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She has great thighs and legs and the wet spots of her desire were a turn on.

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I love Zazie. She has a wonderful pussy. Don't care for the speculum shots, though some of the 3-4 angles are OK. Nobody needs to see her cervix but her OB/GYN and maybe an abortion provider.

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I love the specum and cervix shots, it's nice and very hot to see the girls fully opened and exposed with spreaded legs, speculum in, naked tits, arms above head, I like this. Metal speculum is very hot too...

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On the contrary: In my view, female beauty is greatly enhanced with a complete pubic shave and a speculum. Always and for every model, without exception. And no one does it better than alsscan. :)

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I want to see her cervix. I want to see every girls cervix

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Oh, another whiner. It's seems we have an unending rotation of whiners who keep coming through. You say that nobody needs to see her cervix. Well, it's also true that nobody needs to see her naked either. But almost everybody here likes to see her naked, and lots of us also like to see her cervix.

A big theme of ALS is to take these very hot girls and get them really exposed. One way to do this is with toys that open their pussies up wide. The various speculums are my favorite toys for this. I like the girls exposed, and I like looking all the way up their pussies to their cervix.

There are 150 shots in this scene before the speculum. You could very easily skip the speculum sequence. You would still have a great scene. If you want to do something constructive, encourage Alex to release more longer sets. The recent Aurora Zvezda has 345 photos.

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Love her pussy! But not enough spreading with fingers...

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Gorgeous girl, but why fuck it all up with bloody me fucked!!

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Graffiti is a bad description for art on a beautiful canvas.

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She is hot, hot, hot! Can't wait to see future sets! Good job ALS!

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Zazie looks great! ALS had an amazing year in Europe.

You guys pull a great surprise in this scene. Zazie starts out in some nice pink short shorts. She has several poses that show us the wet spots that her pussy is leaving on the shorts--#13 is a very appealing open leg one. But when she goes to pull off the shorts, we find that she is wearing panties. Sexy ones too! This is a very good tease.

Zazie looks to be having a great time posing and spreading. What an expression in #90.

My favorite part is where Kiara comes in. She gets Zazie in a bridge with her feet way up on the back of the couch so that her pussy is up at an excellent eating height. #110 is so funny--either Kiara is hamming it up, or she is dumbstruck at her amazing good luck. Or both, you don't find sexy girls posed like that just anywhere. Go, Kiara, go!

Kiara dives right in for some wonderful pussy licking. And after Zazie drops down to pile driver, Kiara doesn't let her pussy get away and follows her down to keep licking. What a hot sequence. And it's followed by gaping too!

Sexy new model in a hot scene. Thanks to Zazie and Kiara both.

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Nice set. You missed out on a great opportunity to have a breast to pussy shot on #118. Love that kind of shot, which we rarely see on ALS. Not so much of a complaint as an observation. This is a great site.

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Yes, I had the same thought. Kiara is one of my favorite new female assistants. Her tits are bigger than I'd want to see in a Scan model, but I don't hold that against her since she is very pretty and has a fantastic personality for being the female assistant. (I hope you get her again this year.)

And since she has those bigger tits, and she has Zazie flipped upside down, she would only have to lean forward a wee bit and she could tease Zazie's clit and pussy lips with her nipple.

I agree that more nipple-on-pussy shots would be a great addition to ALS. Sargon probably prefers a bigger tit like Kiara's, while my favorite would be a smaller tit and longer nipple. But either way, I bet a lot of members would like shots of nipples getting up in these great pussies.

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