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Bringing these two minxes together was an inspiration; thank you, what a super set! Kacy is stunning, the only downside is that Janice is in a league of her own, so she steals the show!

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If art is emotions anyway here there are a lot of emotions. Honestly I'm here looking for such emotions thereby I just grateful to these two stunning girls for this great sets.

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Ah, now see: Two voluptuous babes interlocked in blissful passion completely unfettered by awkward gimmicks and indecorous gadgetry! This most clear-sighted demonstration of graceful eroticism is precisely what we should emulate when charting a course aimed at perfection.

Not long ago I drew a parallel between ALS and one of my long-standing culinary favorites inspired by the lovely Miss Emily Grey (et alius verpa) and I believe the comparison still holds true, perhaps more so now than ever.
Regarding this, I fully expect there are those who are all too eager to brandish what they consider to be the two primary counterarguments:

“This shit is plain boring. It’s just two girls wallowing around on a bed licking and poking at each other.”

“Once and for all, this ain’t art, it’s porn. Everybody knows if it’s got naked girls suckin’ and fuckin’ it’s porn and that’s that!”

Should one feel obligated to confine my perspective to such rudimentary characterizations he or she is certainly entitled to that prerogative. After all, I’m confident there are plenty of people in this world who feel completely justified in viewing rotisserie chicken as nothing more than dead-bird-on-a-stick. By the same token, to those less vulnerable to aesthetics, a teaspoon of golden honey is nothing more than the regurgitated stomach contents of roughly one hundred fifty four worker bees. A four ounce glass of the world’s finest wine contains about a half ounce of ethyl alcohol, which as I’m sure most of us are aware is the metabolic waste product of the single-celled organisms commonly known as yeast. That’s right folks, for thousands of years we humans have been getting happily shit-faced on what is essentially fungus piss. A little bit closer to home, how about that nifty ol’ “dreamcatcher” gadget? There are those among us who apparently regard this clever device as being the greatest thing to happen to the adult entertainment industry since Ron Jeremy. Personally I see it as the exact same plastic contraption my grandma used whenever she got together with all the other old ladies in her Sunday school class to cross-stitch bible verses for the church fund raisers.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just plain delusional. Maybe I’m among that handful of us here that are too easily swayed by our own foolish conceptions. Should I allow myself to become intoxicated by the simple notion that a pair of ravishing sirens such as this can be so playfully immersed in nothing but their own corporeal magnificence? Should I continue amplifying the casual ancillaries that consistently fall prey to my relentless speculation? Perhaps I can answer that just as soon as I determine whether or not our darling Kacy is trying to suggest to us that her gorgeous bedmate, Janis isn’t the only one who’s been given the opportunity to see eye to “eye” (pic 0120, my favorite in this set). At any rate, gentlemen, thanks for the rare treat. This is precisely the very sort of intermittent reprieve I crave in a world incessantly bombarded with embellishments and add-ons.

Keep ‘em coming!

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It's just porn.... ;)

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I would have loved to lick Kacey's pussy and anus clean after all that fisting... yummmmmmmmmmmm

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HOT - HOT - HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!11

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Video coming 21 September 2015

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The photoset is hot, but the green walls give me a headache. The Skin of the girls looks strange due to the green reflections.

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