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I'm not sure I ever mentioned this before, and I'm sure many will disagree, but when the model flips me off - Big turnoff.

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I see what you mean, and I usually prefer to think that the point of the gesture is to hint at some possible method for a well mannered naked young woman to quickly hide an erect finger, all by herself. :)

On the other hand, any well mannered young woman going so far as to expose her cervix in order to give a complete picture her female beauty, also gets to flip a finger if she wants to. It still is very much ok, in my book.

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I wouldn't overthink it. ALS mostly just uses it as one of several gestures as part of the goofing around for "personality shots". There is a bit of a play on the multiple meanings of "fuck".

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I thought that was obvious until I ran into this discussion. ie some people can't take a joke or no sense of humor. I'm glad some people love working 24/7 without a break and have never gotten irritated at their boss as some point. At some point one has to blow off steam or do you want to see more models smoking a cig. Thats a bit of a turn off but kinda needed to keep them calm. Unless you do this. Have fun. laughter kinda breaks the wind.

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The general attitude is everything here. An otherwise offensive gesture, can be pure fun with a hint of a sexy smile and the right twinkle in the models eyes. Not least, that attitude is pure gold in a nude setting. And much to their credit I think, that is one thing ALSscan brings in bucketfuls. :)

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Lilu is hot! And she gets to have Gina Gerson for her girlfriend. Wow! (We get a great shot of Gina in her big mirror aviators looking down from the patio--she's happy to be here watching Lilu posing.)

So much worked out really well in this shoot. One thing I wanted to mention is the light. This is great sun, and I think you put it to excellent use. I particularly like that there are so many shots with Lilu's pussy lips just catching a little bit of sun. My favorite example is in the sequence of amazingly good shots where Lilu is taking her top off, #80-89. She is crouched with her knees open, and the sun just hits her dangling pussy lips. Great light, great poses, great looks from Lilu.

A naked Gina brings in the Rocket with a kiss (of course!). The girls both lick the toy, #174, which quickly leads to a blowjob competition. Then back to kissing. #186 is wonderful and is exactly as hot as I expected Gina tongue kissing her girlfriend would be. Love that! The next shot, #187, is really good too with the girls pressing their open mouths together and, once again, the sun is just barely on Lilu's pussy.

The solo shots of Lilu are great. But what I'm most psyched to see are the girl girl scenes with these two. I hope they did a lot of them!

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Just because cameras not allow you to easily take hundreds of pictures, it doesn't mean they're all worthy of using.

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Agreed. Still, it's an editors dilemma. Awesome work, always! There are many cute, sexy shots but they're often repetitive. Or maybe a preview feature like at least one popular site has, so it's easy to skip back & forth. Thanks for the good work Alex & gals! Thanks Gina!!!

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Agreed. Good shots can get lost in overly long, overly repetitive photo spreads. And, this will no doubt make some mad, but I've had just about enough of Gina.... way too much of a good thing.

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No, long sets are the best! I'm very glad that ALS posts a lot more pictures than they used to. Lilu has lots of wonderful looks and poses. so it's great to get to see them all.

If you do not wish to look at every photo, then there is a very easy solution for you: do not look at every photo.

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Fuck right.

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Totally hot! Love to see Lilu on all four and also standing upright with the Rocket still in place.

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