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Wow, the legendary Sophie Moone in the Lost Set! Really, I only had 3 pictures of it from Jamaica 2003, I didn't even know there is a full set! Kudos to Alex, I just took a yearly membership for still uploading supply of new Sophie stuff. :) Please also remaster the first 2006 set (now called "Spooning it up"), the quailty is already great but there were only 95pics released of several hundreds.It's also like to see a remastered version of "Bronced Beauties". :)

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Sophie Moon still has it, at 35. She at least knows how to look aroused and erotic, a bit of acting that seems to escape most of your young models. Of course that could be shitty art direction from you; I've seen some of your BTS videos. "Smile. Now look sexy. Now smile. No, a real smile. Now sexy." Good grief.

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this website is a joke , i can't believe its part of the metart nework

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Sorry I'm going to do a tattoo rant here again; hope you don't mind:

Remember when beautiful women knew that they didn't have do disfigure their previously flawless selves with tattoos to show the world that they were edgy and wanted to have sex? That was a great time.

IMHO, unless you want to be permanently LESS attractive, bang the tattoo guy at ALL costs (enjoy the Hep C and/or Simplex), or demonstrate that pain turns you on (which could be conveyed with simple communication), THEN LEAVE THE MOST PERFECT ART THAT HAS EVER BEEN CREATED - the female form - GRAFFITI-FREE. I can appreciate street art, museum art, Banksy for F's sake, but, sure as F, none of it makes my pants tighter, and pretty much all of that just distracts me from the princess/goddess/woman I would rather have my senses enveloped in. I dream of making love to women - they came perfect, and no drawing upon them could even hope to improve on that.

Sorry about that - saw the lovely Sophie without anything damaging the image and started reminiscing about the good 'ol days. If you want to show that you're different (at least to me), dye your hair some wild colour. If it doesn't work out you can switch it up in a few months instead of NEVER.

Rant over. Thanks for your patience.

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It's a good rant. But I don't share you aversion to tattoos. I'm glad Alex loosened up because otherwise he was going to be turning down most of the hottest girls which would have been a terrible shame. For myself, I like some tats and not others depending on how well they seem to work on the girl's body. So the example I've mentioned before is Faye Runaway. She started out with the star above each tit and the bow and ribbon down the back of each leg. I thought this was very cool and she looked good that way. She was really hot from behind like in a doggie pose, or especially the rear spread legs shots in her "Wrist Deep" set (#115 is the best). Or with her legs up behind her head (#161 of the same set). But she later added a lot more tats including the seemingly random ones all up and down her arm. I don't like these newer ones and I think they messed up her very interesting and distinctive look.

Something I think you are probably wrong about is that I doubt girls these days get tats to be edgy or different. I actually worry that some get them in order to fit in. It's one thing to really want the tat, but it's so unfortunate to get it just because you want to look the way that you think you are supposed to look. Kind of like fake tits. I hate fake tits and could rewrite your rant and make it against implants. But beside not liking the look, I hate that many girls are under pressure to risk surgery so they can be big and fake too. So I think it is totally wonderful that ALS Scan proudly flies the flag for small tit porn and shows that these girls are absolutely sizzling hotties.

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So great to see more of one of the classic ALS beauties.

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