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Dakota is super hot and really cute, so that would be reason enough to comment on one of her photosets. But this outstanding scene has three extended sequences that I really really like. You don't often do these, so they would be good ideas for future shoots.

The teases are a big part of an ALS scene and it is really hot when the models start exposing themselves without yet taking off their clothes. After fully flashing her tits, there is a really long sequence (from #25 to #124) where Dakota has her leotard unzipped. She goes through a lot of different poses, and all the while her nipples are either just barely showing or just barely covered. That seemingly haphazard exposure is so sexy. (#43 and #71 are particularly good)

I always wish you would shoot more sequences with the model facing the camera with her shorts or panties pulled down off her pussy. Most often, you do sets where the model turns away and you get a couple of shots of her butt, then, whoosh, the panties are gone. In this set, Dakota also turns away from the camera. But she pulls her leotard down only to her knees and leaves it there for several hot pics. I really like when she is looking to the side (#143), and the first one where she looking back through her legs (#145).

The third excellent sequence is with the Dreamcatcher where you shoot from above her head (#209 to #218). I've always really liked this perspective, but it is rare that you have a whole sequence of these shots. My favorites are the first one where Dakota has her arms drawn in playing at being bashful, and then #213 with her arms over her head totally at ease with being exposed. Part of what makes this perspective so hot is imagining who might be looking at her pussy. In fact, #209 just catches somebody's toe. An amazingly hot sequence would be to take a series of shots like this where we see three or four mystery people from the knees or ankles down.

So if you find some models as hot as Dakota, and if you shoot some outstanding sequences like these, then it's going to be a great year.

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Great notes, thanks.

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i´m a fan of dreamcatcher sets too !

  • 3 years ago
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Dakota is a beautiful model. Great set. I also happen to be a dream catcher fan and have been concerned that it hurts the models. But I've looked closely at their expressions, and I've never gotten the sense that they are in discomfort. In fact one thing I've always liked about ALS is that the models always seem to be enjoying their work. BTW the dream catcher on her nipple was a fun touch. Keep up the good work Alex!

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the dreamcatcher is a ridiculous contraption. nothing sexy about it at all. spoils a good set.

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Dakota has always been one of my favorite models. All her work is first class. I want to thank her and the ALS camera team for doing such an excellent job on this photoset :-)

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This girl's special!

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C'mon. Dakota does some of the hottest anal anywhere. Would really like to see more anal at ALS.

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So adorable. This is one of the best Dreamcatcher photo sets on Thanks!

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Hey Dreamcatcherfan,

Take a look at the close-up photo in the upper right corner of Page 13. It shows what her pussy looks like after those clothes pins of the Dream Catcher are removed. That looks like torture to me!!!

Try one of those clothes pins on the tip of your penis and then tell us how great the Dream Catcher really is.

Since ALS Scan isn't a BDSM site, I think the Dream Catcher has to go. It's more like a Nightmare !!

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If you did in fact try putting a clothespin on your dick, ball sack, or elsewhere, you'd find they are not all equal in tension. You pick ones that are strong enough to hold, but not hurt - we never ask a model to do anything painful or hurt themselves.

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Only that she looks a bit too young.

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