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Uma Jolie

  • Age first shot: 21
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Uma Jolie is my sex slave. Her mere purpose in life is to serve men and suck my cock. I jerk off to her videos and photos every morning. She is a cheap American cunt. I will lock her up and rape her everyday.

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Uma is an incredibly gorgeous woman, and we are all thankful she chose to share her beauty with us, but do not degrade a woman, any woman, like that - ever.

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I am very sorry, Uma and Dogatonic. I will take back what I said. Please do not take it personally.

  • 2

I appreciate your retraction, and you can fantasize however you like, but when it comes to non-consensual intercourse - outside of pretending to do it in fully consensual roleplay, I have no respect for that, or those that would. Please do not dare imply you would harm our mothers, sisters, or daughters. I know we are complicated beings, sexually speaking, but none of us has the right to force our will on others, and if you are turned on by a woman in genuine distress you'd better work something out with your psychiatrist before things go south, for her, yourself, or both.

Sorry if that came off preachy, dude; that is not my style, but there are lines that I believe cannot be crossed. Now if Uma wanted to roleplay/pretend to be my sex slave (woman can have complicated sexuality too, in my experience) it would be different, but to just state it as such without her having a say strikes a nerve - I don't want a guy to rape me. Do unto others, right?

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I`m think her Pussy smells lovely

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Uma is fantastic, what a gorgeous body, tits, pussy and such a hot babe who wins #1 sexiest eyes hands down. Looking forward to every pic and video. Already dreaming which model will get to lick that gorgeous wet pussy in girl/girl. Sign her up to another shoot please!

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Sybian Video Please !!! Come on ALS I Know it's out there !

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