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Kelly Klass

  • Age first shot: 21
  • Eye color: blue
  • Hair color: blonde
  • Breasts: small
  • Measurements: 32/23/30
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 86 lbs
  • Country: United States
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Another starlette is born! We are pleased to announce the release of another ALS discovery, Kelly Klass! ALS members have anxiously awaited the release of this stunning nubile's first professional shoot ever since falling in love with her beautiful pussy lips previewed in the exclusive ALS Director's blog earlier this year. For her first on stage performance, Kelly blew us away with her affinity for modeling and up-beat attitude. During the shoot, she eager to try anything we threw her way and even though she received some bad news about her flight home being cancelled half-way through the shoot, it never even phased her. We stretched and worked this sweet and innocent girl's pussy hard during the shoot, and she even did some anal DP, pussy pumping, fisting, girl-girl action, and so much more. Kelly is 20 years old but has only had 2 boyfriends in her entire life, both were virgins when they met her. She waited until 18 to lose her virginity, but started shaving her pussy and the ripe age of 12. She likes guys and girls and her favorite sexual fantasy is to give a lucky guy a blowjob in a movie theater. Kelly loves swimming, shopping, and traveling, but she hates assholes and snobby bitches. Her favorite artists are Rihanna, Jay-Z, and Lady GaGa. Kelly is 5'4" (162cm) tall and weighs just 87lbs (39kg) (sorry, no measurements for Kelly!).

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Beautiful long pussy lips, lovely.

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Another beautiful woman with a deleterious tattoo - what a shame!

Regardless, she is gorgeous!

  • 1

Hmm, ‘deleterious’. That’s one I’ll definitely have to add to my ever expanding verbal repertoire. Of course, like several of the other new words I’ve learned since joining this site, in order to properly cement it into my overtaxed and grossly inadequate hippocampus, I’ll have to take the opportunity to use it in everyday conversation as soon as possible. This one should be fairly easy… much less awkward than the time I attempted to interject the term “urinary meatus” into a colloquial exchange with the nice old lady that drives the paper route in my neighborhood. Of course, the fact that we happened to be standing at the deli counter of my local grocer at the time probably didn’t help. Imagine the struggle I faced while trying to segue out of that one!

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…ok, so how’s this for irony. I always glance at the user tags just to see if anything amusing pops up and occasionally I’ll see something that catches my attention. The one item that seems to resurface conspicuously, and somewhat arbitrarily I might add, is the “shaved” or “shaved pussy” tag. Granted, I haven’t been an official member for very long, but should I be concerned about the fact that there is someone out there who fails to realize that this site is specifically dedicated to showcasing nothing but shaved pussies? I answered that question for myself by conducting a search purely out of curiosity using the key word “shaved”. You would lose your paycheck if you bet on the expected outcome. Why do I say this? Because there’s BUSH!!! That’s right, folks, it’s tightly groomed, and no more than a tuft, but it’s a fur burger none-the-less. (This is a no-shitter. “Aphrodasia”, feel free to fact check it for yourself). Embedded deep within the archives of this incredible mecca set aside purely for the sake of honoring the most sacred race-tracks-upon-which-grass-does-not-grow is none other than the very thing we strive to abolish. Now don’t get me wrong, I haven’t lost any respect for these highly esteemed “curators of the beardless clams” who give new meaning to a life that was once steeped in misery. But I can’t help thinking about that poor bastard who wants only to bookmark the very thing he considers dearest to his heart. Despite his efforts he has allegorically found himself stuck in a cylindrical room vainly looking for a corner in which to jerk off. Then again, maybe we’re just talking about some goofball who, much like me, cannot be taken seriously for one minute. At any rate, the moral of this story obviously is… um, (help me out people) “When life gives you a bunch of pubies…, uh… weave a Persian rug?” I don’t know. I’m going back for a history lesson; it’s time I embrace my roots, no pun intended. I think I might have seen that chick Paula in a strip club once in Myrtle Beach… or, maybe in a house of ill-repute in Palma de Mallorca. That was the best damn wedding reception I ever crashed. Fuckin’ vodka.

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Click on the link for model Sara Jaymes and then click on the photo shoot from June 5, 2014, titled "Sip and Satisfy," with Shalina Devine. Scroll down to the 30th line and look at the photo on the far right (or the previous two on line 29). I wrote a fairly long comment about this shoot based on those shots. Sara was WAY in need of a shave. She had major stubble all around her privates, but worse, yet, she had serious "chest-like" hair all over her buttocks -- something I've NEVER seen on a lady. I'm a middle-aged man, and I don't have anywhere near that much hair on MY butt cheeks. The hairs were dark and pointy and just completely destroyed any "sexiness" the shots might have otherwise generated.

I find stuff like that inexcusable on a site named ALL LADIES SHAVED. Most of these ladies are so clean it appears they don't shave, but likely wax, which I'm sure isn't pleasant, but it achieves the "look" those of us who like bare skin are looking for (look at Malena Morgan as just one example). If a gal shows up at a shoot with stubble and/or hair, someone should make her shave, or help her shave before the shoot begins, or else re-schedule the shoot. Otherwise, the site is engaging in fraud and susceptible to members canceling and demanding a refund.

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...wait, isn't that "vo-DRAZH-nah ??

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Actually yeah. I think you're right. However looking back it seems I've spelt it differently every time.

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