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I just signed up after previewing this set! Emily is gorgeous and I love how she started the set out by going pee! Really great photos capturing her cute face and expressions, and it is always a bonus when the cutest girls end up having really yellow pee!

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Nicely done.

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Nice yellow pee stream.

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(So maybe it's just that the darker girls are my favorite, but this post ran on crazy long. I broke it in two. Here's the first part.)

Yes, here's Emily. Very good, and glad to have her on the site. Love her looks! A great example is the sequence where she is brushing her hair and then she pulls down the front of her panties to rub the brush on her clit (#26-38). After several different expressions she ends up in #38 with one of my favorite of her looks: a big almost laughing smile where she has pushed her tongue forward between her teeth. Oh, and a good peek at the top of her pussy in that one too.

So Emily was ready to pee? You don't usually start scene that way. I like it, and having her do it while still wearing her underwear was good. I think it is cool when the girls pee on the floor, but it doesn't show up much on this dark oak. Have you tried doing anything with the lights to see if you can get a reflection? It's would be nice to see how big a puddle she made.

I love the shot of Emily sticking out her tongue #41. On a recent BTS video you guys said that you have received several requests for such a shot. Add me to that list too. I think that you should have all the girls do it (and maybe in more than just one photoset). Get at least one good stick out the tongue, and at least one landscape closeup of the tits, for each girl. But you don't have to stop at one, if you don't want to.

When a girl is wearing stretchy panties, you ought to focus on getting shots of her pulling the panties out away from her pussy so we can see in. In #66, Emily is pulling as much down as forward, but it is still a fantastically hot picture. Do more of these, and include some where we look down from her shoulder and get her view too.

Emily looks hot in the backbend. What a pussy mound! And I'm impressed with that move where she kicked one leg straight up at the ceiling. Don't remember other girls doing that.

Now that she is naked, she brushes her hair a bit more. And she has more wonderful looks. I really like #92 and #93 where she is looking at herself in the mirror. And in #99, she does that tongue between her teeth thing again. She likes doing that. I like her doing that too.

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(And here's part two of a crazy long post about a great new girl.)

My favorite part of the scene is the hanger clips. I consider this new pussy lip spreading toy to be a stunning success, and I hope we see a lot more of it. Ideally, you should still do a Dreamcatcher with each girl, but also use these hangers clips in another scene, perhaps a masturbation. That would be hot. And you should certainly get doggie and standing poses with these clips too. I wish you had included more shots like #142 where Emily is holding her legs up high and wide. I think my favorite is #144 with a bemused look.

Thanks for including a couple of shots from over her shoulder while she is pulling her panties out of her pussy. I like that in the first one she is looking down at what she is doing, and in the second, she is looking up at us. That's a great way to do it.

No hands free shot of the brush in her pussy? That's too bad. But there is a great shot of her licking the brush after she has pulled it out: #198. Wow, yeah, I love how the hanger clips spread her pussy. That really is a great toy. Oh, and Emily's pussy....

Another sequence that I think is super hot is the series of shots where she has spread her legs so wide that she gets both feet off the edge of the bed. Getting her feet out off the edge somehow makes her look extra exposed. Anyway, it is a very sexy effect and the more so with how her pussy is opening up. All the shots are so good, but I particularly like #215 where she is stretching her arms above her head and smiling at us.

Then she flips over and spreads her legs wide again. Legs wide is the best pose for rear spreading shots. Emily's pussy looks so tasty. I think her best look is #224. At the end of the series, Emily keeps her legs spread but props her upper body up. There is an excellent sequence of three shots (#238-240) starting from behind her and coming around to her side where she has more wonderful looks.

And finally at the end, Emily does some standing upshots. But she doesn't stay standing up straight, instead she crouches down a bit so she can spread her knees wide open. And with her pussy flaring, wow. She does her personality shots from this pose too. Love #267 and #269.

So yes, Emily. Lovely girl, wonderful looks, fantastic pussy.

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