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Another outstanding set. Loved the banana sequence and, of course, the peeing.

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Yoga set from Kiara! Very good. And a sexy outfit too. I mentioned back at Christmas that Ivy Wolfe's green elf tights didn't show the best camel toe. Well, Kiara's fuchsia yoga pants are not only a fun color, they also give her a great camel toe. And her bra is cool too. Like the bra that Cindy Shine wears in her first set, Kiara's has a lot of horizontal straps. Sexy. But what's up with the big tag? If the girls don't want to remove those tags, you ought to try to keep a close watch that they are not sticking out.

Kiara does good poses. I like that we get a nice sequence with her fully clothed, another when she has taken her bottoms off, and then more when she is fully naked. Impressed with Kiara's flexibility too. Her naked splits from #83 to #89 is very hot. The sequence right after that where she has put the bottoms of her feet together is good too, but I wish that besides leaning forward, she also leaned back.

And a color coordinated jump rope! (The blues and purples in this scene are nice. That blue snail planter is cool. Kinda wish Kiara had bright pink nails like she had on her toes in Europe.) I'm a big fan of jump ropes. Hopefully I've sold you guys on the idea that if the girl only does the jump rope once, she should do it naked. Kiara sure looks good there, and I'm thinking that will be great in the BTS. The rope handles are also good pussy spreading toys.

The banana and zucchini sequences are good too. But I'm always hoping for some no hands shots which we didn't get this time. No hands shots with the banana in the doggie pose would have been very hot.

Cool that Kiara pees in this scene as well. Here's something I'd like to see you shoot. In #171-173 Kiara is on her back with her legs up and spread out almost to a splits. Those pics are very hot since her pussy is so exposed and we can see it is dripping from playing with the rope handles. It would be amazing if she peed like that, and maybe rolled her hips just a bit more so that her stream would go up high. Hope you shoot that sometime when you have a flexible girl. Probably would also have to be somebody who didn't mind if a bit of the pee landed on her.

Excellent scene.

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She's grown on me. especially when she opens wide. from all the way back to the top of her mouth nice tongue too opens wide both ends with lips but can she deep throat a pussy cam :) might need it rounder :)

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Sie ist ganz nackig, hat so schöne Beine, mein Spatz steht sofort steif hoch...

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Yes, this is a very nice set. I do like the sporty outfit (great colors) and most of the sports sets in general - always a great idea :)

I know, everybody is different, but honestly, always the same comment about girls being naked and your sparrow appreciating it... well, it gets repetitive and boring since it doesn't say anything at all about the set.

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Yes the comments might be repetitive, but hey, he's not bitchin' or whining, and it seems like he has been a member for some time, so we're all glad he supports this very fine site. We're not all born to win a pullitzer prize.

And back to the set, I've been waiting for it since I saw the preview picture, there is no such thing as too much Kiara Cole. So here too she is stunning and I can't wait to see more sets from her european trip (and possibly another shoot in the future)

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