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What a super set, and a super girl Charity is. Love the way she constantly nips her tongue, so incredibly sexy.

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Geil, wie sie am Schluss ganz nackig pisst, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

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Picture 253 is also the reason I re-joined the site. Can't wait to see the BTS video, and would hope another photoshoot of her (with peeing of course)

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Äußerst geil, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

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Goldie climbed a tree. Also, Jasmine Rouge on Angels off the top of my head. There are practical reasons we can't do it more often...

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Oh, that's right, Goldie did. And I even wrote a positive comment on her set too. Charity is a bit higher in her tree and you've posted more shots than you did of Goldie.

Yeah, I suppose most models would have no interest at all in climbing a tree. But when you are at a location with a suitable tree where you won't freak out the neighbors and whatnot, you ought to see if the model is game. This is such a good fit with the ALS style--it would be great if you could do a few more.

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Wow, what an amazing set! When I saw on the blog that Charity was in this week's releases, I thought, oh yeah, maybe that will be her tree climbing scene. And it is! It's as good as I was hoping it would be too. Some of my favorite scenes are when the girls are being athletic, sporty, or just getting out for some fun. So climbing a tree is a wonderful idea. I'm surprised that you haven't done this before since it gives a girl all kind of opportunities to show her body off. Charity takes full advantage.

Charity looks hot and fit in her sexy little top and bright yellow, snug fitting, capri pants. It's a great outfit for tree climbing. The best thing about her top is that it stays put when she pulls it down off her tits. I really love that look, and Charity stays that way for most of the shoot. But hanging out up in a tree with her titties out is not enough exposure for Charity, so she pulls her pants down too. Now she's showing her body off! She shows us her really fine ass and then turns around so we can see her wonderful, very ALS style, pussy. She's so hot up in the tree looking like that.

A lot of us like when you include a closeup landscape shot of the model's tits. So it is very cool that you put in #47 with Charity's nipples sticking out above her top. I really like that shot. The only thing that would have been better is if Charity had been playing with her nipples to get them to extend.

Then we are on to another really hot sequence where Charity pulls her pants up tight and her pussy promptly makes a big wet spot. She's having a blast opening her legs up to give us good views--the BTS for this scene is going to be so good, I hope it is released soon.

After modeling her wet spot, Charity turns around and slowly pulls her pants all the way down to her ankles. You get some shots of her looking back between her thighs, but I wish she had also done some spreading shots in that pose. The pants are stretchy enough that she has her feet pretty wide. Spreads would have been hot.

When her pants are off, she sits down and starts fingering her pussy. It's clear why her pants had such a big spot, her pussy is not dripping, it is full on oozing. Soon she has a big puddle on the bench.

This is a new double dildo? A fat one! (I hope we see two girls using it soon.) Charity hams it up a bit with the posing shots, and then she gives us a very sexy no hands pose where she is holding it in her pussy with her feet with legs akimbo. #156-#171 is really good, particularly that first shot from overhead.

From the big fat dildo, Charity moves on to the pussy pump. I really like that first shot where she is bending over putting on the pump, #203. Then we get all kinds of great looks from her as she shows us how her pussy is fully sucked up into the cup. Love #226 where she has her legs up high and wide open, putting herself on full display.

Some girls don't seem to get much effect from the pump, but Charity does. Her already full pussy got very plump and darker. It looks so good, I wish you had done a longer sequence of post pump shots. Or maybe you could have done the pump before the dildo.

We don't actually get very many shots while Charity is peeing, but the sequence is very good since she looks so sexy on that garden path and has wonderful looks. Her pussy is still slightly pumped too and looks great. I like that first one where she is squatting, #245. The best one while peeing is #253 because she sticks out her tongue and bites it. Then she laughs.

So this has instantly become one of my favorite sets. Charity is a hottie, and this whole scene is chock full of the kind of sequences I really like. Do hope that the BTS will be out soon since Charity seemed to have a really fun time doing all these great things.

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