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Whatever you did to get them to laugh especially Kristen. it had to of been good at the right moment to get those beautiful Neck jugular veins to stand out. So spread apart too :O (anyone who sees me post knows I have a hb fetish, which would naturally include veins and pulses (usually arteries unless she really had high blood pressure and shows up coming back down or up (keyword back)) :) Really need to tease her a bit about those and get a food passionate ones to come on out. :) Cause as I said elsewhere to someone there's a few ways to do that. Laugh, shout, angry, Hold your nose and mouth shut and blow :) risky in that one can faint if they try that. Or the more normal climax ones :)

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Whenever I see Kristen Scott's name come up on the "next week on ALSScan" list, I know that is something to look forward to. Her scenes are always so very good.

Of Kristen's uncountable charms and attributes, one I particularly enjoy is how well she teases. Besides just the views of various bits of her hot body, we get treated to lots of wonderful expressions. Kristen clearly enjoys the opportunity to show off like this. It is very cool that you have shot her doing very different kinds of teases too. So in her "Outspread" scene she does a slow tease with her short shorts and we only get hints of her pussy for a long time which is followed by a second tease where she takes the shorts off but puts her top back on. So it is halfway through that set before she is finally naked.

This time Kristen takes the opposite tack. She is wearing an attractive but fairly conservative looking dress. But in the very third shot, and with a sly smile, she opens her knees to give us an upskirt view of her pussy. Yes, it is a no panties scene, and Kristen works it right away. She quickly has her legs up and spread with her pussy lips open in a lovely butterfly. Then she pulls on those luscious lips a bit. Stunning start to another hot Kristen tease.

Then when she is taking the dress off, there is a very nice, but too short, sequence where she just has her tits out. I really like those shots, and appreciate that you put in the landscape closeups #50-51. #51 with her arms crossed is excellent.

Once naked, Kristen climbs up in the chair for lots of hot poses to show us her pussy. In the middle of this great sequence is what might be my favorite brief interruption you have ever shot. In #97, Kristen is holding herself up with her knees wide to fully expose her body, but she is laughing too. In #98, she calls out for Harley. In #99, Harley--wearing a sexy pink dress--has hopped in to steal a quick kiss. And then in #100, Harley is apologizing for the intrusion with a big sheepish smile. Knowing how much passion these two had for each other, the episode is pure delight.

To praise everything that is hot in this set would take forever, so just two more bits. I love the sequence where Kristen has flipped over into piledriver. Harley has come back in--naked this time--and she is just giddy with anticipation. #170, just look at her excitement! She dives right in to gape Kristen's pussy. Phenomenal gapes! Then she leans down to start licking Kristen's clit while still gaping her before plunging her tongue deep into her open pussy hole. Wow! Finally Harley climbs over the back of the chair so she can come up and start kissing Kristen. These girls are certainly into each other.

And the other thing I wanted to mention was the Rocket. This is one of the best ever Rocket sequences. Even has a fantastic start. First Kristen sits back in a wonderfully un-ladylike pose showing off her amazing butterfly again. Then in #225, Harley steps in with the Rocket. You couldn't have a shot that more perfectly presented the toy than that--Kristen laughing with legs wide open and a naked Harley holding the Rocket with that crazy gleeful gleam she has in her eyes. These girls have a lot of fun when they play with their pussies.

This the large size Rocket, right? (Or else Kristen must be tiny.) It looks great and really stretches her pussy open. I love #248 where Harley is looking up the Rocket to see if she can see Kristen's cervix. And I love #250 where we get our first look up her pussy and can see her cervix too. Kristen's expression there is just wonderful. You get lots more excellent full body shots with great views of her cervix. I like the crew shots too, particularly since you got such a nice one (#282) from behind them.

Even though that Rocket looks absolutely huge in Kristen's pussy, you can count on her still being able to do no hands shots. My favorite is #299 where you are of a bit to her side. I wish you had included some shots at the end of her holding the Rocket up to her face and also some more showing how much her pussy is dripping. But what a set.

I always expect amazing scenes from Kristen, but they always turn out unbelievably better than that. So beautiful, so hot, so much fun. Please bring back Kristen.

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Oh my god please tell me you are using Harley regularly as an assistant!
(I love Kristen too)

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No, ALS just did a one day shoot with Harley and Kristen. In this scene, Harley is the assistant for a Kristen solo set. (In "Exploratory", it was the other way around with Kristen being the assistant for Harley.) There is still some more to be released from their wonderful shooting day, but the supply is definitely limited.

I'd be very enthusiastic about new shoots with either or both of Harley and Kristen. They could come back as assistant, as main model, or as part of one of these special girl girl shoots. I'd just love to have them back!

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I love the early shots of Kristen sitting knees-up in the elegant chair knowing that her pussy lips are making me stiff.

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Kristen is fabulous, please bring her back in 2018

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Fantastic idea! Would love to have Kristen back. (Harley too.)

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