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The way it should be.
Aurora radiates happines.
ALS is outstanding in making models feel relaxed and happy. It's all fun and games at ALS.

Thanks to all involed.

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Aurora wears hot outfits! This one is second only to her unbeatable blue string dress. This is a great set with Aurora as beautiful and expressive as ever.

Always appreciate a short stretchy hip hugging skirt with no panties, and we get some good looks at her pussy. What really makes this outfit, though, is her top. It is a very sexy look even when she is wearing it normally. But Aurora then cranks up the heat by pulling it in off her tits so that her nipples show. That full body landscape shot, #24, is excellent.

Something else that is always hot is when a girl with long pussy lips sits with her butt hanging off the edge of a chair. Aurora has amazing pussy lips, so the sequence from #37 to #55 is so good. My favorite is #55, a no hands shot where she is looking back over her shoulder with a fun loving smile.

When the girls have lips long enough to dangle, you should work on getting lots of shots of their pussies hanging down against a plain background like you do here in #57 from her rear. And also some from in front too.

I liked that after Aurora put all her fingers in her pussy, she really licked them clean.

The banana is good, but the big fat cucumber is fantastic. She even has very playful pre-shots like #127-128. My favorite shot is when she is facing us with her foot up on the chair and she is just barely sticking her tongue out. I love when she smiles like that.

Another really fun shot is #162 when Sara first hits her with the clit pump--Aurora has a look of such crazed glee. She has lots of fun with the pussy pump too. Her already impressive pussy gets swollen and darker till it is nothing short of spectacular.

Good personality shots at the end. Aurora certainly can do some good looks for them. These standing shots are where you should have gotten a few of her standing on center with legs apart and lips dangling down as far as they go.

I'm glad that you've been getting Aurora's BTS videos out since they are so good, and I hope the rest of them are on the list. This one will certainly be one to look forward to.

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Another excellent set with this young lady. Aurora is just unbelievably sexy and super cute! Just looking at her beautiful winning smile and that look in her eyes totally gets me.
This set is a really good one. All wholesome groceries and gadget play aside, I really liked the additional finishing sequence of Aurora standing upright and goofing around wearing nothing but a smile and matching shoes. Well done! :)

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