She has several poses that show us the wet spots that her pussy is leaving on the shorts--#13 is a very appealing open leg one. But when she goes to pull off the shorts, we find that she is wearing panties. Sexy ones too! This is a very good tease.

Zazie looks to be having a great time posing and spreading. What an expression in #90.

My favorite part is where Kiara comes in. She gets Zazie in a bridge with her feet way up on the back of the couch so that her pussy is up at an excellent eating height. #110 is so funny--either Kiara is hamming it up, or she is dumbstruck at her amazing good luck. Or both, you don't find sexy girls posed like that just anywhere. Go, Kiara, go!

Kiara dives right in for some wonderful pussy licking. And after Zazie drops down to pile driver, Kiara doesn't let her pussy get away and follows her down to keep licking. What a hot sequence. And it's followed by gaping too!

Sexy new model in a hot scene. Thanks to Zazie and Kiara both.

  • 4

Yes, I had the same thought. Kiara is one of my favorite new female assistants. Her tits are bigger than I'd want to see in a Scan model, but I don't hold that against her since she is very pretty and has a fantastic personality for being the female assistant. (I hope you get her again this year.)

And since she has those bigger tits, and she has Zazie flipped upside down, she would only have to lean forward a wee bit and she could tease Zazie's clit and pussy lips with her nipple.

I agree that more nipple-on-pussy shots would be a great addition to ALS. Sargon probably prefers a bigger tit like Kiara's, while my favorite would be a smaller tit and longer nipple. But either way, I bet a lot of members would like shots of nipples getting up in these great pussies.

  • 4

What a great bikini! It is sheer and almost the same color as Empera's skin. I like how it looks dry. And even better wet.

Empera has lots of good looks. I love her playful smirk--the perfect expression for a hot girl showing off in a nearly transparent bikini.

She looks very sexy oiled up and spreading in the sun. And it's a great finish with catcher and lolli.

  • 4

Yup, I agree with all this.

A big part of ALS is the pussy play--the girls spread, stretch and gape. Sometimes they do it with their hands, sometimes they use the toys. And ALS has a lot of different toys. If you are in to opened up pussy, you are probably going to like several of the ALS toys.

The Dreamcatcher is one of my favorites, and it's so good with other toys. Catcher and lollipop is a classic combo. Empera looks damn hot doing it.

  • 2

Oh right, I had forgotten that that was Liv. What a cool story. Liv's biography is on her page. I only recently discovered that the old bios are on the models' pages. I wonder if this is a new addition, or did I just not notice them before. Anyway, I'm glad they are available since I thought they had been lost when ALS moved.

DMurley, who was the girl in Budapest who wanted to do another masturbation? I don't remember that but would like to check it out.

  • 3

You shot so many great sets with Liv, it's nice to see them getting remastered. And besides doing these "Tie Dye" photos, I'm glad you also did the "Quick Reprieve" pee photos.

Liv is such a cutie. And she has small tits, nice nipples, and a wonderful pussy--perfect for ALS Scan!

Nice tease with the panties she does at the start. And I like that she keeps the shoes and socks on the whole time.

The sequence where the mysterious female assistant is cranking Liv's pussy open with the kitchen tongs is very hot. Liv was game for a good gape! These huge tongs are one of your old-time toys that you ought to bring back. If you are going to be serious about opening up pussies, then this is a dramatic way to do it. I love the look.

  • 0

Looking back through some of Liv's sets.... This is another hot one.

Liv starts with no panties and her short skirt up on her hips. Then she stretches her arms with a smile. She's ready to play!

This set has a sequence where Liv has her skirt around her ankles and her legs up in the air. It has excellent bend over spreading. Good closeups of her amazing pussy. A hot sequence where she gapes herself with her fingers. And fisting too!

What a lot of great sequences!

  • 0

Wow, all of Liv's sets are so hot! This scene has two truly great things:

First, the sequence from #54 to #86 where Liv slowly starts pulling down on the front of those shinny black pants until she starts to show her pussy. Then she gets to pulling them down off her hips. And inches them down towards her knees before finally sitting down and taking them off. Very sexy pants and a long hot tease!

Second, Liv must love to bend over and spread! She does this in other sets too, but this scene has to be one of the best ever. There are several really hot spreading close-up shots from behind. Love that pussy!

Oh, and some quite fine shots with a fat cucumber too.

  • 0

The best Christmas present would be Liv in these suspender stockings--now there's a hot Santa! Too bad she takes the top off before the panties, but at least we get a sexy sequence where she pulls down the panties. Of course, she keeps the hat on.

Out of lots of great pictures, two very hot sequences: shots from her side where Liv has her legs really wide (156-161), and no-hands shots of the inverted bottle in her pussy, particularly the overhead ones (204-209)

  • 2

Two beautiful ladies indeed. And I love that tongue kissing too. I sure wouldn't call it "gratuitous", though. I'd say that full on tongue action is a key part of a really hot ALS girl girl scene. Tongue kissing and pussy licking. Always could have more of those....

  • 2

I love those symmetric poses too. And I agree all photosets should have some.

  • 0

So this looks like the last Liv Wylder set that hasn't been remastered. With a sexy nightie, Liv ass-up on the bed, and a speculum...yeah, worth a remaster, I'd say.

And you could add the short but-oh-so-hot peeing scene "Back Yard Break" to get it remastered as well.

  • 0

Please remaster this excellent scene as part of Liv's "Deep Pink" remaster.

  • 2

Vouyer, you should check out Alaura Lee's sybian video, "Remote", where Sarah Peachez runs the controls for her and tells her what to do. It is very hot.

I would love to see another one like that. Give the controls to Freya Von Doom. That's sure to be good.

  • 0

Yes, I think I have to agree with Dogatonic. Ariel does keep much the same look through out this set. I wonder if this is the expression that she reverts to unless she is told to change or is distracted. She had a lot more different looks in "Sexty Messages". Maybe the magnifying glass and the speculum--and the exposure they create--captured her attention in that scene.

In this scene, when she does change, her other looks are good. She has a great mischievous expression as she is standing topless with one hand on her head in #69. Or her (not quite that) innocent "do you want to watch" look when she picks up the cucumber in #225.

Did you have a female assistant? Looking back on the blog samples, there was no sign of one. I agree with Dogatonic's suggestion. ( Of course, we don't really need that excuse, we are going to want these models in girl girl action anyway.)

  • 2

Ariel sure is beautiful. This is real nice outfit, and it is good call to have her keep the knee high socks on the whole way.

  • 2

No, I don't like the idea of releasing sets on the blog. Photos on the blog don't show up on the model's page, so they disappear into the history of the blog archives. If you don't know they are there and hunt them out, you will never find them. So it would be a waste of effort to put big sets on the blog.

  • 3

I don't know how much work it takes to prepare either a photoset or video for release, but if DMurley is right that you have a bigger backlog than you will get through at the current rate, I'd agree with him about increasing releases.

In particular, I'd like to see a lot more of the BTS videos come out. (The 1080p ones, the 480 ones are at a disappointing quality for current expectations).

The old photos remaster better, so I like what you do with the old photosets.

I also like DMurley's idea of counting up what you have unreleased. Who do you have, and how many sets do you have for each of these girls? That would help up decide what to ask for.

  • 5

Of the five models you mention, Patty and Hunter both have small tits and big pussies. I love that combination and would certainly like to see some additional sets from either of them. The other three have bigger tits than I would prefer to see on Scan.

So yesterday you did the double-feature where both the older set and the newer set were shorter than the typical set you post these days. I think that might be a good way to bring out some of these old set. Any time your "main" set was on the short side, you could add one of these old sets as a bonus for that day. Hopefully nobody would be inclined to complain since the old set wasn't displacing any of the newer ones.

Another thing you might consider is putting up samples on the blog from each unreleased photoset for a model you are considering so we can see what you have. For myself, I'd be most interested in things like girl girl, peeing, big gaping or lip pulling, and various sexy outfits. I'd be less interested in a generic dildo or the kegel master.

  • 2

Yeah, I think that Kristy is totally hot. I'd really like to see ALS do another shoot with her this summer if that is possible.

  • 7

Yay, we get two peeing photosets today!

One of the many great things about the ALS vacations was all of the sets of beautiful girls like Franziska peeing. Getting drunk and peeing. Good times that.

I really like that pose (from #90 to #108) where Franziska has her leg up high on that pillar. You shouldn't have shot so many shots from tit height, though. The shots are much better once you move down to pussy height (#101 and after). Even better would have been to shoot half of them from knee height. I would love to see you shoot some peeing scenes of girls with their legs up like that. And peeing scenes in doggie poses. You could do a lot more different poses with the peeing.

You just asked for suggestions of models to shoot while in Europe. I'll also repeat my suggestion that you should do a "mini-vacation" around a pool where you get three or four of the girls together for an afternoon. Mix up huge quantities of tropical punch and let the girls get drunk. And pee like crazy. And lick a lot of pussy. You know, a righteous ALS party without having to fly everybody to the Caribbean...

  • 4

Agree. I really like the girls who enjoy showing themselves off and have lots of fun getting really exposed and doing things like peeing on camera. Ivy has another great smile in #68 when she has the bottle deep in her pussy.

  • 3

Thanks Eric for getting this set reposted. This is a great scene from one of the hottest and most fun loving models on ALS.

  • 0


  • 0

Yeah, that fisting and pumping in the tub photoset hasn't been released. The BTS is out, not the photos.

Shyla is one of the best.

  • 0

Well, it was worth saying twice.

  • 0


  • 1

I like this matched bra and panty set that Odette is wearing. And I like that she takes the panties off first. There is an appealing hint of her nipples through the bra, so I wish you had taken more photos before she took it off too. #69 is good.

I like that she used both a bottle and a glass dildo for toys. Yay for glassware. I'd almost always expect that the hottest photos with the glass dildo would be when the girl has it in her pussy. But this time? Well in #154, Odette is relaxed with her legs wide open and she is sucking on the dildo. That one is pretty damn hot.

  • 4

Thanks so very much, Alex, both for giving Aurora an early release date and also for putting up some samples from this scene. I was very intrigued by this blue top--it looked so sexy and I was sure you would get a lot of hot pictures of Aurora in it.

The top is fantastic. Aurora has wonderful tits, and the way her nipples stick out between the strings is so good. Yum. And it's a pee scene too! You shoot a lot of great pee scenes, but the peeing-in-a-sink are special. So to have lovely Aurora with her winning smile and nipples sticking out peeing in the sink, wow. And she is doing it no hands so we see her beautiful pussy in a butterfly... That's just perfect.

I'm sure her Dreamcatcher scene is going to be very good. Maybe this blue top scene could be her second release.

You say maybe she will pop in to an ALS casting this summer. Even better would be if you got in touch with her and her agent and told them that Aurora already has some wildly enthusiastic fans on ALS who would go crazy to have her do a second shoot. Would she like to do some girl girl with any of those European hotties? I'd love to see it.

  • 3

This is an excellent outfit that Blake is wearing--oh so sexy. She's got a cool long sleeve shirt with lots of nice color and texture. But what really makes it killer is the very high thigh-high socks and the extremely short short-shorts. Love it.

I'm also impressed that after taking it off for three pages in the middle, Blake puts her shirt back on for the rest of the scene. Between the long sleeve shirt and the very high socks, Blake has most of her body covered up--except for her tits, her pussy, and her ass. This is a fantastic use of clothes to really expose the model. Very pleased to see you shooting some sets like this.

The anal beads are hot too. I especially like all the no hands shots. And it is so hot that she just has them hanging there the whole time she does the spreaders and then afterwards when she is showing us her dripping pussy.

That's one hell of great pussy drip too. Blake continues to impress.

  • 0

Yeah, I like smaller tits a lot better than larger tits. And I wouldn't want Alex to go any bigger on Scan. Nevertheless, I'm glad that Blake is on Scan. She's got so much going for her and did such great photosets and videos here that I certainly don't hold her bigger tits against her at all.

And I still hope that we are going to get a masturbation video of Blake on that wobble machine that she posed on in her "Self Analysis" photoset. Since she does have more boob, it would be a shame to not jiggle them around a bit....

  • 2

I've been waiting for Shrima's release, and, wow, is she hot. She's a bit darker--which I like a lot--and has amazing sexy looks. And she is just stunningly beautiful.

Most of the time, panty stuffing isn't one of my favorite toys. But the way Shrima does it here is great. First, we get a nice long tease sequence where Shrima is showing us the panties up under her really cute pink jeans skirt while give us lots of sexy looks. There is a damp spot from her pussy which is hot.

For a panty focused set, I wish they were thinner so that they became more see-through when she gets them wet. As is, they stay more a tease. But Shrima is so good at teasing, I'm not really complaining.

Then the cool thing about the panty stuffing is that Shrima stuffs them as soon as she takes them off, and then goes back to posing. So we gets lots of great pussy shots all while knowing that she has her panties up in there. Finally Lola comes in and puts on the Dreamcatcher and only then pulls out the panties.

I always like when the girls pee through the Dreamcatcher. Shrima's pee sequence is very hot. Instead of a big quick gusher, she keeps trickling and dribbling for a really long time. And she has varied and such sexy looks while doing it. Fantastic.

I love her expressions, and her dark pussy lips, and her wonderful nipples. Eagerly looking forward to lots more from this very hot girl!

  • 2

Yep, Shrima Malati. I had that call right--so psyched if you can do a second shoot with this hottie.

  • 5

I didn't remember that CoCo had come to a 2014 casting, so I just looked at her pictures from then. What a difference! She is a lot hotter now. I'm really impressed. I also looked at what I said about her 2016 casting. She was my #5 pick. But I also think that my top four picks are very very hot--I suggested all four to you as girls to shoot again this year.

The two other things I said about CoCo is that I love her long pussy lips and that her tits are a bit bigger than I like best. So in 2014, I agree that she would have been an Angel. With her new thinner figure, she's now a Scan girl with tits on the larger end. So that's all for the good.

But, of course, samples from an actual scene are always much better than the casting shots. And from these samples, I'd say that CoCo is a sexy girl and I'm looking forward to her release. She's got a great pouty look, and some other good expressions too. I've also asked you to shoot some darker girls, and CoCo is a bit darker. Particularly her pussy lips--long and dark.

Then you say that she speaks English and you had a great shoot, so that should mean really good videos including her BTS.

We've got a lot of hot girls waiting to come out, but get CoCo in there on that list too. And, in the mean time, how about some samples from another scene? Like lip pulling. Would love to see that beautiful pussy stretched.

  • 3

I was just thinking about asking if you had thoughts or rumors about your Euro trips. And you do. My suggestions:

Are you going to use Kiara Lord as an assistant again? She's truly great. I really hope you can get her.

Models to shoot:

From Czech last year:

So I hope you ask Aiko May again to see if she is ready to do ALS style. And I hope she is. She looks hot.

Her release is still two days away, but I'd already bet big that Shrima Malati would be an excellent choice for a second shoot. Sara Kay would be good to shoot again. And I've been very impressed with Eveline Dellai--would love to see more with her.

From Budapest last year:

Shoot Katy Rios again! And you didn't do a second shoot with Nomi Melone last year, but you should this year. You didn't shoot Aria Logan, but I think she would be a good ALS model.

From Czech 2015:

Kristy Black would be so worth a second shoot.

And thanks for the new Zazie samples. Glad that she is coming up right quick.

  • 2


  • 2

Agree. Would be even better if the shirt was slightly more snug to show the shape of her tits better and give a little more hint of her nipples.

  • 2

Ariel is so sexy. She's a beautiful girl with a beautiful pussy. Really love the darker tinge to her pussy lips.

I like how she starts with just her fingers and then moves to one and finally two vibrators. Great video.

  • 0

I like those same shots that Dogatonic likes where Ivy has her legs spread very wide while she lays in the bottom of the tub. I'd also add the shots starting at #73 where Ivy has her hands down in the tub and her feet up on the edge. Particularly #74.

But the most amazing thing about Ivy is how well she can gape. I think the hottest shots in this scene are the ones at the end where she is gaping her pussy wide just by pulling on her ass cheeks. The closeup #208. But my favorites are #210 and #211 where Ivy has this charming smile of being pleased with her accomplishment. And well pleased she should be--that's a hell of an impressive gape.

  • 6

Wow, what a good shoot.

Charity uses a fat glass dildo--that's a great no hands pose. I really like how she looks on the car hood with her arms up, legs open, and her pussy and titties sticking out. Glad to see you shooting more such shots.

But the set I'd most like to see more samples from is #8864. Charity has her top pulled down off her tits and her pants pulled down on her thighs. I just love that look. And to make it even better, she is climbing a tree. I really like the sporty, athletic girls--the kind who think it is fun to climb trees. And to climb the tree with her clothes like that adds so much to her exposure. Really fun, really hot.

The other set I'd like samples from is #8860. We have Chuck Taylors, we have the new Dreamcatcher, and we have corn on the cob. And is that a hoola-hoop at the bottom of the picture? All those are element of what should be an excellent scene. (If she doesn't wear those really dark sunglasses too much.)

But yeah, lets get some more Charity samples up soon. She's hot!

  • 1

Katy's glorious pussy. Can't get over that. This is hot.

  • 0

Beautiful Amirah. This is a good video.

  • 4

Good set from Hailey. This is a fun little "sport" outfit that Hailey wears, and it is hot too with a short skirt and no panties. (There are a few threads on the skirt that should have been snipped off.)

I like the upskirt shots, particularly the ones from behind. Where Hailey lifts the skirt with the bat #27. And also where she leans forward on the bat enough to show her pussy and looks back at the camera, #32.

How Hailey takes off her clothes is really sexy. First she pulls her top up so we can get some shots of her tits. And she lifts her skirt up too. Then comes the part that I think is really hot. With her top still pushed up, she slowly pulls the front of the skirt down enough that we can see her pussy. Then she pulls the whole skirt down onto her thighs and leans back against the wall and starts playing with her pussy. I love this effect of using the girl's clothes to accent her exposure. And Hailey playing with herself makes it all the better.

The skirt comes off, but the pushed up top, cap, and shoes remain. So we get lots of great legs open shots of her pussy with her tits sticking out below her top. Really good.

The bat is a good fat toy. You ought to have had Hailey lick and try to suck the fat end to show just how big it is and how much it was going to stretch her pussy. Lot of good insertion shots. I really like the doggie style ones, particularly once Austin comes it.

In fact, I wish Austin had come in at the start of the bat sequence. Austin has talked a lot of girls--including Hailey--into using the jackhammer. Austin likes sticking really big toys into girl's pussies. So it would have been hot if Austin showed up keen to get that bat into Hailey, and Hailey was like "um, wait a minute, that's kind of big...."

Oh, and since Austin shows up naked, it is a real shame we don't get to see her pussy.

  • 4

Wow. I'd forgotten about this set, but it is really really hot. And the BTS is out too, I'm going to check that out for sure.

This has great pussy licking and some good scissoring. But opening both Melanie's and Franziska's pussies up at the same time makes it extra hot. This should become a regular thing for ALS. I'd like to see it again with Rockets like here, but also with speculums. Now I'd prefer two metal speculums. But you could do one metal and one plastic and that would give something to any speculum fan.

Lets have more side by side open pussies here on ALS!

  • 3

I do too! It's a great looking outfit. It shows good hints of her nipples and subtler hints of her pussy. And that's a really good long sequence before Ariel finally has the panties all the way off.

  • 0

If you hover over the very first picture of this set, the address shows that it is "image/1/". But if you open the picture, the address now says "image/2/". All the sets are always this way with picture one count higher than the thumbnail image. I find this kind of annoying because it makes it harder to know what picture anybody is really talking about.

So I figured you meant the shot where Eveline is sticking out her tongue. (I love that one too.) But maybe you meant the next picture which is a closeup of the Dreamcatcher on her pussy. (I like those closeups, but they are usually not my favorites.) In different ways, each shot is "#89".

This happens on the desktop site. Not sure what happens with mobile since I never log in on a mobile device.

  • 3

Don't agree. The ruffle socks and Mary Janes are a great combo. I'm glad she keeps them on the whole time. They add a lot to the personality poses she does at the end.

Also, the socks would have gotten dirty on that deck. Scenes with socks but no shoes are better indoors. I didn't realize that Sara Jaymes wore ruffle socks in that hoola-hoop scene. Very cute! But she is also indoors.

  • 3

Every set from Kymberly has been amazing, and this is another really hot one too. Wow.

Lots of nice flowers make this an attractive spot. Kymberly is wearing a cute out fit and I particularly like the Mary Jane shoes with the ruffle socks. I think it was a great idea to keep the shoes and socks on for the whole set--very sexy.

The opening tease starts very well with Kymberly going from crossed legs to slowly opening her knees to reveal first that she isn't wearing panties and then to give us better and better views of her big wonderful pussy. Excellent start.

I've mentioned before that I like when the models pull their pants of panties down far enough to show their pussy. But a related shot that is also very hot is when the girl has dropped all her clothes down her body and is standing naked with her clothes still around her ankles. Kymberly does that here. The first shot with her hands at her sides (#48) is just perfect: Kymberly is revealing her stunning body with a "oh my, see what I just did" expression.

The best sequence of this top notch scene is when Kymberly is sitting with her legs wide open pulling on her pussy lips. She has nice long lips so she can really stretch them. But a big part of what makes these shots so hot are Kymberly's expressions. She seems to really enjoy displaying her body and is having fun getting her pussy maximally exposed. Sitting there in her cute shoes and socks, with her long hair framing her nipples, she perfectly captures the ALS attitude of showing off big open pussies. My favorites are #63, and sticking out her tongue in #65.

Kymberly is one of the best ALS models: she's stunningly beautiful, has an amazing big pussy, and has a wonderful, kind, sharing, attitude. In her interview, toasting the day and the great time she had, Kymberly said, "cheers to pussy, it's number one on my list."

  • 3

The last Naomi video was a short masturbation. This one is a nice long BTS, and a good one too. We learn more about Naomi and even get to see how much she can remember an old cheerleading routine.

But the best thing about this video is the toys. Naomi's pussy really swells up from the pump and then it stays big and plump for a nice long time. We should give Naomi a prize: best pussy for pumping.

Naomi also uses a nice glass dildo. That's always a great looking toy. She even does some hot no hands posing.

During her backbend, the still camera got the great shots of her clit and still plump pussy. The video camera could have got more than it did. Naomi's pumped up and exposed pussy is sight you don't want to miss.

  • 0

#89 on the image so #88 on the thumbnails? The one where Eveline sticks out her tongue at Lola while Lola is putting the Dreamcatcher on her? That is a great shot. Eveline has so much personality. And I really like her pert nipples on her tiny titties. Particularly when they are out in the sun like this.

  • 3

Yes, having a girl who is not wearing any panties stand over a mirror would be a hot way to do upskirt shots. It might be really good with a knee length (or slightly longer) skirt which would create a lot of opportunities for a peek-a-boo style tease.

  • 2

Ariel is so cute. And she has wonderful tits.

Wish she had gone on longer.

  • 0

Her nails aren't a big enough deal that it ruins the set for me. But I do agree that they would look a lot better if the last of that polish could have been removed.

