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Love Ally Tate's big clit. I'm going to look at her portfolio to see if I can find more images of it.

  • 1 year ago
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I really don't care for piercings. I usually knock 1 to 3 points off my rating. That having been said, this set was pretty hot. The distortion was exceptional, a couple of great clit shots. The fisting scenes looked like the girls were really having fun. And, of course, Freya has some of the best pee scenes ever, today was no exception. But, like I said, the piercings kept me from giving a 10.

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I wouldn't want every girl to have piercings, but I'm glad that some of them do. Other than that, I totally agree with your comment.

Ally does have an amazing clit. Too bad there wasn't more focus on exposing and playing with it. I really appreciate how much enthusiasm Freya has for girls. She keeps producing these scenes where both girls have a great time. Very hot!

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Ah yes, Freya continues her productive career as a masseuse who gives extra special attention to her client's pussy, and Ally is the lucky and lovely girl who receives these ministrations.

Lot's of good stuff in this set starting with those interesting panties that Ally is wearing. Some sequences that I like are, first, #35-41 where Freya has just pulled off Ally's panties and opened Ally's legs up just the way she wants them when Ally decides to pull down Freya's dress. So Freya is promptly naked too. And second, #154-161. I like all of their kissing, but this bit of tongue play is really great. And third, I like Freya's peeing at the end. One of Freya's many charms is that she seems to always be ready to give a wonderful pee show. What a contrast to the girls who struggle to pee on camera!

I think the lighting worked out well. The natural light is low and provides a soft background and the girls have enough flash on them that we see good detail without them losing their natural coloration.

One thing that I think would improve a scene like this is mixing the parts together. Instead of just having Freya gape Ally, then fist her, and finally pump her, have Freya move back and forth. Spread and gape her a bit, start fisting, go back to gaping. Pump her pussy and then gape it some more with a bit of extra fisting too. For that matter, gaping could go back and forth between gaping and fingering. Fingering could transition to fisting and back. I think this kind of mixing would be really sexy. Plus we would get a lot more pussy gaping which would be a great thing.

This point could be made more general too. Instead of having a mental checklist "did that, move on", go back to things. So if the girl does jump rope or cartwheels with clothes on, have her do it again naked. Have her do a pose, and then have her do the same pose later with the speculum in. Anyway, something to consider.

Quite a good scene.

  • 1 year ago
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Agree twice. Freya has great pee scenes and more gaping overall would be awesome!

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