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Herrlicher Anblick, wenn sie ganz nackig ist, mein Spatz steht steil hoch...

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What a set ! my mind is blown ! I would beg to differ with other comments, in that I prefer genuine fun than faked arousal.

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What an outstanding young model! Paisley is a complete package and is definitely one of my favorite models. I can't wait to see more of her photosets and videos in the near future. Once again, excellent camera work done by the ALS team. ;-)

  • 11 months ago
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Any pretty girl that an pee twice in a set has my vote for a 10. Although, I'm curious.are of the pee shots take at the same time and just displayed a different parts of the presentation, or is it really two different times that she has to peee?

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Yes, two pees.

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Sie ist ganz nackig, hat so schöne Beine, spreizt und pisst, mein Spatz ist ganz steif und steht steil hoch,
schade, dass sie nicht auch noch die Schuhe ausgezogen hat...

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Paisley has got and beautiful face topped with what looks like a heartfelt smile. It's all fun and games.
Great fisting and gaping. ALS at it's best.

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Sie ist ganz nackig, hat so schöne Beine, mein Spatz wird ganz steif...

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Great to have Paisley on the site. Love the set--she's looking hot out there in her crop top and Chuck Taylors showing her hula hoop moves. And she's a 420 girl too which is even better.

I've encouraged you to do the athletic/fitness toys the way you did in this scene, and I think it works out great. Paisley hoops three times. First in that hot little outfit, she could be one of the girls hula hooping at a music festival. Then the second time she does it topless, and then finally completely naked (except for her Chucks!). The festival girls mostly don't do that.

Hard to believe that you had such good weather in February, and this low winter sun is great lighting. Since Paisley has long pussy lips, I'm glad you took advantage of the chance to get shots with the sun just barely on her pussy. (I love that look, and you've done it in some of my favorite sets like Aria Alexander's "Let the Sun In".) One of my favorite shots of Paisley is that first one where she is using her panties to hold her leg up in the air (#110) and just her clit hood is in the sun. The sequence is great since in the next two shots she slowly turns so that more and more of her pussy comes in the sun. And that's followed by two shots (#113-114) where you are back to the fill flash to fully illuminate her pussy. I'm glad you shot these at knee height--that's the perfect angle for this kind of pussy view.

Later you got another absolutely excellent shot from knee height (#187) while Paisley is hula hooping naked. Paisley has her legs spread so that there is once again a bit of sun on her pussy lips. There's some motion blur in the hoop that shows this is an action shot, and Paisley seems fully absorbed in the dancing and enjoying the warm sun on her naked skin.

Another outstanding sequence is Paisley's second pee where she is naked. I love how the sun is shining across her pussy and you use just enough flash to keep her face out of deep shadow. So there is good contrast between her pussy lips in the sun and the shadowy depths of her pussy in between. My favorite shot is #209 which is such a good composition. Paisley is on tip toes in her Chucks and she has her pussy lips open without touching them with a perfect little stream of pee. She is looking at the camera and giving us a very expressive smile. It's a great shot with even the other objects well composed.

The final thing I want to mention is Paisley's last fisting pose where she went from doggie to having her leg out and up on the arm of the chair. This is a great position that spreads her out for big exposure. I love #265 where she is just barely peeking back at us over her thigh. That's a cute little touch from a girl who is really showing herself off.

Paisley then goes from fisting to very hot one hand gaping--Jen's famous "hook that pussy!" Paisley gets an impressive big gape letting us see right up in her pussy hole. Two last shots that really stood out. I love Paisley's introspective look in #276 with her fingers still in her pussy. That's sexy. And #278 is one of those legs as wide as they go for maximum pussy exposure. Paisley has a great smile--she seems to be enjoying getting her pussy lips out there where they can really be seen. And wow, I do love her pussy.

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Wunderschöner Nackedei, sie ist ganz nackig, hat so schöne Beine, mein Spatz wird sofort ganz steif...

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Great Set ... I gave it a 10. Paisley is a great little model!

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