  • 2

Good to see Ariel get released. She is really hot and this is a great first set.

I like this can't-quite-see-through lingerie, and the blue and pink color combination is good.

You usually shoot the on-elbows-and-knees pose only from in front (like #57), but I like that you included some shot from her side (#58-59). And what I really like is when the girl pulls her panties down her legs but doesn't take them off. So we get Ariel not touching her pussy (#92), spreading with a big smirk (#94), and putting fingers in her pussy (#99). Excellent sequence.

Did Jen shoot this set? We get her favorite pose. One of my favorite poses too. I like the no hands on her pussy shot (#108), but we see more of her smile in (#109).

And it a magnifying glass scene. You got some great shots out of that sequence. Oh, and did that video work out where Ariel held the glass in front of the speculum? It's a great idea, hope it worked.

This is an excellent speculum scene. Ariel has some great looks. And since it is the big metal speculum, her pussy gets opened really wide and we get lots of hot full body shots where we can see her cervix well lit and in good focus. What's really cool is that we get full body shots from behind the video guys where we can still see all the way up her pussy. #189 is my favorite.

Ariel is a cute and sexy girl. Looking forward to a lot more from her.

  • 6

I had hoped that you were going to fast track Aurora as you suggested you might. Alas, that didn't happen, but I am glad you didn't forget about her and are now thinking about getting her on the schedule.

Aurora is a hottie. And I like the outfit too. You should shoot leg-warmers again. Maybe some longer ones that come up above the knee--kind of like thigh-high socks but would leave the feet bare.

Love the mirror. You ought to get like three of them and use them regularly. A small 1 foot by 1 foot mirror would be easy to shoot since you wouldn't have to watch the reflections so carefully. Then you can have a mid-sized mirror and finally one about the size as this one Aurora is using. Pic #8853 would be super hot if you didn't cut off Aurora face in the mirror. But I do love the two different perspectives on her pussy side by side like that.

The dildo on the mirror is good too. You ought to take a few no flash shots looking down into the mirror from over her shoulder so that we get both Aurora's view and also the reflection of your camera.

If there is time for another round of samples before Aurora's release, I'd still like to see some from the set where she is sitting in front of a dresser and wearing a really interesting sexy string top of some sort. (#8431 from the Dec 9 blog post)

  • 2

Kylie is a cute and charming little sex kitten.

You made the wrong call with the boots however. It would have been really hot if Kylie had put them back on once she was naked.

  • 2

Hey, that could be one of the new interview questions. I've always figured that the girls with the best expressions seize the chance to play with themselves. After all, what better way to give good looks than getting into the mood?

  • 4

This is one of the best girl girl scenes! It starts with the casting: two hot girls who both have nice long pussy lips.

But a really outstanding thing about this scene is how totally the girls get into big fun pussy play in a maximal ALS style. You've had good sets with the squirt guns before, but this time is just brilliant. Vinna spreading her pussy so Sara can soak it down is just so hot. The best shots are #3 and #9. Then later when they both are naked, Vinna spreads again so Sara can squirt her some more. The last one, #79, is the best.

I like the sequence #24-28 where the girls are facing each other on hands and knees. We get a great view of Sara's very fine pussy lips. And then the girls start tongue kissing. And wow! Does Vinna have a long tongue. #27 and #28 are so sexy. Plenty more good kissing later on too.

As usual, the 69 should have been longer. In particular, when Vinna gapes Sara's pussy open, Vinna should have worked her long tongue all the way up into her hole. But there is lots of excellent pussy licking elsewhere in the set. In the first sequence, we get that good doggie pose view (#84) of Sara's pussy while she is eating Vinna. But the best pussy licking is when the girls take turns sitting on each others faces. That's hot hot pussy licking.

And as you have also done before, you compensate for the too short 69 with some fantastic scissoring. When you have two girls like Sara and Vinna with such long beautiful lips, you gotta let them rub their pussies together for a nice long time. Can't beat this for sexy pussy play. And then they kiss some more. With plenty of tongue. Excellent sequence.

Then they do side by side bridges. That would be hot with any of the Scan girls, but it is extra good with these two--what a wonderful way to show off their amazing pussies. The girls aren't done kissing either. I love #159, tongue kissing while still holding the bridge!

As if this wasn't already a near perfect scene, it finishes up with the girls using my favorite girl girl toy, the double dildo. Another great sequence. I particularly like when they are doggie and taking turns holding each others legs up to give their pussies maximum exposure. A very fitting end to a set full of exuberant pussy play.

This one really is one of the best. Thanks to everyone, especially Sara and Vinna!

  • 3

Eveline--ever the hottie--is back for another good outdoor shoot, and she is wearing a cute pink and black outfit. I really like the skirt. It has see-through stripes and is also really good for a no panties set like this one. Would have been nice to have had a few more shots of upskirt teasing.

I like when you combine the Dreamcatcher with some sort of insertion--the Dreamcatcher and fisting is very hot. And like in her other scenes, Eveline is warm and expressive. I love this big smile Eveline has for the camera in #104.

Some of the best parts of Eveline's other shoots and videos have been when she is in doggie pose. And that's true here too. A really excellent shot is #174 with Lola fisting her. And another great one is #182 where Lola is starting to put in two fingers to gape her pussy. Just look at Eveline's expression!

Great set.

  • 3

Good! Another BTS from Eveline. I'm really enjoying having some of these photoshoot videos come out on the same day as the photos. Very nice.

  • 3

Bummer that another Scan shoot had to be canceled. I do hope it works to get her rescheduled soon. You are heading into that season with lots of good outdoor shooting: warm but not yet too hot and lots of flowers all around. So yeah, shoot as many hot sexy girls as you can book and get a lot of good outdoor pee scenes. (And of course, girl girl. Really can't beat having Scan girls out in the sun for some good 69 pussy licking.)

Not being interested in the Angels, I'll skip Joseline. But I do want to keep encouraging you to post interviews. And it would be really cool if you could get the new girl's interviews up within a month or two of when you start posting their scenes.

Oh, and again, good luck with the shoots. Here's to having lots of happy, healthy, hotties show up on time for more amazing ALS scenes!

  • 1

Indeed. And it's good to get some open legs poses in a Nude in Public scene.

  • 3

Agree that Adria is great and also that pantyhose tend to be a bit disappointing. I know that there are pantyhose fans, so you are going to shoot a certain number of those sets. But how about shooting more sets for us fans of crotchless panties? I find those way sexier and prettier than pantyhose. And you really don't shoot that very often.

So more crotchless panties. Also more thigh high socks with no panties. And how about garter belts? That would be worth doing every now and then.

  • 4

Good, glad to see that Shrima will be released soon. These are more hot samples.

By all means shoot Shrima and Gina together next year if it is at all possible. They look so cute together!

  • 2

"She had the most spectacular, long, dangly, pussy lips..." Oh yes.

Lilly is amazing and it sounds like you had a wonderful shoot. How about some more samples? Lily must have done some great lip pulling, maybe some shots from a set where she really stretches those pussy lips out?

  • 4

This is good. I've been waiting to see something from Zazie and also Emma Brown (who I hope is up soon too).

Yes, Zazie has a great smile and a very sexy body. #8796 is really hot. She looks like she will be yet another outstanding model from this year's trips.

And I like #8803 with Zazie and Kiara clowning around. Before your trip, I would have told you to shoot everyday with Gina because she is so hot and so good in girl girl. But now I'm glad you had Kiara too. Besides being so much fun on set, Kiara's energy (and of course translations) really helped get the most out of the models. Kiara is a natural at being an ALS assistant.

  • 2

Yeah, seeing through the bottom half of the mesh bikini is pretty great too.

  • 4

Every time you post another one of these hot scenes of Lena and Freya, I'm reminded of how glad I am that we talked you into making Lena a Scan girl. It's all been so good. Thanks!

  • 2

Too much to say about this great set from Freya to have time to say it now. Wow...Just love Freya's style, and love her big pussy.

  • 2

Thanks for putting up her samples, Alex. This is going to be an excellent scene.

Ariel is a hottie. Very much looking forward to this coming out on the 12th.

  • 6

OK, got to add just one more bit.

Sara is very sexy taking off her skirt. I love #132: Sara is standing with her feet apart and she is biting her lip and pulling on her braids. She's pushed the skirt down just far enough to show off that wonderful pussy. Wow, so hot.

  • 8

Yes! I've been waiting for Sara Kay. With such hot models from this year's trips, I can't really pick a favorite anymore, but I did rank Sara in first place in the casting. No regrets on that, Sara's a knockout even if she is now sharing top honors with a couple of other hotties.

Love Sara's outfit. Maybe a slight nod to a schoolgirl look with the plaid skirt and braids, but with no shoes and no panties, Sara's itching to go. We get a nice long opening sequence before Sara removes any clothes, and Sara really works it. This is one of the best upskirt scenes ever.

You should have all the girls braid their hair if they can. Then you can shoot more shots like the wonderful #16 where Sara is pulling her braids and has a big friendly smile while she has her legs up high and open wide to give us a good view of her big long lipped pussy. Yum.

Other upskirt highlights: #28, this is always a great pose anyway, but it is super hot as an upskirt shot. And then with Sara's really long pussy lips hanging there--speechless. ALS has become a regular cornucopia for long dangle-y pussy lips, and on such beautiful girls. Love it!

The black tube top goes well with her skirt. And it is functional too. She pulls it down so we can also see her titties while she is still showing her pussy upskirt. It's really hot when the girls expose themselves without taking their clothes off. Sara pulls her braids some more. The other really nice thing about her braids is they are just the right length that they sometimes hide her nipples.

Sara seems to enjoy having her legs up and open--you've got so many good shots with her in that pose. A really hot one is #67. Big smile, one nipple covered with her braid, and she is holding both legs up so we get a no hands shot of the lollypop sticking out of her pussy. Her pussy is getting drippy too--couple of good close ups of that. More good ooze when she takes it out.

And with lips like Sara's, you certainly want rear spreading shots. I'm really glad that you shot these upskirt too. They are all so hot, I can't pick one. Great close ups too.

Jumping jacks! #138 Sara spread eagle up in the air. Look at that pussy!

I'll skip over some more good poses to get to the Dreamcatcher. What a great sequence. And one of the best things about it is the chemistry between Sara and Vinna Reed--these two sizzle! Two really hot shots, #208 and #210. I can't wait for the girl girl scenes between these two.

Phenomenal start for Sara. Lets have lots more!

  • 4

Katy twirling a baton in a dress but no panties. With so many wonderful looks and her always amazing pussy, Katy gives us another killer set.

Katy's pussy gets so creamy in this scene, first with the baton, and then it's really going with the spreaders. So near the end we get a couple of outstanding close ups of her dripping pussy, and then two hot full body shots. I like the second one, #154.

After the big drip, Katy plays with the baton some more. She has lots of great expressions and poses. But the one I like best is where she is doing her charming look of just barely sticking out her tongue. And she has her foot up on the bench to give us an excellent view of her pussy lips dangling.

You can never have too much dangling pussy lips. Jen seems to agree since she shoots a couple of rear spreading shots right at the close of the scene. Katy's glorious pussy framed by her amazing wide thigh gap. Wouldn't want to miss that shot.

  • 4

Since this BTS and the photoset came out on the same day, I took advantage of the chance to watch the video before looking at the photos. Two things I noticed. First, once again, Kiara is going a mile a minute and is injecting all kinds of colorful and sometimes crazy commentary. She's a lot of fun to have on set.

Second, Katy is often unclear about what Jen wants her to do and even with some translations still seems uncertain about what she is supposed to be doing. It looked like it was probably the first scene with Katy, and I wondered if it was hard to get good pictures under those conditions. But when I went to the photoset, the pictures were wonderful. Katy did all these great poses with fantastic looks for the camera. She didn't seem uncertain at all. She was just hot.

Ok, a third thing I noticed. Katy has an amazing pussy. Gonna notice that for sure.

  • 4

I love the first five pictures of the girls waking up, looking at each other, and starting to kiss. What a sexy start to this hot girl girl scene! Then they get up on their knees to keep kissing. They are both so hot in their lacy underwear and matching braids. The braids are killer.

Eveline's sets and videos have been outstanding--a combination of her great body and her ability to express herself so well on camera. So I've been looking forward to her girl girl scenes expecting some hot chemistry. Eveline gives some great looks to Lola, to the camera, and just lost in her own enjoyment. The best examples from near the beginning:

Looking at Lola, #19. Looking at the camera, #35. Just herself, #26.

Kind of hate to offer any criticism at all of such a good set with so many great pictures, but this would be even better with more pussy licking. The pussy licking here is short, but hot. I really like the pose where Lola is spreading Eveline while licking her clit from above. That gets Eveline's pussy really exposed, and Eveline has lots of sexy looks. #51, where she pulls Lola's braid is excellent.

A melting look at the camera from Eveline, #79. Sadly, Eveline doesn't lick Lola's pussy, but she makes up for it by licking her ass. Another killer shot looking at the camera, #91. Wow wow. And at the end of the sequence, radiant smiles from both girls, #111. There will be a great BTS from this shoot.

Then the girls move on to two of my all time favorites, scissoring and the double dildo. The scissoring sequence is excellent and really showcases Eveline's long pussy lips. Too hard to pick out a best picture, so I'll just note how much fun the girls are having with each other like in #124. Pulling each others braids too. Yeah.

The double dildo gets off to a brilliant start too, like with this amazing shot of the girls smiling at the camera while licking the dildo, #134. Love the pose where they prop each others leg up in the air. If anyone ever asks what's so good about ALS anyway, you could just show them #165 and #167.

So is Eveline having a good time so far? Well, in #191, she is just glowing. And with legs wide open she is ready for more. Lola comes back in to fist her, and we get more sexy looks from Eveline. Lola sneaks a quick lick of her pussy in this hot shot, #223.

Paddycake, #235. Jumping on the bed, #240. This will be a very fun BTS.

And in the final shot we are back to the pose they started in only now, happy, naked, and exhausted. We get a sexy slight glimpse of Eveline's pussy. Wish we got that from Lola as well.

A most excellent scene. ALS girl girl at it's finest.

  • 3

The photoset was excellent, so it's great to get the BTS video. I really like Eveline's personality. The no hands doggie sequence with the bottle in her pussy is hot.

  • 2

I've been really impressed with Adria. Her interview helps explain why she's so good.

  • 2

Both segments of this interview are really good. Part of that is probably because Adria is really easy to talk to. But it is a good example of what you should aim in that it is a more free flowing conversation with follow up questions.

To get a good interview, I think you should poke around and try to find the topics that interest the model and that she likes to talk about. When you find such topics, keep asking follow up questions to keep her talking. Her own interests will make the most interesting video.

As for topics, you ought to ask more about what their life was like growing up, what they liked to do, what they hated to do, school, did they move around, what kind of plans they had.

More talk about sex. Draw them out more on their early experiences. Get them to talk about what they do and don't like now. And talk about shooting porn. Were they naturally an exhibitionist? Or did they start out shy? What have they liked and not liked?

And get them to talk more about their experience with ALS. It was really cool hearing Adria talk about camming and then getting into porn shoots. And I liked what she said about the ALS approach where instead of having her act out a prepared script, you drew out her own personality in the scenes.

  • 5

So the "Phallus" set is the remaster, but is this set a first release? It's a nice bonus.

Girls with long sexy nipples have been on a roll around here of late. Angelina's are very long and very sexy. And her pussy lips are just long enough to stay open in a butterfly. #59 is hot showing those nipples and lips.

I like your newer pussy spreading toys much better than the kegel master. But I do really like the toy sequence here because I love this pose where Angelina has pulled her legs up and put the bottoms of her feet together and then put her hands up behind her head. That's just a hot hot pose. The two best shots are #70 and then #75 where Angelina has a nice smirk.

  • 3

The large mesh swimsuit has always been one of my favorite of the ALS bikinis. And the best thing about it is that the model can poke her nipples through the holes. So to have Suzy Rainbow pop her huge nipples out is just wow oh wow. That's a perfect suit for her, and I like the colors on her too.

I really like #11 as she is walking to the edge of the pool and we see both her nipples in profile. So sexy to have Suzy walking around on such glorious display.

And of course it was the right call to have her take the bottoms off first. When she got to taking the top off, I wondered if she could leave it hanging from her nipples, and then that is exactly what she did. Very cool!

A pose I always like is when the model is sunbathing naked with her feet down off both sides of the chair like in #83. This time though, I wish you had shot that pose after she had taken off the bottoms but while she was still wearing the top. That would have been very hot.

Suzy has lots of great expressions too. So in #117 we get a close up of both her amazing nipples and her wonderful smile. Then again in #132 she pulls her nipples with a playful look. She keeps the fun looks going while spreading her pussy, but the one I like best is her half smile in #135.

The sun was bothering her a bit during the speculum, so I'm glad you just had her close her eyes instead of put on sunglasses. That pose was so worth it too--I just love how all that light illuminates the inside of her pussy. Great speculum shots.

Gina missed out on getting to lick Suzy's pussy this time. But the girls did get some nice kissing in. #194 with open mouths is sexy.

Brilliant idea having Suzy wear a large mesh bikini and an all around great set.

  • 2

Excellent pussy licking video--particularly the 69. Really good kissing too. These girls are hot.

  • 3

I agree that Kelly is much more expressive here than in the other two shoots you name. And her most recently released video is her best so far too. It looks like Alex ended up saving her finest stuff for years and it's only now coming out.

Since Kelly has such an amazing pussy, it's great to see that she really did do some top notch photosets and videos.

  • 5

Alex said she was picked, so she ought to be showing up someday. There were so many hotties from the Budapest and Czech trip, we haven't even got to Emma yet.

Yes, I'm sure there will be plenty of dildos (like maybe a glass one?). And I'm looking forward to having her long pussy lips pulled.

  • 4

A hottie! I just have to keep repeating how great your Czech trip was this year. Shrima's pics from the casting were very promising, so I've been waiting for some samples from her scenes to see if she lives up to expectations. She does!

I really like her dark eyes and dark hair, and just love the darker shade of her pussy lips. We got several girls with great nipples this year--Shrima definitely included.

From the casting shots it was clear that she was expressive, and that really comes out in these samples. She has both playful and sexy looks. Not surprising to hear that she loved the ALS style and enjoyed all the scenes since these samples show that she is a great looking girl having a great time.

  • 2

Yes, Alex Grey posed well for her selfies. She has great looks.

I also like the one looking down into her pants. And the hair brush in her pussy too. You mostly have had the models shoot selfies only in the first part of the scene. It would be cool to have more selfies like this from the toy part. And if she is using a speculum or the Rocket, the model could take pictures looking back at the video crew while they filmed up her pussy.

I'll think about who's selfies I'd like to see. In the mean time, thinking about Alex Grey, could you have her interview video be one that comes out soon?

  • 4

If Kelly Klass doesn't have the most dangle-y pussy lips on Scan, she's got to be at least close. And then the big pussy drip at the end with those lovely lips open in a butterfly, wow love that.

Kelly has some real good looks too. I like those shots where she has her hand down her pants.

  • 0

Thumbs up to all that except I do like her nipple piercings. Ally has great nipples, and I think this is a cool accent. Too bad it wasn't easy for her to put them in and out--I'm sure she would also be really hot without them as well....

  • 5

Ally Tate is hot! I like her in these pigtails and crop top. Oh, and of course, the short denim skirt with no panties....

At first that cushion is kinda hiding her pussy. Is that a deliberate peek-a-boo tease? But that doesn't last long since Ally soon puts her legs up on the chair and opens her outer lips to show off her beautiful big clit. Love shot #36 where she is looking up at the camera.

Then it's on to wetting down her top and taking off her skirt. Since Ally has a wide thigh gap and long pussy lips, she is perfect for those shots where you see her lips hanging down. #68 with her hands up on her head and a cheerful smile is hot.

Bend-over shots are one the finest ways to display long pussy lips. In #91 Ally is spreading her ass just enough to get her luscious lips to start opening. Ummm, lovely.

I do like how this new style Dreamcatcher opens up her pussy. And this has one of my top combinations: sexy girl, Dreamcatcher, glass dildo, and sunshine. Ally is a happy girl smiling up at the camera, #177.

And when she pulls out the dildo, Ally's juicy pussy is just flooded! The Dreamcatcher does an excellent job holding her open so that your closeups can capture an epic pussy drip. Well done! After the closeups are a couple of hot full body shots, particularly #192 where Ally kisses the glass dildo while her pussy continues to ooze. Oh yes.

After this amazing scene from Ally, there's still more. Freya gets all the way up on the chair, leans back a bit, and shoots an impressive stream of pee high in the air. When it comes to peeing, Freya can't be beat: #228. Wow.

The girls look great in the sun, there are no sunglasses, and lots of hot pics. Excellent work all around!

  • 3

Alex, you must have lost your mind if you can forget about a girl like Ariel. She's amazing! And she so needs a better agent if you almost passed her up because of the bad sample pics you were sent. Anyway, lucky for us you shot her.

Yeah, I requested samples from her speculum scene, so I'm looking forward to those. But I also think this is a great set too. I like that kind of knee high sock with her embroidered denim shorts. Cool that she keeps the socks on. And veggies are one of my favorite toys.

So Ariel is on the calendar, then? I hope she's coming up soon!

  • 5

That's quite the surprising story about Sara. I'm glad too that you were able to shoot her--she's very sexy! And I want to say once again how impressed I am that you are finding all these hotties with long pussy lips. Sara's got the kind that open in a beautiful butterfly and dangle when she stands. Those are the best kind!

  • 3

Oh Carina: she's beautiful, has small tits with very nice nipples, and has a big hot pussy. Outstanding sequence where she has the bottle in her pussy and both hands up over head.

Great call on remastering this one.

  • 2

Another good masturbation scene from Eveline, and a nice long one too. In her first video, she was pumping a big red vibrator in her pussy hole. This time she has switched to a clit vibrator, but she puts her fingers in some too. As with the first video, I think the best part of this one is when she is in doggie pose. What a great view of her long hot pussy lips! Oh, and she spreads a bit at the end--wish more of the girls did that!

  • 4

Any time we get Gina Gerson playing with a girl's pussy and asshole is going to be good. And this is!

  • 0

I really like that you shoot these videos where the model talks to the camera. Some of them are very hot. But it depends on the model of course. Quite often the girl abandons the plan and quits talking early in the shoot. Those are usually still pretty good.

But sometimes they seem too staged instead of feeling relaxed and natural. That's the problem I had with Odette in this one. I liked her "Favorite Bling" from a few months ago a lot better. That's the one that deserved to be called a "Really Good Time".

  • 3

Yes, Naomi has a plump pussy. It's good to get another video from her even though this one is rather short. Perhaps because it was short, it was paired up with a full length one from Odette. So getting two videos in one day is not so bad.

  • 3

Completely agree! And in addition to being so beautiful, Lena has all these expressions that are so sexy but hard to describe--say, a mix of innocence and fun-loving mischievousness.

I started to pick out favorite shots, but there were way too many. So I'll just praise the sequence at the end where Lena and Freya take turns peeing while in each others arms. That's very hot.

