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The good old days - before the arrival of the #*)%$^^!+ dreamcatcher. When you relied on the model to provide a close-up of her pussy. Fingers are much more appealing than clothes pins.

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Personally I have gone from greatly disliking to more conflicted a bit on the dreamcatcher - It seems to me that around half the women wearing it are turned right on (some very much so), so if it doesn't hurt and their clitoris likes it then I'm learning to dig those sets just fine. When it's not that way it's the total opposite - I feel like the model is being subjected to something that they don't enjoy and that's what put me off of it in the first place.

IMHO, though perhaps many would disagree, I would suggest that if you only put up women that had a good time at that shoot and replaced all of those clothespins with clear plastic ones In my eyes, and with perhaps a metal ring, the effect would be improved dramatically, for me at least. More "science-y" and less "contraption". I'm totally down with stretching a willing woman's vagina in photography (I mean, the rocket was porn genius), but I'm not so comfortable when someone looks like they aren't. Sorry to rant!

Since I've now ranted about how much I love the gaping goddesses of this site, with sensible caution and a $250 air compressor from a distance of 3 to 5 feet, some silicone lube and the right positions for her comfort and we could behold some magic, I think...

Anyone else agree with any of these suggestions?

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Clear clothes pins don't sound very good. For the regular Dreamcatcher, I think ALS has it right when the clothes pins are painted. Particularly I like when the frame and pins pick up on the colors of the models clothes and of the setting. So, for instance, the pink and red Dreamcatcher that Ivy Aura wears in the 21 October blog samples goes great with her outfit and the flowers.

If you are going to refine the design of a Dreamcatcher, work on that new one that Lily Jordan was wearing in her 7 October blog samples. Having six pins pulling in all directions really opens her lips up. But with that many pins, it would probably be better to use a small clip like you have on the hanging weights.

A metal frame sounds cool, but might not work. A substantial frame that looked good would probably be too heavy while a light weight frame would look wimpy.

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I don't understand what you're saying with the air compressor... care to elaborate? Thanks.

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Sure - a stream of air, managed properly (that is, directed right on target and with the pressure in a reasonable range) should open a gape significantly more than would otherwise be the case, and, if photographed right there would be nothing in the way whatsoever.

You dig?

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Exactly right, S of W. Not a good idea to be blasting anything at some poor girl's pussy, not even supposedly "clean" air. Yikes.

Now vacuum cleaners are another story. Loud as hell, but they are a totally hot masturbation toy. If you haven't seen Shyla Jennings' "Sex Freak" video, by all means, check it out. It is one perfectly titled video on ALS.

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I’ll take this one, Eric.

Interesting concept but bad idea, particularly if your concern is for the safety and comfort of the models, as you have suggested in your previous related comments. Achieving the results you are proposing would require a substantial air velocity from what would have to be a sterile and filtered source (a great deal more than $250). Aside from the dangers of entrained contaminants such as oils or other “micro projectiles” coming loose from inside air hoses or other associated components, the risk of internal hemorrhaging within delicate tissues would also be a serious cause for concern. Not trying to stifle any creative notions here, but if I were king of the world, the only things allowed to touch a woman’s parts would be another woman’s parts.

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Cogent points. I was imagining a model like Jayden Taylors with her long labia "flapping" in the wind :). Fun idea, but unlikely for all these reasons and honestly, I don't think it would actually work. Pussies are mostly muscles, not wind socks :-P Keep the ideas coming though!

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SO nice to see more of incredible Alice - wish you'd shot more of her (particularly G/G), but glad to see any more of her stunning beauty no matter what!

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