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My preference in photo sets is 1) solo girl, 2) girl-girl and 3) boy-girl. ALS holds nicely to this formula. Not a big fan of some other guy's cock and balls, but Sara's gorgeous pussy and bared clit more than make up for it in the closeups. I especially enjoyed the banana foreplay. Improvised phallic toys are my favorite, with fruit and veggies the best among those.

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A very good boy girl set. And Sara is hot as always.

I always like the athletic themes, so the tennis is good and Sara's tennis outfit is great. I like the blue and pink combo and especially that her pink shoes match the pink short shorts. These sets where a fully clothed assistant fully undresses the model are always sexy. And this one is hot because Max does a good job of showcasing Sara's exposure. After her takes off her top, he stands behind her and fondles her tits and then puts his hand down her shorts to play with her pussy.

And then my favorite part of the sequence: he turns her around and pulls her shorts down on to her thighs and leaves them there. He spreads her cheeks so we can see her ass and her wonderful dangling pussy lips. Beautiful! He fingers her pussy like that too.

Keeping the exposure theme going, Sara sits and spreads her legs wide so that Max can insert the banana in her pussy. I really like that Max stays dressed all through this part too. The only thing missing is that he ought to have pulled on her long pussy lips a bit.

It is only now after all this attention from Max that Sara returns the favor and takes his clothes off so she can suck his cock.

There was one other missed opportunity. At the end when Sara goes to suck him off, she puts her near leg up. The first shot (#199) is excellent with a good view of Sara's long pussy hanging open. After that, there are only hints of her pussy. It would have been good to get lower and take some shots from pussy height since Sara was so kind to hold her legs open like that.

All in all a very fine set with great use of clothing to emphasize exposure. And I do like that she keep her bright pink shoes on. A naked girl wearing tennis shoes can be very sexy--particularly if she is a beauty like Sara.

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Sorry, absolutely doesnt work for me... I really tried hard to like it.

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No such thing as a good boy-girl set.

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Who fucks in shoes? I mean, really.

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Someone who doesn't like prickly grass, someone who has cold feet, someone who likes to wear shoes, someone who gets lost in the passion of the moment and doesn't worry about their shoes, ,..
There are some foot fetish sites out their that you might be interested in, but I suspect by the "1" rating that it wasn't just the shoes wyou didn't like....
Personally I didn't even really notice the shoes until I read this complaint - great set, Sara is hot, like the pic with cum in her mouth, looking forward to the vid. And for those of you who still complain about the B/G sets, move on!
We keep hearing complaints- shoes, tattoos, piercings, b/g, yet this is one of the few sites where we get; so many pictures in one set. Lots to satisfy our likes without bitchin' about the things we don't like!

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