  • 4

This Czech trip sure hit the jackpot. Eveline is gorgeous! Really small tits with big pronounced nipples, long pussy lips, long dark hair, wonderful expressive eyes, and a winning smile. This girl has it all.

She has such friendly looks. Like with her open hands pose in #202.

Agree with Sargon about the no hands bottle shots. I always love the no hands insertions, and to have an inverted bottle in a doggie pose--very hot. My favorite is #189 but love the whole sequence.

And agree too with the peeing through the spreaders. That is an excellent way to use the spreaders.

And thanks again for selecting Eveline for a shoot!

  • 2

Wow! What an incredibly hot first masturbation video from Eveline Dellai. The whole thing is really good, but there is an amazing bit towards the end where Eveline is sort of in doggie position but she is using both hands to pound her pussy with that big red vibrator. Very very hot!

  • 2

Yes! A Gia Paige photoset with selfies, metal speculum, and the BTS video too!

Gia is a natural for a great BTS. Jen tells her to do whatever she wants with the selfies, so Gia pulls her shorts down off her pussy and starts taking pictures like that. I love this girls's style!

  • 2

Suzy Rainbow with Gina, the Dreamcatcher, and a bottle. This is a great BTS.

At the end, Suzy says, "I don't have anything, just nipples." Well, she DOES have nipples, but she sells herself short. Suzy is very sexy, and she has great looks.

  • 4

I'm very glad you did a second shoot with Anastasia, and I agree that she looks great. I didn't expect that she would end up ranked that high only because she was up against fantastic competition. So yes, I have Sara and Shrima as my top two, and Eveline as my fourth. Eveline's releases have been fantastic so far. Quite an outstanding trip this year.

Love the dress Anastasia is wearing in this scene. Those shots where she has pulled it all the way up above her tits are hot.

I'm certainly one of those that appreciate that you don't shoot fake tits. I love small tits, so the first problem with fake ones is that they look fake, and the second problem is that they are big. It's so cool that Scan is full of so many small titted hotties.

And I'm also glad that you have loosened up on the tattoos. Some I really like, many I don't care about either way, and only a few annoy me at all. If you are going to shoot the hottest girls these days, you need to at least put up with some tats.

So if the girls are skipping the boob-jobs and just getting some ink, then I'd say this is a very positive trend.

  • 2

I was sad to learn that Ivy got implants. It's even worse if people have been nasty to her about it. It doesn't sound good if she has deleted a bunch of her social media. I do hope things are going well for her and that she is happy with how she looks.

Thanks for putting Ivy's interview up. Ivy is definitely an interesting person, and I really like the interaction between Ivy and Freya. I wish the interview had gone on longer. Too bad we won't be getting these two back together again. But I hope we will be seeing more of Freya, and if we do, you ought to have her do the interview again and tell her to ask any follow up questions she wants.

  • 2

Yes, that too. Kristen is just all around incredibly lovely.

  • 0

Yes, #62 is very hot.

  • 2

Yes, I agree with that. The best sequence is with Lola helping to spread her pussy and also right after while Cayla still has her sunglasses up on her head. Otherwise those big dark glasses detract from a lot of shots that are good but could have been excellent.

And this set really does have lots of good "no hands" poses. I really like the combination of pose and angle in shots #88-91--that's a great way to show Cayla's wonderful pussy lips.

The other sequence of outstanding "no hands" poses is when Cayla has put two vibrators in her pussy while wearing the Dreamcatcher. And she puts her hands up above her head too. Sure wish there had been a shot like #188 without the glasses.

  • 2

This girl girl between Eveline and Lola is going to be hot! Really like that the girls' hair is in matching braids. Eveline has wonderful looks like where they are both licking the double dildo, #8683.

Too bad that the European girls are moving away from fisting. Maybe Blue needs to open a fisting school to bring it back.

In addition to fisting, I'm glad that Eveline is into ass licking. #8680 is a really hot pic and another great look from Eveline.

  • 3

Hot set with Suzy and Gina. And lots of pussy licking! Agree that the 69 is especially good. And the scissoring too. I like that they have this nice black and white day bed outdoors--looks comfy.

The anal carrot added a lot to the strap-on sequence! Do that again.

  • 2

Great video from Lily. I really like her.

  • 3

Sad to hear that Ivy got implants. She was so sexy with her small tits and big pussy.

  • 2

I had not much been aware of Jenna, but this is a good set and well worth the remaster. I like Jenna's braid and her lingerie.

This set has a nice long speculum sequence with a good variety of shots and angles. One bit I really liked was shots #158-162 where the camera is looking over Jenna's shoulder. And in some of those we just glimpse the lens of the video camera. That was probably unintended, but it is a hot effect. Similar shots have happened before where you catch people's shoes. It would be cool if you started framing shots like this on purpose in some of the speculum and Rocket sets.

  • 0

I'm glad that you are getting more of the photoshoot videos out. But I hope you will concentrate mostly on the higher resolution ones.

The photos in this set look good, so that was worth the remaster. But after getting used to better video, I don't find 480 satisfactory anymore.

  • 6

The incomparable Alex Grey: here with black socks that go all the way up her thighs and a very wet pussy.

  • 3

Always good to get a new set from Kristen Scott. She's one of my top favorites, and I'm still hoping you will get another shoot with her. However, neither panty stuffing nor the spreaders are among my favorite toys, so I've liked her other sets better. Still, it's Kristen Scott, so of course there are going to be hot photos.

The hot pink panties are a great contrast to the conservative black and white of the rest of her outfit. So I liked the sequence where Kirsten reaches inside her panties to play with her pussy but just barely shows us anything.

Then a really hot shot is #63 where Kristen is holding her blouse open and she has her skirt hiked up above her pussy. Then a few frames latter is landscape closeup of her tits. Kristen has perfect size and shaped tits and really nice nipples.

There is a good series where Kristen has her legs wide and no hands on her pussy. But only in the last three frames of the sequence does she have her lips opened up. Kristen has such a beautiful sexy butterfly--there should have been more of that.

In fact the one super hot pic of her butterfly pussy is the very last frame in the scene. And what a shot! Love Kristen Scott. Bring her back for more!

  • 2

Oh yes, we get the bit where Scarlett is outdoors and peeing in the snow. The photos, in particular, are very hot. It's a bit mean, though, to have Scarlett do this since she seems to really hate the cold. I hope you let that hot water recover so that Scarlett could jump right in a nice shower and warm up. You owed her at least that much since she made such a sexy scene for us all here.

  • 2

Very good set. I guess the bathtub is the best way to do a bikini scene in the middle of winter. That's fine, particularly since Scarlett looks so hot in this suit. It's a good color combo and nicely transparent--the more so when wet.

Very hot sequence when Scarlett takes off the top. She has fantastic tits and nipples. Love #20 where she drags the strings down on those hot nipples.

Scarlett peeing in the snow is very sexy. I love her robe, the low angle sun, and most of all, the exposure she got spreading her pussy.

But that girl was cold! Sure hope you had a hot shower or roaring fire ready for her when she went back in.

  • 3

Very nice! I like the workout sets. And this one has great things like Sara Jaymes coming in naked to spot the bar, so of course Jessie has to take a break and lick Sara's pussy "because it is right there".

I liked the discussion about whether Jessie should put her top back on and take off her shorts instead. That was the right call. With the knee high socks and soaked shirt, it was a hot pee scene. Right in the middle of the set too.

And I also liked that you did a bit of an interview with Jessie at the end of the scene while she was still naked. That would be worth doing again.

  • 0

It looks like a newer tattoo on top of an older tattoo. Not being opposed to tats the way you are, I'd frame it as don't get inked if you aren't damn sure about what you want.

Maybe she will come back so we can get a chance to see if she has done anything about it.

  • 2

Ally looks yummy. I'm glad you shot her both with and without the pussy jewelry--she's really hot each way.

Looking forward to this. It's going to be a hot set: combine the Dreamcatcher, glass dildo, and sun with a girl like Ally...yeah.

And next week's lineup for Scan is totally killer. You guys are on a roll.

  • 2

Coco rounds out my top 5. She's sexy. I'd probably put her higher except her tits are a bit larger than I like. I'm impressed that there are so many long lipped pussies in this casting--Coco has a great pussy. (Too bad you didn't post a closeup to go with #16, her whole body rear spreading shot.)

Maybe the word is getting out that the girls with long pussy lips should come shoot with ALS? I hope so!

  • 3

I've got Eveline ranked 4th. I really dig her big pronounced nipples on such tiny titties! And she has nice big pussy lips too. Eveline has the warmest friendlist looks. Should be sexy sets from this girl.

Can't say enough about these rear spreading shots you added this year. #17, 18, and 19, show that Eveline has a great thigh gap and such a nice, plump, long lipped pussy. (Could add #16 as an example of how great her looks are.)

Get Eveline out soon.

  • 3

Aiko is my third highest pick. She's a hottie and would be an excellent Scan girl. So a big disappointment that she backed out. I do hope she comes back next year ready to shoot ALS style. Would love to have her on the site!

  • 5

Shrima is my #2 pick. I like that she is a bit darker: dark hair, dark eyes, and darker pussy lips. And she has wonderful nipples. I like all her different expressions too. Hope she is also an early release.

  • 3

Sara is easily my top pick from this casting: She's beautiful, has just the right size tits, and has LONG pussy lips. Love her dangling lips! I hope Sara is one of the first releases.

Very cool that ALS included rear spreading shots in this casting. Next year, I hope they take such shots of every girl as a standard casting pose. So with Sara here, #14 and the closeup #15 show that she really does have a great pussy.

  • 2

High praise, but I agree. Not sure I can pick a most favorite remaster, but this one is right up at the very top with the likes of Trista's "Sweet Dreams". Great stuff.

  • 0

Ok, that makes sense. I figured you would certainly want to shoot her, so it was surprising that you didn't. Yes, I hope she comes back next year interested in doing ALS style.

  • 2

I just checked back on the list you posted on the Feb 17 blog of the girls you shot. My only disappointment is that you didn't pick #2 Aiko May. She's a total hottie--I've got her as my third top pick. Maybe next year?

I am glad that you did second shoots with Anastasia and with Lady Dee. I like both of them a lot, so it will good to have them back for more.

  • 2

First off, thanks Alex (and anybody else who helped) for putting this casting special up. Your work is much appreciated.

Second, I love that you included so many rear spreading shots--particularly both a whole body shot and then a closeup. (Love #637 and #638 in this set.) That's a great way to give us a good look at the girl's "goodies". I'm looking to spot some of those magical dangling pussy lips...

Now a question, is Sara Kay #13 or #14? The girl you named as Sara on your blog is #14 here, but her name is shown as Nikky Dream. Something got mixed up.

In any case, the girl on the blog is my top pick, just as you predicted. And here's my top 10 Scan choices:

1st---#14 Sara Kay
2nd---#11 Shrima Malati
3rd---#2 Aiko May
4th---#12 Eveline Dellai
5th---#18 Coco De Mal
6th---#17 Anastasia
7th---#6 Kara Rose
8th---#3 Niky Love
9th---#5 Katy Rose
10th--#1 Amy Pink

I'll add some comments to the girls' individual pages soon. Thanks again!

  • 3

Janice has bigger tits than I prefer, but she certainly is sexy.

  • 3

This has got to be about the best ever BTS. I figured there would be some great chemistry between Lena and Freya, and there really is. I just love how they tease each other.

Lena's great on camera, but Freya's here to steal the show. And Freya is the kind of assistant who loves to hang out naked on set and show off her big open pussy. At the end Freya goes on a riot, peeing through that sexy new Dreamcatcher and then doing jumping jacks while still wearing it.

You gotta get Freya back as many times as you can--she's such a crazy and perfect ALS assistant.

But before Freya runs off with this show, we get to see Lena in her sexy outfit and find out that she has some fun and interesting sass too. So glad that you moved Lena to Scan, and so glad you got these two girls together.

  • 3

Oh, Suzy is a sexy little thing. This is a good girl-girl with Gina.

  • 4

Oh yes, another mesh bikini. Blue gives us an answer to how big the holes in the mesh should be: big enough for her nipples to stick through, big enough to push her clit up in to, and big enough that she can slip a finger through and put it in her pussy.

Blue's always up for putting a big fat vibrator or her whole fist in her pussy. Great set.

  • 2

This is a very hot set and I love the concept. In the past we have had sets of a naked model with a clothed assistant which I think accents the nakedness. So, cool to flip things around so that Freya is posing naked for Lena. And her exposure is even more amped up since she is sitting with her legs spread wide and her pussy open in a butterfly. Freya is not just naked, but fully on display for Lena.

Then it time for Lena to return the favor and expose herself to Freya. One reason this is super hot is that Lena has such a friendly guileless smile, like here: #87.

So my favorite shots of Lena displaying herself for Freya:

Flipped over in her chair and spreading from behind: #57.

Sitting back normal and really spreading her outer lips: #67. Then later, the girls exchange charged looks when Lena spreads for Freya again: #138.

Near the end of the set, we have Lena with a big smile flipped over again in her chair eager to have Freya open her pussy with the spreaders: #186. And then this absolutely charming expression from Lena when she is all opened up: #208.

So the way the girls show themselves to each other is what makes this set so hot. The other sequences are really good too. I particularly like how Freya licks Lena's pussy while gaping her.

That's a cute watercolor Lena painted of Freya, too!

  • 4

Yeah, there were some good models early on, but the problem is with the source material. Alex has talked about how hard it is to remaster sets that were shot on film. Since the results come out looking only so-so, I don't think he should bother.

I'd rather see ALS stick to doing remasters of sets where the original files are of decent resolution. Like this Brea set looks good. There's lots more of similar vintage.

  • 2

Long pussy lips that dangle! My favorite kind. So yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if Sara ends up being my top model from this Czech trip. She's a hottie and these are great samples.

Sure, I remember Vinna. She's got pretty long pussy lips too. Her "Lippy" set is just packed with hot photos of her lips getting pulled this way and that. It would be great if the BTS from that scene could be released soon.

Hope you got a lot of hot scissoring action between Sara and Vinna--they've got just the pussies for it!

  • 4

Oh, excellent! When Alex said on the blog that a remaster of Brea was coming up, I was hoping that it would be this set. This has probably been my favorite Brea set, and she has so many hot sets!

Some totally classic shots:

I love when the girls spread their legs by putting the soles of their feet together and pulling them in. It's such a hot pose. So #69, Brea with a big happy smile, and then #70, ready for a bit of naughty fun. Wonderful.

Then the sequence that starts at #77 with Brea giving us the finger, #79 pointing both fingers at her pussy, #82 using them to spread, #85 then gaping with a "fuck you" face, and finally, #88 gaping with a "fuck me" face.

She has great pussy spreads, but some of the hottest shots are legs wide, no hands, like #94.

The newly added peeing sequence is so good. #213, where she is about ready to start perfectly captures what Brea is about. Then my favorite two shots are where she is peeing without touching her pussy: #219 looking down at herself, and then, #220 looking up at the camera with a big happy smile.

Brea has an amazing pussy and wonderful looks. This set is a showcase for both.

  • 0

Heh. No, I wouldn't call either of those 'choice". I'd like to see some naked Scan girls twerking to something hardstyle.

But the real issue for ALS would be to find some good music that wouldn't cause them a lot of stupid copyright grief. It makes perfect sense to me that a good twerk is a fine case of fair use. But I doubt that the armies of lawyers and their courts are quite ready to agree. We gotta make the case that twerking is a public good first. If you watch Alaina, it is pretty obvious that it is.

  • 0

There are lots of excellent pictures in this set. I like the relaxed intimacy of the two girls having morning coffee in their robes. Then Kiara starts peeking in Katy's robe leading to great shots with Katy fully exposed but Kiara most covered. Particularly, #21, and then a butterfly pussy for Katy while they tongue kiss, #33.

#74 is a very hot pic of Katy licking Kiara's pussy. I love how Katy's long pussy lips just barely stick out into view.

The scissoring sequence is good and shows off Katy's long lips. Then great shots where Katy is stretching her arms up in pleasure while Kiara pumps her pussy. I like how she sticks out her tongue: #120. And then looks at the camera: #121.

A few things could have been better. I wish that Katy had had her legs spread wider when Kiara was eating her pussy. Katy has such yummy long lips, they should have been a big focus of attention. It would have been very hot if Kiara had mixed together pulling and sucking. And she should have licked that no hands butterfly.

And until you can come up with a better version of the strap-on, I wish you would stick to mostly using a double dildo.

All in all, a good set.

  • 3

I agree with Dogatonic.

Yes, more girl-girl. 50% would be about right.

Though I'm not sure I agree that there should be more variation in the assistant. Mostly, I think the girls ALS has used for longer stretches have been really good choices. So yes, I agree with you about Nella and Blue Angel. Gina Gerson, of course. And also Austin and Franziska. The only long time assistant that I don't actually like is Leighlani. So that is only one miss.

Totally agree that enthusiasm and being "in to it" are key.

As for your "more of" list:

I'd expand the more tongue list. So yes, more tongue kissing, but also more pussy and ass licking too.

Not sure I really want a medical scene with doctor/nurse costumes and a gyno chair. That's a style of role playing that doesn't seem to fit ALS. But setting up some sort of stirrup frame that works with the massage table would be cool. The idea would be that after the rest of her body got a nice massage, the model could just relax while her legs were held up and wide open so that the assistant could give her pussy a deep, thorough workout too. All with maximum exposure, of course.

  • 4

Wow, how does she have time to do so much. Still hoping your idea of bringing her back for a girl-girl is going to work.

Very hot short shorts with the cut-away belt. And I hope you are looking for Scan girls who have pussy lips like Moka's. I like all the spread legs poses, but #8640 is amazing. What a shot.

  • 3

Well, there are four no-hands shots, so I'd have liked more (and from more angles). But I agree they are good. They show both Vivien's face and cervix which I like. Even better would be to include some whole body shots that show her cervix.

I also agree that it is hot that Gina is holding the Rocket instead of Vivien. That was a great idea.

  • 2

The photoset was a very good one, and so is this BTS. Kimmy is having a lot of fun.

So thanks, Eric, for getting the download bugs worked out. Much appreciated.

  • 4

Ok, this was a good use of sunglasses. They aren't very dark, and Vivien looks over the top a few times. And then she takes them off. So the glasses are basically just part of the tease. That works well.

Good pee sequence too. The low angle sun is great light. But it would have been nice if Vivien had varied her smile a bit more.

  • 2

You were getting great looks from Suzy while she was doing her upskirt tease, so I would have liked more of that.

Suzy has lots of good expressions to go with those amazing nipples.

  • 3

What a hottie! And what a great set. What I like best about this scene is all the shots of Goldie climbing around in the tree. The ones at the start are good--particularly once she pushes her top up off her tits. But at the end, wow! Those shots showing her pussy when she has climbed back up in the tree are so hot.

And very sexy that she kept her top pulled up the whole time.

  • 4

Sorry to hear the shoot fell through. That's never good. But I do like the news that you are expecting Freya back. Hope you keep teaming her up with these girls who have big pussies!

The Ally samples look great. She's really hot, so I hope her release day is coming up soon!

  • 0

I'd say it depends on the hat. In "Fistin' Desire", I like Hailey's whole outfit including the hat, so I think it's cool that she keeps the hat on. On the other hand, in "Cowgirl Play", Hailey also wears a hat the whole time, but it is a cowboy hat that I don't like. I'd rather she had taken that one off.

So anyway, I hope ALS keeps thinking about getting a lot of different stuff into the shoots. I'm sure I won't like all their choices, but I do like most of them.

And yes, thumbs up for tennis shoes. Particularly Chucks.

  • 4

The Czech trip! Yay. Great to hear that the casting special is coming up soon since I've been wondering how it went this year. You have certainly found some amazing models there in the past.

And Eveline is quite a promising start. I really like these samples. She's got long dark hair, a beautiful expressive smile, and nice small tits with big pronounced nipples. Looks like she will be a great Scan girl.

  • 4

Yes, very pleased that we have been getting some of the photosets and BTSs at the same time. Like in this photoset, you can see that Naveen has cranked her pussy open really wide. But then you can jump right over to the BTS and watch her click the spreaders. Her reaction as that last click stretches her pussy is just wonderful. I think my opinion of the spreaders is going up. And my opinion of Naveen has always been high--she's a great Scan model.

So keep up the great work!

  • 2

Fun BTS. This time we have both Alex AND Jen getting a bit crazy over a sexy model.

So did you give Empera that skirt? I hope so.

  • 2

Wow! Now that is a great pussy stretch that Naveen did. What a set.

  • 0

Hmm. Well, I want the girls to use toys that feel really good, and lots of them are very into the Hitachi.

But I do agree that the Hitachi isn't the best for "action" on a video. I like to see the girls working something into their hole. A great combo is a vibrator (or veggie) that she can put in her pussy and a mini-Hitachi or that "clit encaser" that she can use to buzz her clit and lips.

  • 3

And another excellent video from Lena. She is not wearing as distinctive of an outfit this time, but it is a nice dress and all the better for her not wearing any panties under it.

The sexting was a good way to start, and it's cool that we get to see Lena's screen so that we know what she and Freya are saying to each other. The best bit is when Lena puts the phone down and is fidgeting in her chair. She is horny now and is trying to decide if she is going to play with herself. So she keeps looking around the room and flipping the edge of her dress up while making up her mind. We are treated to some great looks at her pussy while she is thinking about it. And of course she does decide to play with herself. After all, she is an ALS girl. That, and her vibrator is already plugged in and ready to go.

  • 3

Thanks Alex. Yeah, I'm certainly not into larger tits, but I agree that this is a fantastic interview--one of the best. Mia is a charming sweetie.

Mia is very relaxed and chatty. It's amazing to hear that just a few years ago in high school she was so morbidly shy that she would always be covered up and wasn't comfortable talking to anyone. She couldn't be farther from that now. You ought to have followed up on how she could change so dramatically so quickly. I wonder if there is a story there.

Great call on having her pull her tits out. And once she did, she couldn't stop just causally playing with her nipples. No shyness left in this girl now!

So it sounds like her agent dropped the ball on the shaving issue. I totally respect that Mia has decided what she wants her body to look like and she is going to stick to her guns. That's cool.

And how about another plug for getting interviews out quicker? Do they take very much prep work or editing? If they aren't very hard to get ready, it really would be great if you got a lot more of the old ones out, and start putting up the new ones within three or four months of when a model is first released. I like getting to learn a bit more about these beautiful girls.

  • 3

Even though I'd rather have the metal one, this set still has a great speculum sequence.

Particularly good are all the shots with the crew. My favorite is #161: Empera looking over at the still camera with a slight smirk. There is a great overhead shot where she is sucking in her lip with her eyes closed, #177. Empera looks totally absorbed in that one. And then she has some hot wanton looks at the end of the sequence: #184; and, no-hands, #186.

  • 3

Blake's back doing a talk-to-the-camera video. Or at least she starts that way. She somehow seems to get a bit distracted and stops talking....

So yeah, while I like these best when the girl keeps talking, this one does have another great feature: Blake opens herself up with the spreaders when she starts. I just love these masturbation videos where the girls crank their pussies open with the spreaders, or even better, speculum. Keep 'um coming.

