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I love picture nr 240, the girl fully opened with the gape cage, naked, her wonderful shaped tits shows pritty nice.

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Another stellar shoot, start to finish. I loved the shorts - turquoise is my favorite color. Sabina has some great expressions. I particularly liked 152. Also, a very nice tight slit.

I've wondered, have you ever tried shooting a model's pussy with her shorts still on, but the zipper down and held open?

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Do you mean with the top of her shorts open like Sabina does here? Or are you thinking of having the waist buttoned shut and just the zipper down so that we are peeking into a hole?

ALS has done some great examples of the first where the girl pulls her shorts open and down just far enough to glimpse her pussy. I can't think of them of having done the second, though. Might need a long zipper to work very well. Could be hot.

I think these kinds of teases are really sexy, so I'm always trying to talk Alex and Jen into shooting more. Something else I'd like to see is the girl pulling her panties or stretchy shorts straight out from her body (instead of down) and we get shots looking down inside at the front of her pussy. This would be particularly hot for girls whose pussies are out forward and up high like Hannah Hays.

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Yes, I love the shots where they teasingly open their shorts slowly. Love those shots. I was wondering what it would look like with the shorts buttoned with the zipper pull down and the model spreading the zipper, with shorts still buttoned. I don't know if they could get any interesting shots that way.

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Right. Yeah, I don't remember ALS having tried doing that. I would love to see to see them give it a go. Probably would be a good BTS too with all the maneuvering around trying to get a glimpse of some pussy.

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Great as usuall. Please bring her back this summer. The worid needs some outdoor ALS sets of Sabina.
It's a real treat to see her eyes and facial expressions.
PS, really liked the nipple pulling.

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It's cool that Alex told us on the blog about this scene right before the release. When the BTS comes out, I hope you include some of the attempt to try the Rocket and a speculum. Most scenes you shoot go very much as you plan them, but some of them need figuring out on the fly which is interesting too.

Sabina is wearing a crazy outfit that works really well. Besides the interesting patterns and cool boots, I really like that it is not her shorts that are cut off but her top: her crop top is cropped by being actually cut off. And just like with pants, the best cut off tops are cut short. When Sabina pulls the top back on her neck, her tits come out. That's a great tease. You've shot a few girls lately whose nipples are long enough to hold up their top. Sabina does this too. I really like #35 with her nipples peeking out like that as she starts to open her shorts. Then a bit later she does another of my favorite things that is really hot. She faces the camera with her shorts pulled to the top of her thighs. #60 is perfect--her shorts are down just enough for a good look at her pussy and she reaches up high so her nipples come into view.

I like the posing she does in just her top and boots. My favorites are the no hands shots where her pussy lips are parted but not in a full butterfly. #98 is very good. Sabina has long beautiful pussy lips so it nice to see them that way. Of course, it's also hot when she spreads--she's got a good look in #102.

The gape cage sequence is quite good and starts with really hot posing. After the attempts with the other two toys, Sabina's pussy is well lubed and now her lips are staying wide open in a sexy and inviting butterfly waiting for this toy. #216 and #221 stand out, but they are all good.

I'm always asking you to include a sequence where you come around and shoot from above the girl's head so that we see her perspective too. Well this time that is a fantastic series because it also has something else I've been trying to talk you into doing. In #252 we see a pair of legs and feet, and #257 we see the camera and legs of both of the video crew. I think it is really hot to see Sabina lying opened up like that with mysterious people looking and filming up her pussy.

And jumping jacks at the end. A delightful way to finish an excellent scene.

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Another beautiful scene with Sabina R. I love this girl!

PS. More Sabina, please. I dream of a good, long Sabina pussy cam scene.

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