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Wow! How could this set be anything but 10s across the board? Hannah is so cute and this set so hot.

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This girl is sexy as a motherfucker....

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What a beautiful and perfect pink flower as Hannah holds herself open and pees.

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Very nice girl, would like to see a video of the golf ball set

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Great photo set. Can't wait to see a whole lot more of this sexy cutie.

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Not everyone likes a pussy soaked in urine, or stretched out, or filled with something odd. Just some decent pictures would be great.

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Hannah Hays is a cutie! A cutie with a long lipped full ALS style pussy. Great to have her up on the site!

Hannah's crop top and tights are a good look for a sporty set. Cool that she soaked down the top for a wet tee shirt look, and I like that she took her tights off first. You got a couple of shots as she was peeling her tights down, but you missed a lot of opportunities here. It would have been really hot if Hannah had posed a bit with the tights on her thighs with her pussy out.

But she took them right off. Well, her wet crop top and no pants look is pretty damn hot too. Very nice having her pee dressed like that. And Ortoton is right about good she looks playing golf without her bottoms.

As per my discussion with Alex on the blog, I really love the profile shots of Hannah that show how much her pussy mound sticks out in front of her. So #108 where she is looking down at herself is one of my favorites.

Some excellent lip pulling in this scene. You often have the girls pull their lips out and down. That's good. But I'd also like to have more shots where they pulled out and up to show their pussy hole. So a full body shot like #117 is really good, but you ought to have a few like that where she pulls her lips up higher. One of my favorite lip pulling shots is the overhead one #120. And it's cool that you go from there to some shots that show Hannah's view. The model's perspective is always hot, but you don't include it much. That's also an excellent way to do some crew shots--I love looking over the girl's shoulder and seeing a bunch of people who can look right up her pussy. ALS is very much about exposure, and that shows who she is exposing herself to.

More good lip pulling from a mystery assistant when Hannah is standing.

I'm always impressed that you keep finding all these beautiful girls with small tits and big pussies--that's one of the very best things about Scan. So the best sequence of this scene might be the shots from #146 to #158 where Hannah is sitting with her legs up and open wide. She has a spectacular butterfly. Her pussy stays open as she starts to play with her cute nipples. Excellent sequence.

From there she moves to one of the best parts of a golf scene--stuffing golf balls up her pussy. This is great. So from the photos it is not clear. Is Hannah just taking advantage of an opportunity to get fingered in the middle of the set, or did she lose one of the golf balls up her pussy and this is a fishing expedition to go find it? Either way, Hannah is laughing like crazy. There's going to be a good BTS from this.

You did a long sequence with the golf clubs insertion. (Two clubs, very nice!) Instead of doing these all sitting, you should have added a second pose. There were not very many bend over spreading shots at the start of the scene, so doing a bend over insertion with the clubs would have been a good pose.

And did she gape at all after they were pulled out? There aren't any post shots of Hannah relaxing and showing off her well worked pussy.

And a final comment on the light. Some of your best scenes are shot out in the sun, but the high contrast can produce dark shadows that are too much for your fill flash to deal with. This set has a lot good shots that could have been great if Hannah's eyes or pussy hadn't been a bit lost in the dark. I think the best solution would be use some bounce light. Maybe you don't have the crew to have somebody stand there with a board the whole scene, but I think part of the problem here is just that the grass doesn't reflect much. If you had spread two or three large white blankets on the ground about where you standing, that would have bounced a lot more light up which would have been excellent to illuminate Hannah's pussy and would also have helped light up her face.

Thanks for shooting Hannah. She's got a hot Scan look, and I'm also looking forward to hearing her southern accent and seeing how she interacted with you guys on set.

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Thanks, What you see here between 179 and 185 is our other photographer Jen trying to get the golf balls out. Hannah's pussy was so tight that the golf balls got stuck up there and would not come out. It was a hilarious 5 minutes trying to get them out.

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Wonderful. Yeah, that is what it looked like was going on. It's great that Hannah is in good spirits about it --can totally imagine that some girls might freak. But of course she should relax since she is in Jen's expert hands.

You said on the blog that Hannah got into porn for the new experiences and had many firsts at her ALS shoot. She certainly did. Now she can tell her friends that she had a golf ball get stuck in her pussy--she's got the pictures too. That's quite the experience.

This will all be on the BTS video, right? If Jen was shooting the video, I sure hope she handed the camera off to somebody else. This is the kind of ALS adventure you wouldn't want to miss.

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What a cute little sweetie ! I love her tiny little tits ! Also her feet are very - let me say - lickable..*g
AND: I love the peeing pictures. Please, Please more of her !
P.S. I hope there will be a video of her where she is barefoot, masturbating and - and dream come true also peeing..*g

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Hannah is so cute and what a great young body and puss. Love the upshots of her showing off her pussy and the pee pics. Can't wait to see this little babe masturbating. Hannah is a great addition and this is a great first set!

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Love the way she carries on playing golf bottomless.

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although losing golf-balls in your vagina Whoops. Glad it's a stretchy Vagina and not the anus ;)

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