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Lilly always seems to be having fun. That's a really turn on. And I can't get enough of her labia lips and huge clitoris. The peeing in these photos is fantastic too.

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I would love to see the video that goes with this set. Great set. Love the peeing.

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Love the veggie sex. Wish you'd shot a few more frames of that thick zucchini. It stretched her pussy nicely. The cucumber, especially the pull shots, was great. Altogether too much grinning, but I'm glad she had a good time.

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This is a fantastic photo set of the wonderful Lily. I have just become one of her most ardent fans. Please show us the BTS video of the session where these photos were taken.

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Lilly Ford is here! I've been waiting for her release, and wow, what a girl. Immensely happy and exuberant, she just radiates fun. I hope you give a us a nice long BTS for this scene, and I hope it comes out soon. I bet her masturbation videos will be great too. Did she do a good talk-to-the-camera one?

She's such a hottie with nice small titties and wonderful nipples. And then there's her pussy! She's got a pussy that makes a statement, and she seems to really enjoy that fact. What an ideal Scan girl.

Love her outfit. Funny that I just mentioned on Emma Brown's set that it's great that you don't shoot panties much anymore, and here's another panty set. But it's great since it is just a little thong that strains to keep that big pussy contained--those long lips are gonna bust free! The best part of her outfit are the pink thigh high socks. Lilly has a pussy comparable to Jayden Taylors', and Jayden also did a super hot scene with thigh high socks. Tall socks and big pussy lips, you can't beat that combination. Glad Lilly kept the socks on the whole way through (like Jayden did too).

Can't point out all my favorite shots, but here are some of the best of the best where Lilly has both a hot pose and a great expression. I love how she could grind her pussy into the floor doing the splits and that you shot her both with and without her shirt. In #74, she is just so excited to be sharing this, and in #90, she seems to take giddy delight in her exposure.

So much good lip pulling in this scene. My favorite might be this overhead shot where she looks up at the camera, #105. And I don't know which I like better, the closeups of her lips tied in a knot or #131 that shows how righteously pleased she in with this impressive feat.

I always like sequences where the girls stick their butt off the edge of a chair, and I love shots of dangling pussy lips, so #134,....HOT! And Lilly knows we enjoy it. Glad she enjoys sharing.

Wouldn't have thought a potato masher would be a very good toy, but Lilly really gets her clit to pop up.

Very impressed with Lilly's peeing. The doggie pose was great, and the best shots were when it seemed like she was done and took her hand away but then started peeing some more with her lips open in a beautiful butterfly. Wow. We knew from the blog posts that she did two poses, but didn't know that she did a nice long pee, and then as soon as she stuck the zucchini in her pussy, she wanted to stop and do a second really long pee. Lilly might be able to beat Freya in a pussy to pussy pee competition.

So this was an excellent set. And welcome to ALS Scan, Lilly, you are wonderful.

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Absolutely - Lilly Ford is gorgeous, and I'm really glad we get to enjoy her beauty!

Could've just hit the thumbs up on this one, but thought that was too understated - FC with quality narrative again!

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Thanks, Dt

I'm glad to hear that others are enthusiastic about Lilly too. I keep prodding Alex to try and book second shoots with some of the hottest and most popular girls and to do it right away lest they move on and aren't interested in modeling anymore.

Now I would consider Lilly Ford to be exactly the sort of girl to get back soon. Unfortunately, by how the voting has gone so far, she just misses being on the first page of top models. I think this fails to fully appreciate her many charms, and well, overall hotness. But that's how it is for now--only 37 votes so far, so maybe she will move up as more people weigh in.

Might be a good time to mention that Charity Crawford is ranked #2 (with more than 100 votes) and Alex Grey is #4 (with well over 200). Would love to see a second shoot with either of those girls.

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Lilly has moved up. She is now in 12th place with 46 votes. Due in part, no doubt, to the wonderful BTS from this scene.

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After another hot set comes out, Lilly is up to 7th place with 50 votes. She's top ten now!

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