  • 2

BUFU means butt fuck.

  • 3

Been waiting for this set to be posted. It's really good and is my favorite Ivy photoset so far.

The girls peeing side-by-side is certainly the highlight sequence, but I like the whole set starting with Ivy's outfit. Good sequence with the wet panties, and then a lot of shots where Ivy has pulled the panties down. Wow!

After she takes her panties off, Ivy does hot no hands poses. And it so funny how that sequence ends: Ivy is sitting with her legs wide open showing off her beautiful pussy and here comes a naked Freya down the steps with her handy spreaders. Freya doesn't need no clothes, but she's sure gonna be prepared to open pussies!

And then a big fat glass dildo! This was already a great set even before getting to the spectacular peeing finale.

  • 4

Oh, and thigh high socks! Hailey's "Fistin' Desire" has her in striped socks, pigtails, and no panties. Austin fists her and gapes her big. Hailey wears the socks and her hat till the end.

I had forgotten how many really hot sets Hailey did.

  • 5

Agree about these shoes. High heels don't interest me much as such and I like other kinds of footwear better. But these black heels go well with the black pantyhose, so it is cool that she kept them on.

And very much agree about the baseball bat set. That would be worth getting on the list.

  • 4

Yeah, I guess here's my theory of it. I'm encouraging ALS to go for diversity in their shooting style and not feel obliged that, for instance, the girl must be naked by the end of every set. In some of the BTS videos, Alex has said that he has to get like ten totally nude shots at the end. Of course all these girls look great naked, so that's not actually bad. But I do think that it can be very sexy if the theme of a set is carried all the way to the end.

What is really hot about a crotchless body suit is that it exposes only the pussy. (Of course the fabric here is sheer so we see Hailey's tits through it. But they are covered.) So I think it is sexy that at the end of the set it is still only her pussy that is uncovered. Such a set cannot also showcase her butt. Alternatively, it is also hot when thigh high socks are worn till the end, and such socks do make for great butt shots.

I looked at Hailey's other sets. Interestingly, she did another set "Anal Vibes" where she also did an inverted bottle (nice fat bottle!), this time wearing fishnets. It also has her doing an anal vibrator so there are lots of butt shots there. That set is a hot one too.

  • 6

Now that is a hot look! This is much better than a typical pantyhose set. It is more like a crotchless catsuit. Two things make this work really well. First these black ones provide a good contrast that you don't get from skin colored pantyhose. Second, the crotch opening is symmetric and just large enough to frame Hailey's pussy but keep her otherwise clothed.

I really like that Hailey started the set already crotchless so there are lots of good upskirt peekaboo shots while she is still wearing her dress. And then it was hot that she pulled the pantyhose up into a catsuit and wore it that way for all the rest of the set. Almost a shame that she tore the crotch opening bigger, but she did need some more room to get that bottle into her pussy. Really good inverted bottle sequence too.

  • 4

These kind of samples are always pretty limited, but there are certainly promising hints here that Jessica could be a great Scan model. So I'm eager to see what you put up Friday from your shoot.

Good luck with the weather too.

  • 3

So far, Lena's been wearing really sexy outfits that fit her look so well. Hot.

  • 5

A BTS from an early Gina shoot--very cool!

This was a great photoset, so I glad to have the BTS too. Gina is hot, and so interesting to watch.

  • 2

Thanks for letting us know. If you find other models who also want to do ATM, I hope you shoot it. But maybe anytime the girl wants rougher sex, you ought to have her say so at the start. Since it is so different from what you usually shoot, it would be good if it was clear that it was her idea.

  • 2

Oh yes, so glad we were able to talk you into releasing Lena on Scan. It's a trip how much taller she is than Freya, but she still looks very much a Scan type. This is an excellent first set.

Lena has a carefree innocent air combined with cheerful engaged looks. Add in this super sexy outfit--wow, what an effect. How can you not love this look: #16.

What a great range of expressions Lena goes through as she pulls the front of her shorts down: a hint of shyness #54, mischievousness #55, and a "you want more, don't you" look #58.

In the middle of some hot spreads from Lena, we get this shot of Freya with her pussy open in a perfect butterfly: #92. Yeah, Freya.

This new style Dreamcatcher is really good. I like the black Catcher to go with her spiked black boots and the contrast with her pale skin. Hot. As are the shots where Freya gapes her.

Aways love no-hands insertions. Particularly this one with Lena stretching her arms up: #186.

But Freya about steals the show goofing around with the Dreamcatcher at the end. Great set all the way through.

  • 2

Appreciate that you're getting so many releases for both Katy and Mia out so quick. They are both really hot girls. This is a good masturbation video from Mia, and it's nicely color coordinated too.

  • 0

Perhaps this set was later in the day? Katy seems more relaxed and comfortable and shows her personality more than in the "Loose Lips" BTS. Kiara is still charming. So great shoot.

And we get these fine words of wisdom from Jen: "We love swollen fat pussies."

  • 4

Yeah, I was one of those who said "amazing nipples!", and they really are.

This looks like a great set. Did she do the bottle in her butt, or #8575 just a bit of teasing?

  • 5

Ah yes, Faith: always a big radiant smile to go with her big butterfly pussy lips. She always looks to be having a good time. She must have been great to shoot.

I like that she pulled her top up and left it that way for most of the set. And appreciate all the shots of her dripping pussy at the end.

Good remaster.

  • 0

It's up already! ALS has started releasing some photosets and their videos on the same day including this one. Check it out, it's a good one.

  • 3

Well, I'm interested in hearing what Alex was planning on doing. Bella is beautiful, so I certainly won't object to having her on Scan.

But the odd thing is that I strongly prefer girls with small tits. Yet lately I've lobbied for having Lena Anderson, Moka Mora, and now maybe Bella Rose on Scan. None of these girls are small. So part of it is that I'm enthusiastic for long nipples and long pussy lips, but beauty and great expressions go a long way too.

So Alex, can we have some more samples? I think the soaked panties set would be a real good call. But mostly what I'd like to see are more no hands shots of her pussy. Bella has obviously got amazing nipples, it looks like maybe she has got a killer pussy to match?

  • 2

This is another really fine BTS. My two top picks from Budapest 2016 are Mia Evans and Katy Rios. We now have a BTS from each girl with Kiara as the assistant both times. This has worked very well as these girls are quiet but Kiara is not.

So we get less sense of Katy's personality than we would if she spoke English, but in her unspoken smiles and looks, I think she is quite enchanting. And like a good color commentator, Kiara prevents any dead air by providing lots of lively chatter.

  • 2

Katy's first photoset was a showcase for her titties--beautiful framed with her pulled aside bikini top. This time Katy shows up in a tight and sexy dress with no panties, so of course the focus is on her pussy. And a most amazing pussy it is.

So many stellar upskirt shots that it is hard to pick the best, but I think these two no hands shots: #28 Katy looking down at herself, and #32 looking at the camera....loose lips indeed.

And she has sexy playful looks too: #97.

For those who think they prefer plastic over metal, behold the glories of Katy's pussy reflecting off the shiny metal speculum: #131. (A sexy and artistic shot--thanks Jen.)

And again, an excellent final shot: Katy in repose as if she was unaware of her amazing hotness.

  • 5

If Ivy Aura is the Queen of Gapes, then Freya Von Doom is the Princess of Wet.

  • 2


Bella has fairly large tits--bigger than I usually like--but they don't droop at all. Fantastic nipples. Tight body. Plump pussy and maybe long lips.

So is Bella going to be Scan or Angels?

Oh, and this:

"Bella is a charming Southern Belle from a small town in North Carolina..."

So does she speak with one of those delightful Southern drawls?

  • 2

It would be harder to do in the U.S. since Alex would have to get three or four girls together in Baltimore at the same. But if he did, it could be set up as a nice little story: Freya finds herself alone all day in her nice big house and decides to invite some friends over for some fun. Who could be a more perfect hostess for a pee party than Freya Von Doom?

  • 4

I think Alex said that those trips were very expensive and they didn't recruit many new member so he decided that he couldn't afford them anymore.

As a manageable alternative, I've suggested that he do a "mini-Caribbean" by getting three or four girls together during one of the Euro trips for an afternoon around a pool where they get drunk, play with toys, fist, lick pussy, and, of course, pee. Give them big pitchers of punch and don't let them do shots and they will have plenty of pee all afternoon long.

  • 2

Good video. And I like how Aria starts it out with her selfies and stuffed animal.

  • 6

Oh, and I like the bikini. Hot pink and see through when wet, yeah. This is a better seam down the middle and over her pussy than the one on Aria's suit a couple of weeks ago.

Are you still making these? I do think it would be a hot look to do a contrasting thread. Like I bet this pink would look great with an electric violet stitch.

  • 9

Good to have Sara Jaymes around again--it's been awhile.

This has a nice long peeing sequence. I noted last week how hot it was that Dolly Little started peeing while standing straight up. There weren't too many pictures of Dolly, though. In this set, Sara pees while standing too, and we get a lot more pics of Sara. Favorites are #117 right at the start where she is just beginning to dribble, and later #165 where she is holding her outer lips open. I also like #169 when she finished and looks up but is still spreading.

Very cool that her pee is backlit by sunlight. But that brings me to my one big complaint. Sara is facing away from the sun throughout the sequence, so there was no reason for her to put on sunglasses when she did. This would have been really outstanding if she had skipped the glasses entirely. But overall, good. It's a long sequence and she goes back and forth between squatting and standing. Some of the squatting shots are really good too.

Certainly psyched by the standing shots--hope there are a lot more of these coming this year. And I've mentioned it before, but it would be really hot to add more peeing poses too. You really ought to do a tits-down-ass-up doggie pose. And for girls who aren't bothered if they might get some pee on themselves, do piledriver and see how high they can shoot.

  • 2

Looks like they are calling that toy a "horseshoe" this time. Before it got called a "pussy wedge".

Yeah, it worked well for Ivy since she can really relax her muscles and get huge gapes. But the toy is pretty wimpy and doesn't have much spreading power. Have a look at Kimmy Granger's "Corset" set where it could barely open her at all.

So much credit to ALS for trying new things, but this toy has limited potential. I do very much like the idea of a spreader that holds itself in place so that the model can move around and do a lot of no hands poses. But ALS is rightly famous for big gapes, so a suitable toy would need to have the oomph to actually open a more typical pussy.

If ALS ever finds a good stay-in-place spreader, then they gotta shoot a girl-girl with both girls wearing one.

  • 2

Ahh man, really? You have Alaina in a second twerking video and she is still not naked? You gotta let her let her fine ass out so she can show it off and shake it out. Wiggle those big pussy lips. Bounce them about...

Other than that un-excusably un-naked twerk, this was a great BTS. Alaina and Gia's easy rapport is just cool, and hot.

  • 2

Hope we get the video (and selfies) soon.

  • 4

Oh yeah, more girl-girl with more tongue kissing, more pussy licking and more than double the 69!

And more double dildo. So how about double dildo while both girls are wearing Dreamcatchers? That would be instant classic hotness ALS style. For sure.

  • 4

"Pretty severely awesome, for sure..."

Well, Dogatonic has that absolutely right. And likewise, my only complaints would be I want even more of this great stuff. So yeah, fabulous set even at "only" 237 photos.

Mia is my favorite from this Euro trip, and Kiara is a great assistant, so this is very well cast. I like everything in this set, I like the order it is shot, and most important, I like how the girls do it all.

First up, great outfits. Kiara's is especially sexy with the shoelace ties on the side of her pink shorts and the lacy fringe on her top. The girls are having so much fun with their selfies that it is a really hot tease. Kissing: #11. Undressing: #15. Can the selfie shots be linked on this or Mia's page somehow?

Excellent that Mia's shorts come off first. And then Kiara eats her pussy before any more clothing is removed. Ready, Mia? #32. Feels good? #38.

Next off is Mia's top. I always love the big exposure vibe from having a fully naked model with a fully clothed assistant. And it is all the better when the assistant is dressed like Kiara is. Can't beat this superhot shot with tongue kissing and fondling Mia's amazing pussy: #50.

More selfies once both girls are naked. And with more tongue: #85. Hope we see these selfies soon.

Now that they are both naked and ready for action, I like that they did scissoring first. It's a great sequence where they keep going back and forth between grinding and pulling back so we can see that Mia's big pussy lips are open: #99. At the end they both give the camera a great look: #109.

From scissoring they move on to another of my most favorite things: 69. That first shot, #113, is so hot with Mia's tongue out and in action. And Mia looking up at camera, #125, is pretty killer too. Excellent sequence. Would have been even more excellent if it was twice as long. Loved the mutual nipple sucking they did at the end. And that would have been even better if Mia's arm didn't block her face.

And from 69 they move on to my favorite girl-girl toy: double dildo. This is a good long sequence with lots of great pictures. I like where they are cupping their tits, looking at each other: #182, and at the camera: #183. And I like where they each put a foot up:#184. You ought to shoot a double dildo pose where the girls put both feet up like that. It would be very hot.

Doggie style double dildo is another unbeatable pose. And you almost always get a great shot of both girls looking at the camera with "see how we are fucking" grins. And you got an excellent one this time: #206.

Finally, to cap off the awesomeness of this most awesome set, we get closing shots of both girls sitting side by side with their legs wide open. Laughing: #229, kissing with a little tongue: #232, kissing with lots of tongue: #234. Pussies and tongues--life is good.

  • 2

Blue and Klaudia together were amazing.

  • 6

Thanks for the new samples. This is going to be another hot set. And cool that Lena's release is just a couple of weeks away.

In most of these shots there is no sign that Lena is shy. She's got great looks that are warm and friendly and not bashful or guarded. Though when she is trying to pee she does seem a bit nervous.

Good that Lena pushed her top up for a lot of this set. I really like #8547, you must have said "pussy forward" and Lena took you at your word.

But I think the best part of the scene is going to be the peeing. All three of these samples are really hot. Freya is just ideal for an ALS assistant--you found a gold mine with her. Hope you can keep getting her back for more girl-girl pee scenes and all the rest.

  • 2

Love this set! So very many great shots that I won't try to pick out favorites. Instead I'll just note two nice touches that bookmark the beginning and end of the scene.

Ivy's panties have what seems to be a slight tear in the lacy so that they work like a micro-crotchless. (#8 is a good closeup.) This takes peek-a-boo teasing to sexy new heights.

At the end, the last shots are Ivy and Freya posing together. We get a quick kiss in #334. Then the final shot of these tiny tits Scan beauties: two happy smiling girls relaxed and displaying their impressive big pussies. Wonderful.

  • 6

This is a good set that plays to Dolly's many strengths. She looks really cute in the blue and pink dress. We get just a few tease shots--#11, the first peek-a-boo glimpse of her pussy is excellent.

Instead of a long tease, Dolly quickly hikes her skirt up and starts pulling on her pussy lips. And her big long lips are wonderfully stretchy. Great sequence made all the better given that she keeps her dress on.

After removing her dress, Dolly does a doggie pose up on the chair. She has really good spreads and gapes, but my favorites this time are the no hands shots particularly the closeup #98 and the whole body shot #101. Can't get enough of those long dangling pussy lips.

Good Dreamcatcher sequence. I really like those pink clothes pins and it is a nice touch to use them on a redhead like Dolly. The Dreamcatcher and measure dildo are a natural combination. But the best part of this sequence is when Dolly turns over to doggie and gapes her pussy while still wearing the Dreamcatcher. Love #224.

Wow, then the way Dolly starts peeing by just standing straight up with her legs slightly apart. That first whole body shot (#297) where her pee is just begining to dribble off her big lips, and then the closeup #298, so hot. You should have all the long lipped girls try that: let them show off their amazing dangly pussies!

  • 3

Outstanding BTS of an outstanding photoshoot. I'm glad that this got released quick since I've been looking forward to seeing how these two girls interact. And it is almost exactly like I expected. Very cool.

  • 4

Very good video. Katy is a hot girl with a wonderful pussy.

  • 2

Yeah, I've got high hopes that we are going to get some excellent scenes with very sheer and soaked fabrics this year.

  • 2

What nipples!

I see you did a great job of shooting Empera's cool calligraphy tattoo and avoiding her other more annoying one.

Letting the models close their eyes when they are looking up towards the sun is a good idea too. Not only does it help eliminate the need for sunglasses, but it can be a cool look in its own right--pic #8536 might be my favorite of these samples.

Hope you got some shots of Empera naked on that cute little bridge.

  • 4

Sarah was one of my early favorites when I first signed up to ALS, so it is really cool to see her sets remastered.

I like Sarah's outfit in this set and how she takes her shorts off sitting in the chair. The old release had just three pictures while this new one now has twelve, so we get to see Sarah slowly push her shorts down over her knees and then all the way to her ankles so that she can spread her knees wide to show us her pussy. Just love those shots with the shorts around her ankles--that was the right call for the new cover.

  • 3


  • 2

Kylie! Love this skinny little hottie and her perfect small tits with such perfect nipples. So to get Kylie in knee high socks and pigtails...and riding the Sybian...yes.

  • 3


Yeah, from those lower res casting shots you had up Tuesday, I didn't get much sense of Moka other than that she had larger tits and would probably be an Angel model.

But wow. Those are great samples from your shoot. And everything you say about her makes Moka sound like a perfect fit for ALS style. That first shot sums it up: very sexy girl with big dark eyes doing full splits across volute stairs with her pussy lips dangling down. Oh yeah.

I can see why you want her on ALSAngels: her tits are certainly at the larger end of what I would want to see on Scan. But man, everything else. She's very beautiful, she's got great nipples on those larger tits, she's got such wonderful long pussy lips, she did the large Rocket, and it sounds like she's got the attitude for fun and hot ALS style photosets and videos. Would be good to have her on Scan.

So by all means, bring Moka back. And I love the idea of having Kristen Scott back. I've been begging for Kristen, so bring her back if at all possible. Kristen alone or with anybody would be great. Kristen and Moka sounds excellent.

  • 0

Always enjoy the ALS bikinis and this is really nice see-through fabric on this one. At first I wasn't sure I liked a seam down the middle of the bottoms, but it does play to the tease: sheer fabric but her pussy is still kind of hidden. So I do like the general idea. But I don't like the look of this overlock seam. A sharper looking bikini would have been to do all the stitching with a dark purple thread and to do a flat felled seam down the bottoms.

  • 2

Aria is looking good.

When the hanging weights are used indoors, I'd agree with Dcf that you should try to get an uncluttered background so that they show up more clearly. But in this outdoor set, I like using them against the dark background. The best of these pictures are not so much about the weights but about the light on Aria's stretched pussy. I really like #116 with the sun just catching the hood of her clit. And then in #134 where she has opened her legs wide, it just catches the one pussy lip. The same for the rear poses. I like the light in #120 and where she has started to spread in #121.

Good call on putting the weights on her nipples too. So your cover shot and also #149 where she is starting to squat down.

Cool that you put in a couple of shots, #186, 187, where you step back for the big picture.

Love Aria's pose and expression in #158.

Glass dildo looks great in the sun. So does Aria.

  • 2

Oh yes, another BTS with Kristina Bell. She's just a wonderful girl. This was a great opportunity to find out more about what she is like.

And Alex was going a bit crazy. Or as Kristina put it, "weird". Anyway, I hope she found it to be an enjoyable weird. She seemed to.

  • 3

Very pleased to have Katy on the site. She's got a wonderful look where she just barely sticks her tongue out like in this shot where Kiara has clipped the Dreamcatcher to her nipples: #125.

And speaking of nipples, Katy totally rocks the 'tits out" look in this set. Love this one where she has taken the bottoms off and is looking down intently as she is focused on her clit: #99.

  • 2

Adria's sets have had wonderful teases. She's combined sexy little outfits with her rich repertoire of cute and playful looks. This time she lets us know right early that this is going to be fun by spreading her legs and sticking out her tongue: #12.

There are lots of good pictures with her top pulled down off her tits, particularly #34. Then with her top still like that, she bends over backwards. It's a great sequence. The two best are maybe a glamorous look, #45, and a slight smile as she leans way back, #50.

Too bad the skirt and panties are a solid unit. It would have been really hot if the panties unsnapped. But good stuff after she has taken them off. I like the shots where Adria has put the lollypop in her pussy and is using both hands to hold her legs straight up. Like Katy Rios, Adria has a wonderful look where she just barely sticks her tongue out through her teeth: #133.

That was a nice pussy drip when she pulled the lollypop out. Wish there was a whole body shot of that. The doggie sequence with the lollypop is good, particularly #177 where she is fingering her ass too.

Adria does some great gaping. In #209 she's doing her tongue thing, and in #215 she's shifted to a very different but also appealing look.

With the measure dildo, I love #238 where she has this wonderful "hey guys, come check this out" look as she shows us how deep her pussy is.

And then the set comes to an excellent finish where Adria first squats slightly with legs wide, #257, and then looks back between her legs, #259. And then she looks up to leave us with a departing view of her lovely pussy and ass, #260.

  • 2

Another idea that would make for a very hot girl-girl scene:

You know the variation on the Dreamcatcher where you taped clips to the girl's thighs? (Tamara Jade and Rihanna Samuel each did them.) Have both girls in a girl-girl wear them at the same time. Even if they also used other toys too, I would put the focus on pussy eating and 69. They could also do side by side peeing wearing the clips.

For a photoset it would be ideal if both girls had really long pussy lips. Long like Kymberly Brix or Jayden Taylors style lips. Nadia Taylor lips. You know what I mean.

For a girl-girl action video, best might be to go with girls who are sure to get a big kick out of this kind of pussy play. I bet Ivy and Freya would be pretty amazing. Or maybe girls getting drunk? Would love to have seen Gigi Rivera get drunk and do this.

Well enough name dropping of ALS hotties for one post. That's my idea and I hope you try it.

  • 6

Yes, that is a really hot outfit, kinda "sexy-cute with some edge". Both Lena and Freya are into black spiked boots. Thumbs up on having her pull the front of her shorts down. And the new Dreamcatcher too.

You haven't announced a release date for Lena, have you? If it is still a bit down the way, how about some from the set where Lena is peeing on the porch steps while Freya fondles her tits? It looks like it is also a measure dildo scene....(So if Lena is extra tall, does that mean her pussy is extra deep? Hmm, looks like a good mystery to solve.)

  • 4

Hey Alex,

I'm totally with you on the baby oil. And I like it best when the models put it on thick and get outrageously shinny.

As far as pleasing people with different tastes, this set might be a good guide. Molly doesn't break out the oil until #263. By then she has already done a lot of great posing and used the big floppy dildo. So that in itself would be a fine set.

So if you want to post photosets of more than 300 pictures (and I hope you do), then you could basically do a 2 for 1 approach. Have the model do a tease, then some spreading and lip pulling kind of poses, and then a toy. After that, pour on the oil. Then she can do some gaping poses (since her pussy lips are harder to pull when slippery) and a different toy. Maybe one toy opens her up like a speculum or Rocket, and the other toy stuffs her pussy like a bottle, markers, or a dildo (the glass dildos look great with oil).

