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Great wet girl!

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Very nice, borderline perfect, scene with Paige Owens! Love it! :)
The only thing I might have added, if Paige was up for it, would be some comparative insertion of a speculum, with comments, prior or after the pussy cam. In my opinion, I still think cervix shots looks better through a well inserted speculum than through the pussy cam, though both have their merits, and some hot inside exploration first with this, then with that, with comments and reactions form Paige, might be really really fun.

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I agree with you.

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Yeah, I'd suggest doing a bit more experimenting with the cam. It looks like the wand has black tape around it that holds the clear tube in place with friction. If so, the tube should pull off and the camera wand could be used without it. I'd like to see the cam go up in a pussy that is already opened up with a speculum or the (large) Rocket. This would be somewhat like the normal "cervix view" shot but closer--a from-inside-the-pussy closeup. This would be a clearer view than when the cam is pushing the pussy walls open as it goes in.

The model's reactions are certainly a great part of using the pussy cam. Over the years, quite a few girls have wanted to look inside their pussy and see their cervix. But you never used to have a way to show them a live view while they still had the speculum in them. Now with the pussy cam and laptop, you've got a perfect setup for the girls to see too. And getting their reaction on the BTS videos will make the BTS even better. So I do hope you try using the pussy cam with a speculum to see how it looks and to see what the girls think.

Oh, it might be cool to run the pussy cam up inside the gape cage too.

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nice idea! still like the up close flesh fun but thats interesting. So far the only way I've seen it open up is doggy but not every girl is gonna go and turn around and look at the laptop for that. although some plug into tablets , not sure the vibrator would over volt the tablet or not :O But never know. I'm just a fan of this view so thats why I'm OCD all over the page. Sorry for that ... spank!

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They've yet to go doggy which actually tends to spread out in front of the cam but yes Speculum shows more however it's a one sided view, she won't be seeing it until it's off screen. I love the reactions. Although her humor is amazing :O Was worried she'd faint laughing :D

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Love her ultra laugh about what she loves in her mouth Okay so.. she's a pervert. Aren't we all :)

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wish I could edit comments :O after her story about her mouthwash , um she'd just be the sort to figure out what a sounding rod is. Gosh forbid it's going for both in any sort of b/g scene. Again we bit perverted. No need to go BDSM but looks like she's up for that , just not the shock treatment with a metal rod stuffed up somewhere ;) ALS is fun stuff. Not hardcore nuts stuff... And I don't always get alot of joy out of outright BDSM. as for the um thing. you call it cage we call it the Beer baster for shoving it up the Turkey. and we still haven't used ours. It's a bit of a joke. That item makes more sense here :P

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again love those comments on the pussy cam as they call it. Or Titty cam ;) Just the speculum you don't get that 2 sided reaction. Now some don't care to look but some do and that will be a new term :P Pussy Balls? wait what :O Drip girl come quick. faster BTS at it's best


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