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  • 2 years ago
  • 4

Wonderful set. I loved the opening sequence with the pink dress and swing and all of the up-skirt shots. BTW why wasn't up skirt a tag in the description? The outdoor location was one of the best. I agree with most below. No way this was a 2. 10 from start to finish!

  • 2 years ago
  • 1

Jeez, how could I forget to mention the incredible pee scene at the end? The idea of peeing from the top of the slide was brilliant! It allowed Odette's stream to shoot much further than average. Would definitely like to see more of these peeing from a height kind of shots. I also neglected to mention that the Drea shots were particularly good. Yes, this is most definitely a 10. Hope to see more of Odette soon.

  • 5

More peeing from a height is a great idea. Maybe with more poses too, like doggie.

  • 3

Great set - hoping for video!

  • 7

Wonderful set. As G94 said, it was clear from the previews that this set would be a good one, but it surpasses even those high expectations. We're lucky to have Odette as a new addition. Very impressed.

It's a nice long set and each sequence is excellent. I really liked the effect of the dappled sun and shade in this one particularly with the fairly dark background. Like for instance pic #110 (as counted in the thumbnails) would be a hot spreading shot anyway, but the lighting makes it even better.

Odette starts in a cute modest dress. Once again we have that great combination of no panties and swings. This will be another outstanding BTS video too. All sorts of great teasing poses.

Skipping over a lot of great stuff, mention just two more things. First is the top notch Dreamcatcher sequence. I really like pic #132 where she is tweaking her nipples and just sticking her tongue out a bit. Agree with DCF that the clothes pins on the nipples were also a nice touch.

And the highlight of this set is Odette peeing down the slide. Wow, she must have kept that up a long time to get so many pictures. Good mix of shots. I think my favorite is #251, a whole body shot where she is looking at the camera. And it was really nice to have those shots at the end where you step back and show the whole pee covered slide with Odette sitting at the top (#271 was great).

  • 3

As always good work (it's always nice when the models stand while wearing the Catcher and the pins on the nippels are a good extra). One downside however: She looks way too young/immature and also the playground is a strange setting (in particular in combination with her looks).

  • 8

Yes i agree nice set and includes a little bit of everything. I knew from the blog preview this was going to be a great shoot of her peeing down the slide and the pee shots are fantastic and lots of them. Hope to see some video of her soon.

  • 7

Whoever the first person who rated this a 2 is, should consider joining another site instead. Small breasts, open pussy, dreamcatcher, peeing, perfect set! Ten not two!

  • 1

I haven't voted, so it wasn't me, but, I could see it. She's a bit.. shapely.

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