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Alex let's bring Sara Jaymes Back and shoot her again !!!! I Am sure if the price is right she would shoot again.
Nice to see her again !!! Super Hottie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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When i look at this perfect set, i do really miss the annual Carribean trips that you used to do several years ago. Why did you discontinue them? These were real highlights and one of the main reasons for me to join.

I know, you are not a niche site. But as you deliever what seems to be the best peeing sets in the industry, it would be cool if there was a yearly special feature as a 'Peecamp' where 5-8 models gather together at a location and piss all over the place, make contests, do duo peeing etc. That would be great fun. A little bit like the Carribean trips but it doesn't have necessarily to be there.
Would be great if you could consider such an option for the future.

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I think Alex said that those trips were very expensive and they didn't recruit many new member so he decided that he couldn't afford them anymore.

As a manageable alternative, I've suggested that he do a "mini-Caribbean" by getting three or four girls together during one of the Euro trips for an afternoon around a pool where they get drunk, play with toys, fist, lick pussy, and, of course, pee. Give them big pitchers of punch and don't let them do shots and they will have plenty of pee all afternoon long.

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It would be harder to do in the U.S. since Alex would have to get three or four girls together in Baltimore at the same. But if he did, it could be set up as a nice little story: Freya finds herself alone all day in her nice big house and decides to invite some friends over for some fun. Who could be a more perfect hostess for a pee party than Freya Von Doom?

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Lovely to see more of the gorgeous Sara. Which reminds me have you had an update as to whether you will ever be allowed to release the German scene shot with Fransizka? It would be super hot if had the opportunity to see these two super hotties together again!

  • 9

Sara Jaymes--one of the all-time hotties!

  • 6

Video please!

  • 9

Good to have Sara Jaymes around again--it's been awhile.

This has a nice long peeing sequence. I noted last week how hot it was that Dolly Little started peeing while standing straight up. There weren't too many pictures of Dolly, though. In this set, Sara pees while standing too, and we get a lot more pics of Sara. Favorites are #117 right at the start where she is just beginning to dribble, and later #165 where she is holding her outer lips open. I also like #169 when she finished and looks up but is still spreading.

Very cool that her pee is backlit by sunlight. But that brings me to my one big complaint. Sara is facing away from the sun throughout the sequence, so there was no reason for her to put on sunglasses when she did. This would have been really outstanding if she had skipped the glasses entirely. But overall, good. It's a long sequence and she goes back and forth between squatting and standing. Some of the squatting shots are really good too.

Certainly psyched by the standing shots--hope there are a lot more of these coming this year. And I've mentioned it before, but it would be really hot to add more peeing poses too. You really ought to do a tits-down-ass-up doggie pose. And for girls who aren't bothered if they might get some pee on themselves, do piledriver and see how high they can shoot.

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Oh, and I like the bikini. Hot pink and see through when wet, yeah. This is a better seam down the middle and over her pussy than the one on Aria's suit a couple of weeks ago.

Are you still making these? I do think it would be a hot look to do a contrasting thread. Like I bet this pink would look great with an electric violet stitch.

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