Unless there are some people who particularly want long sequences of the oil being applied, you could keep that part fairly brief so your scenes don't end up taking lots of extra time to shoot.

  • 4

Dakota is super hot and really cute, so that would be reason enough to comment on one of her photosets. But this outstanding scene has three extended sequences that I really really like. You don't often do these, so they would be good ideas for future shoots.

The teases are a big part of an ALS scene and it is really hot when the models start exposing themselves without yet taking off their clothes. After fully flashing her tits, there is a really long sequence (from #25 to #124) where Dakota has her leotard unzipped. She goes through a lot of different poses, and all the while her nipples are either just barely showing or just barely covered. That seemingly haphazard exposure is so sexy. (#43 and #71 are particularly good)

I always wish you would shoot more sequences with the model facing the camera with her shorts or panties pulled down off her pussy. Most often, you do sets where the model turns away and you get a couple of shots of her butt, then, whoosh, the panties are gone. In this set, Dakota also turns away from the camera. But she pulls her leotard down only to her knees and leaves it there for several hot pics. I really like when she is looking to the side (#143), and the first one where she looking back through her legs (#145).

The third excellent sequence is with the Dreamcatcher where you shoot from above her head (#209 to #218). I've always really liked this perspective, but it is rare that you have a whole sequence of these shots. My favorites are the first one where Dakota has her arms drawn in playing at being bashful, and then #213 with her arms over her head totally at ease with being exposed. Part of what makes this perspective so hot is imagining who might be looking at her pussy. In fact, #209 just catches somebody's toe. An amazingly hot sequence would be to take a series of shots like this where we see three or four mystery people from the knees or ankles down.

So if you find some models as hot as Dakota, and if you shoot some outstanding sequences like these, then it's going to be a great year.

  • 0

Oh, I meant to highlight #79 too. Another combo of a hot pose and a great expression.

  • 4

Sierra is so expressive and outgoing, her BTS and interview videos are among the best. This one too.

I'm impressed that Sierra chose just about all these poses herself, and they are hot ones we like here on ALS. Jen even said, "you keep reading my mind".

  • 5

Cool! We haven't had a Sierra set in a awhile and this is a good one.

On the Blog ideas for the new year yesterday, I'd just suggested that ALS keep up the photoset and BTS combos. So check. And I also asked for more crotchless panties and "strings only" bikinis. This pussy jewelry isn't exactly either one, but it is exactly the right idea. I like it, so check on that as well. Great stuff.

I checked out her interview BTS again, and Sierra says she loves to smile. And such a winning smile too: #54.

The sequences where she is taking selfies are all very good. Hope we get to see those soon.

A few more of my favorites:

Squatting on the bottle #136; lip-biting and legs wide pose #148; and this legs akimbo and looking at the camera shot #163.

In the BTS for this set, Sierra talks about her "drunk girl look". She's got it. An absolutely perfect "hot drunk girl peeing" pic: #173.

  • 3

Exactly right!

I'm all for more Gina since she always impresses me. I love her girl-girl scenes which you just know will be full of lots of kissing and tongue.

Agree about the strap-on too. The double dildo is the toy I like.

  • 0

No, changing the aspect ratio of the photos doesn't sound very good. People have monitors, phones, tablets, of a bunch of different ratios and resolutions. I use two displays, a 4k in landscape, and a 1200x1920 portrait, which is why I like there to be a good mix of landscape and portrait shots in a set.

But an easy change would be to make the background behind the photos dark instead of white.

  • 2

Sierra's new set reminds me of something else that I think would be cool if you did. These interviews with the models are also on the model's page so it is easy to see if one has been released and easy to find if it has.

When a girl takes selfies during a shoot, you sometimes put the selfies here on your blog. But if you look at a photoset and see that the girl is doing selfies, it is not obvious if those selfies have been posted yet, and to find them requires searching back in the blog archives.

So could you post the selfies to the model's page? Or perhaps a note could be added to the photoshoot page saying that the selfies can be found on the blog post of such-and-such date?

It would be cool if it was easy to look at the photoset pics and the selfies at the same time. Thanks.

  • 5

And a lot more photos than the original release too.

  • 2

For most models, their shower scenes are not the hottest. There are exceptions like Aubrey Bell and Nomi Melone who did sizzling shower scenes.

Kristen Scott is going to do a hot scene no matter where she is. And here she really goes at her pussy in an amazing fisting performance. Just love Kristen Scott.

  • 1

Love the color combo of this green dress and pink panties.

And these are such hot crotchless panties! When you have such sexy crotchless panties, don't skimp on shooting them. Vivien could have done a few more poses before taking them off.

Vivien is a great at peeing. And peeing with her dress on--very hot.

  • 4

Molly is one of the best. Great to have this set remastered.

Yes, outstanding tease. Love the pink bathrobe.

  • 2

Yeah, I like Tali, she's pretty cool. So what was behind having her show her tits several times during the interview? That was a nice touch. For the girls who have enough of an exhibitionist streak, you ought to encourage that. Some of them would enjoy showing off while answering questions. Could be pretty hot.

Before giving any suggestions for the new year, I want to say that ALS had a fantastic year in 2016. You shot a lot of really hot models and there were both great photosets and great videos. Well done.

So, new ideas:

Up your technical game. Get rid of sunglasses. Maybe you need to turn the models away from the sun on bright days and use bounce boards to get good natural light. And kill the wind noise. Use a parabolic mike or something that can get good sound on windy days. And stamp out the random background chatter on both the BTS and action videos. You guys can do clean sound with just a bit more effort.

Invent a new ALS toy. You should retire the clunky strap-on and replace it with a new device that is as worthy of the ALS name as the Rocket is. In fact, I like the idea of a new harness that would hold a Rocket in place. ALS is about big exposure, so it would be really hot if the girl wearing the strap on had her pussy opened wide.

And keep doing some of the ALS classics:

More see-though and peek-a-boo clothes: wet t-shirts and lubed-up sheer panties, super short shorts and no panties skirts and dresses, crotchless panties and sexy lingerie like garter belts and thigh high stockings, and more of those hot strings-only ALS bikinis.

Build that collection of glass dildos. Particularly big fat ones. And more of that Dreamcatcher variation where you tape clips to the model's thighs.

More athletic sets like yoga and weight benches. And for really flexible girls, cheerleader sets. No panties cheerleader sets with lot of high kicks, jumps, and splits.

New poses for peeing: flat on her back at the top of some stairs or head down and ass up doggie style. And for girls who aren't afraid of their own pee, pile driver.

Lots more pussy licking. Particularly 69. Oh, and more ass licking too.


Get the interview videos out sooner. And keep releasing those photoset and BTS combos.


Do second shoots with some of the hottest recent models like Kristen Scott, Kymberly Brix, or Kristina Bell. Ivy Aura, can you get Ivy again already?

Keep using Freya Von Doom as an assistant.

Oh, and finally, have a hell of a lot of fun. There's nothing else quite like ALS, so just enjoy yourselves while shooting all these amazing hot girls. Happy new year!

  • 0

This is an excellent photoset. But if there was a BTS video, it would have been shot in much lower resolution.

There are so many unreleased 1080 videos that I would much prefer ALS only release those that are new enough to be HD. For older stuff, lets stick with remastered photosets. So in Shelby's case, there is still her speculum set and a girl-girl photoset with the very hot Amy Lee that have not yet been remastered.

  • 2

Naomi looks so good in pigtails.

  • 2

Yes, I always like when a model poses with her hands above her head and her legs spread wide. We get a lot of good shots of Ana posed like that both before the Rocket and afterwards when she is licking it. There are also some hot ones where she has one hand over her head and the other is holding the Rocket in. There are only two shots where Ana has both hands up and she is not holding the Rocket. That is a particularly hot pose so I wish there had been more of those.

Good tease on this one too. I like the upskirt poses: Ana sitting on the park bench reading her paper and just flashing her pussy for us all.

  • 2

Ana has personality to burn. Even here where she is on her own with little English, she is so enjoyable to watch.

I think on every Ana post I've probably said something about her amazing nipples, so I appreciated that, at about 12:50, Jen says, for the second time in this video, "look at her tits", then she says, "they look like they are ready to pop". That's right, look at her tits. And check out her nipples too. They are ready to pop.

Then, just before 14:00, Alex says, "That's a nice pink pussy." And that's right too, it is a nice pink pussy. And Ana still has personality to burn. Go Ana, go.

Oh, and I am enjoying getting these photosets and BTS's at the same time. Thanks for doing it.

  • 3

For Alex's rift over tattoos, I guess I'm on the side of "for them", at least in the sense that there are some tattoos that I like, lots that don't bother me, and only a few that I find annoying.

I'll stick with what I said during casting, Empera's big one on her right side is pretty cool since it is like calligraphy. Don't care for the one on the left. Such "slogans to live by" remind me too much of bumperstickers.

I also see I said this:

"Empera is a little hottie and I really like her hair and very small tits with nice nipples. I do hope you had her tone down the makeup when you shot her. Also, she is getting close to too thin, and I like the skinny girls."

Yeah, I'll stick with that too. Certainly dig those fine fine nipples on her tiny little tits. I do hope you shot some of the sets with her hair loose, I like it better that way. And I'd say that it is not so much that her body is too thin but that her arms are a bit skinny. Overall, "Empera is a little hottie." is quite right.

  • 2


And thanks, Eric, for posting when these videos are coming out.

  • 2

Certainly looking forward to Katy's release. Yes, it looks like the girls had a great interaction. I really like #8472.

  • 6

Wonderful! This is like fulfilling ALS destiny: you bring Freya Von Doom together with the Queen of Gapes and of course the universe is a better place for it.

Yes, two beautiful Scan girls who are intensely into pussy play and both having such amazing pussies to play with--that is indeed what we want.

So pleased to have Ivy on the site and am looking forward to seeing how these girls interact on the videos too.

  • 4

Thinking about that hot pose where Kimmy lies back on the bench while she pees:

When the weather gets warm again you guys ought to shoot a pee scene with a model laying on her back at the top of some stairs--steep ones like a deck--and aiming her pee up a bit to see how far she can shoot it.

  • 4

Kimmy is having a good time in this set with all kinds of looks.

Her shorts are not notably short. What I like best about them is that they match her hightop Chucks which is one of my favorite shoes. Cool that she keeps the Chucks on for the whole set.

I keep lobbying to have more pictures of the models pulling the front of their pants or panties down to show their pussies. Kimmy doesn't quite get there in #42. But there is also a lot to be said for pulling just the back down which Kimmy does do to showcase her really fine butt. My favorites might be the profile shots, particularly #33.

Good sequence where Kimmy squats on the conical water bottle. #81 with her eyes closed is good. And maybe even better is #89 where she has turned around and is spreading her ass.

In the expanding collection of fine glass dildos, Kimmy is using an ergonomic one that looks like a big crank. She has lots of fun with it too. I like her big happy smile in #129. Good sequence too when she turns around and puts a foot up on the bench.

Some great peeing shots. I love this one at the start where she is intensely focused on trying to go: #165. When she does get going, she keeps it up long enough to have all kind of fun looks. I really like when she lies back on the bench: #189. That is a hot pose.

At the end there is a lovely picture where Kimmy has a wonderful expression while holding her legs up and reaching around to spread her pussy: #207.

  • 4

Great BTS with my top model from Budapest 2016. I really liked the photoset.

It sounds like this was the first set that you guys shot with Mia, and I share your enthusiasm for her. She's quiet, but she is very beautiful and so good at posing. Impressive tease where Mia can drop her dress off her tits with a shrug.

So it was Jen who suggested that Mia pose doggie style with her legs spread wide on those arm rests. Love that hot pose. Great call.

Kiara is a great assistant. She is not quiet at all and is a good contrast to Mia. Lots of fun.

  • 2

Since I don't often look through the Archive, I thought I'd click through and see who Agnes worked with. And I found Kylie Wylde's "Intoxicating" scene. Wow, what a find. It is a very hot set in its own right with a long sequence of no-hands insertion shots, but I also hope that Alex and Jen will check it out for inspiration for doing a lot more no-hands insertions.

  • 0

Cute indeed. This is a nice scenic spot to shoot too.

But I don't find the Kegel Master to be a very suitable toy. Too bad it isn't Agnes's speculum set that got remastered.

  • 3

Just found this set, and it's so hot. Of course part of that is Kylie's great looks and her beautiful long lipped pussy. But this set is also just so full of really hot poses. Would love to see it be the inspiration for upcoming shoots.

No way I can point to all the shots I really like--way too many--so here is just of few of the best of the best as it were.

Kylie pulls the front of her panties down to reveal her pussy. The two best shots are #30 where she has a big smile, and #31, sultry and pushing her pussy forward just a bit for a good view.

I'm going to skip over a lot of good poses Kylie did on the bar because what really makes this set is the long sequence of no-hands shots she did with the bottle in her pussy. From #163 to #211 she only touches the bottle twice.

My favorites: her almost pout in #166. Then she has her legs straight up in the air with her feet crossed--#190 looking between her knees with a big smile. #193, the profile shot, is brilliant. And then #196 with her feet up and out.

But the very hottest shots of this great set are where Kylie is on the carpet with her legs and arms splayed out both before and after she puts the bottle back in her pussy. Before the bottle: #205. And with the bottle: #207 and #211.

I hope you can get some no-hands insertion shots as hot as some of these in future shoots. This set is really amazing.

  • 4

The bikini--crotchless with a "regular" top--that Freya wore in her recent set was also very hot. So keep these strings-only bikinis coming--they are a great part of the ALS style.

  • 4

I love these string-only bikinis. But I think the best one was the one Kimmy Granger wore which was very hot because it was like an outline of a "normal" bikini but it didn't have the fabric panels so it really made the point that her tits and pussy were not covered. It emphasized her exposure.

This one that Mia is wearing goes for more of a tease by adding another string in the middle that deliberately fails to quite cover Mia's tits and pussy. I do like a good tease, but this didn't work out quite as well as it seemed it might. So in the future I hope you shoot more of the Kimmy style bikini that puts a bold accent on exposure.

But the real problem in this set are the sunglasses which are too big, too dark, and never come off.

Anyway, looking forward to Mia's other sets.

  • 4

Ivy is just amazing.

#8448 is super hot without even seeing her pussy or tits. Real sexy pose, real sexy panties, hot girl.

Yeah, that "horseshoe" toy was too wimpy on the other girls who tried it. But these are great gapes on Ivy.

Wow, that Rocket looks gigantic in Freya tiny hand. Very impressive. So besides Ivy, who else has used this big Rocket? Dolly Little. Anyone else?

  • 4

An excellent set from Blake showing her pussy at its best.

The whole tease on this one is very good. You did something different that I really like starting with #33 where Blake is straddling the chair backwards with her dress hiked up. After she spreads, she slowly rolls off the chair into piledriver. So there are great shots like #44 where her legs are wide and the dress is starting to slide up her body. Then in #49 she is in upside down splits. She puts her feet to the floor and starts spreading again. (#59) Having Blake do this while still wearing her dress was brilliant and very hot. Great work!

The very next bit is hot too. This time Blake straddles the chair facing forwards and starts with her dress just off her pussy. Then she pulls it up to show off her tits too. She has several good looks, I think #64 is my favorite.

That very good tease is wonderful setup and the rest of the set lives up to it with hot gaping and the Dreamcatcher. And you even have a yellow catcher to go with the yellow squash.

  • 2

Never enough masturbation videos where the girl opens her pussy up with the spreaders or speculum. This is a good talk to the camera video too. And here we get both at once. Yay!

I do wish that Odette had tried again later to get her pussy wider by another click or two. I thought she was going to do so.

Love her little vibrator. When she touches it to the spreaders, that thing seems powerful. What a wonderful little toy to wear around her neck.

  • 2

I really like Anina's outfit. Well, those aren't the best short shorts, but the zippered sports bra and her pink Chuck Taylors are excellent.

The black couch and red curtain give some of these shots an interesting formal feel. #116 is a good "art" shot. #117 is a good "hot" shot.

The BTS video for this shoot is great. Well worth checking out if you like the BTS.

  • 2

Such fun. Anina is quite the entertainer. And Gina has to get naked real quick so she can participate.

  • 4

Yeah, I've been waiting for some samples from Katy. She was right up there with Mia Evans in my top two picks from this trip. I've been impressed with Mia, and it looks like I'm going to be impressed with Katy too. These samples are great.

From the casting it was clear she was very beautiful, and these samples show she is expressive too. #8442 is killer with a sultry hot look. #8435 is really good too. I'm glad to see that she pulled the bikini top off of her tits and wore it that way for most of the shoot. I really like that look generally and it is particularly good for Katy whose tits are at the larger end of the Scan range.

Some of these shots show Katy being playful too. It looks like she is going to be an excellent model. And yay for Kiara helping to get over the translation troubles. This was certainly worth the difficulty.

By all means lets have more samples of Katy. She's got great pussy lips. Did she do some lip pulling and gaping?

  • 2

Oh good. I'm a very big Kristen Scott fan, so thanks for putting another of her scenes up. They're all so great.

A no panties set, so there are lots of really nice little glimpses and hints of her pussy. But what I really like in this one is #33 where she is holding up her skirt and has one of her killer looks.

I like that her top is just thin enough to make out her nipples, and then she wets it down too. Those pictures are great. What I wish there were more of is shots like #63 with the top pulled down off her tits. That's hot.

Since Kristen has such wonderful pussy lips, it's very cool that she does a lip pulling sequence. And she pulls them every which way and gives them a good stretch too. I like all that, but what I like best is when they are pulled up and out so you can see her pussy hole. So there is an outstanding four shot sequence from #113 to #116 where Kristen is looking down at her pussy and starts out with the lips pulled down and then she pulls them up and open and then finally looks up.

The marker sequence is also excellent. Kristen must have had a lot of fun with that and she has all sorts of great looks. My favorite might be #185 which is a good overhead shot and Kristen has a very expressive look.

One of the very best pics is the very last. Kristen is leaning back and seems both pleased and amused at the end of this great photoshoot. And she's got her legs open to give us one last no-hands look at her glorious butterfly pussy. Wonderful.

  • 6

Very good peeing sequence too with excellent lighting. I'm glad you had her wearing her dress and shoes--that was hot. Did you consider having her pee through the gap in the crotchless panties? That probably would have been very hot too.

Vivien is off to a great start.

  • 4

Oh yeah, crotchless is making a comeback on ALSScan! These panties are hot! That's a sexy "dressy" dress Vivien is wearing. And the combo of the blue-green dress and pink crotchless is just wow. What an outfit.

Would have loved to have had a longer tease here. She took that dress so off quick. Most particularly I wish there were some rear bend over shots before she took it off. Also good would have been some poses with one foot up on that bench.

You did get some really good ones before the panties came off. I really like #26 where she has a very attractive natural smile and her pussy lips are sticking out. That's a great shot.

I don't usually single out the closeups for comment, but this time I will since these panties are so sexy. The two where she is facing the camera are good, but #49, the bend over shot where her pussy is gaping a bit...yeah.

Always love the pose with legs up and panties around the ankles. Vivien has a good smile in #59.

  • 7

Zvezda, then. I like it. And Aurora is certainly a hottie. From what you say, she sounds very interesting too. So I'm glad the transportation all worked out and you got a great shoot.

I was wondering what her hair color and style would be. I think this blend of colors looks very good on her.

My favorite of these samples is #8431. Aurora is just amazingly hot in that one: her outfit, her pose, her look, are all just perfect. Don't even know what to call that blue string thing she is wearing, but I really like it. Should be some seriously sexy tease with that thing.

So how about posting a batch of samples from that #8431 scene? And I'm thinking that fast-tracking Aurora sounds like a very good idea.

  • 4

Kymberly Brix is in the library and she does a talk-to-the-camera video. She doesn't say much, but she doesn't need to. Books make her horny so she keeps her Hitachi plugged in and close at hand with a big soft chair she can get comfy in. A great thing about this video is that for the final third she flips over in the chair to piledriver position and sticks her wonderful pussy straight up in the air.

Kymbery says:

"Thanks for watching, I had fun."

  • 6

Ah! Here it is! A few weeks ago I got the idea to watch a Lily Rader BTS video. I optimistically imagined that the "Overflow" one had already been released and was disappointed to find that it was not.

But now it is! So how did Lily react to being asked to wear the Dreamcatcher, then stuff her pussy full of Sharpies, and finally pump her clit up? Very well! And very hot! But she did it in her own particular way. I hadn't been able to figure out how to describe how Lily was so appealing, but in this video Alex comments that when he asks her to look sexy, she looks innocent. Yes, that's it. And it is so hot.

  • 5

So true. Freya is definitely one of the very best pee girls on ALS. Looking forward to those two girl pee sequences with her and other models.

  • 4

Yeah, hot indeed. You can see why Alex is always trying to get a shot of a model's still gaping pussy right after she has pulled out the Rocket or speculum. This time it worked perfectly.

  • 2

Good. Glad my comments were of some help.

As you can tell, I was impressed with this video.

  • 3

Mia is looking very sexy. And she has got her beautiful pussy all juicy and drippy.

  • 4

Very much agree that overall ALS does a great job. First and foremost, the Scan models are exactly the kind of girls I want to see. (Although I'd love to see more ethnic variety.) I like all the types of video ALS shoots, and I like all the types of toys--particularly the ones that spread or open a girl's pussy up.

But it is your last point that I want to emphasize. The clothes the models wear and the teases at the start of the sets are an important part of the ALS style and they do it so well. The teases are a big part of what make the BTS videos good.

Some of the things I keep lobbying for are part of a sexy tease: lubed up panties or crotchless panties, thigh high socks or stockings, and how about getting another cheerleader scene, hmm?

Some of the best outfits this last year have been the super short shorts. ALS has been on quite a roll with those. Lots of really hot pussy peek pics in those sets.

  • 4

Crotchless bikini! Love it.

This is another great set from Freya with an outstanding peeing sequence. Her big pussy is perfect for this crotchless bikini. And, as we've come to expect from Freya, she has lots of fun playing.

  • 2

That was a good interview. Blake seems to have a great personality for a nurse or doctor, so I hope she is successful.

And yeah, of course she does look good in the bikini.

  • 2

Yeah Lindsay Woods.

  • 2

Those are all great looking girls. I like the idea of getting a bit more ethnic look on the site.

  • 3

I thought it started out fine. I like the sun and shadows with the ocean in the background.

Do agree with the peeing sequence and the squat pose. I'd add the anal fingering too. Sasha is a wonderful anal girl.

  • 6

Well there is also an upside to having Gina as the assistant on a lot of shoots: consider all the pussy she gets to eat.

  • 4

Ah good. Girl girl with Gina Gerson. It's always great when Gina is licking pussy.

We've been talking about ALS getting back to doing more with see through clothing. Well, Gina's swimsuit is excellent with a sexy design and nice thin fabric. They gotta get it wet too. And of course they do with Anny spraying her down well. And Gina does the right thing with Anny's suit as well by pulling the cups to the side. I really like that "titties out" look and it is perfect for Anny's somewhat larger tits. Would have liked her to wear the top that way for most of the shoot.

