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Charity is an angel. She uses a very wide setting regarding the purple spreaders and its click count to spread her pussy open extra wide, she smiles very often as she looks straight into her fans eyes, she is photographed in good lighting conditions to allow us to look deep into her stretched open vaginal canal (kept spread open by the spreaders). The whole is shot from excellent angles as she uses one of my favorite poses (feet bottom touching one another) for a very intense and pleasant viewing experience. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, she sucks and lick her toes while flirting with us through her eye contact.

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Charity is gorgeous, as always, and boy can she stretch! I would humbly request consideration of the following, however: when I see that much stubble on a woman I know (from experience, thank goodness) that to make love to her is going to be reminiscent of screwing a cactus, and I prefer low-friction sex (with large vaginas also). Would you please think about having models wax or laser, or at least remove as much of that stubble as possible? I would love to see them getting waxed, etc. as well. I know this is a big ask, but it would mean a lot to me and I would imagine to other subscribers as well - thanks!

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Hmm, while I agree that it is cool (and smooth) when a woman decides that she wants to go hairless for the rest of her life, that seems totally inappropriate to ask anybody to do just for a shoot. Best leave the laser out.

But a good waxing? Or even just a carefully close shave? Oh yes! I love when the models don't even have a hint of hair. So I support your campaign for better diligence on stubble removal. Ideally, ALS should have both the hottest girls, and the best shaved.

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I am available to assist! :-)

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So many great shots here, I can't wait for the video version!!!

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Yes, it's always great to get another set from Charity. As usual, she looks stunningly beautiful. So before saying anything about Charity, a few comments on the setting and clothes. I think I've mentioned before that I don't care for this yellowish-green paint. It is bright and cheerful, but not particularly complimentary of skin tones. Although I do think that you did better at avoiding a green tinge on Charity than you did on some of the other girls in this room. Considering what she is wearing, a pinkish or blueish room would have been ideal.

I like the style and color of Charity's lingerie. But, as is often the case, her panties have an opaque panel right in front of her pussy. Consider how hot #53 and 54 would be without that panel. You guys do a wonderful job with the ALS bikinis of having varying degrees of see-through fabric that make for wonderful teases. You ought to try to do the same with lingerie. You could encourage the girls to bring any of their own lingerie that is see through and doesn't hide the pussy. And you could have some of your own that they could wear for a more exposed look. While I'm at it, how about another plug for crotchless panties? That's a supersexy look that you don't do near enough.

Now on to Charity. Love that pose starting at #117 where she has her feet high in the air and the panties down to her ankles. #119 where she grabs on with both hands is particularly good (great expression). Also really like #121 where she is holding the panties up over her head. And #122 where she has the panties in front of her and she has pulled her feet in close. That pose with knees out wide and the bottoms of the feet together is one of my favorites, so I'm glad that you seem to be using it more. There are lots of hot shots of Charity in that pose (including the fun ones when she is shooting her panties off the set like a big rubberband). My favorite is #132 where she has her hands up by her shoulders and her pussy lips are just a little bit open. (Cool that she comes back to the pose later with the spreaders.)

Charity does the classic ALS face-in-the-pillow-reach-back-and-spread. I really like this ass up high version. (It would be even better if she could curve her back enough to get her tits down too.) Charity gets a great gape with just one finger from each hand. I like how in #151 and #152 you come around a bit to her side. What might be the very best shot of the whole set is #154 where Charity has just come up for air. She has a wonderful laugh and that is such a sexy doggie pose.

She comes back to the bottoms of her feet together pose with the spreaders. I really like the overhead shots #201-204. The best is #202 where Charity has a great look. She stays in that pose after pulling out the spreaders and gives a lot more expressive looks. Really impressed to get so many hot shots in this sexy pose. Love the set.

I bet everybody is hoping that you succeed in getting a second shoot with Charity. I sure am.

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Wunderschön, sie ist ganz nackig, zeigt alles, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

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Charity is something else. She looks like such a skinny little girl, until she starts spreading and stuffing that young pussy...

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