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i'll always enjoy jacking off to a girl with braces.

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Just a comment to say that, though I am SO tired of the pool table as a background for porn (why would you fuck on a pool table? - it hurts your knees, and you have to figure that any home with a pool table also has a bed), these two are both sexy and seem hot for one another.

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The chemistry between Daisy and Marina make this a sexy scene. I like these two together and there are some hot sequences.

There is a great bit in the tease where Daisy ruins Marina pool game by reaching under her short pantyless dress and fondling her pussy as she is getting ready to shoot. Daisy promptly makes it up to her in another series of hot shots where the still clothed Daisy is squatting down behind and playing with Marina's pussy while Marina is standing naked facing the camera.

These two look so good standing together kissing, wish there was more of that.

The pool cue insertions on both girls are really good. And the shots of Marina doggie on the pool table before Daisy sticks in the cue are excellent.

Then we get three of my favorite girl girl things:

1) 69

I love girls in 69 and these sets never have enough pictures. This one is also too short and doesn't have enough tongue up in pussy holes, but it does has some really hot shots. Very good that both girls pull the other girl's pussy lips with her mouth lips. Yummy.

2) Scissoring.

This is a fine scissoring sequence, and I appreciate all the full body shots because both girls (especially Daisy) have wonderful expressions. If it is missing anything it is that between the shots of them grinding their pussies, there should be shots of them barely touching their lips together. Marina has lovely pussy lips and Daisy's aren't bad at all.

3) Double dildo

I wish you shot double dildo as often (or more often) as the strap on. This set has a great transition since the girls start sucking on the dildo while they are still in scissor position. Finally we get a nice long sequence. This catches really sexy looks from the girls both in one shot and two shot. Good.

Then we end the scene with both girls standing with some giggly cuddling and kissing. More of these shots would have been nice too. Particularly with tongue play.

  • 2 years ago
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A little disappointing and I'm not exactly sure why... Well, no gaping shots, for one. Also, Marina has a lovely ass, but it wasn't really showcased. I will say, however, that nipple-to-pussy shots are some of the favorites. ALS rarely ever does them, but 108 came close. Sorry this is one of my very few negative posts, ALS is still far and away the best adult site out there.

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Unlike Sargon, I wasn't disappointed in this set, but I do agree with both his comments. While Marina is doggie on the pool table, Daisy just starts to gape her with one finger from each hand. But that's it, instead of really opening her pussy up, they quickly move on to the next sequence.

I also agree that nipple on clit shots are hot if the girl has pronounced (and, even better, long) nipples. ALS shoots some girls with wonderful nipples and should include these shots in the girl-girl scenes. A long nipple brushing lightly against a big exposed clit? Very sexy.

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