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As I said before, Naomi is hot hot hot, and she has an amazing clit.

I like that there are several pages of upskirt shots before Naomi takes off her clothes. Really good poses like when she has arms up over her head #40 (thumbnails). And from behind with her leg hiked up on the chair #66.

She has good looks except when she is biting her lip. That must be something she never does naturally so it seems self-conscious in these shots. Would have been better to skip it this time or at least do it less.

With some models the pump doesn't seem to have much effect. But Naomi's pussy really responded and you got lots of great shots of how plump and swollen it got. Good mix of closeups and whole body shots.

I'm glad you are building up your collection of glass dildos since they are such fine looking toys. Very pleased that Naomi posed no hands. #185 where she has her arms and legs up high with the dildo sticking up out of her pussy is super hot. (#186, though, has one of those funny lip bites.)

During the backbend it looks like her pussy might still be a bit swollen from the pump. That's a great way to show off how wonderfully her clit hood sticks out.

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Normally I don't come back and make a second comment on the same set, but this one gives me a hard on just thinking about it. I agree with everything you said especially the first sentence, hot hot hot!!!

Correction, who cares if this babe bites her lip.

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Ah well, perhaps nobody but me cares and the comment will vanish into the ether unnoticed. But I mention things like that because Alex or Jen might want to think about it when shooting. Feedback to the photographers. Some girls can pull off a sexy lip biting pose, but I think Naomi looks hotter when she doesn't.

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I agree Fooly. I think Alex pays attention to the comments so it's good to make them. I agree, I usually like the lip biting, but I don't think Naomi pulled it off well. As long as I'm making general comments, I don't really care for any of the dildos l. I prefer the spreaders and Dreamcatcher. But I get that every one has different tastes. That's why we have chocolate and vanilla :-) ALS is such a great site and has been for years, I just skip over the ones I'm not interested in. This was a very good shoot. I almost gave it a 10, but settled on 9.I rarely give 10s. I often wish we could give half points, then this would have been 9 1/2.

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Just wanted to agree I wish we could give half points as well (or even tenths) - it would be nice to express exactly how much you like a given set (especially considering that pretty much every one is between an 8 and a 10)!

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Very nice. Some wonderful clit shots.

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Mmmm my love, Naomi. What a gorgeous babe

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Love that big juicy clit.

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WOW - WOW - WOW - WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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