Great sequence of Gina eating Anny's pussy. Should of had the girls turned a bit, though: Gina has her legs wide open, but to get the shot of her pussy you would have had to get in the pool. Actually, a few pictures from the pool would have been good.

The girls don't 69. but they do two of my other favorite things: scissoring and double dildo. My favorite shot of them scissoring is #161 (thumbnails). The best shots of them with the double dildo are probably when they are doggie. Really love the pair of #212 and #213. In the first, they are lost in their experience, in the second, they both look over and grin: yeah that's right, we are fucking doggie style with a double dildo.

  • 2

Ok, the file seems to be the proper length now. Thanks.

It looks like the reboot deleted the prior comments. So I wanted to add that I'm pleased that it looks like getting a photoset and the BTS at the same time will be a regular thing.

  • 3

Yes, the new Dreamcatcher is really cool. Since it pulls in all directions, it does a great job of spreading Lily's pussy lips open. I hope we will be seeing more of it in upcoming sets.

However, I do think that you ought to find either mini-clothespins or other small clips to use instead of the full sized clothespins. That would make it even better.

  • 2

Love Lily's socks, so it is cool that she keeps them on for the whole shoot. And that's really fun when Freya reaches up behind her head to pull Lily's lips open. Both their expressions are great. When it comes to pussy, there is nothing Freya can't do.

  • 3

Yeah, this is a really great set, so I take those comments not so much as a criticism of this one but as general advice about what there should be more of in shoots.

So taken that way, I agree with both these ideas. Or, actually, I would suggest just a bit more on eye contact. Yes, I'd like more eye contact between girls particularly when they are really close--kissing, but also when they have their foreheads pressed together or the like. But I also really like one or both to occasionally look over at the camera as if to say, "hi there! See what we are doing?" Get the girls deeply involved with each other, and then have them acknowledge that they are being watched. That's a great mix.

And I'm entirely on board with the idea of more no hands shots. It is so totally hot when these beautiful shaved ALS girls just have something sticking out of their pussies--speculum, Sharpies, or any of the toys. So more no hands shots from different angles and in different poses would make great sets even better.

  • 5

Yay! That was a surprise. I always hope that there will be at least one girl girl action video from the new models I like best, so I was certainly hoping for one from Mia Evans. I just never expected it might be her first release. It's good.

Very pleased that the girls 69. Wish you would encourage all the girls to spend longer licking pussy and especially 69ing. That's such good stuff, it should go on for longer.

Thanks for starting our new hottie Mia off with this one. Great call!

  • 4

Mia Evans! She is just amazingly beautiful. She's got the body, the looks, wow oh wow.

This starts with a good tease, and I like how Mia alternates between pulling her dress up and pulling it down to show either her pussy or her tits.

One of my favorite poses is when a model gets up on the arms of a chair doggie style. I still think the color of this chair is a bit weird next to skin, but its design is perfect for this pose. The chair looks very comfy and the "arms" are really just soft pillows. Best of all, they are far apart so that Mia spreads her legs really wide in this pose. What a hot sequence. And what a pussy! Mia gets a really hot gape just by pulling her butt cheeks apart (like #77 thumbnails, so good). Then after she stops spreading, her lips stay slightly parted so there are more good pictures where she looks back at the camera (particularly #84).

When a girl has such a fine pussy, it's great to have a lip pulling sequence. This one is excellent and not only because Mia is so hot. I also really like that Kiara gets upside down in that comfy chair so that Mia can straddle her head while getting her lips pulled. Then Kiara stays put and moves right into licking Mia's pussy from the same pose. All that is very very good.

But after that there is an outstanding follow-on when Mia takes over Kiara's spot on the chair and Kiara gets up to gape her. This piledriver gaping is another of my favorite poses. Mia looks happy and relaxed to be flipped up like this so exposed and having her pussy played with.

I also really the final few photos after she has taken the speculum out. Mia is all smiles and her well worked pussy is staying open in a beautiful butterfly spread. (#219 with her legs up)

Thanks for shooting such a beautiful model and for getting her released so quick. I'm certainly awaiting whatever is next from this delightful girl.

  • 3

It's quite tempting to ask for samples from all the rest of Ivy's scenes, but since her release is only a few weeks away, maybe just wait for those full sets. I'm also eager to see some samples from more of the hot girls you shot in Budapest. Like Katy Rios? I hope Katy gets released real soon. Would certainly love to see some samples from her sets.

  • 5

Wow, so Ivy has both a perfect body and a perfect personality for ALS: a hottie who is a gaping enthusiast, that's wonderful.

Thanks for the samples from this set. I figured it promised to be a very good one, and these additional pics show that it certainly is. Very cool that Ivy keeps the knee highs and Mary Janes on for most of the set. And totally soaked panties are back! Hope they are sheer enough to be nicely see-through.

Hope you can keep getting Freya back as an assistant, and am really glad that these two got to work together. I just love the side-by-side peeing pics.

You are building a fine collection of glass dildos which is great since they are my favorite. This one has really cool internal reflections of Ivy's pussy. It also looks impressively fat. Is that mostly an illusion or is it fatter than the ALS Rocket?

  • 0

Exactly right, S of W. Not a good idea to be blasting anything at some poor girl's pussy, not even supposedly "clean" air. Yikes.

Now vacuum cleaners are another story. Loud as hell, but they are a totally hot masturbation toy. If you haven't seen Shyla Jennings' "Sex Freak" video, by all means, check it out. It is one perfectly titled video on ALS.

  • 4

Hmm. Yeah, I'm a bit of mixed mind on this set. I've been impressed with Ana, and I love the girl girl scenes. Plenty of good pics here, but there were some choices made that left this set less that I wish it was.

First, of course, are the sunglasses. I'd prefer that ALS figure out a way to quit using them, but I'll cut sunglasses some slack on two grounds. First, if the models take them off for some of the set, and second, if they are not real dark. So here both girls wear them the whole way through, but at least they are not so dark.

And yup, next is the strap-on. It's a clunky looking toy and it also covers over the pussy of the girl wearing it. ALS should want to use things that look great and expose pussies. That's why I love the double dildo. If you really want to shoot scenes with a girl wearing a cock-like toy, come up with a strap-on where the dildo hooks up into the pussy of the girl wearing it, or one where the harness is crotchless and leaves the wearer's pussy exposed. Or, this would be a real ALS special: a harness that held a Rocket in place in the wearer's pussy.

And a final mild disappointment. I love the shots with two naked girls sunbathing with their legs wide open. This set has such a sequence, but the girls never put their squirt bottles down. It's all like #166. I was wanting a few pictures where they both spread their legs, lie back, close their eyes, and just soak up sun.

But anyway, keep the girl girl action going. The more the better.

  • 0

You really did find great girls on your Budapest trip. Even though Vivien is hot, I have 6 girls I'd like to see released before her. Not a problem to complain about--they will all be good.

This Vivien/Gina sets looks to be a good girl girl. Agree about the lingerie, Vivien's pink and black number is particularly hot. I still think Vivien's mega-smile is too much, but when she has a more natural smile, it is very attractive. And overall she is a great looking girl.

The 69 photo (#8387) with Vivien's leg down off the couch is hot. That's a good way to shoot 69. But my favorite of these samples is #8391. I really like the various glass dildos. Vivien has a good smile and her pose shows her pussy in profile. Very fine pussy lips.

  • 2

Clear clothes pins don't sound very good. For the regular Dreamcatcher, I think ALS has it right when the clothes pins are painted. Particularly I like when the frame and pins pick up on the colors of the models clothes and of the setting. So, for instance, the pink and red Dreamcatcher that Ivy Aura wears in the 21 October blog samples goes great with her outfit and the flowers.

If you are going to refine the design of a Dreamcatcher, work on that new one that Lily Jordan was wearing in her 7 October blog samples. Having six pins pulling in all directions really opens her lips up. But with that many pins, it would probably be better to use a small clip like you have on the hanging weights.

A metal frame sounds cool, but might not work. A substantial frame that looked good would probably be too heavy while a light weight frame would look wimpy.

  • 3

Wonderful video. Freya is so much fun since she is having so much fun. She seems totally delighted to have such a big pussy and thrilled to show everybody how she likes to play with it. She is one happy wet girl.

  • 3

Tanner crosswise in the tub, in three great poses: #145, #156, #169.

  • 2

Lovely low angle sun. Cayla keeps her wonderful pussy in the light.

  • 5

Yeah, the cheerleader scenes are hot, but rare. Layden Sin did a great one that was released in 2014 which might be the last.

The best models for a cheerleader would be the flexible athletic girls who can jump, highkick, and do the splits. And unlike in the Layden Sin set, panties (if any are worn) should come off first.

  • 3

For another round of samples, how about the speculum first, and then the schoolgirl outfit?

  • 7

Oh wow, Ariel is stunningly beautiful. There is so much about her that I like: dark hair, dark eyes, beautiful smile, perfect tits, and long pussy lips that will open up.

I've said this before, but thanks again for including a sample where Ariel has her legs wide open and nothing touching her pussy. I'm always eager to see what a new model's pussy lips are like. Ariel's are yummy.

No signs of shyness in these samples of course. Be interesting if that shows up in the BTS videos. But shy or not, Ariel has great looks while she goes all out exposing herself.

Dreamcatcherfan was on to something in suggesting models wear a bra and the Dreamcatcher at the same time. That's very good.

  • 4

Yeah, if you are looking for really hot girls with smaller tits, then ALSScan is the place. I've been lobbying to bring Kristen Scott back for a second shoot. That would be so good.

  • 2

The wonderful Gina Devine: wonderful personality, wonderful tits, and a very wonderful pussy.

This is a fine BTS of Gina looking great in the sun by a lake. But in the comments on the photoset, Alex talked about lots of strangers wandering by disrupting the shoot. I wondered if this video would have a bit of the naked-in-public vibe. But no, that was all edited out. Too bad.

  • 2

This is a hot BTS. Alexis and Gina get so interested in each other that the keep ignoring Alex's instructions and get into their own thing.

Kind of odd, then, that there are so many comments from people who don't know what the BTS are, don't like them, or both. For those who appreciate and enjoy the BTS form, this is a great video with a couple of hotties.

  • 0

Yeah, pinching those wonderful nipples. Love that almost smirky smile too.

  • 4

Cool. Hope it all goes well. Looking forward to seeing your samples of Ariel.

  • 2

Another hot masturbation from Ana Rose. I like her style.

Previously I commented on her wonderful nipples. Have to add that she has a very fine pussy too. I like this combination of toys with the clit vibrator and putting the brush in her hole.

At the end when she is done with her toys, instead of hopping out of the tub she slides down into the water with her legs akimbo and knees wide to give us a very exposed look at her hot body. Ana: open and relaxed.

  • 4

These still photos show that Katy has a nice big pussy, but the video camera had a better angle and you can see there that Katy's pussy lips dangle down. Hot, hot, hot.

  • 4

Excellent. Another photoset and its BTS released on the same day. This is great.

I've been waiting for this BTS video ever since Alex on his blog told the story of Kristy losing the cap from one of the marker pens up her pussy and not finding it until two sets later when the Rocket opened her up enough to see it.

And beyond that story, Kristy is very sexy and delight to watch posing.

  • 3

Kristy is so hot. It's great to have another set from her. This is a very good Rocket scene. So cool to have so many pics where she has the Rocket in no hands. Like #167 where Kristy is just kicking back with her pussy opened up. And a really fantastic shot is #187 which is a no hands, full body shot that shows her cervix in focus and well lit. Kristy is looking right at the camera as we get to look all the way up her pussy. Love this shot.

Great set with a great model.

  • 4

I keep hoping that ALS will shoot more scenes with crotchless panties. This is kinda close, but not as good. Pantyhose are ok, but thigh high stockings or garter belts are much better. And, of course, crotchless panties. Crotchless panties are so hot. Hard to beat that. Should have more.

Blake at least starts this set with a well placed hole in her pantyhose so that there are some good upskirt shots during her tease. #27 (counted by thumbnails) is a great pic where the sun is just catching a bit of her ample pussy lips. I do like her top. That's a good sequence where she is taking it off. #72 in particular is very hot where she has her top down in her lap and her pussy lips are sticking through the pantyhose out into the sun. Very good.

I like #118 where Blake is jumping off the wall while holding her skirt up.

The two little mini bats make a great toy that's really good for distorting, stuffing, and gaping. Please use those some more.

Blake always looks sexy. And the more so in the sun in this nice setting.

  • 2

Yes, so very hot. And this is Scarlett times two!

  • 4

I've never thought that the Dreamcatcher is even intended to look painful. (And I would sure hope that a model would decline to do it if she found it uncomfortable.) No, like so many ALS toys, the Dreamcatcher is about exposure. Big, wide, exposure.

So, yeah, for those girls that can really get into to showing off their pussies, it's a great toy and can lead to incredibly hot scenes.

  • 0

Yes, exactly. I cannot really describe what she does, but wow is it great.

  • 2

So glad that Blue came back again. And that she got to shoot with Gina. Wonderful girls both.

  • 3

Well, I'm glad she was picked for a shoot, and most of my favorite girls are quite thin and I do like really small tits. But look at Yukikon's arms and when she stands in profile. It's like she is going for a BMI of 16 or something.

As for her tats, I like the one on top of her foot. But the one on her side is another of those life slogans. Don't care for that trend.

  • 5

What, no love for Nomi? She's a hottie and great Scan girl. I would have jumped at the chance to have a second shoot with her.

  • 0

Well, the tattoo doesn't do much for her, but I do dig her pussy.

  • 2

Well, I'm really into small to medium tits with pronounced nipples. So yeah, Aria's are great. It's one reason I would have selected her for a shoot.

  • 2

I think Sofia could have a good Scan model.

  • 3

The one on her right side is fine, but I don't care for the one on the left.

Tattoos generally don't bother me and I do like some of them. But I don't care for this trend of slogans to live by. More and more girls seem to be doing that.

  • 0

No, I like her garter tattoo.

  • 0

Agreed. She's on my list of girls I would have selected.

  • 2

I ranked all the girls. (That was hard!) I've put a comment on each of their pages, but here is the ranking all together of the new girls. (Blue isn't in the ranking since she will always be just our ever wonderful Blue.)

I'd like to see this release order:

#14 Mia Evans
#27 Katy Rios
#3 Emma Brown
#26 Zazie Skymm
#17 Suzy Rainbow
#11 Empera
#4 Vivien Bell
#20 Yukikon

  • 3

I'm ranking all the scan models in the order I'd like to see you release them. Yukikon is eighth.

Now Yukikon is too skinny. She would look sexier (and I'm sure be healthier) if she got closer to a normal weight. That would be a lot of lip stick to wear in an ALS shoot, but she has some interesting looks that tend to make it work. Maybe it is a good match to her personality.

  • 3

I'm ranking all the scan models in the order I'd like to see you release them. Vivien is seventh.

I hope you got Vivien to back off the lipstick and that smile. Her half smile is very attractive, but the full one is over the top. She should be pretty sexy if she takes it down to a more natural look.

  • 1

I'm ranking all the scan models in the order I'd like to see you release them. Empera is sixth.

Empera is a little hottie and I really like her hair and very small tits with nice nipples. I do hope you had her tone down the makeup when you shot her. Also, she is getting close to too thin, and I like the skinny girls.

  • 4

I'm ranking all the scan models in the order I'd like to see you release them. Suzy is fifth.

Suzy looks to be another fun loving cutie. But mostly what I want to say about her is, "Amazing nipples!"

  • 5

I'm ranking all the scan models in the order I'd like to see you release them. Zazie is fourth.

I can see why Dcf has Zazie as top pick, but the field is so tough this year! Zazie is really cute and she looks like she has a lot of infectious high energy. She has nice tis and nipples, and a wonderful pussy. But what I like best about her is that she seems to really enjoy showing off her body.

  • 4

I'm ranking all the scan models in the order I'd like to see you release them. Emma is third.

Emma would be the hottest girl at the casting in some years. She's pretty, has warm engaged looks, and long pussy lips. Great model, looking forward to seeing her.

  • 4

I'm ranking all the scan models in the order I'd like to see you release them. Katy is second.

You need to get Katy released really quick. She is very pretty and has a bit of an ethnic flavor that I really like (and wish you had more of on Scan). She has natural and expressive looks. I wouldn't want her tits to be any bigger, but her nipples are very nice. I do love her big pussy lips. Oh yeah.

  • 6

I'm ranking all the scan models in the order I'd like to see you release them. Mia is first!

No doubt about it, Mia is my top pick since she stands out even in this group of high wattage girls. I said on your blog that I would have picked her even before she took off any clothes. And I so would have--she's totally hot in that outfit she wore in. Beautiful, expressive, great body with wonderful tits and pussy. Yay, Mia!

  • 0

Oh no, please don't bring that up. Lets stick with pretty girls and leave out ugly politics...

  • 0


  • 5

Wow! These are great girls--hit the jackpot this time.

So I made my own picks before going back to your blog to see who you shot. I picked all nine of the Scan girls that you selected. So we are totally on the same page about that.

Since I'm not interested in the Angels look, I also picked four more scan girls that you didn't shoot. I would have shot:

#6 Jenny Saphire--dark hair, good nipples, and she has some nice smiles

#12 Sofia Like--dark hair, and she certainly has an Scan body complete with what look to be fairly long pussy lips

#13 Aria Logan--She has open expressive looks, really nice tits, and probably pretty good pussy lips (bit hard to tell)

#19 Nomi Melone--I would have totally shot Nomi again. She's just hot.

But other than Nomi, I think you picked the best nine, so thanks for doing such a great job! (I'll put some comments on the models individual pages soon. Excited about several of these girls.)

  • 7

Yeah, like the sweatshirt. And the socks too, glad she kept those on through out the set.

This was a good Dreamcatcher with the pepper and the pussy drip at the end.

And, of course, Alex Grey is looking fantastic. Great set.

  • 4

Thanks for putting up more samples of Mia. She is really is really hot with a wonderful Scan body: thin, small tits with nice nipples, and long pussy lips. Love her smile too.

Glad to see another one of these "strings only" bikini. Outfits like this are one of the great things about the ALS style, and Mia looks particularly sexy in this one.

The sunglasses, however, are terrible since they are really big and really dark. Have you considered doing something like turning the model away from the sun and using bounce boards to put light back on her? You guys make a lot of good shooting decisions, but you have not solved this shooting around a pool with bright sun. You ought to work on this and banish such big dark sunglasses once and for all.

  • 2

Lily always delivers. Love the combination of her really sexy body and wonderful looks.

You chose a great pose for the cover shot, but I think you missed her best look. You chose #81, but #83 is better. Sometimes Lily has looks that are an indescribable mix of sexy, open, and innocent. #83 is one of those.

  • 2

One way to have a really hot sybian scene is if the girl cranks the machine up to the max and lets it just drive her bonkers.

Rachel shows another way when she keeps it running slower than I was expecting. She makes it very sexy, but then, she's Rachel James.

  • 4

This is a nice see-through-when-wet bikini. And in her "Digging Deep" set, Lara was wearing a hot mesh two piece outfit. I do hope you return to doing more with these sheer and peek-a-boo style outfits....

I remembered this set when it got to the pool. With the blue and purple colors, Lara's dark hair, and the texture of the light in the water, this is one fine naked-girl-floating-around-on-an-innertube scene.

Shots that are both hot and well composed are where Lara is sraddling the shower stall and spreading her pussy from behind. I also really appreciate that there are so many no hands shots of her butterfly pussy. When pussy lips will stay nice and open like that, they deserve plenty of attention in both full body shots and closeups.

Good remaster.

  • 2

Gina and Blue! That was a hot masturbation video they did and this is a hot photoshoot. I hope there is more since these two are great together. I was going to highlight my favorite pictures, but there are way too many.

What jumped out at me right away is how much kissing these girls do. Not only is there great kissing at the start while they are getting undressed, but they start kissing again a few times in the middle and also at the end. It's very sexy and they seem to be really into each other. The BTS video ought to be really good.

A good news/bad news sequences was Gina licking Blues ass: really hot, but really short. Gina ought to do a lot more of that.

Both girls have some great looks for each other and for the camera. While Gina was working her over on the massage table, Blue kept looking at the camera with an expression that seemed to say "are you getting all this? It feels so good..."

Very psyched that they do scissoring and then use a double dildo which is my favorite girl-girl toy. They are hot using it on that massage table with their skin glistening in the sun.

The very best thing about this set is the pussy licking. I've enjoyed the many many videos and photosets where one or the other of these girls was licking a pussy. They are both so good at it. Now we finally get a nice long sequence where they take turns licking each other. Very fitting and very hot.

  • 4

Certainly looking forward to seeing the casting special since it sounds like you found a lot of hot girls this time. Vivien looks good. Yeah, she's got quite a smile.

  • 2

Yeah, this is an attractive outfit that Liza is wearing, and she looks really good in it. Would have liked to see a bit more done with it. Like she looked really hot with her top pulled up off her tits. More of that and more of her reaching inside her pants and playing with her pussy.

I also liked at the end where she is standing up on top of the counter. That would have been a great pose to have her do some more gaping.

  • 5

Agree with what Sargon says. Particularly liked the shots where Ana is pulling the front of her shorts down enough to show her pussy. And also those a bit later where she has dropped the shorts down to her ankles and is turned looking back at the camera.

It is a great Dreamcatcher scene. Very hot after the bottle insertions where Ana is still wearing the catcher and her pussy is dripping. And the best of those are the nipple licking and tongue kissing shots. Ana has amazing nipples.

Looking forward to seeing more of those wonderful nipples--and the rest of Ana--real soon.

  • 8

Ivy Aura's release for Christmas? That will be wonderful. This one looks like a great massage scene. Ivy and Freya look good together.

Would love to have some more samples before then. That scene with the Mary Janes, knee socks, and her hair in pigtails looks particularly promising. She start with a sexy schoolgirl outfit? It would be really hot if this is a speculum scene and she keeps the shoes and socks on.

  • 2

Ok, I wouldn't have thought of Kelly Klass when picking girls to do a talk to the camera video. But, hey, she's good. This is her best video.

Before she gets to her favorite toy, Kelly takes some time to play with her fantastic long pussy lips. And she tells us about what she is doing. That's great.

  • 2

Although long dark hair is my favorite, Ana Rose wasn't on my radar as much as some upcoming models are. So I didn't have particular expectations when starting this video. So I found out that wow, Ana's hot!

This video starts off great with Ana twirling around in that pink tutu with no panties. Then the hottest segment is between minutes 5 and 6 where Ana is laying down with her top off and her skirt pulled up so that she can vibrate her pussy. Ana looks so hot like that as she is really getting into it. Excellent camera work too showing her whole body and also a low angle shot that starts with her tits and face and emphasizes those amazing nipples and then zooms out to include her pussy too.

Hot performance from Ana and good camera work from ALS. This one is great.

  • 0

This video does remind me of one long standing disagreement I have with Alex. I'm very impressed that he shoots so many hot models with small tits. But this thing about "puffy" nipples? And to tell Liza to stop playing with her nipples because he wants them to be puffy all day? Really, all day? Boo hiss to that. I like nice long pronounced nipples on small tits. That's so hot.

