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An excellent addition to the Taylor Rain collection. Many Thanks!

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What a bunch of bloody whingers...........the answer is SO simple..............if you don't like it then don't look at it! I don't particularly like the pissing scenes but I don't make a song & dance about it. I know some people DO like it & that's fine.

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Great job re mastering an excellent pantyhose set!

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"excellent anal self-fisting"
Life is often just too bizarre and wrong-headed for words.
People are ill.

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American culture.
....not so much.

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If I may quote one of our valued members:
"Sexual arousal can't be 'willed', it is involuntary, it has its own logic."...

ALS will proudly carry on doing what we are known and loved for. We welcome and take no offense to your criticisms; however, visceral attacks on other members (and cultures) is a "mindless" exercise for "those with no imagination or self-restraint". So much negativity undermines your own experience my friend, and all we want is for you and every other member to have a good time.

Continuing the same quote from the sardonic sage above as they expounded on the erotic arts:
"Its not about words at all." [sic]

If you're unhappy with your membership, email our support team for a resolution, but please do not continue to insult our other members.

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Just continue to drive your Bimmer, Eric.

All is well.

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and be not concerned, I've cancelled my 'membership' to your esteemed site.

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Just one parting question for you sir...

What do you suppose the suicide rate is for the young ladies who "model" for your site and so many other sites in your fine 'industry'?
We know things aren't great for the women in this trade in L.A. They leave in a New York minute once they have a few rancid experiences with businesses designed much like yours, and ones even more opportunistic. Not exactly a case study for good mental health practices.
That's almost as true in eastern Europe, Hungary and the Czech Republic as cases in point, where raw poverty drives so many young ladies into your friendly world.

You are part of a dream world.


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Yet another thread that was better overlooked. Had I stumbled across this one two years ago I wouldn’t have thought twice about delivering a swift and poiniant rejoinder. These days I no longer seem to have the time or energy for it. There is one thing I can say with relative certainty about our equally esteemed and presumably dissociated practitioner of discontent: If he truly believes that the content displayed by this site is as utterly perverse as he suggests then he has even less experience with the internet than I do.

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It's "poignant", dickhead

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Dunno what's wrong in your head Wu, als long as the ladies do it out of their own free will and it doesn't hurt anybody, I see no problem at all. If they wouldn't like it at all but doing it only because of desperatly needing money, you would see it and it'd ruin the scene in most cases. The people here on this site know this too for sure.

So thank you ALS scan for shooting all those pretty ladies of which most men can only dream, shooting them with a perfectly shaved pussies and even have them spreading it wide open while beeing dripping wet. :) Btw. did I mention that the Dream Catcher is prolly the best sex invention of the last 100 years? :)

So I for my part have decided to finally get life-time membership as soon as I can afford it. Shooting sexy young ladies ALS style is simply a good thing that will always have my full support. :D So you better train your son, Alex, or find a new talented photographer when you finally retire. ;-)

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WAY too much time with the pantyhose on was made up for by her excellent anal self-fisting and anal gape in the final part of the shoot. I'm not sure who thinks it's sexy to do most of a shoot with a gal wearing pantyhose -- even if she does tear out the area around her genitals -- and I gather that's how this shoot ended up with a 5.5 average after just two ratings. I hope my 10 (all due to the final part of the shoot), helps bring that up.

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