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  • 8 months ago
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Love pussy stuffing with improvised phallic objects. I wish you could shoot a couple of frames of her looking aroused, instead of grinning foolishly at the camera all time. I know everyone's having a good time and this stuff is more of a parlor trick than actual masturbation, but throw us a bone.

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The last part of this scene is so amazing that I think it deserves a separate comment. All through the scene Aurora has been expressive and having fun. But when she turns to the marker pens, she just lights up. Radiant. I'm looking forward to her interview and wouldn't be at all surprised if she says her favorite toy of the day was the markers.

What can you even say about her looks when she picks up the pens (#275) and dumps them on the bed (#276)? I mean other than wow? I say wow. But is she in a hurry? No not at all. With the pens on the bed before her, Aurora decides to kick back and build the anticipation. I love #279 with Aurora--still in her knee socks--laying back on the bed with her legs up and knees out. She's got her hands over her head and a big happy grin knowing that she's putting on a very hot show. So she toys with her hair a bit while we soak all this in. Then, in #284, with her butterfly pussy lubed up, she's ready to go.

Aurora can't stop smiling and laughing as she fills her pussy with the markers. She pulls her feet up with legs akimbo. This is one of my favorite poses and you don't do it nearly enough. Especially love the overhead shot #300, and also #305 where she is biting her lip in glee.

Even in the very final shot after she has pulled out the pens, Aurora is showing us her pussy and she is just glowing.

Thank you, Aurora, you are so beautiful, so sexy, and that was an amazing performance.

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So impressed with Aurora! She's back in a sexy schoolgirl outfit with a short plaid skirt and suspenders. Wish you had included a few shots of her standing to better appreciate that getup, but at least there are some shots on her knees like your cover.

This is a panty stuffing set, so Aurora is wearing panties. In a break from your usual practice, they are not at all sheer. Modest even. But right from the start her poses aren't modest--they are what Alex likes to call "un-ladylike". A favorite is #10 where Aurora has her legs open nice and wide and she has the friendliest, most beautiful smile.

That's quite the fun and trippy drawing she made.

This is a longer set and quite worth it. I'm glad this scene gives some well deserved attention to Aurora's titties, they really are wonderful. Love that first shot where she has pulled open her blouse, #61. And the crisscross suspenders, particularly #62. You come back for some more titty focused shots in #122-129 where Aurora gives a lot of playful (like #124) looks. Very sexy.

The skirt and suspenders are so hot that I kind of wish that she had taken the panties off first. On the other hand, I love how she looks in her knee socks, panties, and open blouse. Wouldn't want to miss that. Especially wouldn't want to miss it because of how she takes her panties off. That's the totally hot way to take off panties, and I'm glad that you got so many shots of them pulled down on her thighs and of her looking through them. She gives so many different looks too. Favorite are #155, #156, #158, #160, and #163.

Once her panties are off, Aurora does some great ass-up poses in just her socks and open blouse. Can't beat #170 where she has her head down below the edge of the bed. Then she goes back to drawing with her tits down on the bed and her ass way up high. Just love that first profile shot, #173. And from the foot of the bed, #177. It's worth contemplating how that would look with a mirror up at the headboard.

In the panty stuffing, I love her little "where did go? here it is!" sequence of #218-220. So delightful.

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