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i am here for the 1. hole 2. titties 3. pretty face

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And isn't it great that we get all three of those in abundance in this scene?

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Paige is clean as a whistle, but that camera could use a Brazilian!

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blah blah blah

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Paige is so cute and expressive. She has lots of wonderful looks. And she reminds me a lot of somebody I used to know, so that is an extra special bonus.

Some of the girls do fun looks by being deliberately silly and hamming it up a bit. Paige, on the other hand, is playful while seeming perfectly relaxed and natural. Like she is amused without at all being coy. Hard to describe. Very sexy.

A good example of her looks is in her tease when she first shows her titties. Starting with the last shot (#48)before we see her nipples, and skipping the shot (#50) where she bites her lip, we see her slowly drag her camisole nightie down. Then in #53 she lifts her top up. I think #49 with one nipple out and #52 with both nipples out are excellent shots--hot and expressive. Also really like the full frame closeup of her tits, #52. Paige's tits are towards the large size for Scan, but she sure has beautiful nipples.

Paige is wearing sexy lace panties. Imagine how much hotter they would be without that gusset patch right over her pussy.

The sequence of shots where Paige has pulled her panties down to her ankles with her legs up in the air so she can start spreading her pussy is really hot too. She has more great looks.

My favorite part of the scene is with the speculum. This metal speculum is my favorite by far, so I'm always psyched to see it used. The best part of this great sequence is the crew shots. Paige has wonderful looks and the shots are very well composed. I think the best ones are: #186 where we look from behind the video guys and can see all the way up Paige's pussy while she gives us a sexy look, and #187 where she gives the video camera a big laugh. Then you move over a bit and in #188 Paige gives us a very natural laughing smile, and in #191, she gives the crew a warm open smile to say that she is happy to share this opportunity to let everybody look into her pussy. Followed in #192 with a very sexy look for us. Finally, in #194, Paige gives us a pleased amused look happy to be so open and exposed. I bet you could do a great interview with her as she lies there relaxed, legs wide, and the speculum in her pussy. That's a wonderful no hands shot.

Good stuff after the speculum too. I think #228 is great with Paige sticking her butt back at the video camera. I wish you would do more random crew shots like that through out the scene.

The bend over shots that follow that are very good. #234 is my favorite. Her pose is very hot and Paige looks to be absolutely tickled to be showing us her pussy and ass like that. She seems to just love doing this. Can't wait till we get some of her BTS videos.

Excellent set and I know there are a lot more hot scenes to come from this happy and exciting girl.

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