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WOW, what an outstanding model Anie is. I couldn't ask for anything more and the camera work is excellent. ;-)

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This is what i'm talking about!

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WOW... Just... WOW!

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Outstanding! You had a series of two of my favorite kinds of shots. First with the model standing directly over the camers. And second, with the model on hands and knees with her back parallel to the floor, allow her breasts to hang straight down. Hot!

I wonder if you can combine the two. Maybe have the model lay on a bed,or table might be better. Have her torso off the edge with her breasts hanging down and the photographer on the floor shooting up at the dangling tits. Hot!

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I have comments on both those kinds of shots. I like the shots of the girl standing directly over the camera, but I like shots where the camera is out in front of her but still down at knee level even better. #66-68 are a bit like that, but I also like the ones from far enough back for a full body shot. Ideally, a shoot should have both Sargon's and mine shots in the same sequence.

And something similar for the doggie shot. Here, Anie only faces the camera, but I like to see that pose in profile. Again, a good sequence should have both views.

The combo pose sounds like a great idea. What I'd suggest is doing it as part of workout scene. The girl could do back extensions on a Roman chair. If she was fit enough, she could do a bunch of reps and it would look great on the BTS too.

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Great minds think alike :-)

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Sweet, sexy, young model. I like the freckles on her nose and the knowing look in her eyes. Perfect combination.

  • Bozo
  • 12 months ago
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What a sexy little darling. The best set you've had in a long, long time. Wish you could rise to this level a couple of times a week rather than what I've come to expect. But, to end on a positive note - great job to all involved, particularly Ms. Anie. She is something special.

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Wow - would like to be her gynie !!! Good job guys - how soon can we get the video ?

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If you had had ten girls at the Czech casting like Anie, you would have had a real good trip. She is certainly a type of girl I like to see on Scan.

Anie must like pink with her pink nails, pink lipstick, and pink sexy bra and panties. All the parts of this scene work well together: the bed is soft and comfortable, Anie is flexible and does a lot of open and relaxed poses, she has subtle smiles and knowing looks, and the colors are warm and inviting. I wouldn't have named this scene "Rise and Shine" since it is like Anie is enjoying a lazy morning in bed where she gets to play instead of having to get up and go.

I've suggested before that it would be good to have a model do some poses clothed or partly clothed, and then come back to the same poses once she was naked. You do that in this set, and it's hot. I really like the wide leg--nearly splits--poses that Anie does at the start. Even with her legs spread that open, she looks totally relaxed like she really is still half asleep. And with her pink underwear, she is quite sexy. The shots on her back are certainly good, but the outstand ones are when she is on her belly starting at #12. She has her legs spread some and has just opened her eyes. Realizing that she is being watched, in the next shot she spreads her legs wider. And in the one after that, she starts to push her ass up in the air. And finally she reaches back and spreads. Only when the camera moves a bit around to the side does she make eye contact. So those last two, #16-17, are really hot.

You come back to both these poses a few pages later where Anie does longer sequences naked. This time the shots on her back are excellent. My favorites are #82 and #84 where she has a foot clear off either side of the bed and such a languid look of contentment at being able to show herself so exposed. #87 is like that too, but in #88, she has a soft smile as if to say, well actually, she'd like to be touched.

A few pages after that wonderful sequence, she is again laying on her belly with her legs open. I like that first no hands shot, #112 where she has her arms crossed under her chin. From there Anie moves into that most classic ALS pose--faced buried in the pillow and reaching back to spread her pussy wide. #116 with her hips still down flat is one of my favorites. Then she sticks her ass up in the air to go for maximum exposure. #123 is a perfect pose, and I love how she gets her pussy to gape open just by spreading the skin beyond her lips. Next she puts the bottoms of her feet together. I don't remember seeing that pose before, I really like it, particularly #128 and #130. To finish the sequence up, she finally lifts her head and starts to look around. #134 is really good, and #135 is fantastic where she looks at the camera with one of her knowing little smiles. What a hot sequence ALS style.

Taking advantage of her flexibility, Anie also gapes her pussy with her thumbs while she has her knees up by her shoulder. Particularly liked that she turned her head away from the camera for just one shot, #207. The speculum sequence is a good one, however, you should have had more crew shots. It would have been hot to have had some of Anie's sly languid smiles while the video guys were shooting up her pussy.

Glad you found Anie and were able to shoot her. Without her the trip would have been bleak.

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This is classic ALS. I remember this kinda shoot back in like 1999.

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