So start some of the sets with puffy nipples to please the fans of that. But then lets have the models pull them and play with them. There are lots of puffies on this site, what we need are more of the Judy Smile style nipples.

  • 2

Very cool to have the photoset and the BTS out on the same day. I hope you do this often as a way of getting more of the BTS videos out.

Liza is pretty quiet on set. Early on Alex asks her if she is shy, and she says no. That seems right, she is just a bit low key and laid back. Together with her hot body, it is a sexy effect. This is a good BTS.

  • 0

I'm a fan of sneakers too. But I prefer Chucks to Nikes.

  • 3

Glad that you are going to keep releasing the interviews, I like them. Doing the birthday cakes was real sweet of you guys.

Two suggestions though. First, it would be good if you started putting the interview out within a few months of the model's first release for the girls you are shooting now. You could still keep doing some of these from a few years ago as well.

Second would be to use the printed questions mostly to draw the model out into a more open ended chat with more follow up questions and the like.

  • 1

Yeah, the magnifying glass is a great toy.

It would be worth trying with the spreaders. But I think even better would be to try it with the metal speculum which opens a pussy up much bigger. It might be hard to get the focus and lighting to work, but it would be really cool if you could get a whole body shot with a sharp magnified cervix. That would be very ALS.

  • 2

Oh, that last pic is #250, licking the dildo.

  • 3

Lovabell? Oh yes. She gives amazing open and inviting looks. Then with her killer body, wow, what a hottie. And what eyes. Love her eyes.

I like this paisley dress a lot. Her shoes are nice enough, but since the soles have asphalt stains, she should have taken them off before she started holding her feet up in the air.

Since Kristina has such great looks, I just wanted to highlight a few of them. First is #15 (numbered by the thumbnails) where her expression is a delightful cross between "Oh, I've been caught" and "Hey, come join me".

Next is a stare she gives while spreading her pussy, #42. This is so like a good talk-to-the-camera masturbation video.

Two great back to back shots with the magnifier are #60 and #61. They continue the "caught being naughty" and "isn't this fun" theme. Kristina also has lots of big friendly smiles, you picked a good one for the cover shot.

And then between some of the fun and playful looks, Kristina also has simply beautiful expressions like #73. Wow.

I really like her doggie spreading poses, but for expressions, this look she gives as she is about to start is wonderful: #90.

Likewise, the whole sequence with the clit pump is hot, but in the middle when she is changing poses, she gives this killer look: #127.

Ok, I'm picking #150 mostly because it is such a hot pose, but Kristina does have a wonderful big smile to go with her open legs and open pussy.

She does have some great looks where she is absorbed with what she is doing with her pussy like #155, but I'm most drawn to the ones where she is looking into the camera. Two more amazing ones are #174 where she is playing with her clit, and #236 no hands with the glass dildo.

And a final really hot shot, just barely licking the glass dildo while her pussy hole is still open.

Kristina is one of the most captivating and expressive girls on ALSScan. Beautiful set.

  • 2

No, the camera is just right for a BTS with mostly full body framing and a few closeups. Nice low angle sun in this one.

  • 3

Amy Lee and Shelby were two of my favorites back when I first joined ALS, so it is way cool to have this set remastered.

The tongue kissing and ass licking are very very hot. Wish there was more of both.

I agree with Sargon that there is no appeal in cigarettes. They should go 420. But it is hot to see Amy Lee just kicking back with her legs spread wide and pussy lips open. That girl knows how to hang out.

  • 3

This is another great set from Odette. I like everything in it, so my only criticism is that there are a few poses where I wish there were more shots in the set. In particular, she looks really sexy in those short overalls with no top. I wish you had put up more pics with her tits sticking out. And that's super hot where she has pulled the front down enough to show her pussy. More of those too.

This is a good sequence with the metal speculum. Love the no hands shots, and particularly #155 where she has her hands up over her head.

Odette is turning out to be one of the best peeing girls on ALS. And this is an outstanding long sequence. Besides some fine close-ups, lots of good full body shots that show all the great looks Odette is giving.

  • 3

I've been waiting for this Gina and Blue girl girl video, and wow, it is just what I wanted. So glad that you were able to bring these two hotties together. One of ALS finest moments.

  • 3

Love this BTS. It was an excellent photoset and this is an excellent video.

Odette must have been a lot of fun to work with. So nice to learn that she usually hangs out naked in the park with her legs open and a Dreamcatcher on her pussy.

Was some of the video at the start edited out? That part seemed too brief. Perhaps it was just that watching Odette tease is so enjoyable that it is a shame to not have more.

  • 8

Will Mia be the first released? I hope so, she's super hot.

Yeah, I'd have selected Mia really quick as well, like before she even took her clothes off. And then to discover that she also has very nice nipples and butterfly pussy lips.... Wonderful

  • 2

Great color combo too.

  • 3

Alaina and Gia. Such hotties and they have such fun playing with each other.

I do like that you do an occasional set where one girl stays fully clothed, particularly if she is wearing a sexy top like Gia's. Since Gia took such good care of Alaina, is there a set where Alaina returns the favors? Hope so, I'd like to see more of these two.

  • 0

Can't get enough of Kristen Scott.

Kristen does a great tease and can really work her short shorts. I like that she took the top off first, because, you know, topless hot girl in cut off jeans.... Two really hot bits are when she puts her hand in her shorts to play with herself and then when she pulls the front down to flash her pussy.

It was also a great idea to have her put the top back on. It is a perfect length that comes down just to the top of her pussy and then you can see her long lips dangling down below it. Love that look.

But the most amazing pic is #103 where she jumps up spread eagle. She's got a great fun loving expression, and wow, that is some way to show off a long lipped pussy.

I don't know if anything beats that shot, but the Dreamcatcher is excellent too. Really like #218 looking down on her, #248 with her legs up together, and #251 with her legs up and spread. Those all combine great looks with great poses.

  • 9

Yes! What a girl! Pretty and thin, with small tits and a great pussy. She's so right to call herself the "Queen of Gapes". With that look, that attitude, and that talent, she's come to the perfect place. Everything about this sounds like an excellent shoot.

I bet everybody wants to see more samples really soon. So what are the toys that she used in the set with the Maryjanes? Or the one where she pees on the steps? Also, that is an amazing gape there by the tub.

  • 5

And to think, soon we're going to get Blue and Gina together too!

  • 3

Oh yes. I'm glad that Blue likes you guys and wanted to come back for another shoot. This is great.

That is a very sexy outfit that Blue is wearing with the see through panels and extra straps. No panties too! It looks great while it is covering her tits, and even better when she has pulled off her nipples.

Blue is so good with her poses and looks. I love this shot where she is pulling off that outfit: #59 (thumbnails). And then she starts spreading before she even steps out of it: #63 so good.

Fine camera work to catch the sun on just the tips of her pussy lips in #73.

Totally classic Blue Angel look in #107.

And then with #186, legs open, Blue has tossed the cucumber aside, she's ready to fist! She's such an amazing fister too. So many great shots, it's hard to pick a favorite. But maybe with legs wide and a big natural smile, #196?

Great set. Wonderful to have you back, Blue.

  • 2

Ah well, perhaps nobody but me cares and the comment will vanish into the ether unnoticed. But I mention things like that because Alex or Jen might want to think about it when shooting. Feedback to the photographers. Some girls can pull off a sexy lip biting pose, but I think Naomi looks hotter when she doesn't.

  • 2

I like the idea of having a video where the model is talking with the cameraman about what she is doing and how it feels. But for it to work, the cameraman cannot be as stilted as this. You ought to try this again with a cameraman who is more relaxed. A really flirty model would be best too. (Sara Luvv or Gia Paige might really get into this.)

Something else to try would be to have another model shoot the video. You did this once with Amber and Tori.

And for a long video like this, it would be cool if the model started out just playing with her pussy and stretching her lips and gaping while they talked about what she was doing. Also would have been worth having a second fat vibrator that she could have put in her pussy.

Anyway, this one wasn't bad, but you ought to try again. I think there is a chance to get something really hot.

  • 5

As I said before, Naomi is hot hot hot, and she has an amazing clit.

I like that there are several pages of upskirt shots before Naomi takes off her clothes. Really good poses like when she has arms up over her head #40 (thumbnails). And from behind with her leg hiked up on the chair #66.

She has good looks except when she is biting her lip. That must be something she never does naturally so it seems self-conscious in these shots. Would have been better to skip it this time or at least do it less.

With some models the pump doesn't seem to have much effect. But Naomi's pussy really responded and you got lots of great shots of how plump and swollen it got. Good mix of closeups and whole body shots.

I'm glad you are building up your collection of glass dildos since they are such fine looking toys. Very pleased that Naomi posed no hands. #185 where she has her arms and legs up high with the dildo sticking up out of her pussy is super hot. (#186, though, has one of those funny lip bites.)

During the backbend it looks like her pussy might still be a bit swollen from the pump. That's a great way to show off how wonderfully her clit hood sticks out.

  • 5

Looks to be an excellent set.

  • 3

So Cayla must not have been interested in kissing and pussy licking? That's too bad since those are the best parts of a girl girl set. Even so, there are still some good photos here.

I like the opening sequence with the upskirt shots while they are playing cards. The good shots are after Lola moves so that the shadow of the chair is no longer across her pussy. Other than that shadow, I like the low angle sun.

#73 is a nice "Birth of Venus" like pose. Goes well with the statutes.

That first picture where the girls are sucking on the double dildo is hot. I like how the sun catches Cayla's pussy lips. That light was good for the whole dildo sequence. The sequence itself would have been better with a bit less toe sucking. Unfortunately, the "scissoring" and "tribbing" tags are wrong. Some scissoring would also have looked great in that light.

  • 7

Yeah, if the girls' cum is everywhere, then I'd agree that was a great shoot.

Pic #8273 of both girls side-by-side peeing on the floor is really hot. You've got to get that with some of the Scan girls too. Are you going to keep working with Freya? I bet she has no problem peeing so would be good for the double. Also, it would be great to get some more wet girl girl with her.

Oh, and thanks for moving Lena to Scan.

  • 5

Book Kristen again!

Big fan of Kristen Scott. Big fan of the sybian. Put the two together and wow it's intense.

  • 2

Kristen is a Scan girl. So, yes, I'd love to see another shoot with Kristen, but it should be here on ALSScan where it belongs. She could do the jackhammer as well next time.

  • 2

This one was a great photoset of Jessie (and Sara!) with so much good stuff in it. Classic ALS. Really nice to get the BTS from it now too.

  • 5

Not a knock on toys at all, but it is cool that some of these masturbation videos are fingers only.

  • 3

Considering how the blog comments were running, I figured you would put Lena on ALSScan. Good to hear that you will.

I like that the blog previews girls from both sites. I don't subscribe to Angels because I'm not interested in the look of the typical model there. But then a girl like Lena comes along who is not at all typical and we get a chance to say, hey, we would like to see her on Scan.

  • 5

Mid '60s Mod? Alexa's outfit is fine, but that couch is a weird green that doesn't help much.

Since Alexa has such pretty pussy lips, I'm glad you got the shots with her legs spread really wide and her lips opened up. The best pose is #101 with her hands out to her ankles, but that shot didn't catch one of her best looks. Should have had a few more in that pose.

The best thing about '60s Mod is the Lava Lamp. What a great toy. #193 is a good look.

  • 2

Yeah, that's probably our main difference: I'm not interested in the bigger boobs, so I'm glad you don't go larger than Blake here on Scan. Girls with small tits and long nipples are perfect, and I'm glad you shoot a lot of them.

I do like the idea of getting back to more shots with the camera down near the floor. Not straight under the model but at an angle like you did in this set. Numbers 29 and 38 (per thumbnails) are great. Upskirts, when the model has one leg up on something (like Blake does on this desk) , and bend over shots are all really good from this perspective.

  • 5

I hope this is the start of a new policy of releasing a photoset and its BTS video on the same day. I like the BTS videos, but you must have a huge backlog of them by now and many of them might never get released.

So if you released the BTS with the photoset, we would still get the action videos on the regular video day. This should pleased both the people who do and those who don't like the BTS: it would let us see some of that backlog of BTS with no reduction in new action videos.

  • 5

More peeing from a height is a great idea. Maybe with more poses too, like doggie.

  • 4

Great outfit! Most of the time I don't care much for high heels. But here is one of the good exceptions: black high heel Mary Janes that match her big black glasses frames and white ruffle socks to match her tight white crop top. And with no panties, this is the perfect sexy schoolgirl look.

Since Blake has those oh so beautiful tits that would be too big if they were any bigger, I think I would have picked a different cover shot. Photo #75 (as counted in thumbnails) catches Blake with a wonderful expression while she has her top down off those nice tits and the straps pulled back to frame her long pussy lips. And wow, I love those lips. Such a great shot.

However, what you did pick for the cover is very good too. In fact, the best thing about this set is that there are so many really good rear poses. Blake has got a fine ass, but these rear shots are also a great way to show off those tasty pussy lips, So yeah, I like those shots of her leg up on the desk.

The next really fine rear shot is #104. She's taken off her clothes (but not her shoes and socks!) and is just barely looking back while spreading her ass and pussy.

But the super hot shots are when she is sitting backwards on the chair. Amazing sequence. It is #115 blows me away: Blake's sideways glance, her wide spread ass, and then those pussy lips dangling down. Yes.

The set finishes with toys I really like--marker pens and a glass dildo--but what will bring me back to this set are those shots of Blake sitting backwards on the chair.

  • 2

This was pretty good, but I suspect that I'm probably going to like some of Odette's other videos better. This one seems a bit constrained since she has to climb up to that high bench, and once there, is trapped in one little spot. There is enough clutter that she can't lay back, turn over, or move around much.

There have been some other scenes--particularly photosets--that have made good use of a workshop, but this one didn't quite click. However, I did like the screwdrivers used as dildos. That was good.

  • 6

Gina and Blue. That's going to be amazing.

  • 7

Wonderful set. As G94 said, it was clear from the previews that this set would be a good one, but it surpasses even those high expectations. We're lucky to have Odette as a new addition. Very impressed.

It's a nice long set and each sequence is excellent. I really liked the effect of the dappled sun and shade in this one particularly with the fairly dark background. Like for instance pic #110 (as counted in the thumbnails) would be a hot spreading shot anyway, but the lighting makes it even better.

Odette starts in a cute modest dress. Once again we have that great combination of no panties and swings. This will be another outstanding BTS video too. All sorts of great teasing poses.

Skipping over a lot of great stuff, mention just two more things. First is the top notch Dreamcatcher sequence. I really like pic #132 where she is tweaking her nipples and just sticking her tongue out a bit. Agree with DCF that the clothes pins on the nipples were also a nice touch.

And the highlight of this set is Odette peeing down the slide. Wow, she must have kept that up a long time to get so many pictures. Good mix of shots. I think my favorite is #251, a whole body shot where she is looking at the camera. And it was really nice to have those shots at the end where you step back and show the whole pee covered slide with Odette sitting at the top (#271 was great).

  • 4

That would have been good.

  • 3

A very good one from Naomi. She is a very open and sharing girl with a cute bow.

I like the setup where Naomi comes in intent on watching TV, but quickly decides that it would be more fun to play with herself first. And then she dives right in.

Using two vibrators was good because she kept working the pink one in and out of her pussy all through the set. She also moved around through several nice exposed poses for lots of hot views. Well done.

  • 2

#99 on the thumbnails (which would be #100 in the images)? The closeup of Alex's pronounced pussy mound? Yeah, like that one too.

  • 4

Yes indeed. I'd like to see more 69 in both the girl girl photosets and the action videos.

  • 2

Instead of repeating this same complaint over and over, you ought to just read some of the comments. If you did, you would discover that the answer to your question is that these toys are extremely popular with ALS members. The Dreamcatcher and marker pens that Kate is using here are two of my favorite toys.

So quit whining and just look at the pictures you like and ignore those other pictures that the rest of us like.

  • 3

Great BTS. Totally see why Alex is going a bit crazy in this one.

  • 6

An excellent girl girl.

Both Summer and Cayenne are wearing very sexy lingerie. I think I like Cayenne's mesh best--it would have been great if she kept it on and just pushed the "skirt" up her hips to her waist. Cool that Summer kept her stockings on.

The kissing at the start is hot with lots of tongue. They look great in those outfits and we get good upskirt views of Cayenne's pussy.

Very pleased with all the pussy licking in this set, and with the 69 most of all. Just a wonderful thing to have two such beautiful girls in a 69 embrace licking each other's pussy. And you capture it in some excellent pictures.

The scissoring is also very good. I particularly like when Cayenne lies back on the bed.

  • 0

Nice video. Cayla is sexy and a good addition to the site. Looking forward to more, and, in particular, I hope she did a masturbation video where she does a lot of pulling and spreading of those lovely long pussy lips.

  • 5

Yes, a really clean smooth shave is the best.

  • 3

Great set.

Highlights are those shots at the beginning where Freya's big fat pussy can't help but peek out from under her skirt, and the magnifying glass shots where her pussy goes from big to huge.

Also at the end of the set there is a great sequence with Freya upside down on the chair first pulling on her lips and then getting gaped by the assistant. These are hot photos of a sexy girl made all the better by how much fun Freya is having with this pussy workout.

  • 2

Well, with really short fingernails you could do a lot more vigorous fingering and fisting without the risk of scratching. So maybe she keeps them short out of consideration for the wellbeing of the girls she plays with.

  • 4

It's not an either/or. With more than 200 pictures in a set, there can be lots of "unobstructed, juicy, enlarged pussies" shots as well as lots of insertions. I like the whole package of ALS pussy manipulations: spreading, lip pulling, gaping with fingers and toys, and stuffing fruits, veggies or lollypops, fisting, and really stretching it out with a lot of sharpies or silverware. This pussy play is a hot compliment to the shots of an untouched pussy. It's great that ALS does both.

My most favorite cervix pics are not the closeups but the whole body shots where the cervix is clearly in view--love having the model looking back at the camera while we can look all the way up her pussy.

Also love the shots of the video crew filming the Rocket or speculum which accents the models exposure.

  • 3

Hot girl girl. Gina takes over.

  • 9

Wow, she is tall. Still, I think her proportions are slender enough compared to her height that she looks like she could be on Scan. Being so tall, maybe she doesn't quite match the profile of either site. Particularly with Freya back for this shoot, I'd be pleased to see Lena on Scan.

  • 3

Have to agree that the picture you have on the pre-login page (which in the set is #100 thumbnails, #101 image) where Alex is on her back pushing her tits up is very hot. Totally see why you picked that one for putting on the scroll.

  • 5

Another set showing Kristen at her best. I really like this outfit particularly her suede pants. Great shots where she is standing and reaching in her pants to play with her pussy. Her bra is also very pretty. That is a very sexy series of shots where she has the cups folded in so that her nipples are barely stick out.

The veggies are one of my favorite toys so I really liked where she used two at once. Kristen is so very hot when she is stretching out her pussy with veggies, her fist, or gaping.

  • 2

Since ALS likes to shoot outside so much, you guys ought to look into upgrades on your sound recording equipment that would let you eliminate some of the wind noise. This much noise takes a lot out of a video.

Cayla looks good though. And I always like the glass dildos.

  • 3

Anina is a hot little sex kitten, I'm surprised she is not getting a bigger response. She deserves it.

Anina looks great fucking. Unlike Dreamcatcherfan, I think that that cock is toy enough for this set. If anything is missing, it's that Joel should have gaped her pussy when he was fingering her.

I do like that this is another set where the girl is completely naked before the guy takes off any of his clothes. I would have like a lot more photos of him groping her while she was standing naked in front of him. That shot where she looks up at the camera (#41 thumbnails, #42 image) is really good. It would have been hot if she had looked at the camera like that while he was fingering her pussy.

Where those final 20 shots taken after his cum shot? If so, it is a real shame that she cleaned up. It would have been very hot to have those last poses with his cum still on her face, tit, and leg.

  • 3

Kymberly is such a sweet girl. She is a delight to watch doing her yoga in the sun and posing for the camera. With her wonderful nipples and long pussy lips, I could watch her do that all day, but in this set she moves on to some very hot fisting and inverted bottle insertions to show that she has a very stretchy pussy too. Love girls with this all around fitness.

  • 3

Good, it worked this time.

  • 0

Agree, Amirah had a nice range of expressions in the very good set "Voyeur Vixen", but she keeps much the same look in a lot of the shots of this set.

  • 4

Yes, I was surprised as well that she was being shot for Angels. She would be a great Scan girl.

  • 0

There is a problem in the formatting of the 1080p download. It didn't play.

  • 3

Yeah, love those thigh high stockings--very sexy.

  • 0

Yes, it is that, but it is also a totally great video. First Gigi is really hot, of course. But this is also a really great video to rewatch because when Gigi keeps saying that she hopes Daddy doesn't hear, well, you know what will happen if he does. And even still Gigi can't control herself....

ALS doesn't have many role playing videos, but this one really works well. Wish we had more from Gigi.

  • 1

No really, the very first rating was a 4. Maybe it was a joke or a mistake.

  • 6

A 4? Someone rated this a 4? I don't believe it, what really hate panty stuffing? Panty stuffing is not my favorite either, but come on, this is Alex Grey, total hottie.

  • 3

That sounds pretty good. I do like the boy girl, but I like girl girl much better, so 10% boy girl with a nice boost in girl girl would be great.

Alex has talked about the difficulty of coordinating the girl girl (or boy girl) shoots here in the U.S.. I think he should get girls who he has already shot solo, and who already like each other, together for a full day of nothing but girl girl sets. That way most of his U.S. shoots would still be solo girls, but we could get more girl girl content out of the times he does get two together.

  • 6

No, don't agree. Most of ALS is solo action. And that stuff is great. Very little is girl girl, and girl girl is my favorite. We could have twice as much girl girl and most of the content would still be solo.

So lets have more girl girl. And, in particular, more pussy licking.

  • 2

Amirah is as beautiful as ever. Great to get another set from her.

  • 5

Really digging Cayla's pussy. Some tease shots where we can barely see it under her dark skirt, and then, she pulls the skirt up and those beautiful pussy lips come into the sunlight....

Cayla gives some great looks too. All in all, a really nice set of a blonde girl in the sun--just what summer should be.

  • 3

Yay, a model with long dark hair. Ana seems to be a fun loving girl. I like her tits, and she has very nice nipples.

  • 5

Oh yes. Kylie is just what you want in an ALS Scan girl.

  • 3

The new Dreamcatcher is cool.

  • 2

I like Liza. And this is a good BTS.

  • 3

Yeah, that makes sense. Of course, as Alex says, he reads the comments and his email. I think it is cool when people mention models here in the comments that they think would be particularly good for an ALS shoot. I usually go look them up to see for myself. For instance, I didn't know about Ivy until her name came up here on the blog and she looks great.

  • 4

There was a bit of a discussion of hair length on the blog a while back. (My own preference is for long dark hair--Tamara Jade is one of my all time favorites.) But neither hair length or color matters as much as how beautiful a model is and if she has a Scan body type.

