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This is great--we've got the BTS for both of Paige's released photosets already. I was expecting that I was going to like her BTS, and I certainly do. She's relaxed and expressive and seems to be enjoying herself. And I've especially been waiting for this BTS since I'm a huge fan of the big metal speculum. The photoset was great, and this BTS is as well.

Jen has Paige do several of my favorite poses. I like how Paige drops the straps of her nightie off her shoulders and slowly shows her tits. Jen goes in for the full frame landscape shot too. That picture came out so sexy with the nightie just down off Paige's tits (#52 in the photoset).

Then a bit later Jen had Paige pull her panties down to her ankles and put her legs up in the air. I love this pose. Paige decided on her own to start spreading her pussy--she really does seem to enjoy showing her body. Then with the panties off, Jen has Paige do what she is now calling the "diamond pose" with the bottoms of the feet together and knees out. I wish that ALS shot this more. I think maybe that Alex doesn't much like this pose, so I'm glad that Jen is a fan and she'll shoot it.

The speculum part was very good. Paige was a bit puzzled or curious that some people like speculums as sex toys. But she wasn't bothered by it. She seems quite interested in the wide diversity of quirks and has a few of her own.

Jen picked a lot of great poses for this scene. But Eric also made some great suggestions for Paige's scenes. In "Hat Trick" he suggested that Paige pull her shorts down to her knees. Very hot! Would love to see more of that. And in this scene it was Eric's idea for Paige to put her foot clear up on top of the high headboard. That's excellent exposure. Love it.

So thanks to Jen and Eric for the good direction and good camera work. And thanks to Paige for being such a charming and expressive model as she shares her sexy body.

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She strikes me as someone is is rather kinky (nugget porn?) and talked about loving nice warm pee in her mouth (not my forte) so puzzlement is just about the same on that +2 to her 1. Nugget Porn. Not my sort either. We could go for (as usually like 99.9999999999999999999999999% of the time) don't get a steth but a belly pulse I've paid some good money for a few seconds for some cam models to do that (most I think was around $75,) nice throbbing pulse. I blame English Patient for that and he liked the one around her neck :P Which suddenly makes Return of the King totally unwatchable having a younger guy


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