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I'd like to get Kristen up on my exam table too.

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Actually, let me rephrase slightly.

"That vibe of a naked model and clothed assistant is hot."

I still could not agree more! It's especially true when the assistant is a guy. When the assistant is a girl, hmmm, there's always this tension. Would the photos look hotter if she was naked too? THAT's the open question that may be impossible to resolve.

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Ok, I got curious and went back to see what Alex had said about the shoot on the 13 June blog post. He shot two girl girl photosets and two girl girl action videos as well as two photosets and two masturbation videos of each girl.

This set is one of Harley's photosets, so both her photosets are out. What we still have to look forward to are the second girl girl photoset (double dildo on a couch) and both of Kristen's photosets (fisting in a chair and peeing in the tub). And also the second girl girl action video, the second Harley masturbation video, and both of Kristen's masturbation videos. And certainly not least, five more BTS that are sure to be wonderful.

So, yeah, I answer your question by saying we don't have to worry about it since there is lots more naked Kristen still to come.

This is obviously a perfect time to lobby Alex again to do everything he can to get either or both of these girls back in for another shoot. That would be amazing.

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Everything from Kristen and Harley has been amazing, and this set is too. I like that both girls have similar sexy outfits with beat-up short shorts. I certainly like to see Kristen get naked, but since we are still going to get more scenes from her later (we will, won't we?), I think it is great that she stayed dressed. That vibe of a naked model and clothed assistant is hot, and Kristen looks great dressed like that.

We get wonderful looks from each girl. I like #9 and #10. In the first, Kristen is down rubbing Harley knee, but she looks at the camera and she has a scheme. In the next, she's got Harley's tubetop pulled down so that she can play with her nice titties. Then we get some shots of her working those wonderful nipples. A few frames later you get another great shot: Harley is looking straight up at the ceiling as if she is entranced while Kristen is sliding her hand down her pants. Kristen's eyes are closed, and perhaps you just caught a blink, but Kristen's expression is like she is so focused on how Harley's pussy feels that she shut everything else out. These two girls have no problems showing passion for each other. There is electricity between them.

But Kristen wants to see her pussy too--don't we all? So she next pulls Harley's shorts down to her knees. That is such a hot look with both Harley's top and shorts pulled down. I love these bits where a girl gets fully exposed with out taking any of her clothes off. And Kristen being fully dressed makes it just that much better. Would have loved for that to be a longer sequence.

A bit surprised that you didn't have shots of them kissing. Could have done that while Kristen was sitting up on the table behind Harley. Those are great shots anyway. I like this really candid expression from Harley (#62)--she's been enjoying sitting there naked getting fondled by Kristen. And then a bit later Harley switches to an ass up, head down doggie pose. Harley has another wonderful look in #96--she's about to get fingered, and she is really happy about it.

#134 and #135 with both girls up on the table are great shots for the clothed girl/naked girl theme.

I agree with Dogatonic about the Dreamcatcher and spreaders--very good. I always like overhead shots. And often I'm drawn to the one where both girls look at the camera, like #186 is very good. But this time my favorites are #191 and #192 where they are looking at each other. Sizzle.

I like those closeups looking straight up her pussy when they pulled the spreaders out.

In #211, Harley gives Kristen a charming puppy dog look.

In #215, Harley has flipped back over to the head down doggie pose. I was hoping that she was going to do the spreaders again like that. Would have been really hot. She does do the spreaders again, but she's flipped back. Good, but the doggie would have been better. And you shoot the same closeup perspective again when the spreaders come out. I wish the second time you had shot from overhead and let the video camera have the up her pussy view.

One little kiss in the final frame of the scene.

Dogatonic is right. These two are stunners. Loved the set.

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"That vibe of a naked model and clothed assistant is hot."

I could not agree more! It's especially true when the assistant is a guy. When the assistant is a girl, hmmm, there's always this tension. Would the assistant look better if she was naked too? It's an open question that may be impossible to resolve.

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These two stunners? The DC and the spreaders?


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