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Seeing that beautiful pussy peeing in the sink was super!!! That alone was worth the price of membership!!

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leave the hairbrush on the dresser. Her pussy and asshole are infinity better to look at and don't need any distractions

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OK, you've made it more than clear that you don't like the toys. Now if you would read some of the comments instead of just posting, you would discover that the toys are very popular around here and also that that ALS has used them from way back in its earliest days. The toys, particularly the ones that open up the girls' pussies, are a core part of what ALS is.

So two bits of advice:

First, stop griping about the toys because ALS is never going to quit using them.

Second, there are 322 photos in this set. So there are hundreds of shots where Aurora doesn't have anything in her pussy. That's true of all the other sets you have griped about. Just skip the photos you don't like and look at all the rest.

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what a great asshole. Very lickable and suckable too! lets see more of great asshole and inviting pussy

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More of her please! Pussy spreading pics please!

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VIDEO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes, indeed. It will be a great one.

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Wow, so hot! I've been really looking forward to this set, and it's as amazing as I was hoping it would be. That string dress is the sexiest ever! Of all the hot outfits that Scan girls have worn, this has got to be the very best. And the blue is a perfect contrast to Aurora's ginger hair. Very pleased that she keep the dress on for so long, and particularly, that she wore it through the peeing sequence.

Aurora has wonderful tits with very nice nipples, and you can see how much she enjoys showing them off through the strings. It just gets better and better when she sits down to show off her pussy too. She seems delighted to play for the camera. What a girl!

This set made me realize that the reason I sometimes don't like the weights is that you do them instead of having the girl pull her pussy with her fingers. But this time, Aurora does both, and both sequences are great. My favorite with her fingers is #67 where she is looking at the camera with big liquid eyes. Wow. (I always like the overhead shots too, so I wish there were more like #70)

The one leg up on the vanity pose is really hot. That's one of the best ways to show off a long lipped pussy and Aurora's is wonderful. She has lots of great looks while putting the hairbrush in. Wish there were some no hands shots in that pose too. But I do love the no hands shots she did while standing. Her nipples are really popping through that dress, and then the brush pops out of her pussy.

Many of my favorite pee scenes are of the girls peeing in a sink. Aurora's is the best. She looks so hot up there in front of the mirror with her nipples out and those long pussy lips. And she is having so much fun! Just love #192.

Then a great sequence with the weights. Excellent to have her start with them on her nipples. #221 shows how excited she is to hang them off her tits. And #228: she totally rocks that look. When she moves the weights to her pussy, my favorite shots are when she bends over in front of the mirror and swings them around a bit. Her lips stretch out long! (Too bad the mirror has that bad spot.)

The glass are my favorite dildos, but I think they work better with the Dreamcatcher than with the weights.

Really love those shots at the end where Aurora is showing her dripping butterfly pussy. Amazing scene the whole way through: stunning beauty in a sizzling dress, and she just so enjoys herself the whole time.

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