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She (Hayley Reed) maintains intense eye contact in many pictures throughout all the sets. She (almost) literally looks into my soul (the admirers' eyes). Her smile is seductive and arousing. I like her natural way with relatively limited makeup. I love her long legs , beautiful hair, fair eyes, lips ( all the three kinds), nice bum, small tits, very pleasing hands (and nails) as well as her killer feet with nicely shaped toes.
By the way ,will Engorge and Extend get a BTS perhaps? I love the way she opens herself up by spreading & gaping her pussy with both hands as well as with the spreaders in this particular set. I normally love only high heels and open toe sandals/heels, laced up ankle strap heels etc most of the time. Nevertheless, I know how to appreciate a girl barefoot when she is unique and that is exactly the case when Hayley gets creative with her feet in "Engorge and Extend" when she gloriously held the purple pussy spreaders with her feet (mostly toes?) only, no hands all the while forming a diamond with her partially crossed feet and bent knees in the air !!! Off course, her pussy had been previously stretched wide by a large number of clicks. Therefore it was so kept at maximum pink gaping position for best possible "romantic perspective into her inner pink soul". To wrap it all up, the combination of her stocking clad feet/toes holding the spreaders hands free along with the fully unobstructed view of her totally spread flower petals and piercing smile/intense soul penetrating eye contact made my heart stop for a moment and my jaw drop. Sure, this is only possible because of her remarkable flexibility, otherwise she would block the view from her vaginal inner areas or not even be able to hold the spreaders with the feet in the first place.
Please publish the part where she slowly gapes her pussy with the purple tools in the BTS to get a count of the clicks too, that would be a great bonus since the record holder seems to be Jeri Lynn with 7-8 clicks but neither her spreaders intense BTS nor Jeri's set has ever been published (yet, hopefully it will on als angels).
Another killer skill of Haley is her ability to suck her toes which she did for maximum erotic/romantic pleasure/impact in the set "Autoeroticism", in which not only is she looking into her fans' eyes with her sexy smile/eyes while sucking her toes with eyes open but also she gives one of the most unique views of her cervix and vaginal canal blessing us with close ups of her pussy spread open by the Dreamcatcher and the Gape Cage at the same time!!!

One last (and unlikely to ever come true) wish for a set with her: I would love to see her spread both by the spreaders as well as the Dreamcatcher simultaneously just as you people did with Alexa Thomas on Als Angels, that along with a BTS thereof would make a me subscriber for a very long time !!!

Many thanks to Hayley for being so talented, open to new things and flexible/fit. Please keep deep eye contact always and come back for more, I am sold. Thanks to the Als Teams for treating the muses like they deserve, being so human, professional and respecting models' limits regarding kinkier stuff ( for the girls not willing to do harder scenes of anal, heel stuffing, number of purple spreaders clicks etc). The models are at the center of the website so the subscribers are lucky so many models are ready to willingly stretch themselves open (pussy I prefer and ass not so much) with the Dreamcatcher(both) , the Gape Cage, the Speculum(both) , the Rocket( I am less of a fan of the Rocket, but some girls are nice with it , such as Hayley Reed).

Happy New Year and let us see what 2019 shall bring to Als.

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Hate the tattoos but like the girl. In this set there are a lot of exelent pictures without the tats. Thanks for that.
Haley sure knows how to work her pussy. The inverted bottle is always great.

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Why do people always comment on the tattoos what the fuck year is this 2018 i believe so ya your gonna
see tattoos on hot chicks get over it there here and there gonna stay here . Tattoos are a work of ART .

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Hell ya [sic], finally! You're obviously somebody who understands what art truly is! Hey, could you do me a favor? I need your opinion. I recently got a full-size tattoo of my dick that's actually on my dick, only it's two inches longer. Perhaps you'd relish the chance to gaze upon its magnificence and marvel at its limitless artistic splendor. While you're down there maybe you could demonstrate what a full-fledged pipeline inspection is all about. I understand that's your thing...

Now that we've had the opportunity to improperly introduce ourselves by running our mouths and thoroughly pissing each other off, I would invite you to expound upon your opinion of art by actually citing a few of what you consider to be legitimate examples. This would prove to be far more effective than simply trying to wow us with your impressive ability to flawlessly state the current calendar year (you totally nailed that, by the way). By alleviating some of the ambiguity in your statement you stand a much better chance of substantiating your thoughts thereby helping to enrich the lives of your fellow subscribers.

Or you could just continue attempting to assert yourself like a total idiot in which case you're welcome to return to Sperm-burping-gutter-slut-dot-com-forward-slash-fully-inked-up-biker-skanks. Once there you can jerk off to all the hepatitis C that your virtual T-cells can tolerate. :)

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Could you do everybody a favor and read through some of the comment threads on this site before you jump in the way you just did? If you read a bit, you will discover that the comments on this site are very unusual for the internet in that almost everybody behaves with a least a bit of basic decency.

Stupid shit and insults are not appreciated around here so you shouldn't post it. Either be decent, or don't post comments, or cancel your membership and go find a place where they don't care how you behave. But don't give us that crap on this site.

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Actually, your favor was granted before you asked. Before I fully respond to your comments, could you clarify what you meant by "jump in the way"?

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You didn't answer my question.

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Well, if you really did read around the site, you would have known that your insulting comment does not belong here. So you should not have posted it, and should not post any more like it.

Every few months some new person seems to pop up who posts nasty comments. Usually this is somebody who gripes about how bad ALS is. After a few weeks they cancel their membership. Other times somebody new pops up who insults other members. We tell them that is not welcome here. They usually go away too.

If you are going to post on this site, you need to respect the other members, and most of all, respect the models who come work for ALS. It's not hard to do.

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"Jump in the way". What does that mean?

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It means "starting to comment without understanding what is appropriate around here".

There is no mystery and the point is one anybody can get:

Don't post stupid shit, don't insult people, and don't troll by pretending you don't understand.

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My good man, I'm beginning to think that you are more confused about your own words than I am. Rest assured I do not feel that you pose a threat to me and therefore you're not likely to be the recipient of any sort of retaliatory language. Your generally calm, sensible tone is worthy of respect, reasonable latitude, and mature dialogue. You are however operating under quite a few assumptions that are more likely to create a stumbling block rather than a desired solution.

Here's what I propose: let us both take a moment to give careful consideration to what has actually transpired between us up to and including this moment. When I am confident my thoughts are clear of any prejudice and potentially harmful rhetoric I will present you with my rejoinder (under a different thread of course; this one's getting a bit cramped)

As you undergo the process of composing your own thoughts I invite you to keep in mind the theme of effective communication, but not from a universal standpoint. Remember that we are speaking one on one and therefore you are not at liberty to assume the role as spokesperson for the entire site.

I look forward to our future correspondence.

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Art is wide concept. In some circles a slab of meat hanging on a wall is called art.
Do I have to like it?
A beautiful girl, without any "enhancements", be it silicon or ink, thats the art to me.

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You wouldn't even know the tats were there if your cock was in her pussy so shut the fuck up.
Find something else to bitch about and leave Haley Reed alone

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It's always nice get a mature and articulate reply

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Tats do look pretty ridiculous once age sets in. Not that the undeveloped minds see that far into the future. But someday if they're lucky the big FIVE-OH will happen., along with its baggage.

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blah blah blah

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I love this photoset! Haley is perfect, and totally hot, in this scene. Always nice to see a girl do the classic inverted bottle, ALSscan style, and Haley does it with grace!

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So many great pics here. I love it. I think a little bit of light anal works really well. 10 out of 10.

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