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Absolutely incredible photoshoot,I only wish she had on some flat sandals.There really needs to be more sandals, flat or wedge, on these girls especially when they're outside in bikinis or other cute outfits.PLEASE!

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I agree that more sandals would be great particularly if they are flat or only low wedges. But I don't have any problem with a lot of the scenes that start with bare feet: pool scenes, sunbathing on the deck (like Vina does here), bed scenes, bath or shower scenes, and yoga. All these seem reasonable for bare feet. There does seem to be a sizable group of members who are big on bare feet.

But I would like to see less use of high heel pumps and more flat sandals and sneakers, especially outdoors like you mention. Also boots. There are a lot of cool boots around. Knee high boots go great with a miniskirt (no panties) or with super short cutoff jeans.

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You shot so many amazing hot girls at home in Baltimore last year. Sometimes I think that Emily Willis is the very hottest. But then a set like this comes along and it's, no, Vina is the hottest. Impossible to decide really. Just wonderful that we get them both.

As I commented on the BTS, this is great sunlight. Vina is not wearing suglasses either. Thanks! Great sun and no glasses is the best combo for a shoot.

Normally I like a bikini to contrast with the color of a girl's skin. The "nude" fabric is great for the beach where she wouldn't take it off. But in your shoots the girl is going to get actually naked, so there is no advantage in starting with the fake nudity of a skin colored suit. But what I do like about this bikini is that it is sheer. I also like that Vina uses baby oil instead of water to soak it down. That's so sexy in the sun. Some great see-through pics especially once Vina butterflies her pussy lips. And it is also really hot that she pulls the cups of the bikini top to the side to bring her titties out. I wish she had left it that way longer for a lot more shots. This photoset would have been even better if it was longer.

My favorite pose is Vina doing the Dreamcatcher in doggie. Two of the best shots are the whole body #143 where Vina looks back at us, and the closeup #144. So hot to have the sun shine into her pussy like that so we can see her hole oozing and the puddle on her pussy lip that is about to drip. However, I would have liked to have seen some shots where you came around to Vina's side to shoot profile.

Anytime you have the girls out in the sun, I love to see them use a glass dildo. This is a nice big fat one too that lights up nicely with a pink glow from the inside of Vina's pussy. Here you did get a good shot from Vina's side, #129. And I also like #130 where you shoot down from above her shoulder so that we see Vina's perspective of what it looks like to be toying her highly exposed perspective. Shame there is only one such picture. I would have liked more including some where she looks back up at the camera, or some with the crew.

Vina finishes the set with a spectacular pee sequence where her pussy is fully lit with sunlight. She aims high and shoots far. I think this is a great mix of full body and closeups. I'm glad you got some of her looking at the camera too like #173 where she is just sticking her tongue out a bit. Also cool that you step back a bit to show how far Vina is shooting. #179 with her big happy smile is wonderful.

Excellent scene from the super hot Vina Skyy!

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Oh, that should be "toying her highly exposed pussy". I love getting to see her perspective. Also love her pussy.

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She's outside , on the deck , what more can you ask

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Once again, Vina Skyy is just dreamy. The Dreamcatcher from-behind shots certainly catches a few dreams of mine.

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