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Just wanted to say that Brea is amongst my absolute favourites, and that may very well be my favourite of ALL the remasters thus far - thanks!

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High praise, but I agree. Not sure I can pick a most favorite remaster, but this one is right up at the very top with the likes of Trista's "Sweet Dreams". Great stuff.

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Oh yeah - how could I dare flippantly forget Trista (whose vagina pretty much seems to emit white light and an angelic choir simultaneously); another top shelf remaster (but, I think that this one might have had more new shots in it, IF memory serves me correctly)...

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Oh, excellent! When Alex said on the blog that a remaster of Brea was coming up, I was hoping that it would be this set. This has probably been my favorite Brea set, and she has so many hot sets!

Some totally classic shots:

I love when the girls spread their legs by putting the soles of their feet together and pulling them in. It's such a hot pose. So #69, Brea with a big happy smile, and then #70, ready for a bit of naughty fun. Wonderful.

Then the sequence that starts at #77 with Brea giving us the finger, #79 pointing both fingers at her pussy, #82 using them to spread, #85 then gaping with a "fuck you" face, and finally, #88 gaping with a "fuck me" face.

She has great pussy spreads, but some of the hottest shots are legs wide, no hands, like #94.

The newly added peeing sequence is so good. #213, where she is about ready to start perfectly captures what Brea is about. Then my favorite two shots are where she is peeing without touching her pussy: #219 looking down at herself, and then, #220 looking up at the camera with a big happy smile.

Brea has an amazing pussy and wonderful looks. This set is a showcase for both.

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I remember before the MET partnership when you guys said no more old remastered sets. What happened?

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i love the remasters. I would like to see some of the 90s models and so forth get remastered.

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Yeah, there were some good models early on, but the problem is with the source material. Alex has talked about how hard it is to remaster sets that were shot on film. Since the results come out looking only so-so, I don't think he should bother.

I'd rather see ALS stick to doing remasters of sets where the original files are of decent resolution. Like this Brea set looks good. There's lots more of similar vintage.

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