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Wow! Out of 222 photos, I tossed away 51 of them. Why am I doing this work? Why doesn't ALS edit their shoots? According to the stats, this shoot has been seen by 49 people, including myself. That means that 49 people have worked for ALS, and edited this set! ALS should be doing it, but they're lazy.

Another thing. Why is the camera hand held? With as few angles seen here, the camera could be put on tripod, and moved maybe 25 times, and each tme it moves, you'd get 5-7 shots all with the same perspective. That way, you're background doesn't move. Do you see this happennig on any TV show? A constantly moving background that consists of the same thng should never move, save for getting a new angle!

This is poorly planned. The photographer has no clue about what a tripod allows, nor does he have a script for the gal and outline of what's going to happen. Neither of the people involved have a clue. There is no story here. It's just a series of misaligned photos.

I gotta give a thumbs up to the beautiful Blake Eden. She's a real beauty! Like Helen of Troy, should could launch a thousand ships! She is stunningly beautiful. She's 22 years old. That's all we're told. ALS isn't helping her. Where's her bio? Her hobbies? What country does she live in? This gal could have super career, but ALS isn't promoting her. They're too busy telling the photographer "shoot her." ALS isn't helping her.

Hopefully, Ms. Eden will get around a bit and perhaps go to Femjoy, or Met Art and get famous and fabulously rich. But, she's 22. That's all we, the paying customer is told. I call that lazy. ANd I don't them helping her as much as they could. Bummer. It's too sad that ALS only thinks of making the most $$ it can. There's no script. There's not a trained photographer. And the true star of this shoot is the moving background. Why! It attracts as much attention as this beautiful young lady!

Tis sad... very sad.

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Pretty sure this is just a mindless gripe-bot. But it is also possible that somebody isn't taking their meds...

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An excellent set from Blake showing her pussy at its best.

The whole tease on this one is very good. You did something different that I really like starting with #33 where Blake is straddling the chair backwards with her dress hiked up. After she spreads, she slowly rolls off the chair into piledriver. So there are great shots like #44 where her legs are wide and the dress is starting to slide up her body. Then in #49 she is in upside down splits. She puts her feet to the floor and starts spreading again. (#59) Having Blake do this while still wearing her dress was brilliant and very hot. Great work!

The very next bit is hot too. This time Blake straddles the chair facing forwards and starts with her dress just off her pussy. Then she pulls it up to show off her tits too. She has several good looks, I think #64 is my favorite.

That very good tease is wonderful setup and the rest of the set lives up to it with hot gaping and the Dreamcatcher. And you even have a yellow catcher to go with the yellow squash.

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Blake is a classic beauty! Long, lovely and fair! I love that she is bare footed and how she smiles at the camera while she impales herself. BTW, I think I'd make a great scene director! Just sayin'!

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Ditto - me too !!

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Ditto - me too !!!

  • 2 years ago
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How does one go about becoming a cucumber for ALS?

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How does one go about becoming a pussy stretcher for ALS? Are you currently accepting applications? Do you have an intern program? I'm willing to work without pay for a year or soi n order to learn the business from the ground up and perfect my technique.

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