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#s 2,7,10,11,13 all seemed like worth a second look to me...

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Did you see pic 19? Hmm... but probably nothing a good makeup artist and photographer and a genius like Alex cant hide in the shoot.
For me it destroyed, in connection with the bristly bush ( ok, shave her and its fine...) , the overall good impression.
She has really a nice face and breasts.... indeed, from all the girls she is also my number one.
But when i scroll through the current sets and look on Lola... there is nothing even close to her.

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It would be still be unusual for an alt model covered in tatoos..... but for a girl with relatively few tats to decide to have "Fuck Me" on her pussy and "I Love Anal Sex" on her ass is over the top weird.

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Yeah, this really hurts, since the girl is absolutely nice. but the tattoos destroy everything.
She must have been totally drunk or in jail when she did this...
Sorry, this is for me a clear "no thanks"...

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Well, I have to disagree. I thought this years selection was better than recent - more back to the true (original) ALS model - smaller breasts, larger labia. Some will need work on the pubic hair issue, and I was glad to see that you allowed tattoos and piercings. Model 7 Kate & 9 Kristy are definite "wow" selections.

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Well, indeed 7 and 9 are nice girls.
But 7 is to skinny for my personal taste. If I think "feed her" before I think "fuck her" something is wrong....
And 9 is a clear example of a completely fucked up "no go" tattoo on an otherwise really "wow" girl.
Heck, how could she do that? Thats really sick, sorry.... just my taste.

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"smaller breasts, larger labia"--I agree that is exactly how an ideal ALSScan model should look. I'd just add that having long nipples on those small tits is even better.

Agree too that Kate and Kristy are top picks.

Cayla (#14) has wonderful pussy lips and nice tits, but she seems more "cute" than "pretty". It looks like she might be real expressive which would be a big plus.

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I am really curious this times what models you selected.
For me there is no clear "wow", some are relly nice, but a few a clear no s for me.
Quite different from the castings in the last years where it was hard for me to decide who to turn down.
This time it would be hard for me to decide who to select.

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