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I also think that the "dreamcatcher" should have three part (= 6 link), while the upper 2 goes up, lower 2 goes down, and the middle 2 goes left-right spread with more force so to spread wider that could show the holes at the left and right part of the piss hole .

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For me, I think what makes ALS the best is the "STRETCHING PUSSY" , I think it is good to use "dream-catcher" , but it is even better if girls can stretch the pussy wide open using their fingers like "walking" for two or three times to stretch their pussy hole and clitoris and piss hole at the same time (so to stretch it wider and no oil on fingers if u want to stretch pussy wider). Moreover, it is also great to use speculum(when deep in, spread vertically to show the deepest end of the vagina and cervix (use narrow angle tactical flashlight put on top of video camera for video), then turn speculum to horizontal left-right spread mode while slowly pull out) while vagina hole will spread most wildly when speculum nearly out, at that time, stop pulling out and "downslope/oblique downward" degree angle a little (so the whole pussy will not be blocked by any part of the speculum) while at the same time, plus a downward force which spread the upper part of the pussy downward, while at the same time the girl use her own fingers to spreading piss hole and clitoris to upper left and upper right at the same time, then the whole inner pussy can be WITHOUT FOLDING LINES to show its best beauty. while taking these shots at her sitting position (M legs with full face and breast, please also take some close-up on clitoris, piss hole, single nipple etc.. Thanks.

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Aubrey is one of the hottest models on ALS in a long time. I joined ALS to see this body type. Lean, fit, athletic - she has beautiful skin, an exquisite pussy and a very cute asshole. I agree that more anal play on ALS would be a plus - especially on really sexy, hot chick like Aubrey. She doesn't have to take that big cucumber up her ass for my benefit, but a finger or two ... or a small butt plug would be really hot.

She is very sexy in those green tights, but do we have to have 5 pages of green-tight photos before we get to see her nude? This is a porn site - not an art photo site. Let's get to the bare skin sooner.

The "Dream-catcher" is really a nightmare. IT SHOULD BE BANNED FROM ALS until one of the Dreamcatcher "fans" tries one of those clothespins on the tip of his penis and tells us (truthfully) how good it feels!

The exclusive ALS Rocket is far sexier and intimate than the nightmarish Dream-catcher.

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Ya Aubrey is ok . The hottest model ALS ever shot would have to be (SARA JAYMES) now that's fucking HOT !!
Sara is just fucking amazing !!!! And she has the best ASS you will ever see on ALS !!

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It's probably more like putting clothespins on your ball sack, I doubt it hurts much, just saying.

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Why don't your try it on your ball sack and let us know how much it hurts!

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Alex wouldn't use the dreamcatcher if the models were being hurt

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I will pile on here. I repeatedly ask for more ass/anal play. Many of the als models do scorching hot anal for other studios. Why not here? Am i the only one that like to see these tight sexy asses with a finger or toy?
Would appreciate some response to these things.
In this case, Aubrey is so freaking hot but 70 percent in the green body sock? Really?

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We ask every model we shoot if they will do anal. If so, great, but we won't press the matter, even if they've done anal for other studios. They each have their own reasons, personal or professional.

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hmmm, interesting. Typically when retaining a model, arrangements are made for what the set will include or not. Certainly in none of the BTS videos have I ever heard anyone ask or suggest anything related to what will go next. That would be consistent with having retained the model based on an ask for what will be included in the set. That is my point. Please add anal to the ask.

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Well, without going to great lengths regarding the dream-catcher, I for one like it, and like the girls peeing while wearing it. It seems all we are seeing lately is complaints (me included) about what we want ALS to be. Remember, we joined, so whatever ALS wants is what we get. I would suggest that you start a dual or more rating system however to get a more accurate idea of what your audience likes. One of my recent low ratings was questioned, but the girl was not my only reasoning. Just like this set where 5 out of 16 pages are with the green tights on - one or two would have been plenty in my book. And other ratings - lighting, poses, other girls as the helpers, etc. all have to currently go into the total rating, which is giving a biased rating sometimes against the model! I have many times liked the model but "hated" the set.

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Great set from Aubrey, love the veggie insertions, Just to balance, many really like the dreamcatcher which is unique to ALS

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Agreed. I'm not here for the insertions, pussy stretching, or peeing. I love seeing completely naked young women with small breasts and cute little butts. Especially the butts. More shots from behind please! Standing, bending over, kneeling, all good. The only insertion-type pics I like are with the ALS rocket, center removed, close-ups showing the woman's internal cervix. You don't get that anywhere else, and it is very intimate!

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Agree 100%, thre is nothing attractive or sexy about the barbaric dream catcher. This is a great set with many natural pictures of Aubrey not stretching her pussy or inserting bizarre objects like salad tongs. I particularly love all of the pictures from behind. Please include more rear photos in future sets. Really great set. Thanks

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Again, I have to emphasise that the Dreamcatcher isn't barbaric at all: we use it at home a lot and sometimes I have the impression she likes it even more than I do. And I am truly a fan of this amazing toy!

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I'm a big Aubrey fan. It makes be a bigger fan when I see her reluctance, through multiple sets, to not get near the dreaded "dream-catcher". And, I strongly suspect it was she who refused to not have that rediculous thing strapped to her pussy,

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