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wow been busy working all the fucking time i pay for this site yearly but really never have the time to view it.
this girl i would eat that pussy all day and night great find ALS !!!!!

  • 7 months ago
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i love the pics where she creaming all over forks

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Schade, dass sie nicht ganz nackt ist...

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(Here's a separate comment just on the corn on the cob since it the highlight of this great set.)

Finally, after it's been hanging off the cabinet for the whole set as a big hint, it's time for the corn. I really am glad you guys tried this stuff, and think it looks great. Hannah picked the prettiest of the three as well. She gives a good posing with the toy shot in #165. Her wide thigh gap gives a good view of those pussy lips and she has a sly smile. Yes, we do know what you are going to do with that corn.

Before she does that, though, she is up on the counter with her legs spread and that beautiful butterfly opened up. Wow. #169 is one of the best shots of the whole set. And I rarely mention a particular closeup in these comments, but #171--a most beautiful pussy. That's followed up in #176 with another closeup but now she is rubbing her clit with the corn.

Sometimes when you are up close and focused on the girl's pussy, the depth of field is shallow enough that her face is a bit out of focus. This works fine in #191 because Hannah is looking down at herself. But in #192 it is not so good because she is looking at the camera, and it's like, oh, blurry eyes. I'd rather you try to avoid blurry faces when the girls look at the camera. The shot I think is really good is #194. It is full body, sharp, and Hannah has a nice look. That's a hot one. And her pussy is starting to drip again. Love that. Not quite one of her best expressions, but #200 is otherwise a very good post pull-out pussy dripping full body shot.

We get a second pose with the corn too. I liked the foot up on the counter pose earlier, and I might like this foot on the counter pose even better with her butt towards us but her leg up so high that her pussy is still fully exposed. Two favorites here are #206 where Hannah has a good look, and #214 with a "I'm gonna cum" face and she's spreading her lips with her other hand. Then when she is done, she gives the corn a little lick in #219 which is good. And she's standing with her feet apart which is very good. Nice to have a final look at her big thigh gap and those wonderful pussy lips. Hot girl in socks.

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Been waiting for this set from back when Alex first posted samples on the blog and one of them was a shot of Hannah standing on the kitchen counter in just her socks. I think the cover shot here might be the very same picture. Love how the set turned out. You might be having frustrations with getting the new shoots lined up, but the posted scenes continue to be excellent with lots of the hot recent girls doing great things. This set is no exception--Hannah is really hot, and I like what she is doing here. And kudos for using the calico corn! I was hoping that you would try it, and I think it looks fantastic in Hannah's pussy.

Another great tease to start this one off. Hannah is in a pretty little sundress, and I like that she wears those knee socks for the whole scene. This is an excellent soaked panties set. By putting her pussy up under the kitchen sink--which is itself a hot pose--Hannah gets the panties drenched. That's important because they don't seem very sheer. In fact, on a girl with a small pussy, I doubt we'd get much. But Hannah has a big plump pussy and we do get tantalizing hints through the wet fabric.

This set has lots of great camera angles and poses. I 've mentioned that I like shots from knee height, and especially when you are back far enough for a full body shot. So #50 is excellent. Hannah is leaning back with her elbows on the counter which lets her open her knees really wide. Yeah, that's quite the big pussy she's hiding behind those wet panties. And a great pose that I wish you shot a bit lower is #73. Hannah is standing with her hands up to her head and her legs spread so we can see how her pussy lips hang down. But I'd like to see that picture shot from just below tit height. Her pussy would look even better and we would be looking slightly up to her wonderful tits. (I still can't get over how she manages to have such perfect small tits, pronounced nipples, and long hanging pussy lips. Wow.)

Unless we're in for a rare treat like crotchless panties--and yay! Hannah did a hot crotchless panties masturbation video--any girl wearing panties usually ends up stuffing them. I don't really mind panty stuffing, but I do think there are a lot more interesting things for the girls to put in their pussies. So I think it is cool that instead, Hannah stuffs both the utensils, and of course, the corn.

With the utensils, I like that Hannah starts out with two and uses them as spreaders. She has quite the juicy pussy going and doesn't have to gape herself open for long before she starts dripping on the floor. That's good ALS style! This is well shot too. I like that you have both shots from down in front of her and also standing ones looking down on her. I haven't said anything about her expressions yet, but she has some great ones like #103 looking down on her, and particularly #119 from down in front of her. That's a stunning shot.

Another favorite pose is when she puts one foot up on the counter. You shot these at pussy height which is perfect.

And now we get to Hannah standing on the kitchen counter naked except for her socks. Makes me wonder why you don't shoot naked girls standing on the counter all the time. Well, ok, not every kitchen has a nine foot ceiling, but when they do, get the girls to stand up there with their hands on the ceiling. It's very nice. I particularly like the shots you got from toe height. And also the profile shots where Hannah is sticking her pussy forward--what a pussy and what a pussy mound.

And she's not even done.

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Oh, I see that you also had Liza Rowe standing up on top of this very same counter in "Creamy Center". So maybe you are already thinking about the opportunities for these shots when the ceiling is high enough.

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Hannah, you look great! I hope to see more of you. A real turn-on!

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Hoping there will be video of this one - I love corny movies!

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