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The next to last picture of the shoot is hot. I like all creamy on the outside!

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The next to the last picture is hot. I like all creamy on the outside!

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I won't be renewing my membership when it expires because of all the low res stuff I saw years ago. I know that some people appreciate it but for me it is a waste of money.

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We're sorry to hear you won't be renewing your membership, but thank you for your business. Being only twice a month, we find more than some members not only value but demand the higher quality and additional, previously-unreleased photos that go into these classic sets. In fact, the number of hitherto unseen images from these sets and blog updates is roughly on par with the average number of pics in two of most our competitor's photo updates, which are half the size or less of most our new releases.

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Well I, personally, am very glad to see any more shots of the absolutely top-shelf Mia than we already had (remember, remastered doesn't just mean higher-res, but more photos as well)... Apparently it's hard to get models as gorgeous as her these days, as all the wild hot women lately get tattooed!

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Personally, I don't find anything 'wild hot' about her, but to each their own. This set, IMO, is crap. And there's nothing wrong with a tasteful tat, though I know that goes against the ALS grain. Times change, the site should keep up.

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Alex has never been fond of tattoos but that doesn't mean we're not shooting models with tattoos. Blake Eden, Uma Jolie, Bella Beretta, Kristy Black, probably more than half the models we've shot this year, all had tattoos.

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Everyone needs to realize the cost of a shoot. From the models fee all the way until we download or view the set on ALSSCAN. This takes time and money. If you read the Blog you know Alex is headed overseas for a shoot. There is a ALSSCAN release everyday. This takes time. I'm am sure that the ALSSCAN staff likes to have a vacation too. Doing a remastered set every once in a while give Alex and his staff some time to spend with their families. I don't have a problem with that. Besides it give some of the new people who sign up to see some of the best of the older models. I for one will not complain. Alex and his staff put a lot of effort into ALSSCAN and it shows. Some of the things they do are very unique. Alex and his staff should be commended for the work they do. If they need to take a little time off from work, they deserve it like the rest of us do.

  • Bozo
  • 12 months ago
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The bottom line is "remastered" sets are a way of maximizing profits. As someone who run's my own business, I'm not saying that's necessarily a "bad' thing - but let's be clear, that's what it is. The up side of old sets is a sense of porno history. The down side is funky shoes and tacky furniture. It would be much more consumer friendly if they were offered as a "bonus", similar to the interview vids. But that would negate the profit maximization incentive. Like all business's, ALS has to balance their customer's desires versus making payroll. And, like all business's, they have to make every attempt to be better than the competition or the customer will go elsewhere. If it were easy, everyone would have their own porno site.

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Thanks! We try to do what members love, and love doing it.

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