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This is good. I like Anie. I commented on the photoset that the title "Rise and Shine" didn't capture the vibe of scene since Anie is languid and just happy to hang out in bed. Part of that effect came from her impressive flexibility--she stays totally relaxed even with her legs open in a full splits or with her knees tucked back under her arms. Another part came from her sly and knowing little smiles.

One thing I wanted to see in the BTS was what was up with those smiles. Since Anie has expressive eyes, she actually has quite a few looks with her closed lips smiles. But I knew that Alex would try to get some big smiles out of her, and I wanted to see how that went. Interestingly, Anie said she never smiles big. Asked about social media, she said no, not even there. Now Alex did catch some big smiles when he got her laughing. And there were a few other brief ones in unguarded moments. But otherwise Anie pretty much keeps her lips shut.

This bashfulness with her teeth led to what I think is one of the best bits of this BTS. During the face in pillow, reach back and spread, sequence (starts 10:30 here or #112 in the photoset), Anie does a hot version of the pose where she has pushed her ass up in the air and she's really got her pussy spread. Alex comes around to her side and fishes for another smile. This time Anie is feeling impish and she flashes a quick half second grin. Alex begs for her to do it again, but nope, that's all you get.

So if you imagine a somewhat shy model doing a teasing flash, you would usually think of a girl with a big toothy smile giving a brief little look at her pussy. Anie flips this around. When she gave that fast flash of her teeth, she was stretching her pussy lips so wide that her pussy hole was gaping open. She's not bashful with her pussy at all--she'll open it up and you can look as long as you want.

Another bit that I like from this sequence is that at 11:35 (photos #127-130) Anie puts the bottoms of her feet together. Jen comments that she likes the pose, Alex doesn't. I'm with Jen--it's a hot pose. So I hope at least she asks models to do again in future shoots.


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Movie - 27:18
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Budapest 2016 Casting Part 3
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Pink Butterfly
Accessible BTS

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