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Fantastic shoot with Vivien, did you guys shoot a behind the scenes video of this? I would love to see that strong pee stream of hers on video

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Coming 03 January 2017

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Awesome! can't wait!

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Great set. BTW I just wanted to mention #24 and 56. I really like the shots of the model be forwarded 90 degrees and letting their breasts hang down. Would like to see more of these. Of course the larger the breasts the better these shots are.

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Oh yeah, crotchless is making a comeback on ALSScan! These panties are hot! That's a sexy "dressy" dress Vivien is wearing. And the combo of the blue-green dress and pink crotchless is just wow. What an outfit.

Would have loved to have had a longer tease here. She took that dress so off quick. Most particularly I wish there were some rear bend over shots before she took it off. Also good would have been some poses with one foot up on that bench.

You did get some really good ones before the panties came off. I really like #26 where she has a very attractive natural smile and her pussy lips are sticking out. That's a great shot.

I don't usually single out the closeups for comment, but this time I will since these panties are so sexy. The two where she is facing the camera are good, but #49, the bend over shot where her pussy is gaping a bit...yeah.

Always love the pose with legs up and panties around the ankles. Vivien has a good smile in #59.

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Very good peeing sequence too with excellent lighting. I'm glad you had her wearing her dress and shoes--that was hot. Did you consider having her pee through the gap in the crotchless panties? That probably would have been very hot too.

Vivien is off to a great start.

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Alex and maybe Eric will know what I'm talking about here. I do a bit of color play to bring the veins out. And over the cast sets she was around the top. One of my favs. Glad to see she made the tops.. There were just a few models I managed to get one pic on that color tweak I did. I wish I could post these. I've suggested a possible area where fans can post their artist tweaks (obviously one would know ALS would then own the work) So far that seems to be just a suggestion. I'm thinking something similar to deviantart but posting on ALS would be a bit more legitimate. Probably or possibly moderated. Yeah I could see my tweaks thrown right out although ALS seems to love them. Gina Gerson's are the best. But some women and models don't like them brought out and go so far as to make themselves look like barbie and photoshop their veins right out :( Which would be hard to do on say Emily B since her's simply stick out. Sometimes color play brings others out but those on her face just don't need much help especially if her head is lower than the rest of her body (saw one the other day below her jaw line on a hand !! stand (those are not easy) wowsers. Those really stuck out. :O Anyway glad this fine model was picked. Wonder if I can play some here. They were especially fun around her hips :) Yes I do have a HB fetish. This is probably a secondary or offshoot from that. I love how the body ticks, and veins are about as unique as fingerprints. Depending on your beliefs either God's art or Nature's art.

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