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I, on the other hand, LOVE the hanger, the dreamcatcher, the ALS rocket and (most of all) the speculum, exactly the way ALSscan use these toys. And as ALSscan always provides a lot of pictures of all girls both with and without these toys, you always get plenty of both: Both naked natural beauty AND beautiful girls having fun with said toys. The way I see it: Had I wanted to pay for a look at tits, ass and pussy, there is a forest of pay sites who provide just that. I am not a member of any one of them, and I will never be. The unique thing in this landscape is ALSscan, with their focus on natural beauty AND crazy toys. Prime example: This scene with Kelsey Kage. Beautiful naked women are everywhere. These sites will never have my attention. Only ALSscan does it the ALSscan way. May you continue for a long time!

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Yes, to my mind there are two things distinctive about ALS. First, since they run both the Scan and the Angels sites, they can divvy the girls up so that Scan can focus on the thin fit girls with smaller tits. And second, there is a focus on exposure and particularly open pussies. So the girls use their fingers to spread and gape themselves, and they also use toys that spread and gape them.

But none of the photosets is ever entirely full of shots of open pussies. Most scenes start out with the girl wearing an interesting outfit and there are sometimes long sequences of teases. And all the scenes have plenty of shots of the girls naked either before the toys, after, or both. So instead of complaining about the toys that are used, it would make more sense for the gripers to ask for longer sets that had more photos without the toys. But, of course, we have also had gripers complain about the sets being too long. I find that to be bizarre--you pay ALS to give you photos, and then carp at them when they do so?

Anyway, I'm very pleased with ALSScan. I'm looking forward to more beautiful small tit girls, more long photosets, and lots of photos of open pussies. Three cheers for all the great ALS toys!

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I would have to agree about the clothes pin gadget, it's more than a bit out there. I can handle the fruit, vegetables, dildos, speculums etc. although this site as most others spend way to much time on that. We pay to see see tits, ass and pussy so the fluff crap is just that, crap.

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I don't like the dream catcher either, it's distracting

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One other comment that I wanted to make. I'm glad that we've gotten a few sets lately with the girl hanging her ass and pussy off the edge of a chair. Those sequences are always good. This one with Kelsey (233-238) is a bit short, though. Maybe if you had moved to her side a bit to get a few more shots from another angle.

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although, must add, not a fan of the clothes pin gadget...

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Can't agree with you about the Dreamcatcher though. I think it is a great toy. The best versions have painted clothespins and are color coordinated to the girl's clothes or nail polish. This is just a plain one.

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fullback panties? check!
cameltoe? check!

wet cameltoe (#40) BONUS check!
Love this set. I know i must be in the minority, but prefer the fullback panties over thong (most of the time)

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Well, I wouldn't want this style panties near as often as it sounds like gooch wants. But I do agree that they work very well in this scene since Kelsey's take on the schoolgirl theme is as sweet and (mostly) innocent. It's like her story is that she is wearing modest panties because she wasn't planning on flashing anyone. But, if you got a camera, why not?

Kelsey does a great job with the cute and innocent looks in the sequence (51-54) where she is standing in her shirt and panties leading up to her flashing her titties. What a shot. OK, so she's not going to be so innocent after all.

So good call on that style panties for this scene. But for the next schoolgirl outfit, how about having a girl who is so sure she plans to get naughty that she is wearing crotchless panties?

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