I think Alex has been doing quite a fine job in picking models. Almost all of the Scan models I find attractive and many of them are totally stunning. My own lobbying is to worry a lot less about tattoos and piercings and to be a lot more adventurous in seeking out girls with an ethnic look.

Also, Alex does frequently seek member opinions here on the blog. He is asking about Kharlie right now. Most of the models he picks are rather obviously a yes and he doesn't need to seek opinions about them. It's the borderline calls where he asks for advice. This system seems to be working well.

  • 4

Just looked up some of Ivy's photos. She is pretty, has small tits and big pussy lips, and, as RCAV said, is an awesome gaper. She looks perfect for ALS Scan--glad to hear that you have her booked already.

  • 3

Yes. This is the speculum set that I wanted more samples from. Odette looks great. Her bib overall shorts are going to be good for a lot of nice teasing shots and it is a good look for her.

Odette has delightful expressions too. I like her look as she is standing with thumbs up over her pee puddle.

  • 3

I think her pussy jewelry is pretty cool, and I like her look when she is wearing it. But I also like the unobstructed views of her pussy too. So I think you came up with the right solution in having her remove it for some of the shoots and leave it for others.

Looking forward to more of Ally.

  • 6

Very good. This Sandy and Trish photoset was one of my early favorites when I first got an ALS membership. Sexy shaved girls sunbathing in the Caribbean--naked with their legs open. That's a way to vacation.

  • 3

Emily has been really hot in both this boy girl movie and the boy girl photoset. She and Dylan are good together and I think "Intimate Connection" is a suitable name for this video. Maybe the only demerit is that Dylan was a bit lame with his cum shot.

And Emily has such amazing nipples. Going to have to go back through her archive again.

  • 6

Oh, I don't agree with that at all. I'm very pleased to have Liza on ALS Scan, and I think it is the right place for her.

I'm not interested in the Angels look and in particular don't care for big boobs. So while, yes, there are thinner Scan models, Liza is certainly within the right range and she has very lovely tits that are a perfect size for her overall look.

  • 5

Oh yes, Ally is really hot. And glad to hear the shoot went so well. And very psyched that it worked to get Freya back, and that she was wet for Ally. All that is the best possible news.

As for first previews? Ouch.

OK, I want to see this girl girl chemistry. So, narrowly, massage table. Although that fisting pose from the other set is one of my favorites...

For solo set, well, is the bedroom scene a speculum? If yes, that set. Otherwise I'd like to see more with that new version of the Dreamcatcher. That Dreamcatcher looks really good, but since Ally seems to have pretty long pussy lips, can it really stretch a long lipped girl open?

Great job on selecting the preview. I always like to see an open legs, no hands, shot of a new model's pussy. That bedroom shot is perfect--Ally has delicious lips. Oh, and cool that you shot another see through wet bikini, sounds like the member feedback worked!

  • 6

I love this bikini! Between Lily's recent wet T shirt and this super sheer bikini on Naomi, it looks like ALS might be recovering some of its glorious past of see through clothing. If this is a trend, I heartily approve.

Alas, there are the big dark sunglasses--only one brief glimpse of her beautiful eyes.

But the posing Naomi does in this bikini is super sexy. This girl must really enjoy putting her legs out straight and opening them wide since she does that again in this set. It's most inviting. And then the bikini gets even more see through when she wets it down.

That last shot in landscape (#133 on the picture, not on the thumbnail) where she is pulling the front of her bikini down off her pussy is perfect--that might have been an even better cover shot than what you chose.

Other excellent bits are where Naomi is looking up over her shoulder at the camera with the zucchini in her pussy and her standing shots with the yellow squash. Somehow a shaved beautiful girl standing naked in the sun sticking a veggie up her pussy gets even hotter than she already was. And Naomi starts out plenty hot.

Outstanding finish to this set too. I love the shots where she is standing sideways to the sun which accents the perfect shape of her tits and just catches her big clit hood. Very good. And then finally the bent over shots where she looks through her legs and spreads. Here again the sun just catches her pussy lips. So hot.

  • 2

Unlike Sargon, I wasn't disappointed in this set, but I do agree with both his comments. While Marina is doggie on the pool table, Daisy just starts to gape her with one finger from each hand. But that's it, instead of really opening her pussy up, they quickly move on to the next sequence.

I also agree that nipple on clit shots are hot if the girl has pronounced (and, even better, long) nipples. ALS shoots some girls with wonderful nipples and should include these shots in the girl-girl scenes. A long nipple brushing lightly against a big exposed clit? Very sexy.

  • 3

The chemistry between Daisy and Marina make this a sexy scene. I like these two together and there are some hot sequences.

There is a great bit in the tease where Daisy ruins Marina pool game by reaching under her short pantyless dress and fondling her pussy as she is getting ready to shoot. Daisy promptly makes it up to her in another series of hot shots where the still clothed Daisy is squatting down behind and playing with Marina's pussy while Marina is standing naked facing the camera.

These two look so good standing together kissing, wish there was more of that.

The pool cue insertions on both girls are really good. And the shots of Marina doggie on the pool table before Daisy sticks in the cue are excellent.

Then we get three of my favorite girl girl things:

1) 69

I love girls in 69 and these sets never have enough pictures. This one is also too short and doesn't have enough tongue up in pussy holes, but it does has some really hot shots. Very good that both girls pull the other girl's pussy lips with her mouth lips. Yummy.

2) Scissoring.

This is a fine scissoring sequence, and I appreciate all the full body shots because both girls (especially Daisy) have wonderful expressions. If it is missing anything it is that between the shots of them grinding their pussies, there should be shots of them barely touching their lips together. Marina has lovely pussy lips and Daisy's aren't bad at all.

3) Double dildo

I wish you shot double dildo as often (or more often) as the strap on. This set has a great transition since the girls start sucking on the dildo while they are still in scissor position. Finally we get a nice long sequence. This catches really sexy looks from the girls both in one shot and two shot. Good.

Then we end the scene with both girls standing with some giggly cuddling and kissing. More of these shots would have been nice too. Particularly with tongue play.

  • 7

My vote is to shoot Kharlie. She looks hot and I like her tats well enough.

  • 4

I like how Freya keeps looking up with a big grin as if to say, "you like this too?" Hot girl, big pussy, and she likes to be watched.

  • 4

Fun, and she has a fantastic pussy.

  • 3

You knew that having her titties out like that was a hot look--you made it your cover shot.

  • 4

Nice. I really like this stretchy purple dress and Uma looks very sexy wearing it particularly since she isn't wearing any underwear. The fabric is just shear enough that we see hints of her nipples.

So a bit of a nipple tease, yes, but not coy with her pussy. Uma gets right into some fine open leg upskirt poses including very good ones where she is holding her legs up.

Then she takes advantage of that stretchy fabric and pulls it in between her tits. I adore that look, and Uma has exactly the right size boobs to rock it. She is just so hot with the dress pulled up to her belly button and her titties sticking out like that. Shame that it was so brief. I really wish she had kept the dress just like that through the bottle sequence and not removed it till she switched to the candles.

But sexy dress or not, Uma has great expressions throughout.

  • 5

So, Freya Von Doom. What a name. And what a performance--she clearly enjoys a good ALS pussy workout, and she has a great sexy ALS Scan body too. That school girl outfit with huge spiked boots is rather improbable, but she totally makes it work. I like her style.

Almost no need for the panties at all since a short skirted girl on a swing without panties is so sexy. Weird that she put the panties back on since the skirt without panties was much hotter than the panties without skirt. But the panties are redeemed with that shot where she is standing and looking right at the camera as she has just pulled them down below her pussy. Love that.

Also love those rear shots where she has bent over to look back between her legs with her pigtails hanging down while she spreads. Those are very hot.

But the big thing about this set is the Dreamcatcher. Freya seems to just love being exposed by that thing and she comes up with so many hot poses on the swing while wearing it. Then she pees! Always enjoy a girl who will pee with the Dreamcatcher on. She's not done either. It's on to the glass dildo with many more hot shots including some excellent no hands ones.

At the end, Freya holds the Dreamcatcher up in victory, as well she should. What a great set and great introduction to this kinky and sex loving girl.

  • 0

Natasha White--very nice.

And Natasha gets her knees up on the arms of the chair doggie style. Always appreciate that pose.

  • 3

Cayla looks good. Her release is right soon too.

Give you a compliment for a deep shadow instead of the more usual complaint. Pic #8174 is a wonderful peek-a-boo/upskirt/no panties shot. I like how Cayla's long pussy lips are distinctly--but dimly--visible in the shadow of her skirt. That combined with her having her top down off her nice nipples makes a really fine shot.

Naked girl riding bareback? You could make that happen, Alex.

  • 2

Oh yes, let's have some more wet T's.

But I'm also lobbying for some lubed-up panties. Or ALS bikinis. Lubing up some of those bikinis would be quite hot.

  • 3

I didn't find those shoes to be hideous, they are just unassuming and comfortable. They gave the set a relaxed feel: Lily just hanging around at home playing with her pigtails and pussy, having a grand time of it.

  • 2


  • 4

Lily in pigtails. I thought I liked her hair loose best, but these pigtails really compliment her big laughing smile and lively eyes. So yes, Lily in pigtails having fun.

This way top no panties set opens with great promise as Lily brushes her hair with her skirt up off her pussy. And I like the shots soon after where she stands with legs wide and skirt held high.

But what is best about this set is that it has several long really hot sequences:

1) Just to warm up for what's ahead--Lily squatting in front of the window seat with legs open and playing with her pigtails.

2) I've been hoping for more see-through clothing, so a wet T shirt is a great idea. Lily is so hot with her pussy out and her tits showing through the shirt. She enjoyed looking that way too.

3) A lot of ALS members seem to really like the no hands insertions, and Lily gives a jackpot. This is an excellent long sequence where Lilly just leaves the hair brush sticking out of her pussy while she plays with her hair and gives a dozen different wonderful looks. Yes. Yes. Yes.

4) Hard to one-up that, but I think Lilly does by pulling her wet shirt down off her tits and then using the brush to gape her pussy a bit. So very hot.

5) Then on to big gapes with the spreaders. And she still keeps busting out new looks of innocence, or surprise.

Long before the "personality shots" at the end, it is obvious that Lilly is bursting with personality. Put that together with her sexy body and hot poses, you get a hell of a set.

  • 5

Kristen is so sweet, glad to have had the chance to see her in this BTS. She poses very well too. Wonderful.

Bet her girlfriend likes to pull and play with those amazing pussy lips. Sure be a shame if she didn't.

  • 5

Yeah, I was wondering what had become of the Odette shoot, so thanks for this update. I expected that the peeing on the slide set would be really hot, and these new samples show that it certainly is. Didn't know that it was also a Dreamcatcher scene. Very cool.

If you put up another batch of samples before her release, do the metal speculum set. That should be another very good one. Otherwise, I hope she is on the calendar and will be coming up soon.

  • 2

Another good one from Liza. I like her look and I like her style. And I like these mesh ALS bikinis too.

Nice that Liza again took her bottoms off first. For a moment it looked like she was going to leave them down at her knees and give us a doggie view which would have been very hot. And I was hoping that with her pronounced nipples, we would get a shot of them sticking through the mesh, but not this time. She did keep the top on for about half the shoot which was just right.

In both her videos she has really gone after her pussy hole with the vibrator and licked it clean. We also got a good closeup of how wet her pussy was, so she had plenty of juice to lick. This is a great style for a masturbation video. Liza is a sexy girl enjoying both her pussy and a bit of anal fingering too.

  • 4

Yeah, let's get rid of the spam.

  • 5

Gotta repeat myself here--please book Kristen again. This is so good.

Perhaps should mention at the start how much I like Kristen's perfect nipples on her perfect tits, because once you start talking about her pussy, you might never be able to talk about anything else....

Kristen jumps on the bed in her lovely lingerie. Yes, of course she would. Then it is on to playful peeks of her luscious pussy and great shots where she has her panties pulled down.

This set does have some great shots of Kristen spreading, but it was such a smart call to have her do a lot of poses where she just opens her legs (and maybe fingers her ass--that was nice) to let her big plump pussy lips open up too. Kristen has great expressions while showing us her pussy--she knows how inviting it is. Glad she likes to share.

And the set finishes up with my favorite speculum. Three things to mention. First, she gives some fantastic looks over to this camera while the video crew is filming her cervix. Second, the pair of shots #187 and #188 are indescribably hot. And third, the whole sequence where she is standing with no hands on the speculum is excellent. Her poses, her looks, just so very good.

Kristen is a delight, and this set is well shot. Thanks for all.

  • 5

Ok Alex, that was a huge surprise. I never expected that you were going to get to shoot Blue again. She looks great. So glad to have her back.

  • 3

Yeah, Molly can't be beat. She is so giggly and fun-loving and has such an amazing body.

Hands off spreader shots are great; hands off speculum shots are even better. I'd be for more hands off shots of whatever the girls stick in their pussies since those shots are always so hot.

  • 1

Oh, I'll take either oil or oil and water, they are both great. And I'll certainly take a shiny, giggly, Molly with her legs wide open. She's so hot.

  • 2

Yes, this is an excellent set and Morgan is so wonderful.

  • 2

YES! --Bring 'em back!

Thin white panties totally drenched in lube on a really hot girl like Morgan. Such a great ALS thing, shame it ever stopped.

  • 2

It would be totally hot.

Best, of course, if the girls had actually done at least a bit of climbing. But any of the Scan girls who do some yoga would do fine. It would be so ALS style...

  • 0

Ah well, can't agree on everything. So I guess I won't get your help in lobbying Alex for my fantasy shoot of ALS girls go rock climbing. Maybe there is good bouldering near Maryland; I know there are some excellent places in the Czech republic....

  • 3

And that it will be posted really soon.

  • 3

That's a damn good shave too.

  • 3

Very fond of Dakota Skye--so sexy, so much fun. Her expressions are just delightful.

Massage is one of the best scenes for a male assistant, and this might be the best one of that type. It's across the board good from the vibrant colors and textures all the way through till Dakota is done peeing.

I wouldn't want shaving to become a regular feature, but as an occasional extra--and when it is done as well as this--it can be really hot. Part of what makes this one work is the story:

Tyler, being diligent in servicing his clients, tut tuts over Dakota pussy hair. To fully enjoy the erotic massage, one has to have a bald beaver. And butt. Must have a bald butt. So we get a sexy shaving scene because instead of shaving her himself, he gives Dakota a razor and has her shave under his watchful eye. Of course, she needs some help with those tricky butt hairs.

And it helps too that Dakota has a natural looking tuft instead of one of those silly "landing strips" or whatever. Shaving plays into the naked girl and fully clothed boy vibe. Dakota keeping her cute pink flip-flops on makes her even more naked. So it is really hot when Tyler starts fondling and gaping her and then licking her ass.

This is also a great fruit and veggie insertion set. Dakota should tip him well--she got a most attentive and thorough erotic workover.

  • 6

So I went back to see if I had noticed Cayla on the casting special. I had indeed:

"Cayla (#14) has wonderful pussy lips and nice tits, but she seems more "cute" than "pretty". It looks like she might be real expressive which would be a big plus."

But then I'm sure to notice a girl if her pussy lips dangle down between her legs since I really really am into that. Pic #8129 in these samples is the best shot of her long lips and it is hot.

I think "cute" is still right, but maybe she is more "sexy cute" than just "plain cute". As to being "real expressive", that's a bit hard to tell because of the sunglasses. ( I get your point about the model's comfort...).

Anyway, when Alex says glowing things about a model, it usually means the chemistry of the shoot was good, and thus the model is at her sexy best. So, yeah, I bet we will get some hot sets out of Cayla and her wonderful dangling pussy lips.

  • 0

Somehow I had forgotten about Tali Dova's "Tally Up" photoset. And it is a good one too with great lip pulling and stuffing an outrageous amount of silverware.

So it's good to get the BTS for this shoot. Tali's got a great personality, everybody is having fun, and that is still a hell of a lot of silverware

  • 2

Klaudia is indeed amazing. And this collection of Blue with Klaudia--the photosets, the action videos, the BTS--is some of the hottest most inspired girl-girl shooting ALS has ever done. Love it.

  • 7

Blake keeps on delivering. I really enjoy her anal fingering, all the objects she stuffs, and how her pussy is oozing after getting pumped. She has lots of great expressions during all this play.

But with a girl like Blake, I think my favorite pictures are when she simply has her legs open and is not touching herself. I mean, can you really top such a glorious display of her beautiful nipples and wondrous long pussy lips?

This very fine set has an excellent finish too: after Blake has wrapped herself in her towel and seemingly put her charms away, we get two last perfectly framed peek-a-boo pictures of her big pussy and a bye-bye smile.

  • 2

Indeed. This is one of my favorite girl-girl videos on ALS.

  • 4

Nice first video from Liza Rowe. I like how at the start she only removed her shorts, and then a few minutes later she pushed her top up off her tits. Having her titties sticking out is such a hot look--particularly for a girl with nice nipples. She didn't take the top off till about halfway through which was cool.

I also liked that she spent a lot of time actually fucking her pussy with the vibrator instead of only buzzing her clit. And she also kept going back and forth between her pussy and mouth which is also hot. Oh, and she walked off naked into the woods at the end like some forest nymph.

Some focusing troubles mostly because Liza was swinging back and forth, but a good video.

  • 5

Oh, so Freya also has wrap around pussy lips that can hold a pen? Yeah, very glad you were able to shoot her. Those BTS videos are bound to be fun.

Really hoping that second shoot with her works out. And is her first release going to be soon?

  • 4

Ah good, Liza Rowe's release. Glad to have her on the site; she's really cute. Several things I like about this scene and a few things could have been better.

The up:

I like sporty/athletic girls, so golf is a great theme since the clubs and balls are also such good toys. The three best sequences are when the assistant is inserting the club doggie style, when Liza is inserting the balls, and when she is peeing. Her best looks are when she is focused on the balls and then when she pees.

I really like her nipples, and they look great during the backbend.

The not up:

The full sun makes the lighting hard. With many of the shots her face and pussy are in too dark of shadow. The fill flash wasn't enough except on closeups, so maybe a bounce board would have helped especially if it was lower than the camera. The standing shots with the club in her pussy were great poses, but had these shadows. (Oh, but thumbs up for no sunglasses.)

Liza had much the same smile through lots of the shoot. It would have been better if she had varied her looks more. (Shyness? Her looks got better when she was concentrated on stuffing the golf balls and then peeing. Kind of a cool first-time-model vibe to her.)

There are lots of shots where Liza has her legs wide open. But since she doesn't have long pussy lips, it would have been hotter if she had spread herself more. There was almost a good doggie spreading sequence, but you moved on to the next pose. (Her best spreads were while peeing, and she had good looks then too. That was the hottest sequence.)

Overall, I like this set. And I'm quite impressed that she was up for modeling at all the day after having those teeth out. Wow. Looking forward to more from Liza.

  • 2

Yup, agree with that.

On the flip side, I would like to see Alex shoot some more of the beautiful Asian women that you can find right here in the U.S.. Both Asian and Latina really--a little more diversity would be a great addition to the site.

  • 6

This video is a great reminder of how sexy Goldie is.

Not sure I care for this format though. I've liked the videos in the past where the model talks on the phone as a set up, but then hangs up to masturbate (and maybe calling back when she has finished as a bookend). I think that is better than staying on the phone the whole time.

It was cool that she was talking, but I kept thinking that it would be a lot hotter if she was talking to the camera instead of the phone.

  • 1

No comments yet?

Really like watching Kristen gape her pussy and stretch her lips, so I wish she had carried on doing that. Instead, she switched to this totally hot self fisting. So...well...right... Yeah, no complaining about that at all.

  • 0

Ooh, could you even pick the 5 best ALS sets ever? I couldn't. I mean the competition for that is super intense. Just take kitchen sets, Alex was shooting amazing kitchen scenes way back. Trista and Shelby each had great ones, Nadia and Paris get fisted side by side, and more recently there is Rachel James and also Jayden Taylors with her big beautiful butterfly pussy.

But I do totally agree that this Dolly Little set is excellent and among the best. I like the teasing with her hot body in such a simple dress--great combo.

My favorite part is the whole spoon stuffing sequence. That's an impressive number of spoons and some very hot poses.

  • 4

Yes, I agree that Naomi has a wonderful clit but it is not the center of attention in this set. Instead, the closeups here are of her putting the lollypop in and out of her pussy. I think this is one of the best lollypop scenes on ALS.

Her "Perfect Pussy" set gives her clit the attention it richly deserves including lots of closeups. Alex mentioned in his blog post that he was impressed with Naomi's big clit, so I take that as a sign that we will see plenty more of it in her remaining releases.

  • 6

Another stellar set from Alex Grey. She is stunningly beautiful, and she so enjoys exposing and showing off her body that the sequence where she is shooting selfies is really hot. Just loved the bit where she pulled those spandex tights open so that she could shoot some down shots of her pussy.

In all her photoshoots, she has some of the best expressions when she is spread really wide--she has fun going for maximal exposure. An excellent attitude for an ALS model.

My favorite pose in this set is the one you chose for the cover shot. That picture captures her hotness in glorious detail and also shows both that Alex knows this hotness and that she wants to share it. So lucky for us.

  • 2

Tina's boobs are a bit bigger than I prefer. But this is a good anal vibrator video. And I like that she did ass to mouth.

  • 5

I love this photoshoot! It has so much of what I want in a scene starting with a really hot model. Some of the best sequences here just have Naomi sitting with her legs wide open but not touching her pussy while she works her looks. And can she ever work it.

Some of the great stuff here:

Dancing with the headphones. She looks so good in the still photos, I hope you shot a masturbation video of her dancing with the headphones too. (Remember that totally hot one that Viktoria Sweet did?)

Naomi's almost see-through top goes great with the shorts. And it is perfect for pulling down off her wonderful tits. I'm really glad you put up so many shots where she has her legs spread out on the arms of the chair and her tits sticking out. You can see how much fun she is having exposing herself like that and playing with her lollypop.

The lollypop. A lollypop is a good toy only if the girl is interested in it, and some girls aren't. But Naomi does a totally sexy tease with it and really plays. She has a bunch of delightful and silly expressions while the lollypop is just sticking out of her pussy.

And then the metal speculum. Love that thing. First, it is just cool looking with that iridescent sheen: a big serious toy that is perfectly the ALS style of opening a girl up. Second, the metal speculum lets in lots of light and really exposes the cervix. You always get great full body shots with a clear view of the cervix. And you got some excellent ones of Naomi.

And some naked dancing at the end where Naomi is still having fun and looks just delicious.

I would have thought I'd want her Dreamcatcher scene as her first BTS video. But now I'm thinking that this one might be even better to have first. Anyway, more Naomi soon!

  • 5

I like the purple skirt, and that forked vibrator she uses on her clit is hot. But for a talk-to-the-camera scene, there should be more, well, talking. Even though Alex Grey wasn't in to saying much, she was totally in to giving us a great view of her pussy while she played with it. So that is good.

  • 0

Wow, I'd forgotten about Alana--this is a great set.

And yeah, those piledriver ass shots are really hot!