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Hate the tattoos but like the girl. In this set there are a lot of exelent pictures without the tats. Thanks for that.
Haley sure knows how to work her pussy. The inverted bottle is always great.

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Why do people always comment on the tattoos what the fuck year is this 2018 i believe so ya your gonna
see tattoos on hot chicks get over it there here and there gonna stay here . Tattoos are a work of ART .

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Art is wide concept. In some circles a slab of meat hanging on a wall is called art.
Do I have to like it?
A beautiful girl, without any "enhancements", be it silicon or ink, thats the art to me.

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Tats do look pretty ridiculous once age sets in. Not that the undeveloped minds see that far into the future. But someday if they're lucky the big FIVE-OH will happen., along with its baggage.

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blah blah blah

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Another excellent scene from Haley! And she is wearing a cute outfit too. The shorts are ok, but her knee socks and crop top are very sexy. I'm glad that she took the shorts off first and kept the socks on all the way to the end. There are several great sequences when she is just in her top and socks. I always like shots where the girl has a wide stance and she bends over to look back at us through her legs. Haley does this by resting her head on the chair so that she can spread her ass with both hands. The second shot (#72) where she is sticking her tongue out is almost perfect since it really does look like she is licking her own clit. Just needed a bit more flash on that one.

Haley has good expressions and a nice example is how she does the "hey guys, I'm going to flash my tits" sequence. And then she does another of my favorite things and leaves her top pushed up. Two really hot shots are #106 and #107. Her top has slid down a bit and is now being held up by her fantastic nipples and she is using both hands to expose her clit.

I love how much finger gaping Haley does. She gets really big gapes and it is hot that she goes back and forth between gaping and fisting. You should do that a lot more, and should particularly have the girls in girl girl scenes fist that way.

Agree with Ortoton that Haley does an excellent inverted bottle scene. She clearly has a good time with it and gets well stretched. This is perfect bottle since it is nice and fat but it has a rounded bottom to make it easier for her to slide it up into her pussy. Is this as fat as the large size Rocket? It looks like it might be. Cool that you include a couple of shots from over Haley's shoulder, #201, #202. I like that she is first looking down at what she is doing with her pussy and then she looks up at us.

After the bottle, more fisting and gaping! My favorite part of the whole scene are the gapes she does while in piledriver on the chair. She both gets her pussy stretched wide open and has a lot great looks. The best ones are at the end where you seem to have a deeper field of view. Maybe you need a bit taller step ladder so that you can get up high enough to get both her pussy and face into sharp focus.

From the piledriver, Haley slows slides down off the chair onto the floor. This is a great way to end the scene. At first she keeps her pussy high in the air and really exposed by doing the splits and some lip spreading. Then she slides all the way down and gives us great looks while keeping her legs open. She is very sexy doing that in her bright pink knee socks.

Haley is a hottie and she did an excellent scene.

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You're right, the picture where it looks like she's licking herself is hot!

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I love this photoset! Haley is perfect, and totally hot, in this scene. Always nice to see a girl do the classic inverted bottle, ALSscan style, and Haley does it with grace!

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So many great pics here. I love it. I think a little bit of light anal works really well. 10 out of 10.

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