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Yes, I agree that this is a good set even though panty stuffing isn't among my top choices.

Alaura really pulls off the look for this outfit with her great pigtails and just the right expressions of naughty innocence. The shots where she has her top down off her shoulders and her skirt up with her panties down on her shoes are excellent.

The no hands shots with the brush in her pussy are also very good.

And I like seeing Alaura and Sarah together again--they are a sexy pair. But it would have been much better to have Sarah licking her pussy instead of just pulling the panties out with her teeth.

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The panty stuffing and pull outs are always lost on me. I see nothing sexy or even interesting about panties being stuffed into a vagina. I would much rather see the rocket inserted to provide a good look at her cervix. It;s one of ALS' signature features. You should use it more often in lieu of the boring panty stuffing. - YAWN!

She has a cute body with nice tits and nipples. We got a few (very few) shots of her nice tight little rosebud. More of that would be a great improvement.

I can't believe it took 12 pages of photos to finally get her nude. For me, the partially clothed look is not sexy, it's just a waste of time and it's annoying to have to page through half the set to see what we are looking for. I generally just skip to Page 5 or 6 to get to the good stuff. These days it's taking longer and longer to get to the nude bodies and close ups of the intimate parts. That's what we're looking for !

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All due respect, like the others here I must disagree with your parting assertion. For me, the “tease” is always the requisite driving force behind life’s more sensational representations of visual eroticism.

Based on some of the comments in your other posts, for the most part you seem to be the sensible type. I do agree with your stance on the curiously popular “scream-snatcher” as I prefer to call it, but then again there are yet more puzzling things in this world I permit to nourish my continually evolving state of befuddlement.

When it comes to the galleries presented by this site, my suggestion to you would be to download the entire zip file. You can then use your photo browser to scroll through with the arrow keys in a more seamless fashion without the intermittent delay times. In doing so, you will reveal the utter brilliance in these photosets that is otherwise confounded by our natural tendency to selectively seek instant gratification.

Strangely enough, I actually prefer watching this type of stop-action “video” over most of the regular videos on this site. The reason for this is, contrary to the traditional hands-off video format, I have the power to dictate the manner and rate of progression. “But there’s no sound. What good is that?” you ask. Admittedly, aside from the occasional rare exception (Cherry Kiss being one of them), I generally turn the volume completely down anyway. Awkward silence, you wonder? Nothing a set of head phones and Wagner’s “Flight of the Valkyries” won’t take care of. I used to listen to “O'fortuna” by Carl Orff but I found that to be a tad overbearing, perhaps even border lining on ostentatiousness. Plus I have yet to figure out those fucking lyrics.

Granted, I joke around a lot with these guys about the stuff I do find undesirable, but there’s no question that there is a method to their madness and they’re damn good at what they do. Yes, I would be happy to see some things go but the delightfully titillating disrobing “pre-show” is certainly not one of them.

My friend, I hope you find this helpful, and Captain Alex (et al), despite what I have facetiously bitched about in the past, I pray you always stay the course.

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Haha, I love your comments. So well-written.
And always good for a laugh, despite their core of truth.

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Thanks, I appreciate your thoughts. And I don’t mean to detract from your sentiment, but if I could just get my Sunday school teacher to likewise give credence to my personal ideology I feel like my life would be complete. I mean, the fact that she gets all bent out of shape just because I have the propensity for dropping the occasional F-bomb makes me believe she’s being something of a stickler. And on that note, if those people don’t like it when I sometimes make references to anal sex then maybe they shouldn’t ask me to be the one to open the lesson with the morning prayer. It seems to me that if God was totally opposed to that sort of thing then buttholes would have come pre-installed with check valves. It’s just simple logic. At any rate, regarding your comment on core truths, for the record I never actually tried to put peanut butter on that damn dog’s balls. That whole affair was something of an embellishment and it’s been bothering me for quite some time now. Thanks for providing me with the opportunity to finally get that off my chest.

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This is not a flame, just an honest question. I happen to like the slow start that ALS usually gives us. Have you tried other sites that might be more to your taste?

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I'm with Sargon on this--the outfits the girls wear and how they go about exposing themselves as they undress are a big part of the ALS appeal. And even when there are several pages of undressing, the sets are long enough that there are many pages of naked action too.

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I agree with the comments below. I can't imagine why this shoot got any 5 ratings! I vascilated between a 9 and a 10,and decided on 10. Great outfit. Loved the slow strip at the beginning. The brush staying in her pussy, no hands was awesome.

My slight indecision was based on 2 things. First, she obviously has a lovely ass based on the hints of the first screen or two, but it was never showcased. I was waiting for some pulled up skirt shots. Yes, you got to see it in the brush scenes but it's not quite the same as seeing the model laying flat on her stomach with her lovely butt the focus.

The 2nd reason was no money shot. There should always be at least one gaping shot. That's why I love the Dreamcatcher. But, 5? No! 10, Yes! Great site.

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She looks smoking hot in that outfit, and even better without it. This sets a 10

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Some comments as to the low scores would be appreciated. I find the session cute and enjoyable. The shots of Alaura touching herself while her panties are around her ankles are perfect and any shot of her labia spread or just hanging out between her thighs is cool in my book. I like her dark majora and all the various shades of color within.

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I have to agree - five scores and a rating of 5 should require someone to be brave enough to say why! I would guess that a group of big-boob lovers voted. They should find another site to join! Alaura is hot and I'll give her a 10! Maybe before a vote is recorded below a five a comment has to be recorded?

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I gave this shoot a 9. I think the low score has to do with that there is no object insertions like the previous couple of months. Granted she uses the hairbrush, but there is no rocket, ring, succulents, etc. This is just a good and well crafted shoot done in the classical form to showcase her entire body and not just the "wide open" gash shots that have seem to taken over lately. I think the pendulum should swing this way for a good month and let us just celebrate the female form.

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I'm not a real fan of the rocket or speculum. Just my two cents.

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Have to disagree, FWIW - MORE rocket, speculum (preferably the plastic one), and, ESPECIALLY, more wide open gaping (preferably either with nothing in the way at all, or with a female assistant holding the model open)!

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I agree with the more wide open
Still don't care for rocket or speculum.

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