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Just a few observations. If you are going to break the fourth wall and direct attention to the viewer, then consider the obvious; we are not all in the same room masturbating together, so saying "hi guys" "you guys" etc. does not make sense. Is making these movies for our pleasure, or the models pleasure? The idea of acting out an orgasm really does nothing for me. I do not care how good it feels for the model. The point I am making is that, maybe just some of the time, the person watching the production is doing so because they want to get off. Oh, I am sorry, most people watch for the quality of art that goes into the production, and congratulate the director and model for a job well done. . . NOT!
There are a lot of reasons viewers watch, each having their own fetish. I am assuming that most people who pay to see this explicit content do so for one reason only, and that is to sexually excite themselves in order to get off; therefore, my suggestion is when making a film other than voyeur style, make it for the ONE person watching and speak to me in a way that knows what I am doing and knows the intent of why the film is being made. Hello! In other words, try and get ME off.

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I doubt that most people are narcissistic cads. Most of the members here probably do care if the models are having a good time.

So my advice is very different: when one of the girls does a talk-to-the-camera video, have her do it just the way she wants to. Just encourage her to keep talking a bit, and if she doesn't want to talk much, to at least keep up the eye contact with the camera. Other than that, just do whatever she wants. It usually works out great!

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Yes. The total turn-off when it comes to any erotic situation is when someone (in this case, an erotic model), on a fundamental level is not enjoying themselves. Which (in combination with a focus on all shaved female anatomy) is why ALSscan is one of very few adult sites that I really find that I like.
The magic happens when a girl is enjoying herself, and is comfortable enough in a situation to be herself. That is also the premiss for any breaking of the fourth wall, as well as being able to really blow the socks off any particular viewer.

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Good point, but with a few difficulties. I agree with Apollo: Very often, some model acting out an orgasm, or even two girls acting out a very good time together, can end up as "obviously good for them" (and then there was much rejoice). Then a scene comes along that is an instant change of underwear, either because it really is something that REALLY turn me on as a viewer, or because a model actually manages to reach out and break the fourh wall that specifically is the very fourth wall at my place. So, in a way: Do the kinky stuff we as viewers want, and/or talk directly to me. This really works that way.
However: The feelgood aspect of sexuality, a given knowledge and every visible sign that these girls get turned on and really enjoy giving the viewer what the viewer want, is just as important. Besides being all about all shaven young women exploring themselves with hot and crazy toys, this is an important and very good thing about ALSscan.
Furthermore: The problem with trying to break the fourth wall, not to "all of the guys" as a group, but rather to "me", is that I am an even smaller group than "you all".
Even so, Apollo is right: ALSscan at it's best is when you let a girl do the nice feelgood things I might dream of, or when a girl really manages to break the fourth wall in a way that somehow is speaking to "me" in everyone.

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mmm loved seeing Alex masturbate, what a gorgeous body. Good close of of her pussy and asshole and the anal puckering at the end.

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Outstanding shoot! I love it when the girls talk and "play" to the camera and I always LOVE Alex!! The shoot is crystal clear. Focused and nicely lite. And Alex (my favorite ever, maybe) is enthusiastic, too! I only wish she would have two-hand gaped herself a few times, to better show off her lovely wetness!! Keep up the good work, Alex's!

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you pretty flower making nice for boys is ok we loving you

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I like the purple skirt, and that forked vibrator she uses on her clit is hot. But for a talk-to-the-camera scene, there should be more, well, talking. Even though Alex Grey wasn't in to saying much, she was totally in to giving us a great view of her pussy while she played with it. So that is good.

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fake orgasm unfortunately

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Faked for our viewing pleasure!

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Most if not all of them are


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