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I am so glad you posted this on Scan and not Angels. I love Haley's tits. #46 caught my eye. 88 and 89, now THAT'S the way a model should squeeze her tits! And 117-119 are some of my favorite shots with the model on all fours and her tits just hanging straight down. Of course the gaping and the peeing were great! And a blonde to boot. A solid 10 from me. Thanks!

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Your comment reminded me that since I've never had an Angels membership, I don't even know when ALS started the site. Did it exist already in 2005? I figured that since Keely's first release was here on Scan, that is why the rest of her scenes are too. But it might also be that Keely's tits are in that "in between" range where Alex might put her on either site. Keely's tits seem similar in size to Sabina Rouge. Keely is maybe a bit fuller figured, but not by much.

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I've had a subscription to Angels a couple times, but a few things keep me from staying. I don't like the web site layout as much (I wonder why the 2 sites are different?). They don't seem to update as often. And, yes the tits are bigger, which I like, but, in general, I think the Scan models are more attractive. Oh, and I really don't want to pay for 2 sites.

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Hmm, I've heard that Angels doesn't do as many updates. Didn't know they have a different layout. Sounds like ALS having two sites doesn't really work to your benefit. For me, though, it's great. I love the thin, small tit, hotties on Scan, so it is wonderful to have a whole site dedicated to just these girls since the larger models go to the other site.

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ALSangels has kept more of the original layout which used to be very similar for both ALSscan and ALSscan. In many ways I actually prefer the ALSangels layout. As for the girls, many models could have been just as well at home on ALSscan than on ALSangels, and a few of the cutest of the cutest is to be found on ALSangels (if you ask me). Currently just a member of ALSscan, but occationally subscribing to both, I feel it is more a matter of: If ALSscan is your cup of tea, then ALSangels is your cup of tea. If you like beautiful young women (Yes [X] / No [ ]) all shaved (Yes [X] / No [ ]) exploring themselves with crazy toys (Yes [X] / No [ ]) in the way only ALS does it (Yes [X] / No [ ]), then both sites together is the full set. :)

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Angels went up in '99 I think

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Oh, that was early on then.

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As speculum scenes goes, this has to be one of the absolute best of the best! First off, Keely is such a stunningly beautiful girl. Secondly, the not enough used Ā«from behindĀ» perspective with a vaginal speculum is super sexy. Thirdly, the extensive photos of Keely on all four while the speculum is being inserted is out of this world hot. And there is see-through underwear involved. And a final peeing sequence. Highly appreciated!

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Yes, it's cool that this scene is strongly focused on rear shots. Before the speculum, Keely does a "bed pose" on her belly where she reaches back and spreads. Then she starts the speculum in doggie pose and slowly drops back down into that belly pose. I really like the crew shot #143. And after the speculum is out, she stays in the belly pose for some gaping shots. I agree with Ortoton that you ought to shoot the speculum this way more often.

Also agree about the see through nightgown and panties. I'd really like to see a lot more girls shot wearing truly see through panties like this that don't have an opaque panel that hides their pussy. Lacy versions would add even more sexiness.

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Yes, I always like the see-through..

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