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I love the fitness and sporting scenes, and Ariel gives us a very good one of her yoga and jump rope workout after which, of course, she moves on to her sex toys.

In the past I've suggested that you should shoot sequences with the girl clothed, and then come back later and have her do the same poses again naked. Very pleased to see that you do a lot of that in this set, it works very well and the effect is hot. So I want to pair up some of the "before and after" to show just how great this is and encourage you to do some more like this in the future.

We start with good ones right from the first shot with Ariel balanced on one leg. #2 is the better expression, and after she has taken off her clothes, she does that again looking up, #84. I like #3 with Ariel's ass way up in the air, and then #4 is from a bit behind her. And how will she look doing that naked? Well, #86, #87. She looks very hot doing that naked, that's how.

And bending her back the other way: a subtle smile in #7, bigger smile from behind in #13. And the hot naked versions: #90 and #94.

Ariel does a clothed bridge: #22 is a good profile, #25 is a good smile. Ok, she has to do that naked then, right? Well yes, but not until much later. #188 is a great profile, #187 with her face. Ariel is a thin girl and her protruding pussy mound and protruding nipples look great in a bridge.

My favorite match up on these poses is in her splits:

Stretching to her right in clothes, #30. Naked, #97.
Stretching to her left in clothes, #32. Naked, #98.

Open one of those pairs of splits photos in two separate windows and click between them! So sexy! Hard to stop!

A related thing I keep asking for is to do jump rope (or hula hoop or cartwheels...) first clothed and then again naked. You almost do this except Ariel has taken her top off. But I'm certainly not going to complain about getting to see her wonderful little titties. And she does come back and do more jump rope fully naked. Very good jump rope shots, by the way.

So this was an excellent scene of before and after shots. I do hope you keep shooting some more this way.

But those aren't the only hot sequences in this set. I really like the shots of Ariel taking off her panties, #72-82. Particularly good are #78 with her panties below her knees, #80 where she is looking back between her wide spread legs with her pussy lips opening up, and #82 in the same pose but looking up over her shoulder.

And the hottest sequence of all is at the end where Ariel does a super flexible piledriver pose by putting her knees on the floor touching her shoulders so that her pussy and ass are in the air straight above her face. Wow, what a pose. My favorite two shots are the first two: #258 with no toy, and #259 no hands with a glass dildo.

Ariel is as beautiful as ever and it is a delight to have such a well designed set that lets her show off her flexible fit body. Many thanks.

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