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Despite the fact that the clit jewelry does not really work for the opening sequence is a masterclass of erotica; page 1 especially had me hook, line and sinker! All helped of course by the fact that Jasmine is super hot.

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Gorgeous new model - hope she did some lesbian sets with you!

1 comment otherwise - you once did a set with the spreaders upside down (kind of tricky, I know), but when you do that you get a better view... Thanks!

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A model could do two different poses with the spreaders. She could put them in normally while sitting like Jasmine does here. After taking them back out, she could switch to a doggie pose and an assistant could put them back in. They could be reversed from normal. The same could be done if she was on her side with one leg straight up in the air.

I'd like to see more speculum and spreader sequences in a doggie pose. Wouldn't want them all reversed, but a few of them would be cool.

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First, I'm not a big fan of piercings or jewelry. That having been said, I really liked this set. Jasmine is such a cute model, with a nice smile and a great ass. I particularly liked the shots of her ass under the blue skirt on the first page. Also, I always like the mirror sets.

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I've always loved Jasmine. I love to see her naked except for that shirt and have her poor a pitcher of water on herself! Jasmine or another girl. Do you take requests? Thanks, Jasmine!

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I really like how this one starts out. Jasmine is in a sexy outfit with no panties, so right off we see her looking at her pussy jewelry in the mirror. That's hot.

Since you named the set "Self Adoration", I wish you had kept going with the theme of having her looking at herself in the mirror. Particularly, she should have gone back to the mirror to look inside her pussy when she had the spreaders in. Since the mirror is up off the floor a bit, she might have had to hold her hips up high to see. Or she could have tried to look in doggie style. Either (or both) of those would have very hot.

This set does have a good spreader sequence, though. I particularly like when she adds the hairbrush to the spreaders.

Those are good shots where she sticks her tongue through the pussy jewelry. Also glad that you included the full frame landscape shot of her tits at the end--Jasmine has nice tits and nipples. And then those last two shots after it are sweet.

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